tagLesbian SexGracie's Grand Gala Ch. 02

Gracie's Grand Gala Ch. 02

byGeorgette Glass©

Chapter 2 - Legal and Luscious

"Hello," I said dreamily into the phone. "This better be important; its Sunday you know." I was still relishing in the time Em and I spent together yesterday and last night. In fact, she's out running some errands, but we will probably do the same thing again today.

"Gracie?" the voice on the other end of the line asked. "Gracie, this is Amanda . . . Amanda Fox, your attorney."

"Oh, hi Amanda," I said quickly dispensing with my grumpy attitude. "Don't you ever take any time off, girl?"

"Of course I do," she said cheerfully. "In fact, when you and I resolve the situation I am calling about, I plan to put on my shamefully revealing bikini, and sit out by the pool and have indecent fantasies while I watch the youngsters play."

"Good for you, Amanda," I said half-heartedly, "Now, why the call?"

"I've made the revisions to Allison's trust fund that you requested, and I need your signature before I meet with the bankers tomorrow. Can I drop by today and get this out of the way?"

"Of course you can," I said trying to shown my appreciation for her conscientious endeavor. "And Amanda," I added, "plan to stay for lunch. There's someone I want you to meet."

"Oh really? Business or pleasure," she asked.

"That depends," I replied. "Try to be here before eleven." When I hung up the phone I instinctively formed a mental picture of Amanda in my mind. I guess my new outlook on life has caused me to pay more attention to things and people around me. Amanda is an attractive, mature woman about my age, but I know nothing about her. Our dealings have always been strictly of a business nature. She handles all of my legal stuff. And she does it well.

I returned to reality and went about planning my day. I called the caterer to change my lunch order from two to three services. I've been doing business with this caterer for years so I left the specifics to him with no worries at all. There are clocks hanging every where you look in this enormous house, and every one of them made me aware of the fact that it was almost 9:00 a. m. I had enough time for a leisurely bath before my guests arrived.

Just as I started my tub to filling with warm water and bubbles, I heard the doorbell ring. Now who in the Hell could that be? There's one way to find out, dummy? Answer the door. As I neared the door I tightened the sash on my bathrobe, and needlessly patted my hair into place.

"Surprise, surprise," Amanda cried playfully when the door swung open. "I had nothing better to do, so I hope I didn't come at a bad time."

"Not at all," I stammered not bothering to hide my surprise. "Come on in," I said stepping aside to let her enter. "I'm so glad you dressed casual, Amanda." She was wearing one of those one piece short legged coveralls things, and she filled it out rather nicely. "I like your outfit."

"Thanks. Remember I said I was going to spend the rest of the afternoon poolside once I finished our business here? Well, I have that skimpy bikini on under this coveralls," she confessed as she pulled a lapel aside to show me a strap and the edge of a bra cup.

"That's the spirit, girl. This is Sunday, and you should relax. In order to maintain that laid-back attitude, let's do our business out on the sun porch."

"Sounds great," Amanda said. "I love your house, Gracie," she continued, "but don't you get lost in this gigantic place?"

"I only use about four rooms, and my housekeeper loves that," I replied cheerfully. "Do you think it's too big?"

"Size is relative, Gracie," Amanda said philosophically. "My apartment would probably fit into the size of this sun porch, but there's just me and my Maltese.

We were beginning to sound like next door neighbors, so I politely changed the subject. "Let's pretend this is a holiday. After all, it is your first visit here."


"Is it too early for a Bloody Mary?" I asked.

"Hey, it's a holiday, right?" Amanda chimed.

As we sat at the wet bar sipping our drinks, we began to talk girl talk. I learned that Mandy, as she asked me to call her, was single and lived alone except for her cat-mate, Puff.

"Well, it's good that you have a little pussy around," I said strictly referring to the cat.

"I hope this doesn't offend you, Gracie," she said exuding a confidential air, "but I much prefer pussy over pricks."

"Me too," I said trying to conceal my surprise. "I just knew there was something special I liked about you, Mandy."

