tagMatureGraduate of Life Ch. 05

Graduate of Life Ch. 05


"I'm sore," Nikki murmured, curling on to her side to face Brad.

"You're out of practice," Brad joked.

Reaching out her arm, she said, "Hold me."

Wrapping her in his arms, Brad did as asked, warm breaths felt on his shoulder when he pulled her close.

Together they relaxed until Nikki stirred, lifted her head and gave him a kiss.

"I should be going," Brad said, unwinding from her grasp.

"What about you?"

"What about me?"

"I said if you got me clean I would do whatever you asked."

Though Brad had recently heard her pleasurable squeals of sexual joy, the nagging he had felt yesterday returned, making him hesitate.

"I think I'll be fine," he said.

Sliding her hand down, Nikki took hold of his dick and gave a gentle squeeze.

"It seems your body says otherwise," she said, glancing down to see the drop of precum form.

Not giving him time to further object, Nikki moved down and positioned her face in front of his dick then took him in her mouth. She sucked on the softened flesh, working to engorge and stiffen it.

"That really isn't necessary," Brad said, watching her proceed.

Pushing on his hip so he lay on his back, Nikki took a moment to look up and tell him, "But I want to," then resumed her sucking.

Torn between the delightful efforts of her tongue and mouth and that something still tugging at his thoughts, Brad relaxed. As always his hand came to rest on her back.

He heard the wet slurps while Nikki satisfied him, looking down to see the blonde hair moving up and down. Her hand gently cradled him, rubbing his balls from time to time then lightly pumping in time to her bobbing head. She took her time, her lips dragging up his length, firm pressure held to stimulate but not culminate.

With one last long, slow draw up his cock ending with a kiss on his cockhead, Nikki left the bed to root through her closet. Moments later she turned to show Brad a pair of cork wedges. Dropping the shoes, she stepped into one, bent over to fasten the strap about her ankle then repeated the actions on the other foot.

"What do you think?" she asked, standing in the room so Brad could see. She spun on her toes, her legs elongated as she showed off.

The sight of those shoes pulled memories from their first meeting into Brad's vision. He remembered the form-fitting shorts she had worn, how she had peeled them off in an erotic display, his hands tracing their way up and down the exquisite length of her legs.

"Seems familiar," he said.

Walking to the foot of the bed, Nikki told Brad to move forward. She waited until his legs were astride her then turned to present her ass to him. She wiggled her hips, those tempting curves easily within reach.

"Go ahead," she said. "You know you want to."

With a glance up to meet her gaze Brad raised his hands and skimmed across the taut skin, fingers pressing and kneading this part of her desirous form. There was something about this act which captivated him, the sensuous pairing of a firm ass and smooth skin.

Nikki took a half-step back to move closer which allowed Brad to lean in and lay a kiss upon her presented posterior. He held his position, lost in thoughts of times past. Her skin warm against his lips, he turned his face to rest against her.

Looking over her shoulder, Nikki saw his pose and turned to face him, leaning down to hold his face in her hands.

"I want you," she told him, giving him a light kiss. "Don't say no."

Confronted by this young woman full of sexual energy, Brad could only stare into those eyes which held his attention. There was nothing else she was asking of him other than to satisfy her needs and he knew she could satisfy his as well.

She saw his vacant stare and leaned her forehead against his, her hands sliding behind his neck to dance through his hair.

"Please," she asked. "I want you. Don't make me beg."

Quietly Brad told her, "I would never make you beg."

The edges of her mouth curled upwards and Nikki tilted her head to give him a tender kiss. She kept her lips in contact with his for several seconds, her hands reaching down to find his. She pulled him up with her, their eyes meeting again.

With deliberate steps she walked backwards, meeting the cold wall which caused her to involuntarily jerk forward. Another lingering kiss, her arms encircling his neck, she held him. They embraced as they had done before, their bodies pressed to one another, mouths searching out the other.

Breaking their embrace she told him, "Give me a minute," accompanied by a knowing smile.

Kneeling, her hands held his hips while her mouth once again sucked on his cock. It didn't take long for the warm sensation to stir in Brad desires he had long suppressed. He exhaled when her soft lips stroked his shaft, her tongue gliding effortlessly over his length. Over and over Nikki's mouth slid across him, bare sounds heard while she took her time.

Without realizing it his fingers entwined themselves in the sleek strands of her hair, curling to hold her head in place while his hips began to push forward. His cock moved back and forth between her lips, her mouth held in position while he took control.

