tagNonConsent/ReluctanceGrading the Family Ch. 02

Grading the Family Ch. 02


*Being in love does not make you strong; being afraid does not make you weak *

Xavier Walker walked into his boss's office. Gloria Newman looked up at her protégé and smiled. Xavier was a great asset to the bank. He was also an incredible boost to the forty-year old woman's self-esteem. Xavier was her secret lover; hardly a relationship the board of directors would approve of but was so worth it.

Still she had never regretted coming on to the rather naïve young man. She had recruited him out of college because of his prodigious talents with international finance, but fallen in love with his dynamic personality and optimism. She knew immediately something was off. One of the few things Xavier wouldn't be good at was poker.

"Xavier, what's wrong?" she asked. Xavier was surprisingly indecisive.
"Gloria," Xavier said as he looked down at the ground, "I can't see you anymore. My family situation has become ... complicated."
"Oh," she hesitated, "does this have to do with the promotion?"

"Oh God no," he said in pained tone, "I'm grateful for every opportunity you've given me and I'll always give you my best work."
"I don't doubt it Xavier, but please tell me what I can do to change your mind," she asked. "You must know that you've earned your place here. I haven't given you anything because ... because of us."

"I know Gloria and thank you. All I can ask is that you please give me some time." He was clearly upset by something, but Gloria couldn't figure out what it was. "I hope things will settle themselves out soon and if you still want me back, I'll gladly return to you."
"I understand," Gloria lied. "You know my door is always open to you. If you need me as a friend I want you to know you can always talk to me." Xavier nodded, turned and left. Gloria was left wondering what the hell had happened and trying to decide how hurt she was.

(That evening)

"Xavier," Toni said. She didn't call him 'Uncle' because she wanted him to think of her as grown up. "Ms. Pieper gave me this letter for you."
"Did she say anything to else?" her normally energetic guardian asked.
"No," she suspiciously responded, "she gave me this and said it was some information you asked for concerning my course work."

"Oh," he sighed sadly. He took the envelope and opened it. From the light coming through the letter Toni could only tell it was a list of things. It didn't look like a normal school form. He took a deep breath, noticed Toni looking at him and smiled.
"Is everything okay?" Toni inquired.

"Of course; you are going to graduate and be with your friends in high school next year. That is what's important," he answered. Toni thought that was a scary thing to say. Ms. Pieper had threatened to suspend her only two days ago. Her uncle had coming charging to her rescue and now Ms. Pieper was essentially ignoring her – always a good thing. "Let's get some dinner on the table."

"I'll get the salad," Toni smiled. Xavier was always sliding responsibility her way and she secretly relished it. He didn't treat her like a kid; he consulted her on family decisions and after the death of her Mother and Father that had helped her cope. He'd showed her that she mattered and that her brother and uncle needed her. Xavier threw himself into spicing up dinner which was always interesting because five months ago neither he nor Toni knew anything about cooking.

Later in his deceased brother's study while the kids watched TV Xavier looked over the list he'd been sent. Chloe had 'politely' given him a list of options for food and entertainment. He spent twenty minutes and an exceptional amount of brainpower trying to figure a way out of his predicament.

If he went to the school principle all he had was his word. He doubted he could trap her in her deceptions; he simply wasn't the type. There was no one he could go to about this, because if they failed Toni would suffer. He would wait for the situation to develop because in his experience everyone made mistakes. All he needed was waiting for Chloe to trip herself up, or so he hoped.

A reservation for a decent place, with enough lighting for him to feel safe, was difficult. He deviated from her choices in entertainment as well. He hardly felt a movie theater was in his best interest, as was a moonlight stroll by the waterfront. A four piece chamber music group was more a match of what she was reaching for and what he was in his comfort zone.

Like a truant student he was required to call his 'date' and confirm his decisions. When she answered her voice was very demanding and abrupt.
"Ms. Pieper – Chloe, it is Xavier Walker," he answered. Her whole attitude changed.

"Xavier, it is such a pleasant surprise to hear from you. What can I do for you?" Xavier's first thought was to wonder what the hell she was playing at then he realized that this was part of the role she wanted him to play.
"I would like to go out with you on Friday night," he stated. There was a long pause. "If you want to," he added.