Those remarks were the icebreaker. I was more at ease now, and I could notice a more relaxed composure about Mandy. Our conversation almost abruptly changed from a dry client/attorney dialog to a girl like girl subject matter. I found myself telling her about Allison being responsible for reviving me from my sedentary lifestyle, and then about reuniting with Em and spending this crazy, passionate Saturday with her. This took some time, but we had lots of Bloody Mary mix and our very own ice machine. I even found some fresh celery in the kitchen.

Amanda told me about a couple of her girl companions. She admitted that her friends considered her to be a liberated woman.

"You can be as liberated as you like in this house, Mandy. You will notice that we, pool and all, are indoors and very private. In fact, I can't remember the last fabric swimsuit that got wet at a pool party." I giggled at my won joke.

"I'm all for the skinny-dipping, but I hate to tell you that my suit is already wet - in the crotch anyway." We both thought that remark was amusing. Then I changed the mood somewhat.

"Show me," I said.


"Unless you're bashful," I continued.

"Not hardly," she mumbled. She unsnapped the overalls all the way down the front while she was still sitting on the barstool. Then she hopped off, and peeled the garment off her shoulders and over her hips. She told the truth. The bikini was skimpy, indeed.

"You have a beautiful body, Mandy," I said honestly, "can I play with it after awhile?"

"And what do I play with while you are taking advantage of my charms?" she asked coquettishly.

I took the cue without hesitation. I slipped off of my barstool, and stood with my legs slightly parted as I loosened my sash letting my robe crumble to the floor.

"Oh, wow, Gracie," she sighed audibly. "I normally wouldn't compare my body to one like yours, but I am dying to know what yours feels like pressed against mine." We came together boldly pressing flesh from knees to boobs. It was time . . . We embraced long and passionately with tongues flashing and hips grinding.

"Gracie," she said gasping for air as she disengaged from out lip-lock, "you never did examine the spot on my crotch, did you?"

"Why should I," I managed between gasps and sighs of my own, "I plan to examine where the spot came from shortly. Just don't think you are alone, baby. Take a stroll in my valley if you like." Almost instantly I felt two fingers gently make their way into my pussy hole. Our lips locked in another passionate embrace, and our hands explored new territory.

"I want to caress your breasts, Gracie. Let's get back on the stools." We did just that, but not until we had pulled the two stools close together. Once mounted on the stools, we took turns kissing, and nibbling, and sucking, and fondling each others boobs. Temperatue wise, the rook was quite comfortable, but both of us were beginning to sweat. Arousal for both of us was peaking indicating that climaxes were near at hand.

"Let's get rid of these stools, Mandy," I said hoarsely as I choked out the word. "I want to show you one of my hidden assets." Mandy did not question my instructions. We both slid off I stools and set them aside.

"Mandy, can you see that bar towel hanging on the cabinet door? Can you reach it?"

Mandy was in terrific physical shape, so she easily lifted herself high, and bent across the bar top. As she reached down to collect the bar towel, Gracie stepped up to her rear, spread her ass cheeks, and buried her lizard-like tongue as far was it would reach into Mandy's ass hole. She forgat the bar towel, she squeal in surprise, and her colon muscles clamped around the wonderful intruder. Of course, Mandy was embedded sufficiently that squeezing was going to expel her tongue. She worked her tongue methodically in and out of Mandy's ass. Mandy was almost weeping tears of joy by now. She held fast her position over the bar for fear that her new lover would abandon the action sending waves of excitement through her body.

When I did withdraw from her back door, Mandy surprised me by promptly sliding off the bar and turning to face me. She showered my mouth with kisses and tongue probes telling me she wanted to share this fantastic episode. I was elated.

Before long she had guided me over to a lounger next to the pool and lay me down face up. She lay on top of me and continued to shower my face with kisses only now she added a grinding motion to her hips that translated directly to my pussy. I'm not sure arousal will cover my emotion at this point. I'm hotter than Hell. Naturally I returned both her kisses and her pussy massage. Her breathing and moaning suggested that she was in the same state of rapture as me, and this only added to my vigor.

