tagBDSMGrace's Release Ch. 02: New Beginning

Grace's Release Ch. 02: New Beginning


(This submission is the second in my series, "Grace's Release". To start at the beginning, please read "Grace's Release, Ch1: First Wounds" and to continue in the series after this chapter, please see "Grace's Release, Ch3: Sweet Release.")


"I can't do it, I'm sorry; I just can't." Tears soaked my face as the scene around me evaporated and panic threatened to overtake me as I struggled to force my lungs to allow me to breathe. His voice pulled my waning focus back to him.

"You can do this, Grace. Listen to the sound of my voice. Take a single breath at a time; in then out, good girl, in again...now out. One more time, in...now out. Good job My sweet girl. Tell me, where are you?"

In spite of the shaky breath I drew in to calm me, my trembling voice betrayed me. "I-I'm in your playroom."

"Good, and are you safe?

"Yes Sir, I am."

"And...do you trust that I will not allow any harm to come to you while you're under My care?"

Upon hearing the assurance in his voice the steady shake in the pit of my stomach began to recede. "Yes Sir, I do."

"Good girl. Now take a deep breath and let's start again. "

Through my fear I forced my eyes to drift closed even as fresh tears flowed. As darkness surrounded me once more, my breath quickened and I immediately felt alone. Panic arose anew and I couldn't resist reaching out for Him, even with only my voice. "Are you with me?"

"Yes my little one, always."

Hearing those words allowed my racing heart to slow just a bit and I settled into the darkness as a memory came to the forefront of my mind.

"Okay Grace, tell Me, where are you?"

I looked around inside of my mind and just as it had every time before the darkness around me didn't give an inch. Except for the light which crept through around the edges of a set of dingy yellow blinds which covered a window in the corner. "I'm inside of a dark room."

"What do you see around you?"

My eyes fought with the darkness, willing them to look further than they had on previous attempts; to no avail. I sighed heavily and my shoulders sagged. "I can't see anything but darkness."

"You're doing well hun. Even though you cannot see, can you feel or smell anything nearby?"

As I heard the question, the smell of cigarette smoke mixed with old stale air filled my nose. My hands felt around me to discover what seemed to be a blanket made of worn fabric nearby. "The room smells old, like cigarettes and dirty laundry. And there's a blanket nearby, it feels worn."

The smile in His voice was evident, "Good girl, that's a bit more than we found last time. Try to search further is there anything else there?"

I tried to take joy in His pleasure for the moment but I couldn't, knowing what I would be facing soon. I envisioned the room again, trying to remember anything else about it. Then all at once, in a wave unlike any other I fell head long into the midst of my nightmare. In that instant I found my body intertwined with that of two strange men and no matter how hard I fought, I couldn't escape their grasps. Bile rose in my throat as I endured the sensations from my nightmare, with their hands and their mouths roaming beyond my control. Fear welled up inside of me and although I could hear words speaking to me again, they seemed to echo from a distance.

My entire body trembled as the only word I could manage fell from my lips. "Red...Please, red..." Even through my sobs I couldn't escape their violation. Suddenly I felt arms envelope me and through my fear I did the first thing I could imagine and fought with all of my might to escape them while sobbing hysterically. The arms pulled me down to lie against a warm chest and I began to struggle all that much harder to avoid the pain I knew would come next. Without warning His voice broke through and the entire scene evaporated.

"Grace! C'mon little one, come back to me. Can you hear me, Grace?"

Although they were gone I could still feel their hands and bare flesh against mine. All the breath evacuated from my lungs and I seemed unable to force them to hold air at all. His hands found my face, and I tried to focus on the heat of His palms against my cheeks as His face appeared before my eyes.

"Gracie, honey, you're perfectly safe; I am right here and I will not let anything happen to you."

While I could see him as well as feel him, I could not shake the feeling of hysteria that hung over my like a heavy wool blanket. "They just wouldn't stop; I just couldn't get away...please don't make me do that again, I can't go back again..."

