tagIncest/TabooGrace & Martin Ch. 01

Grace & Martin Ch. 01


Martin couldn't help but grin as he made his way down the dorm hallway to his daughter's room. Grace had been gone entirely too long and he couldn't wait to see her. He'd missed the hell out of his little girl. He was so glad that she was coming home for the summer and couldn't wait to spoil her rotten. Martin and his wife, Tuesday, lived in New York City and of course, Grace had to choose a college clear across the USA in Los Angeles, California. They had both been surprised when she applied to and got accepted at FIDM to study fashion design. Grace had always loved fashion, but neither parent thought she'd choose that for her career. But she was their baby girl, so they were supportive in whatever she wanted to do.

Dropping her off in a strange city with strange people had been one of the hardest things that Martin had ever done. The whole family, Tuesday, Martin, Grace and Grace's twin brother Brad had road tripped it from NYC to Los Angeles. Grace wanted everyone to have one last family moment before she settled in LA and Brad settled in Florida at the University of Florida. Martin and Tuesday were going to drop Grace off first and then Brad and then fly back to NYC from Florida.

The road trip was the highlight of Martin's life. He loved spending time with his children. He and his wife had powerful jobs but he had always been the one to take time off from work to take the kids to the doctor, attend parent-teacher conferences, go to donuts with dads, school programs, etc. He was there with a snack when the kids got home from school. He was Mr. Mom. He had a particularly close relationship with Grace, his precious little girl. It didn't hurt that she was movie star gorgeous with her shiny brown hair, stunning gray eyes, curves for days, perky D-cup breasts and a bouncy full ass. Brad and Tuesday had the same close bond that he and Grace did, so things worked well in their household.

Once they arrived in Los Angeles and got Grace settled in her dorm room, Martin had felt the finality of losing his daughter. He had to sit on the bed because he was having a panic attack, literally gasping for breath, his vision tunnelling with the thought that he was going to have to leave his little girl. Tuesday and Brad had gone to get the car, which gave him the chance to say goodbye without their prying eyes watching. Grace launched herself in his lap and wrapped her arms around his neck and they cried together. After several minutes, Martin calmed himself and started soothing Grace. Finally her cries tapered off and they sat, with her in his lap, holding each other. "I'm gonna miss you so much, Daddy," Grace whispered.

"Me too, precious girl. Me too." He tilted her chin up so she would meet his gaze. Unable to stop himself, he pressed his lips to hers. He meant for it to be a quick kiss, one they normally share, but with all the heightened emotions, it quickly turned into more. Martin couldn't pinpoint who made the first move, but really, it didn't matter. They had always toed the line of impropriety so it was only a matter of time, really.

When Grace's mouth opened under his, Martin groaned and swept his tongue in her mouth to taste her sweet, slightly citrus tasting mouth. Grace's tongue met his in an erotic dance and Martin pulled her closer to him. If it weren't for his phone ringing in that moment, he wasn't sure how far things would have gone between them. Martin pulled away from Grace and answered his phone. It was Tuesday, saying that she and Brad were downstairs waiting on him.

Martin hung up the phone, "I gotta go, baby girl."

Grace started crying again and pressed her face to his neck. He held her tight to him, breathing in her sweet scent. He carefully stood up, with her clinging to him and walked to the door. He gently put her down and pressed his lips to hers a final time. Before things could get out of hand, Martin whispered, "I love you, my precious," and slipped out of the dorm room door.

Except for a brief two weeks during Christmas, which was so overrun with friends and family that they didn't get any time alone, that was the last time Martin had seen Grace. To say he was excited to pick up his baby girl was an understatement.

With a pep in his step, Martin reached room 307 and didn't hesitate to turn the knob and walk in. "Hey my precious, daddy's here," he called as he pushed open the door. The sight before him caused him to freeze, his mouth open in shock.

There was his baby girl bent over the bed, her skirt flipped up on her back and her braless breasts tumbling out of the loose necked shirt she wore. They dragged the bed as she moved in time with the guy thrusting his penis into her pussy.

