tagNonConsent/ReluctanceGrading the Family Ch. 01

Grading the Family Ch. 01


*If I bend you enough I'll break you; if I break you enough I'll make you love me*


Chloe Pieper heard the phone ring through the crowd of students. She closed in on it with shark-like instincts born of years of being a teacher roaming the halls between classes. There was a cluster of girls around Toni Walker. It was her usual crowd of privileged delinquents. They had done all kinds of borderline alterations to their school uniforms that a more disciplined Assistant Principle; Mr. Adam Giovanni, would have cracked down on. As it was, her 'superior' believed in giving children room for creative expression which in Chloe's mind meant dressing like sluts.

"God, he's so hot," Sienna Myles, one of Toni Walker's friends whispered as she looked down at the phone.

"Tell me about it," Toni started to say. She made eye contact with Chloe and snapped her phone shut. All the girls followed her gaze to the teacher and froze. Chloe reveled in the fear and respect she invoked among these degenerates.

"Phone!" snapped Chloe extending her hand to Toni.

"But Ms. Pieper, it was an accident," Toni pleaded. Chloe snapped her fingers and Toni's eyes went from fear to hate in a flash. Chloe rode Toni hard but it was only because she was such an annoying little twerp who constantly resisted her authority. Toni gave the phone over.

Chloe opened in and looked at the last number she'd pulled up. She held up the phone so that Toni could see the picture.

"Who is this?" Chloe spat.

"He's my uncle," Toni mumbled.

"You liar; this man can't be more than twenty-five. You are going to the office right now."

"He is twenty-five and he's not a bitter old hag like you," Toni blurted out. The crowd in the hall hushed.

"He is your boyfriend -- admit it!" Chloe growled.

"No," Toni snapped back. "He's my uncle and my legal guardian Xavier. He was twelve years younger than my Father. Toni's eyes began to well up with tears.

Her mother and father had died earlier in the school year and Chloe knew the brat had been milking it for all it was worth. She hadn't been fooled with Toni's little play-acting histrionics. Somehow Chloe knew that the Assistant Principle would side with Toni yet again; the man was so weak and predictable.

"See me at the end of classes today," Chloe demanded. Toni still looked defiant. "If you want your phone back, you'll be there and promptly." Returning the phone at the end of the day was official school policy after all.

"I don't need the phone that much," Toni muttered.

"Fine, I'll go to class right now and give your uncle a call at work and repeat what you just called me," she threatened. Toni blanched.

"Don't do that," she hurriedly replied. "I'll be there."

"See that you are," Chloe smiled triumphantly. She reasoned Toni was either afraid of her uncle or maybe afraid for him. Either way could work out well for her.

Chloe found herself sneaking peaks at the man whose picture was on the phone. He was young and very handsome. He looked vigorous and happy. She began to wonder how tall he was, how fit, and how personable. Was he a wimp, or was he domineering and aggressive? It had been three years since Chloe had even dated and she was so very lonely.

All men who were attracted to her were effete spineless wimps more in need of a Mother-figure than a real woman. Those slobs were never a challenge and had all been quickly discarded. All the other men she'd pursued had been disappointingly unresponsive. Chloe didn't know why. She was in her estimations highly attractive.

Her breasts were large, her lines curvaceous, and her hair long, fine and black. She wore it up, but it reached half way down her spine when she let it down. Her ass, thighs, and calves were all phenomenal, so why was she alone?

Sure, a few of the men she had considered boyfriend material had called her a 'controlling bitch', but that merely showed their own personal weakness, not a flaw in her own. What she did know was that when she saw this man, her loins ached like they hadn't in a long, long time. If she was wrong about him, Toni would pay the price.

The last class pasted with terminal slowness. She was exceptionally harsh (even by her standards) on the students who failed to meet her expectations. Homework punishments were handed out and the fault lay on the feet of the unfortunate. How their fellow students exacted their retribution was not her concern.

The last bell finally rang and Chloe felt a tingling she dare not scratch. Inside a minute Toni arrived in the doorway looking hesitant and sullen. Chloe looked up, barely acknowledge her and pretending to get back to reviewing some work. Toni shuffled up to her desk.

"May I have my phone, Ms. Pieper?" Toni asked with an outstretched hand.

"I am ready to have you suspended, Ms. Walker," Chloe said, trying to keep the joy out of her voice. Toni's mouth dropped open.