Brad increased his thrusts the longer he held her, his hands holding tighter to her hair. A strong thrust toppled Nikki over to land on her ass, her head almost against the wall. This caused only a minor interruption, Brad readjusting his stance to resume fucking her face.

Nikki did nothing to protest, her hands holding his hips to steady herself. Pinned between the wall and Brad's continuing thrusts, his cock repeatedly driven to her throat, she did what he asked and let herself be used.

With longer strokes Brad pushed and pulled his cock from her, his hips flexing to and fro at an increasing pace. His body became tense, his heart racing as he felt the urge to cum grow with each passing second. A light thumping was soon heard, her head trying to lift off the wall only to be pushed back when he shoved his cock into her waiting mouth.

A stifled squeal pierced the air, Brad having forced himself further down her throat than he had before, her fingers digging into his hips which he ignored. His body had taken control, the need to cum now foremost in his mind. Any semblance of civility or tenderness had left him, only one thought occupying his thoughts as his balls tightened.

Nikki breathed as best she could, fleeting inhalations heard over Brad's ragged breaths. Eyes closed tight, she didn't resist knowing the moment was almost at hand. His fingers gripped her hair even more tightly, pulling the silken threads into contorted throngs which seemed on the verge of forever being twisted together.

His balls tightened, his hips frantically pumping, that blissful, painful moment right before he came took hold. He grit his teeth and growled, pressing Nikki's head to the wall to fuck her face with abandon. His release surged through him, wave after wave of unbridled pleasure spewing from his cock and into her captive mouth. Groans of sexual gratification poured forth as readily as his cum, Nikki swallowing not only his seed but his cock which slipped into her throat.

This only served to drive Brad's frenetic frenzy, the thrust of his hips jamming his cock into Nikki's waiting maw. Overcome by the intense sexual release he panted, almost hyperventilating, his cock pushing past those pink lips which provided the necessary pressure to stimulate him further.

Brad almost collapsed when he came to a sudden stop. Resting his forearm on the wall, he leaned his head against it, gulping for air. His softening cock remained in Nikki's mouth which resumed its gentle sucking now that he had stopped. He twitched when her tongue swirled around his cock, pulling his hips back to carefully withdraw himself from her oral grip. Looking down he saw Nikki looking up, a dribble of cum on her chin, her chest heaving to catch her breath.

"A bit rough," she told him, a big smile breaking out on her pink-flushed face.

"Sorry," Brad breathed. "Something came over me."

She patted his leg, telling him, "Don't apologize. It felt good. That's all that matters."

Brad nodded then lifted himself to allow Nikki to stand. She rested her arms on his shoulders and gave him an Eskimo kiss, giggling afterwards.

"If you want," she said, "when you're ready, I can think of something else for you to do."

"Nikki," Brad said, his hands holding her hips, "you're going to kill me."

She laughed. "No I won't. Then who could I have fun with?"

Shaking his head, Brad said, "I need to lie down." Pulling himself free he crawled on to her bed.

Nikki watched him find his spot then removed her shoes before leaving to rinse her face. When she returned she slipped behind him, wrapped her arm about him and pressed herself into his warm back. They rested for an extended time though Nikki never fully closed her eyes.

When Brad stirred it was in a slow, half-awake manner, rubbing his face to clear the sleep which tried to pull him back. Feeling a body behind him, he twisted his head to see Nikki looking back at him.

"Welcome back sleepy head," she said, placing a light kiss on his cheek.

Brad dropped his head back down to the pillow, his body taking its time to come to life. Her arm squeezed him, his hand coming to rest on hers.

"I need to go," he said.

Partially leaning over his relaxed form, Nikki rested her chin on his shoulder.

"You're not staying for lunch?" she asked.

Turning his head to look at her, he told her, "No, I better get going."

"Or you'll never leave?"

"Yes, because of the heart attack you're determined to give me."

Nikki laughed then kissed his shoulder before letting him go. Brad sat up, twisting to look down on the blonde beauty lying behind him. His gaze traveled up and down her elegant form, admiring the shapely outline. She was in the prime of her life and it showed. The once semi-adult teenager whose young body had tempted him with its delectable freshness, one which he had seen mature into an even more desirable woman, had become the exquisite example which lay beside him.

"What?" Nikki asked, seeing the look on his face.