As Martin barged in the room, the guy jumped back and quickly zipped his pants, giving Martin a view of his daughter's open, wet pussy. It was a sight that nearly brought him to his knees. The guy muttered a hasty goodbye and wisely scampered out of the room before Martin decided if he was going to inflict bodily harm on him.

Grace was slow to get up, preening under her father's gaze. She somewhat smoothed her skirt down before running and jumping on her father, wrapping her arms and legs around him. "Daddy!! Oh Daddy, I've missed you so much!" She buried her face in his neck and breathed in the manly and very familiar scent of him.

Martin did what any father would do, he caught his little girl. If that meant that his hands ended up on her bare ass, then so be it. He wasn't about to drop his daughter. Martin squeezed the soft globes in his hands as he pulled his daughter closer to him. She smelled of sex and arousal but with the underlying familiar smell of his little girl. "Gracie, Gracie...I missed you too, my precious." Martin got a little choked up, finally seeing his little girl again, but realizing she'd done an awful lot of growing up these last few months and he had missed it.

Grace was grinding on his very prominent hard on and it was causing Martin to lose focus. He helped her move against him, could feel her wetness soak through the cotton material of his khaki shorts. "Daddy, daddy," his little girl was chanting over and over as she moved against him. He took one hand off her ass and grabbed her face, pulling her lips to his. The second their mouths connected and their tongues met, Grace squealed as her orgasm hit her. Martin didn't slow down, kept kissing her and moving her against him. He could come this way, but he didn't want to. He wanted to savor that for when he was finally inside his daughter.

Eventually Grace slumped against him, exhausted from her exertions and orgasm. Martin carried her over to the bare bed and gently put her down. He didn't fix any of her clothing, in fact, when he laid down with her, his fingers found her pussy for the first time and softly played in the wet folds while Grace slept. This was everything he had dreamed of and what was even better, was that they had a slow two week road trip back to NYC and they would be all alone. The thought excited him and he couldn't wait to continue things with his daughter.


Grace came to with the gentle touches of her father's fingers on her pussy. He was exploring and playing like he had never seen or touched a pussy before. She felt loved and treasured by his touch and never wanted him to stop. She was so glad the invisible barrier had lifted, the barrier that kept them from being inappropriate with each other. She'd wanted her father for a couple of years now but not really realizing it. It wasn't until she turned 18 that those feelings changed to sexual feelings.

"Daddy?" Grace whispered. She knew he was awake, his fingers were still moving in her pussy.

"Yeah, my precious?" Martin answered, pressing a kiss on her cheek.

"I love you. I'm so glad this happened." Grace was serious, she never wanted him to stop touching her. She had figured out she had a higher than normal sex drive for someone her age but she feels different now, like a hunger has awakened in her. Now that she knows what it's like to come with her father's help and now that she knows what her father's fingers feel like in her pussy, she wanted nothing more than to have orgasm after orgasm and never have him stop making her feel good. She also wanted to feel her daddy and wanted to make him feel as good as he made her feel.

Martin worked a finger deep into her pussy before answering, "Me too, baby girl, me too."

Grace arched her back as he sank a finger into her pussy. "Promise me something, daddy?"

"Anything," Martin said without hesitation. His thumb massaged her clit as a finger worked in and out of her hole.

"Promise me for the next two weeks, that you won't stop touching me like this. Please?" Grace hated the note of begging that entered her voice but she really wanted this.

Martin plunged another finger in her pussy. "That's a very easy promise to make." He leaned over and kissed her, his tongue hot and heavy in her mouth. "I don't ever want to stop doing this."

Just then a fist pounded on the door, "FIVE MINUTE WARNING! The dorms are closing in FIVE MINUTES!"

Grace sat up abruptly. "Shit!"