"Let me think about it Xavier. What would you have in mind?"
"I was thinking we could go to Callahan's at seven-thirty," he began.
"That wasn't ..."
"It is a charming place I've been to before and I was hoping you would like it. All the twenty-something's go there," he pointed out. She paused.

"I thought we might take in the South Shore Chamber Music Quartet which is playing right across the park from Callahan's," he said with a silent prayer.
"That sounds enchanting," she murmured. "I'd be happy to go out with you, and Xavier, be careful with your alternations. I like you being creative. I am less pleased with your attempts to put some distance between us; don't make you painfully remind you were we stand."

"I understand," Xavier said stiffly.
"I look forward to our date," was her honey-worded reply. She hung up and began thinking of the way she would make him pay for his defiance. Oh, she found his resistance delicious and his choices for a date were far more inventive and appropriate than her own, but he had to know who was in charge.

Choice was something she would allow, not something he should aspire to. She was rapidly falling in love with him – or more like the power she was entrapping him in. She quickly shed her skirt and sat down, legs spread. She slipped her fingers inside her panties and along the fold of her labia. The very sound of his voice could get her wet; soaking wet. Breaking him to her Will only helped the process along.

(Friday evening)

"Uncle Xavier," groused Toni, "we don't need a sitter."
"I could be out really late Toni. It would be responsible to leave a thirteen year old alone with a ten year old. I know you've grown up a lot, but I have to do what I think is right," Xavier explained. He and Toni locked gazes. It was Toni who relented.

"So, who is the girlfriend?" Toni teased. Xavier blushed.
"Ah, let's see how this works out before I call her my girlfriend," he evaded. Considering that she considered Xavier to be as open and giving as the day was long, Toni found that odd. Heck, the man had taken her to her OBGYN because she'd needed him and that was something her Dad had never done.

The doorbell rang and Xavier headed to the front door.
"Come on in Patricia," Toni heard Xavier say. It was Patricia Conklin, the babysitter.
"You can call me Patty, Mr. Walker," the high school girl gushed.
"Of course Patty; call me Xavier. Now is there anything else I need to tell you? You have my number if anything goes wrong," he responded. He ushered the sitter into the living room.

Brad, Toni's brother looked up from his X-box, acknowledged the new presence and went back to his game.
"Hey," Patty greeted the two children. Toni found the way Patty was mooning over Xavier to be slightly nauseating. She was sixteen and he was twenty-five; what chance did Patty think she had?

"Hi," muttered Toni. Xavier stood awkwardly around for a second then took a look at his phone.
"Okay, I have to go," he said. He took his coat off the back of a chair and headed for the door. He turned and gave Toni a strange sad look then smiled and headed out.
"So," Patty asked, "what do you want to do?"

"I want to go watch TV in my room," Toni replied stonily. She had to go phone her friends and talk this thing out. If her uncle had a new woman in his life it was only a matter of time before he brought her home. Toni wanted to know who this was. One of her friends recommended stealing his phone to see who he was talking to. The guy had next to no social life. How hard could it be?


Xavier coughed uncomfortably. Chloe graced him with a lascivious smile.
"I like this place," she murmured with a sexual undercurrent.
"Your foot is in my crotch," he whispered back. He was highly conscious that anyone who chose to could look under the booth and see what she was doing. There was no tablecloth.

"I'm aware of that, now massage my foot the way I like," she smiled. Since she was the final judge on what she liked, this was as tricky request and she was happily aware of that. Xavier could only do well if she allowed him to.
"I'm not wearing panties," she added. Clearly Xavier didn't know what to make of that news.

"Let me feel your toes; you know where," she instructed. Xavier groaned and not in a good way.
"People can see us," he emphasized. He started working his strong fingers into her foot.
"I know," she responded. "I want people to see you molest me." He gulped.
"I don't want to," he said.

"I know," she smiled. "I don't care."
"No," he persisted.
"Do it or I'll make a scene. I'm sure that will make it back to all your banker friends, you deviant."