"Nothing," Brad said, leaving the bed to find his clothes.

Nikki rolled to her side and watched him get dressed. She allowed him go through the complete process before sliding from the bed and padding to him. She gave him a hug then kissed him saying, "Thank you."

"You don't have to thank me," Brad said. "You're the one who invited me over for dinner."

"I didn't mean that," Nikki said with a coy grin.

Shaking his head, Brad placed a kiss on her forehead then turned to leave, Nikki taking hold of his hand and walking behind. She went with him to her living room where she released his hand, allowing him another moment to admire her naked form.

"You ready for our shindig?" Brad asked.

"Uh huh," Nikki nodded. "It should be fun."

Brad chuckled at the mention of "fun".

"I'll give you a call to offer you one last chance to back out," he said.

"No way I'm backing out. I've been waiting for this since you asked me to go."

"Okay," Brad sighed, "but you've been warned."

With a half-skip Nikki came up to him and planted another kiss on his lips. She held her naked body against him, giving him a squeeze. "I can't wait."

When Brad returned home he found a message from Rae Ann waiting for him on his phone. Taking time to change and get refreshed, her returned the call.

"Don't you ever answer your phone?" Rae Ann asked after their greeting.

"I didn't have it with me."

"Why not?"

"Are you checking up on me?"

"No, I was just. . . if you have a phone then why not take it with you? What if you're in an accident?"

"I'm certain someone else will have a phone who can make the call for me. Besides, all those adoring fans who have found my number have conditioned me to ignore phone calls."

Brad heard the giggle on the other end of the line.

"Fine, but I hope you're not screening my calls," Rae Ann said.

"No. Never. I'd never miss these wonderfully upbeat conversations."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"I'm kidding," Brad calmly said.

"Oh." A significant paused ensued which went on long enough for Brad to ask if she was still on the line.

"I'm here," she answered. "Cara's with me."


"I thought about what you said. Do you want to come over on Saturday?"

"Do I need to prepare my speech?"

"A speech is a bit much. How about a friendly conversation?"

"I think I can manage that. What time?"

"Is lunch good?"

"Another free meal? How can I refuse!"

Again Rae Ann giggled, Brad for his part smiling.

"Yes, another free meal. Don't I at least get an honorable mention?"

"Of course. It will be nice to see you too. After the free meal."

Laughing, Rae Ann told Brad to arrive early, then said her good-bye.

That little something which had tickled Brad's thoughts returned. He couldn't place what was wrong, or why this tug continued to appear, and while sitting on his couch, contemplated its meaning. He didn't feel right. Not sick, not upset yet that little voice in his head grew louder each time he talked to Rae Ann.

The silence of the next few days was broken when, as promised, Brad called Nikki. Her voice sounded more upbeat than normal, her anticipation taking hold.

"Don't get too excited," Brad warned her. "This will not be some fancy, shmancy get together. Most of these people could bore death."

"Ah ha," Nikki chimed. "You said most. Most is not all. That means there will be some excitement."

"For large values of excitement, possibly. Just don't let your imagination run wild. It will far outstrip reality."

"Don't be such a downer," she chided. "You're getting out to meet people, and I'll be there with you."

"True, and that will likely be the highlight of my night. So what are you going to wear?"

"Nuh uh. You're being a grump."

"I am not."

"Yes you are. You're making this sound as if. . ."

"I'm getting teeth pulled without anesthesia?"

"See! There you did it again."

"I'm being realistic."

"Don't make me come over and get you in a good mood. I have my ways."

Brad knew what she meant. She did have her ways. The mysterious world of womanly charms she had been imbued with showed itself upon her command. No word or action was needed, only the merest glance, however fleeting, sufficed to draw him to her and do her bidding.

"I'm happy! I'm happy!"

Nikki chuckled. "We'll see how happy you are next week," she said to end the call.

By now Brad had written enough of his book that he felt confident of having it completed by the end of the month. The first writing at least. From experience he knew there would be two more rewrites, at a minimum, before he and his editor could come to some semblance of agreement it was approaching an acceptable work. Between now and then he had to finish, making sure all the pieces fell into place. He still felt something was missing. Nothing critical, only that little extra which would round out his story.

He slept in on Saturday, his imagination having grabbed him by throat and writing until the sunlight crept into the sky to kiss the underside of the clouds. Lying face down in his bed, his eyes partially open in a sleep-deprived state, that little something snuck into his consciousness. It sat square between his eyes, the meaning to this unknown entity becoming more clear with each passing minute.