"Don't think about that right now; focus on Me, on the sound of My voice. It's just you and I here." He began to pull me closer against His chest but the sensations were still raw, sending me into a tail spin. I sobbed heavily as every part of my body fought against His touch. However He was stronger and He pulled me into His embrace, stroking my hair and whispering soothingly to me while I cried harder than I ever had before.

Then, even as I sobbed He settled back against the pillows and held me firmly against His chest until my tears waned. I sat back and looked up into His eyes, braced for a look of disappointment in His face. Instead I found pools of blue which exuded almost the complete opposite. Pulling away from Him further I swiped furiously at the a few stray tears that still streamed my cheeks and choked out, "I'm so-sorry."

Placing two fingers beneath my chin He gently pulled my face up until reluctantly I brought my eyes up to meet His.

"No apologies, you're simply giving me what I've asked of you; honesty. You have absolutely nothing to be sorry for. Do you have any idea how incredibly proud of you that I am right now?"

His question startled me and I was taken aback, "Wait a second, proud; really?"

"Really, Grace. You are doing so well and you've stayed so strong and that means the world to Me."

Realizing that I'd made Him proud caused me to smile through my tears, and after the emotional roller coaster I'd endured, a giggle bubbled up through my lips. He shifted his weight and moved back against the headboard moving me to sit on his lap and face Him.

As my eyes rose to meet His I realized his clear blue eyes had dipped into a serious expression. Dread began to grow in the pit of my stomach again waiting to hear what He would say.

"Grace, we're going to do something really hard right now."

His statement struck me as odd, "I thought what we've been doing has been hard, I can't imagine what would be any harder."

He smiled gently but underneath his gaze burned. "It pleases Me to hear you say that because all that I ask of you is your submission and trust. Will you give that to Me now, Grace?"

The sincerity in His words drew on my inner submissive and I had no doubt that I would do anything He asked of me. "Yes Sir, I will. Whatever You ask is Yours."

The blue of his eyes shone with pride and after leaning in to kiss the top of my head, He lifted me off of His lap and set my next to Him with my legs dangling over the edge of the mattress. My short frame left my feet kicking the edge of the baseboard with the back of my heel. He stood and faced me, His heated gaze leaving a blazing trail along my skin which was almost palpable; until He touched me. His fingers wound their way into my hair and with a firm grip He pulled my face back and leaned in until His mouth captured mine. Moving His palms to either side of my jaws He caressed my face with His thumbs, drawing my mouth to open. In a moment of surprise He caught my bottom lip between his teeth and bit down, eliciting a gasp from me. As His mouth pulled away from mine His teeth grazed my lip and then finally released it. It was no surprise that I was already gasping and He had barely even touched me!

He tilted my head back even further then began to take possession of my neck, nibbling and biting His way down to my shoulder. I felt one of His large hands wind their way under my arms and around my ribs, while the other found its way to cover my breast. His thumb grazed my nipple and squeezed my breast in His palm. I whimpered as my mind struggled to maintain control over the sensations rising from my over sensitive skin. In a moment that shattered the silence, His low voice rumbled in my ear. "What color, Grace?" While my body screamed red begging Him to stop the assault on my senses, my mind forced my body to reason and the panic subsided for just a moment.

I spoke softly but with confidence, "Green, we're green."

"Good girl."

With renewed fervor and without another word He drew my hands together and bound them swiftly with a thick braided ribbon; I recognized this one as His favorite. Once He was confident that there was no escape He glanced up into my eyes and I caught sight of the familiar playfulness in His eyes. Tossing the ribbon over the railing of the headboard, He swiftly tugged, taking me by surprise as it pulled me onto my stomach.

"On your knees."

Without question, I obeyed, pulling my knees up under my body. This position left me exposed to His whims and the idea left me with no distractions; pulling my focus entirely to Him. His hands roamed over my back, down over my hips then back around to brush along the roundness of my behind. The tips of his fingers traced from my tail bone down until they grazed my tight asshole. To my surprise He lingered there and I chewed my lip, unsure of what He would do. The hand disappeared for a moment and returned seconds later, warm and wet. He put them in His mouth! My subconscious shouted completely shocked. He had never even touched me there and to my surprise it was extremely sensitive. As His hands travelled further down I found that I had been holding my breath, and I exhaled in a rush.