For a moment Chloe thought she might have to simulate a violent orgasm then she felt his shoeless foot slide up along her legs and push aside her dress. She scooted forward to let him reach her without too much effort. The Good Boy began working her over with his big toe. It took her a moment to register the loathing he was directing her way.

"How did your girlfriend take it?" she purred as his toe did its pleasurable job.
"I broke it off. Isn't that enough?" he answered.
"Really?" she teased.
"Don't you believe me?" Xavier sighed.

"The pain in your eyes is proof enough. Now forget her. You are mine now," she smiled.
"No," he defied her angrily. In response Chloe brought her foot down from his crotch and slammed her thighs together, pinning his foot in her pussy.
"I feel a scream coming on," she taunted. "What will Toni think about you molesting her teacher?"

"No ... don't, please ... I'm yours; happy?" he snarled.
"Get used to saying it," she informed him. He was silent but was clearly rebellious. She had to do something about that.
"Oh ... God ... yes!" Chloe gasped. She accentuated her chorus of pleasure by slamming her fist on the table.

Xavier struggled to pull his foot back, but she held him fast. People were beginning to look their way and grin. Xavier looked down at the table, choking down his rage.
"I apologize," he whispered. "I'll try not to do it again."
"Good boy," she smiled. She released his foot and he rapidly pulled it back down to him.

Chloe reached across the table and placed her hand over one of his.
"This is the best date I've ever been on," she told him honestly. "Thank you." See, Chloe thought, she proved she could be a gracious winner. It was a little disappointing that he didn't appreciate the gesture.

Later they walked across the park. Chloe reached for Xavier's hand but he instinctively pulled away.
"Don't do that," cautioned Chloe. "You've asked me out on a date. I would like you to act appreciative." She waited for him to struggle through the decision.

Really Chloe was hoping for an arm through her arm so she was a surprised when he slipped his arm around her waist and pulled her to him. She folded into his control and rested her head on his shoulder. His cologne was expensive and in good taste. His hand wasn't sitting there like a dead thing as was always the case with men who had touched her before.

His hand rested low on her waist, on the cusp of brushing her ass and when she stepped he pulled her into his hip. It was an actually affectionate gesture. Sure, it was coerced, but he made it feel genuine. She sighed into his shoulder and slipped an arm around his waist in sympathy.
"Did you say something?" Xavier asked softly.

"It was nothing," she whispered back to him. She looked around and noticed something unexpected and new. Other people were looking at them as a real couple. She totally owned Xavier and everyone knew it. Women were jealous of her and men wondered what extraordinary sexual power she possessed which made her even more attractive to them.

Chloe started laughing quietly.
"What is it?" Xavier asked somewhat perturbed.
"Nothing you need to worry about," she answered gleefully. He was smart enough to say nothing more. She gave him a strong squeeze as a reward for not ruining her moment.

When they arrived at the small amphitheater where they were to be entertained, Chloe tugged on Xavier and made him stop. She moved around so that she was in front, pressing close his body. She gave him a chance to intuit her intentions without being forced to instruct him. She would be displeased if she had to tell him what to do. She saw resentment in his gaze. Her lips parted.

Xavier leaned down and kissed her. It wasn't much of a kiss. His spirit struggled against her unspoken command. Chloe was feeling generous so she moved her hand behind his head and pressed in the kiss. Her tongue darted across his closed lips. She moaned and he got the message. He allowed her in and his tongue stroked hers before crossing her lips. He was proving to be so much fun training.

The music started up and Chloe pulled away. She felt Xavier move behind her and was suddenly uncertain of his intentions. When he wrapped his arms around her and let his hands rest on the lower stretch of her stomach. He pulled her close against him, her back to his front. She'd seen people stand like this before, but never experienced it. She could feel his chest rise and fall with each breath.

She stroked his arm and rested her head on his chest. His breathe fell upon her ear. Out of the blue, he kissed the top of her ear once then again. She had no idea why he was doing that but it felt good. He was being unsettlingly aggressive, but at the same time very pleasurable. Chloe couldn't decide whether to punish him a lot or a little.

Chloe decided that he was a good horse, racing in the direction she wanted but exhibiting too much of an unrestrained attitude. She reached down between them until she felt his cock through his pants. Xavier tried to pull away, but she grabbed and held onto it.
"Don't be a bad boy," she threatened softly. Her words were drowned out by the music so only they heard one another.