Pushing himself into an upright position, he staggered to his shower, rinsing away as best he could the tiredness which he knew etched his face. When done he examined himself in the mirror, sniffing at the warmed over appearance he presented.

"Talk about first impressions," he said to no one in particular.

Leaving to meet Rae Ann and Cara, he was halfway to his destination when he realized he had forgotten something. Making a stop, he loped into the store and came out minutes later with what he hoped would be appropriate.

Arriving at Rae Ann's, he more fully tucked in his shirt with his free hand then rang the doorbell. The announcement was answered shortly when the door opened and Brad's gaze fell upon the face of the person he knew to be Cara.

"Hello," he said. "I'm Brad."

"Hi," came the hesitant voice. She opened the door further, letting her mother know Brad had arrived by calling out to her.

"Let him in," Brad heard, waiting at the front door while Cara closed it.

"He's in," Cara said, walking away.

Rae Ann made her appearance, smiling when she saw Brad holding an unmarked grey box.

"What did you do?" she asked, taking hold of the package.

"Just being a hospitable guest."

Rae Ann looked into his eyes, her smile growing even bigger.

"You met Cara?" she asked.

"In a manner of speaking."

Carrying the box, Rae Ann and Brad went to the kitchen where they found Cara munching on a carrot stick.

"Can't you wait for the rest of us?" Rae Ann asked.

"I'm hungry!"

"So are we. That doesn't mean you shouldn't wait."

Cara rolled her eyes but continued to eat the vegetable.

"Here," Rae Ann said, pushing the box towards her, "you can open it and see what he brought us."

Taking hold of the box, Cara placed it on the counter. Her fingers dug into the tabs and flaps to loosen the lid which lifted clear. When she saw what was inside the box her eyes grew big and she looked to her mother.

"What?" Rae Ann asked, walking over to see. The sight of the cake elicited the same response and turning to face Brad she said, "You didn't have to."

Brad stood where he was. "It's my understanding women like chocolate. I hope this fits the bill."

The dark, almost black, icing contrasted with the deep red of the cherries arrayed along the top edge while the bottom edge was adorned with florets of additional icing which added to the sumptuous appearance.

Cara reached down and swiped her finger against the edge of the icing, immediately cleaning her finger with a satisfying smack of the lips.


"I'm hungry!" she repeated, as if she hadn't made herself known the first time.

"Fine," Rae Ann huffed, "let's eat before this poor girl starves to death. But this doesn't get touched until we're done." Closing the lid, she pushed the box to the back of the counter then assigned Cara her duties to prepare their places for lunch.

"What can I do?" Brad asked.

"Stop being so nice," Rae Ann answered.

Walking to the counter, Brad reopened the box and swiped his own finger against the icing, performing the same cleaning act Cara had done.

"Not like that!" Rae Ann giggled, Cara joining in with her own smile.

The three had BLTs for their afternoon meal accompanied by a selection of vegetables which Cara continued to eat. Though their conversations started out slow, Rae Ann and Brad doing most of the talking, Cara eventually joined in, she and Brad talking off and on in between mouthfuls of food. Rae Ann let them talk, glancing to both as events warranted while making sure everyone had enough to eat.

"Can I have some cake?" Cara asked after finishing two sandwiches, an unknown number and variety of vegetables as well as two glasses of iced tea.

"You're still hungry?" Rae Ann asked.


"You see what I have to deal with?" Rae Ann asked, looking to Brad. "She'll eat me out of house and home."

"Mom the overly dramatic," Cara muttered under her breath.

"Does that mean no more free meals?" asked Brad, grinning at the young woman's remark.

Cara chuckled, asking again if she could have a piece of cake.

"Yes, go have some cake," Rae Ann's exasperated voice announced.

"Could I have a piece as well?" Brad asked.

"You too?" Rae Ann said, glaring at him and his request.

"I'm still hungry," he deadpanned.

Cara's previous chuckle came back at twice the volume, her hand gripping the knife which sliced through the dense, moist dessert. After making a second slice, she shoved the blade underneath the piece she had cut out and in one quick motion lifted it clear, using a finger to help balance it for the short trip to the plate which lay at the ready. Repeating the steps, she delivered a plate and fork to Brad before reclaiming her seat on the opposite side of the table where she carved out her first piece.

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