"No ... you can't," Toni squawked.

"I can and I will. This is your third infraction," Chloe smiled sweetly.

"But Mr. Giovanni said that he was okay with those earlier infractions. Ms. Pieper, that was a bad time for me," Toni pleaded.

"You will learn that I have broad discretion where suspensions are concerned. I believed you accused me of something in front of the student body," Chloe continued happily.

"Please, don't do this. If I miss any more time I'll be held back a year. My grades are up. Please," Toni said near to tears.

"I think your problems are generated at home, Ms. Walker, so you should remain at home until your family situation is worked out," Chloe grinned.

"My uncle ... it would kill him," Toni confessed. "He's been struggling so hard. My brother and I haven't made things easy on him and he's trying to be there for us, but he's so young and he wasn't ready for this; none of us where." Tears began leaking from Toni's eyes. That alone made Chloe's day worthwhile, but she had bigger plans for Toni than mere humiliation.

"If I give you a second chance, what will you do with it? How do I know my efforts on your behalf won't be wasted? I need guarantees."

"What do you need?" Toni said with sudden hope.

"I need to know that you will be strongly disciplined at home," Chloe began. Toni seemed confused.

"I'll need to meet with your uncle and have him deal with my concerns. If we can't work something out, I would suggest you get used to the idea of seeing me next year," Chloe stated.

"I'll talk to him tonight," Toni promised.

"He'll be in my office tomorrow at four, or I'll passing along the paperwork for your suspension. I don't have much time to waste on you, you know."

"He'll be here," Toni nodded eagerly.

"Why don't you call him and verify that?" Chloe said with a degree of menace. Toni gulped as she took the offered phone.

"He's at work. I don't want him to get into any trouble," Toni explained.

"Where does he work?" Chloe asked patiently. She was hoping it wasn't as a stocker in a supermarket. That would be disappointing.

"He's at Pacific Mutual," Toni answered. It was the largest bank on the West Coast -- very promising. "He's in international funds -- he made senior account manager a month ago." Whoa, that was some serious money.

"Isn't he a bit young?" Chloe mused.

"He was top of his class and got his MBA when he was twenty-two," Toni explained. Chloe resisted the urge to clasp her hands and salivate. This man had drive and smarts. He would be the perfect match for her.

"But will he want to expend his time to help you, Toni?" Chloe grinned.

"He's done everything for us. He's really tried. He's not my Dad, but he's always loved us," Toni confessed. Chloe thought that was perfect; a highly devoted family man with fears of inadequacies.

"Ms. Walker, I will let you have it your way," Chloe conceded graciously, "you tell your uncle this evening that he will be in my classroom at four tomorrow. If he fails to show up, believe me I will spend the rest of this week making your life a living hell before I kick your ass out of here on Friday for the rest of the school year. Am I clear?"

"Yes Ms. Pieper," muttered Toni.

"Go, don't miss the bus," Chloe said dismissively. Toni fled the room. Already Chloe was thinking about what she'd be wearing tomorrow, and how she would make him do what she wanted him to do. Absently she began to stroke herself and was getting wetter by the second.

(The next afternoon)

"Mrs. Pieper?" came the rich clear voice from the doorway. Chloe tried hard to not let her stylus slip from her hand. The man was gorgeous and well dressed with the barest hint of masculine arrogance, charisma and charm.

"It is Miss," Chloe clarified, "but since Toni and I are such good friends you can call me Chloe."

His smile made her toes tingle. His teeth were sharp and white and free of imperfection. Chloe had to double check his finger to make sure there wasn't a ring on it. Good; his life must really revolve around work and those two little brats he'd inherited.

"Ms. Pieper -- Chloe, I'm Xavier Walker; call me Xavier please. Toni's my niece. I understand you want to meet with me about Toni's academic situation." The first thing that came to Chloe's mind was 'Xavier, please me now', but there would soon be time enough for that.

"Thank you for coming so quickly. I am deeply concerned about Toni's disciplinary status. She' racked up a series of serious infractions, namely disrespect for authority figures," Chloe informed him. It was almost the truth.

"I'm not sure I understand. If there is something more I can do at home, please tell me what it is," Xavier requested.

"Are you having problems at home?" Chloe said in a concerned tone. She got up and came around her desk. She made sure that she had one too many buttons down on her blouse.