Xavier stopped his progress then returned to his original position. She began to stroke his cock up and down and feeling it grow larger and hotter. She began pushing her grasp along her backside. She moved her hand away now that she had his cock rubbing along her ass. Chloe began to very slightly rub up and down along his shaft. She had to get this meat inside her.

"Squeeze my breast," she ordered him. He didn't obey. "Do it or I'll scream out what a pervert you are so that everyone around hears?"
"Don't," he begged. Chloe inhaled a deep breath. Xavier's hand clamped down hard on her right breast and started squeezing. Sometimes Xavier had to be reminded who had the spurs in this relationship.

Chloe caught other couples stealing quick glances their way. She'd meet their looks with her own dominant gaze and smiled. She was thoroughly mastering a twenty-five year old Adonis and she wanted people to know it, and she wanted them to know that Xavier would do whatever she said.

As the music wove its romantic spell over the small crowd she was privileged to be a part of, Chloe wondered how far she could draw Xavier down the road to perversion. Sex; she had to have sex first, but already her mind turned beyond what she was sure would be a memorable fucking to what would come after. There were so many things she'd never done.

Xavier lips found the nape of her neck and began sucking. She was going to get a hickey if she wasn't careful and that tantalized her. All the children thought that she was a cold cast-iron heartless bitch; what would they think if she proudly bore the symbol of some man's physical affections? Would their hearts be jealous?

Would the young boys wank off thinking of her large bosom in their faces? She could smack their little hard-ons and make them cry. She'd enjoy that. She was all for punishing filthy dirty minds. Maybe a few of those sluts would wet themselves as they gave into their lesbian perversions; how delicious.

"Mmmm," she moaned. Her nipple hardened through the cotton dress and her satin bra. She was pushing up against his iron rod until her panties were permanently wedged in. Her neck was very wet as his tongue worked over inch of her neck from ear shoulder. He kept going back to that one place for real suction, but he was liberal with his affections.

The music was over too soon. She felt a physical chill as Xavier moved away. She looked over his shoulder to see what he was up to and was pleased and amused. He was taking off his jacket. He put it around her shoulders to warm her despite his own mild discomfort.
"Thank you," she said. He nodded.

"Do you want to go to the car now?" Xavier asked. Chloe thought that over. She had one attempt at love-making in a car. It had been short, awkward and unpleasant. She would stick with her original plan and lead him somewhere outdoors despite the chill in the air. His body would keep her warm. She was sure he would take delight in her body as well. He had better.

She took his hand and led him down along the waterfront. The park became islands of light from the lamp posts in a sea of moonless dark. Chloe chose a streetlamp and backed herself up against one. She grabbed Xavier by his tie and drew him into a hungry kiss. The lamp was uncomfortably cold. She hadn't thought of that.

Xavier took her by the shoulders and turned her around, putting himself against the cold post unbidden. She stroked his cheek with the back of her hand in response. He was such an empathetic lover. It made him such a treasure. They kept kissing for several minutes. It was already the best date she'd ever had in her thirty years of desolation. No man had fought back so hard yet yielded so much in one night.

Chloe began unbuckling his belt and working on his zipper. His hands closed over hers.
"Anyone could come along and see us," he whispered urgently.
"I know," she breathed. "You had better hurry." He still hesitated. She would have stroked him to greater rigidity, but that seemed to be impossible.

His hand reached down to the hem of her dress and hiked it up. He put a finger into her pussy to make sure it was good and wet; it was. He put the finger to his lips and licked it. Chloe moaned at the sight of the gesture. Xavier grabbed a handful of each buttock and lifted her up. He impaled her on the first thrust. He didn't slam her down as any other man would have done. No, he lowered her down with sensual strength and control.

"God yes," she moaned as he finally hit bottom. He needed no urging to rock back and forth with her clit grinding against his pelvic bone with the most excellent technique. How was this man not already taken? He'd been waiting for a woman like her she was sure. He wanted a woman to bring him to heel and provide discipline and control in his life. He completed her and she clearly completed him, of that she had no doubt.

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