"Am I too early, or am I too late?" asked the voice from the doorway. We both turned to see Emily walking toward us carrying a gym bag.

I tried my best to manage an audible comment, but it was more a hoarse heaving sound. Mandy was driving me wild. "Em," I panted, "this lovely creature is Mandy, and she knows exactly what to do with a woman's itching pussy."

"Hi," Mandy said and returned to my aching body.

Emily watched for a few minutes before jealously got the best of her. She stood, casually disrobed, and stooped at her gym bag again. She fumbled around briefly, and produced a strap-on dildo. The business end of this toy was what appeared to be a ten-inch long, fat black cock. She demonstrated to her uncaring audience that she knew exactly how to harness herself.

Mandy was at the foot of the lounger with her knees on the deck. Em unceremoniously stepped between her legs while greasing up her black warrior, and knelt into position. Mandy had moved down to my pussy by now, but she was well aware of Em presence and what she was about to do. She spread her legs wider and hiked her ass to an agreeable position. Em slid her ebony friend into the wet pussy with effort, but with ease.

"Oh God," Mandy cried with her mouth still inches from my snatch. "That feels so good, Emily. It's really nice to meet you."

Em began to methodically pump away at her participating partner's thoroughly primed hole. Mandy returned to my pussy. Everybody was happy.

When it became obvious that Mandy had accomplished her objective by causing me to climax big time, Em withdrew the black warrior from Mandy's happy twat. "Let's switch, girls," she said like a gym instructor. One might have sworn this was rehearsed. I arose from the lounger, Mandy assumed my position and spread her legs, I knelt between her legs and zeroed in on her well heated pussy. Emily stooped behind me as I connected with Mandy, and almost simultaneously with my mouth covering Mandy's pussy hole, she buried her toy into my ass.

"Aheee," I cried at the unexpected maneuver, and then, "bless you heart, you remember." Years ago Em had learned I loved to have my ass hole tongued and prodded. I pushed against my dear friend and her toy. It didn't take me long to trigger Mandy's missile. We had been at this for a while. Em continued her assault on my ass until I straightened up from between Mandy's legs.

We were sprawled on the pool deck enjoying the aftermath of some extraordinarily good sex when Emily broke the silence.

"Well, what do you think of my toy?" she asked, but didn't wait for an answer. "I don't have the occasion to bring it into play as often as I would like, but I just knew I could find some real players her. And, I didn't even know you then, Mandy." We all laughed.

"Well, Gracie," Mandy said in a low sensual drawl, "my new friend here just did some good things to my pussy. I feel obligated and anxious to return the favor. Want to help?

"Damned right, I do," I cried. "Em, get out of that harness. We are going to put a smile on both pair of your lips post haste." With that we helped Em out of her toy, and led her over to a beach towel we had left spread on the deck from our previous play. She spread-eagled face up.

I looked at Mandy and asked, "Heads or tails?"

"It makes no difference to me," she said cheekily, "I'm going to have both before we are done." She looked down at Em and winked flirtatiously. Emily blew a kiss in her direction. I straddled Em's face, and Mandy took a trip to the valley.

Arousal was at its peak, spirits were high, and we were all feeling reckless. I reluctantly arose from my perch on Em's face, and coaxed Mandy to trade positions with Emily. I strapped on Em's toy du jour, and approached her from the rear. Mandy was busy with her pussy, so I had no choice. I eased that big, black cock head into her ass hole, and pressed firmly. Em whimpered at the entry, but I noticed her intensity at Mandy's pussy accelerated. Mandy took on new lyrics, and sang for old Glory. (There wasn't a flag in sight.)

The fever-pitched sexual tension had subsided a little, and we were re-living our escapades while lounging in the pool. The three of us had wrapped our arms around each other forming a circle as we treaded water in the glistening pool. I wondered to myself as we paddled in this manner if anyone had ever seen six more beautiful female breasts floating on crystal clear water before. The novelty here was that there were six nipples practically touching its respective neighbor nipple with each sudden movement of water. We all watched and said nothing.

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