"It has been tough," Xavier confided. "I ..."

"Why don't you come up here and sit up here with me," Chloe said indicating a desk on the front row and right in front of where she was leaning against her own desk. Xavier came up and took his seat. 'Like a good boy' she thought. 'He takes direction so well. We are going to get along fabulously.'

"I have been stepping into some really tall shoes," Xavier continued. "I can't say I was prepared to take care of two nearly grown kids. I'm twenty five and I've only had one stable relationship my entire life."

"Are you seeing someone now?" Chloe inquired. Xavier looked at her cautiously.

"Yes," he affirmed, "I am seeing someone right now, but we don't have much time together. We both have our jobs, plus the kids. It has been tough, but we are trying to make it work."

"You seem very committed, I like that," Chloe smiled. She would have to do something about that. Another complication was not allowed.

"Is this going to be a problem? I promise you that I'm not shortchanging the kids," Xavier asked.

"I do want a level of commitment from you personally. I feel that if you and I can find some common ground, we can save Toni from having to repeat the grade," Chloe said.

"It is that bad," Xavier sounded surprised. "I had no idea it was that bad. Why am I only hearing about that now?"

"Toni hasn't been keeping you in the loop, has she? Well, I'm afraid that is going to cost her now," Chloe insinuated.

"No, there has got to be a way around this. It would break Toni's heart to have to repeat the grade. What can I ..."

"We," corrected Chloe.

"We do?" Xavier completed the question. Chloe let a sexy little smile cross her lips.

"Is there anything you won't do to help Toni? I have to know you are not wasting my time," Chloe asked intently. Xavier looked conflicted. His instinct was pushing him away to safety, but his love of the children was pulling him toward her. Xavier leaned forward.

"I'd do anything to make my kids happy. They've gone through more than any ten or thirteen year old should have to. I'll make whatever sacrifices you think are necessary. I've recently received a promotion, but I could take a step back if it helps Brad and Toni," Xavier stated.

"I like your positive attitude, but the sacrifice I'm thinking about won't interfere with your job. It is more something of a personal nature," Chloe led him on.

"Personal nature; I'm afraid I don't understand what you are getting at? What is it that you want me to do?" Xavier sounded confused.

"Kiss my foot," Chloe commanded calmly.

"Excuse me?" Xavier replied. "Did I hear you correctly?"

"I want you to kiss my foot," she explained sweetly. "If you don't want Toni to have to repeat the grade, you will do what I ask."

"Lady, have you lost your mind?" Xavier snapped. Chloe pushed up off the desk and looked down her ample cleavage at Xavier her grin going from sexy to wicked.

"I imagine Toni will learn to adjust by repeating the last grade of middle school while all her friends go on to high school," Chloe purred. Xavier showed real resistance so Chloe turned sharply, showing off her shapely ass, and started walking back around her desk.

"Fine," growled Xavier; Chloe's heart leapt and a triumphant gleam came to her eyes. When she turned to face him she tried to look as calm and reasonable as possible.

"Right one first," Chloe smiled as she resumed her position leaning against the desk. She extended her right foot forward a bit. Xavier glared at her, made the calculations without being asked, and went down on his knee before her. Chloe had the sudden worry that he would be abrupt and mechanical, but he wasn't.

He took her shoe gently off her stocking clad foot. He held her foot in both hands then ran one hand up her calf as far as the back of the knee. Chloe couldn't help a small moan from escaping her lips. He slowly lifted up her leg up while he bent down. His first kiss was light and almost disappointing, but he followed it up with a stronger series of kisses on each toe, first on the tip then on the first knuckle and finally in-between her toes.

Chloe was taking in deep, bosom-heaving breaths. She felt wet and vibrant between her legs. She wanted his tongue inside her but clamped down on the impulse to rush him to her climax.

"Now the left foot," she said soothingly. Xavier glared up at her angrily. He took a deep breath, put the right shoe back on and went to her left.

"Good boy," Chloe murmured as he took off the left shoe. Xavier stopped and stared at her foot for several seconds. Chloe wanted him to rush, but knew he was on the edge of rebellion. She had to tread carefully at this stage of the game. Soon enough he repeated the treatment to the left foot. He then increased her pleasure by sucking on each toe in turn from the smallest to the largest.

"I liked that," she told Xavier, "now kiss your way up to my knee. I have to say that I'm feeling very positively about Toni because of all the effort you are putting in."