He chuckled, "I know little one, we'll get there but for now, I have other plans for you." With those words, He sunk two His fingers inside of my wet pussy and I found my insides quivering. "That's right, this is Mine. It doesn't matter who has tried to take this, it's only Mine. Do you understand?"

He began to massage that tender place deep inside with the pads of His fingers, drawing a quiet mewl from my lips. The only answer I could give is when that quiet moan morphed into, " Mmmmmm..pl-pleeasee." A throaty growl echoed through his chest and He gripped my hips pulling me back up onto my knees. The bed shifted as He slipped off the bed to remove His business slacks and return onto the bed and to His place behind me. Within moments I felt the warm head of His erection pressing against my opening and in that moment there was nothing else that I wanted more.

I squirmed and tried moving back to guide Him inside of me but I was greeted with a swift smack to my right hip. " Be still, girl." I whimpered but agreed, "Yes Sir."

He then guided His hard cock into the tightness of my pussy, moving far more slowly than anyone should in our position. The surprise came when His fingers returned to again softly caress the tightness of my asshole. His words broke into my panicked thoughts, even as they fought to reconcile my fear with the pleasure He was causing as He filled me at that same moment.

"Grace, listen to me, this is where it will get difficult. Where are you?"

"I'm in Your playroom. Sir."

"Good girl, and what color are you little one?"

My voice trembled audibly through my answer, " I'm with you Sir, and I'm—um—I'm green."

The smile in his voice was evident and His tone was earnest. "Good little one and what is your safe word?"

As He waited, the tips of His fingers continued to circle and brush over my asshole. I had to force sensation to the back ground and allow blood flow to my brain where verbal function returned. "Star, Sir."

"Good girl, now I need you to let go of your fear. Trust that I will not anything hurt you." As He spoke He pushed his penis further inside of me then swiftly withdrew; but not all of the way. Then he was invading me again, but this time as I felt him invade my pussy the tip of his finger also pressed against my ass.

I inhaled sharply and immediately struggled to maintain control of my thoughts. He didn't pull away although His hips pulled back again. He thrusted forward again and this time pushed his finger further. My mind exploded with a mix of sensation and fear. My breaking limit was riding close but I didn't pull away from Him, no matter how much I wanted to. I had to demonstrate my trust here in this moment; this is what our relationship was all about.

Another thrust brought his finger further inside of my tight ass and His pace began to increase. And He plunged faster and harder while the pleasure was immense fear filled my mind and I began to struggle. He brought me further, teasing the edge of my threshold until I was on the edge of blurting out that damned word. Then in a moment His fingers were gone and my deepest insides were exploding around Him. He growled and dug His grip into my hips as He filled me with his molten seed.

He laid His torso down over mine and I welcomed the feeling of complete surrender under the full weight of His form. In that secure place I couldn't control the barrage of emotions which threatened to overtake me. He could feel my resistance, "No Grace, don't fight it. This is what I want from you, give Me everything."

I felt the sobs before I heard them and suddenly my ears were surrounded with the sound of a wounded girl; inconsolable. After a few moments I realized that the sobs were coming from me. I neither expected them nor could I control them. They overwhelmed my consciousness and all I knew in that moment were the fear, anger, and violation which were forced on me during the night I was attacked. He stayed still, almost as if He were made out of stone allowing me to cry until all that could be heard were my own sniffles.

Covering my shoulder in kisses He sat up and pulled the ribbon from its place over the head rail. Methodically He removed each wrist from its entanglements, massaging each one in turn. It wasn't until that moment that His eyes rose up to meet mine. I flushed crimson at the realization of what just happened and immediately began to stutter, "I am so, so very sorry. I didn't mean to-..."

My voice was cut off with two of His fingers, "Don't you did well. This is what we are to one another..." With only those words, He pulled me onto his lap and kissed me warmly. Tenderly he held me against his chest for a moment and then in a moment just as long He was pulled me off the bed and to my feet.

"Now, what would you like for lunch?"

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