Martin grabbed her hips and easily lifted her so she was straddling his face. He licked her clit and all in the folds of her pussy, his hands massaging her ass. After a few seconds of that, he pulled back and set her down. "Fuck, you taste so good."

Grace kissed him so she could taste herself. "Come on, let's go."

Martin got off the bed and picked up a couple of boxes while Grace pulled two suitcases behind her. "Um, aren't you forgetting something?"

Grace glanced down and giggled. "Oops!" She tucked her breasts back in her shirt and somewhat pulled her skirt down. You could still see the bare bottom of her ass as she walked, but she was completely fine with that. They waited for an elevator in a group of several families. When the doors opened, everyone jostled inside with all their possessions. Martin put the boxes down and pulled Grace back against him. Grace could still feel his hardness and she couldn't help but move her hips against him. Martin answered by lifting her skirt up and slipping a finger deep inside of her.

Grace stifled a gasp when his finger sunk inside of her. To be fingered by her dad in an elevator packed with strangers was so hot and it was making her even more horny.

Just as Martin was working another finger into her pussy, the elevator stopped at the lobby and the doors opened. Martin withdrew his fingers and retrieved the boxes before exiting the elevator with Grace.

The sexual tension between them was crackling and they walked as briskly as they could to the car. Martin got the trunk open and shoved in the suitcases and boxes before turning to Grace. He backed her up against the passenger side of the car and devoured her mouth. He lifted one of her legs to wrap around him, which gave him easy access to her pussy.

Grace groaned as he shoved two thick fingers into her pussy. It felt so good, so right. And the fact that they were in public? Only added to the excitement for them both.

"I need you to fuck me, daddy," Grace whimpered, her hands pawing at the zipper of his shorts.

Martin groaned and helped her, unzipping his shorts and pulling out his hard cock. Grace glanced down and gasped. "You're so big, daddy! How will that fit inside me?" Her core ached at the thought, a wonderful, pleasurable ache. She couldn't wait to see how he fit inside her.

"It will baby, I promise." Martin replied. He lined his cock up and looked deep into her eyes. "Are you sure about this?"

Grace nodded, "I love you, daddy. I want you now and always."

With that affirmation, Martin slowly shoved his cock into his daughter's pussy. It felt so good, his cock entering her pussy. It filled her up in a way no boy's cock had ever done. She could feel the ridges of her daddy's cock and the restraint he was using to be slow and careful with her.

Finally fully seated inside her, Grace looked at her father. "This is how it should be all the time. I want you in my pussy as much as possible. I want to feel you, have you fill me up with your cock, your fingers, your tongue. Promise me, daddy."

Martin pulled all the way out of her and looked down at his glistening hard cock. He slammed back into Grace and grunted, "I promise, my precious. Now that I've had your pussy, I'm going to want it all time, anywhere and everywhere."

Grace groaned at his words and then at the feel of him moving inside her again. "God, daddy. Just what I want. Always."

"Always," Martin repeated back to her as he thrust hard into her pussy. He started a relentless pace, one that Grace loved. Her pussy clenched and ached and burned but in the best, most wonderful way possible.

They fucked hard and fast, coming together in a cacophony of soft moans, groans and I love yous. Grace didn't say anything when Martin came inside of her. She wasn't on the pill but she wasn't scared of getting pregnant. If she did, it would be wonderful. It would be a piece of her daddy growing inside of her.

Martin stayed inside of her as long as he could before pulling out and tucking his penis away, but not zipping up his shorts. Grace dipped a hand inside his shorts and started tugging on his cock, wanting it hard again as soon as possible. Martin chuckled, "Impatient as always, my precious."

He pulled away and Grace pouted at the lack of contact. Martin opened the door to the low-slung car he had rented and Grace sat down, trying to cover herself as she did so. Martin knelt down and brushed her hands away. He pulled up her skirt and opened her legs wide so he could see her glistening pussy. One hand went to work on her gorgeous clit while the other pulled the neckline of her shirt down and tugged her breasts out. "There. Perfect."