"Thank you," he growled. Whatever levels his resentment was at, it didn't harm his technique. He didn't rush things; he kissed each side of her ankle while he massaged right behind it on the calf with both hands.

Chloe murmured her approval.

"You make love to her, don't you?" she asked. They knew who she was talking about.

"I like to think I try," he responded between kisses.

"She claws and bites at you, doesn't she?" Chloe taunted. Xavier didn't respond this time. "I bet you make her scream and call out your name, you bad, bad man." He stopped kissing.

"That is none of your business," he said.

"That would be yes," she gloated. Xavier went back to his ministrations. His touch felt golden with his fingers reaching the perfect level of pressure as he massaged her tired muscles. His kisses worked their way up her shin until finally reaching her knee. He was rolling two of his fingers at the back of her knee and she found herself moaning sexually once more.

"You've done this before ... for her perhaps?" she asked.

"No. I've never done this before," he said as he kissed to each side of her knee cap. He kept pushing her leg farther up so he could kiss farther up her thigh. God she was so wet.

"You are a natural," she complimented him.

"I actually believe if I do something, no matter how much I don't want to do it, I do it to the very best of my ability. That includes whatever it is that I'm doing right now," he informed her. Chloe put her right foot on Xavier's shoulder. He was now looking straight at her crotch. She'd chosen black stockings, garter, panties and bra for the effect, but now she was happy because he couldn't see how wet she'd become.

Her new man, and she was now sure he was hers, needed no coaching to switch his attentions to the other leg. He rested one hand underneath her thigh only an inch from her ass. That hand slowly and sensually worked out the fatigue from her muscles. She found absolutely nothing to criticize about his efforts. He was kissing her knee now and alternating with slight licks.

"Higher," she said hoarsely. She actually heard him growl. His hands tensed up on her flesh. She struggled to restrain her urge to grasp his head and push it along. Her knuckles were white against the table's edge. He let her go and pushed her left leg off to the side. Chloe thought she'd lost him. Xavier stood up, his eyes burning with barely controlled frustration.

When he put his hands on her hips it wasn't rough, it was gentle almost lovingly. He pulled her up until they were crotch to crotch. He put his face right into hers. Chloe couldn't decide if she was furious for his defiance, or fearful that he might lash out. His hands touched the hem of her skirt and pulled upwards. She smiled when she realized what he was doing. He bunched up the skirt at her waist and pushed her back against the desk.

He leaned back down, picking up the left leg once more and resuming his progress up her thigh. He kissed the inner side and top while his hands massaged the bottom. Chloe couldn't stop herself. She put one of her hands into his hair and ran her hands through it. His kisses climbed higher and higher until she could feel his cheek pressing up against her clit. She was ready for it, but he tricked her by switching over at the last minute to start at the knee on the right.

"Nasty boy," she panted. He responded by playfully biting her inner thigh eliciting an "Aaahhh". Now he was kissing, nibbling and drawling lines with his tongue on her flesh. Chloe was positive she could never let this man go. She'd never had a horse, but if she ever had, she would want it to be this one; defiant yet responsive.

When he reached the corner of her thighs and crotch he stopped again. She tried to push his head into her pussy with her hand, but he resisted. He was quite strong and spirited.

"Now," she managed to grind out through her sexual tension. His hands worked up and began pushing her legs farther apart. He placed his lips onto her panties and she could feel him searching around with his tongue. He was a magician. When he found her clit he put his lips on it and sucked it violently.

She automatically thrashed her hips up. He wouldn't let go of his position; instead he sucked and bit into her clit through the fabric. She tried to make him slow down but he was too damn good. He'd found her perfect spot and tenaciously kept at it.

"God!" she screamed out. She felt his tongue press into her as much as the panties would allow. He was relentless. Chloe lost control and crashed back onto the desk.

Instead of stopping, he lifted her legs up and sucked harder. She thought she'd gained a moment of clarity when he moved his lips away then she felt one of his hands move her panties aside and he dove back in. He licked back and forth between tongue fucking her and assaulting her over-aroused clitoris.

"Fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck ... please ... stop ... aaahhh!" and she came again. She rarely came at all, and never twice period. He kept licking up her juice but spared her clit from any more luxurious pain. By the time she could think clearly again he had put her panties back in place and was reaching for some Kleenex.

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