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Grace Under Fire Star Does Blacks


Brett Butler looked at herself in the mirror. At the age of fifty three, she still looked good. Blonde-haired, blue-eyed and curvy. Blessed with Irish good looks that simply refused to fade. Unlike her star in the upside down world of Hollywood. That one faded so damn fast she went from being a household name to a nobody in no time. It had been so long since she starred in the TV series Grace Under Fire. She smiled to herself, reminiscing. How she remembered those bright days. Yet as quickly as it came, she lost the fame and the fortune that went with it. Grace Under Fire wasn't the only television series she did. She starred in the TV series Dolly, opposite Dolly Parton herself. The American public had forgotten her, in spite of her best attempts at rekindling the flames.

Oh, well. Brett Butler smiled to herself. She would show them. If they thought her autobiography Knee Deep In Paradise was provocative, they would be shocked once they found out what she was up to now. For Brett Butler, former star of the TV series Grace Under Fire was coming back into the limelight. Albeit in a different fashion. This time, she was going to do porn. Hey, it worked for Kim Kardashian and Laurence Fishburne's daughter, so why not her? If the American public catapulted the daughter of the Armenian lawyer who helped defend a disgraced ex-NFL superstar and the brainless offspring of an award-winning African-American Movie Star to fame for doing porn, why not someone with actual talent?

That was Brett Butler's reasoning when she signed on the dotted line to do a three-picture deal with Super Sex Studios. One of the top adult film companies in the business. Brett Butler had been nervous about doing porn. To her immense surprise and that of the adult film crew, she took to it like a cat took to hunting mice. Brett Butler was loving her career as an adult film star. In many ways, she was born to perform. And performing she did. She found it quite easy to hook up with sexy women and good-looking, well-hung men on camera. The camera didn't bother her at all. She'd been performing in front of it for decades now. Only the medium differed, and that didn't faze Brett Butler. A tough woman who'd gone from cocktail waitress to stand-up comic to Hollywood superstar to farmer.

Brett Butler knelt before African-American porn legend Brian Pumper and began to suck on his long and thick Black cock. The cocky wannabe-rapper slash porn star groaned in pleasure as the middle-aged blonde woman began sucking him off. Brian Pumper loved Hollywood pussy. He'd gotten addicted to it ever since he persuaded Montana Fishburne, The Matrix Trilogy and CSI star Laurence Fishburne's estranged daughter, to do porn. And now he was going to bang a horny, big-bottomed White slut who used to have her own show on television. How about that? Brian Pumper felt like he was on top of the world. Brett Butler was really good at sucking his cock and licking his balls. Maybe she should have skipped the whole Hollywood TV career thing and gone straight into porn.

Brett Butler eagerly lapped at Brian Pumper's big Black cock with her tongue. She heard a lot about him from the other women she met in the industry. He was a particularly cocky bastard who like to 'gape' women. As in fuck them in the ass so damn hard that their assholes were gaping at the end of it. Brett Butler had seen some of Brian Pumper's handiwork. He'd wrecked a lot of women's assholes in the adult film industry. Particularly White women. Unbeknownst to him was the fact that Brett Butler had asked for him when the studio exec told her she'd be doing at least one interracial scene in the new series. It couldn't be helped. Interracial sex scenes were so popular. Next to anal and BDSM, they were simply burning up the web. Brett Butler told the surprised studio executive that she didn't mind doing an interracial sex scene with Brian Pumper...with a few conditions.

After sucking Brian Pumper's cock properly, Brett Butler got down to business. He spread her shapely thighs and gave her hairy dirty blonde pussy a good licking. Brett squealed in pleasure as Brian's agile fingers and wicked tongue darted in and out of her pussy, teasing her clitoris and working their magic on her. Hot damn. This young Black man with the big Black cock and the cocky attitude was actually really good at what he did. After thoroughly cleaning her pussy with his tongue, he put on a condom and shoved his dick in her. At first he was gentle, then picked up speed and got rougher. Brett Butler wrapped her arms around Brian Pumper as he slammed his cock into her wet snatch. He fucked her good, working that big Black dick of his deep into her pussy. They went at it for a good while, then wrapped things up. Brett Butler smiled to herself. The interracial pegging scene was next!

The interracial pegging scene between Hollywood superstar turned porn industry newcomer Brett Butler and African-American porn legend Brian Pumper was up next. That's when super macho man Brian Pumper seemed to get nervous. It seemed the tough Black guy who'd fucked hundreds of women in the ass was nervous now that a woman was about to fuck his ass with a dildo. And a White woman at that! Brett Butler took control early on. There was a certain element of female domination involved and she relished stepping into character. Like the scene called for it, she smacked Brian Pumper hard across the face and ordered him to kneel before her. Then she whipped out her strap-on dildo and ordered him to suck on it. And as amazed cast and crew watched, macho Black porn king Brian Pumper knelt before the middle-aged White woman and began obediently sucking on her strap-on dildo. The female director smiled as the movie's top scene got under way. The magic was happening!

After making Brian Pumper suck on her plastic cock for a good while and fingering her own pussy, Brett Butler was ready for more. And she got right down to the actual fucking. She made Brian Pumper lie down on his back on the king-sized bed before she fucked him in the ass with the strap-on dildo. Brett Butler looked into Brian Pumper's eyes as she began working the strap-on dildo into his asshole. The middle-aged White woman smiled cockily as she began fucking the not-so macho Black guy in the ass with the strap-on dildo. Brian Pumper had been really reluctant to do what was called a pegging scene in the adult film industry. In the end, he gave in because he was getting paid twenty grand by Super Sex Studios for that one scene, on top of his flat fee of ten thousand dollars per picture.

Interracial pegging, once one of the most forbidden of all sex scenes, was now becoming a hot-button issue in the adult film industry. There was a very successful strap-on movie series out there featuring Black women fucking White men. One particularly brilliant adult video executive wondered whether the reverse would be popular. Super Sex Studios was venturing into forbidden territory by launching an interracial pegging series featuring White women fucking Black men in the ass with strap-on dildos. And the series female director couldn't be happier. Brett Butler raised Brian Pumper's legs in the air and began pumping the strap-on dildo deep into his well-lubricated asshole. Brian Pumper tried not to scream as she fucked him but Brett Butler was determined to hear the macho Black man scream as he got fucked in the ass by a middle-aged White woman. So she smacked his face, whipped his chest with a belt, smacked him some more, twisted his cock and balls and even dripped hot wax all over him. All this she did while slamming the dildo deep into his asshole. At last Brian Pumper screamed like the little bitch she knew him to be all along. Like most outwardly macho guys, he had a deep submissive side to himself. And Brett Butler was exposing Brian Pumper's submissive side to the light of day by ramming his ass with a strap-on dildo on camera.

The nonstop action continued with Brett Butler putting Brian Pumper face down and ass up before sliding the strap-on dildo right back into his asshole. While sodomizing the cocky Black stud, the blonde-haired White woman screamed obscenities at him. She called him every name in the book, and then some. And Brian Pumper actually took it up the ass without complaint, though he did plenty of screaming. As the scene wrapped up, he had a glazed look in his eyes. The macho Black guy looked around, looking a bit disoriented. Brett Butler pulled the dildo out of his ass and smiled at him. Brian Pumper actually thanked her with tears in his eyes. Brett Butler smiled to herself and winked at the female director. The director smiled as well. The series was off to an awesome start! The head of Super Sex Studios had every confidence that Brett Butler would go down in history as the greatest porn star of all time.

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