Grace blushed. She was far from perfect but she felt perfect in her daddy's presence.

She waited for Martin to come around and drop in the driver's seat before reaching over and pulling out his limp dick. She played with him and with her pussy while he pulled out of the student parking lot. "Where are we going?" Martin hadn't let Grace know any of the plans he had for them these next two weeks and she was curious.

Martin smiled over at her, "Curious little thing aren't you?" He reached over and tweaked one of her nipples. "I booked us a penthouse suite at the famous Chateau Marmont hotel. I figured we could stay a few days, do some shopping, some site seeing. How does that sound?"

Grace squealed and leaned over to kiss her daddy. "Oh daddy, that sounds amazing!"

She sat back in her seat and resumed stroking her daddy's cock, which was growing harder by the minute. She groaned with happiness when he reached over and sunk a finger inside her pussy.

And of course, in that moment, her phone would ring. Grace fished it out of her skirt pocket and looked at it. "It's Brad!" She had missed her twin. They talked often but it wasn't the same.

Grace answered and put the call on speaker. "Hey Brad! You're on speaker and I'm in the car with daddy." She hoped her voice didn't sound as breathy to Brad as it did to her. Martin was still plunging a finger in and out of her pussy. It was making pretty loud squishy noises as she was very wet and had her daddy's come inside her. She hoped Brad couldn't hear it.

"Hey sis! I'm with mom and you're on speaker too." His voice sounded slightly strained and Grace frowned.

"Hi mom! You okay, Brad?" It could just be her twin spidey sense acting up, if he was with mom, everything was okay, she was sure."

"Yeah, I'm great. How about you? Hi Dad!" Grace could hear some rustling in the background but didn't think too much about it. Her daddy's fingers were in her pussy as she talked to her mother and brother. There wasn't much hotter than that, she didn't think. She turned sideways in her seat to give Martin more access to her pussy.

"Hey son, hey Tuesday. Glad you made it there safely!" Martin had gone to LA to get Grace while Tuesday had gone to Florida to get Brad. They were meeting back home in a couple of weeks to be a family again for a month or so before taking the kids back to school.

Sitting sideways proved to be a much better angle, as Grace's pussy was getting pounded by Martin's fingers. The squishy sucking sounds were louder but Grace didn't care. She was pulling on her nipples, her hips flexing in time with her dad's fingers.

"What's that noise we're hearing?" Brad asked. "It's like a wet kinda sound."

Grace turned wide eyes to her dad who laughed silently. "It's nothing, son. I don't hear anything. Maybe it's the connection."

"Whatever," came Brad's distracted reply. "Well, I just wanted to check in and let you know mom had gotten here. We're about to eat some dinner. Love you!"

"Love you too, Brad and Tuesday," Martin answered. Grace was close to orgasm and mumbled her love yous and goodbyes. Martin twisted his fingers inside of her and hit that sensitive spot inside and she screamed out her orgasm as she squirted all over the car and Martin. Luckily the call had been disconnected before her screams of passion or they'd have a lot of explaining to do.

"Holy shit," Martin said. His fingers worked in and out of his daughter as she continued to squirt. It was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.

Eventually she stopped squirting and sagged against her seat, completely spent. Her legs were splayed open and her breasts were still out but she was completely listless, her body twitching with the force of her orgasm. She slowly rolled her head to look at Martin. Wet spots stained his light blue polo shirt and khaki pants and she couldn't help the feeble giggle that escaped her lips. "You're a mess," she whispered, not having the energy to use her full voice.

"It's my daughter's juices, nothing better to have on me," Martin said. He winked at her. "Have you ever squirted before?"

"No never," Grace replied. "That was so powerful. I want to do it again."

Martin chuckled. "Let's wait until we get to the hotel. You need to be able to walk in and to our room."

"Good point. Wake me up when we get there." She closed her eyes. Knowing LA traffic, it was going to be a while and she wanted to save up all her energy for another round with her daddy.

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