tagNovels and NovellasGraduation and... Ch. 01

Graduation and... Ch. 01

byD.C. Roi©

As the end of Bobby Draper's senior year approached, the young man was looking forward to the festivities that would wind up his senior year at Jamestown High School. The senior prom was coming up soon and would be followed by commencement a few weeks later. He wasn't forgetting the parties that were usually held at the end of the year, either. He'd already been accepted at a college, so that problem was solved, but he had a lot of other weighty matters on his mind.

His girlfriend, Paula, was already home from college and he hoped to see a lot more of her during the summer than he'd been able to during the school year.

But the young man did have some serious problems to solve before that could happen. Although Bobby never really understood how it he managed to do it, he'd amassed a considerable stable of lovers, most of them adult women. Among them were Nicole Everett, a lovely neighbor; Amber Fargo, the mother of one of his friends; his mother's best friend, Helen Parker; Lisa, his hairdresser; Debbie Dalton the owner of a local motel whose lawn, pool, and body he tended; Paulette Dennison, an ebony beauty married to a local doctor; he'd also spent many thrilling hours with Lois Tillman, one of his teachers; and Doreen Ingalls, the new assistant principal of his school had seduced him, too.

And it wasn't just older women who seemed to find the young man irresistible. A girl named Lana who had been visiting the family for years and was a few years older than Bobby, was another of his lovers. She would be visiting again this summer and would most likely want to share his bed. Lana had introduced him to Desiree, a slim, pretty redhead whose virginity he'd taken. Another of his classmates, a foxy young woman named Kim, had also become one of his lovers.

It sometimes seemed to Bobby that he wound up having sex with every woman he met. He didn't understand it, and sometimes it got to be a problem, but he wasn't complaining. After all, his sex life exceeded the fondest dreams of most of his friends, who knew nothing about what was going on.

He was walking down the stairs in school, musing about how he was going to get out of all of his sexual entanglements and have more time with Paula, when felt a sudden burst of pain in his foot, and found himself lying on the floor.

"Damn!" he thought as he lay there. He'd missed a step and turned his ankle.

Mr. Davis, the principal, rushed over to him. "Are you OK, Bobby?" the principal asked.

Bobby struggled to his feet. "Ah...yeah, I think so," he said. His ankle did hurt a little when he tried to stand on it, though, but not enough to make him think it was broken. "I wasn't paying attention and missed the bottom step. My ankle hurts a little when I put weight on it."

"You better have Mrs. Tate check it," the principal said. "School's almost over, why don't you go down to her office? What class are you in? I'll tell the teacher where you are."

Bobby told the principal which class he had, and the man walked off. Bobby hobbled to the nurse's office and knocked on the door.

Heidi Tate, the school nurse, was sitting in her office, distracted by thoughts of her sex life, or lack of one. Her husband hadn't made love to her in months and Heidi, a warm-blooded woman by nature, sorely missed the satisfaction the man she was married to was no longer giving her. The soft knock on her office door snapped her out a delightful memory of a time early in her marriage when her husband wouldn't let her alone. She sighed softly, shook her head to clear it, and said, "Come in!"

Bobby Draper opened the door and hobbled in. Heidi smiled at him. She knew Bobby. He was a good student and was always very pleasant and polite. He was also kind of cute. He was one of the students who'd taken an Emergency Medical Technician's course she'd talked the school into offering.

"What can I do for you, Bobby?" the nurse asked. Because of the way he was limping when walked in, she assumed he had hurt his foot or ankle. "What happened?" She got out of her chair and walked over to him.

"Ah...nothin'...nothin'," Bobby said and blushed.

"From the way you're limping, I'd say it's something," the nurse commented.

"Aw, I just twisted my ankle on the steps," Bobby said. "Really, it's nothing. Mr. Davis made me come up here. If it was broken, I wouldn't be able to walk on it, right?"

"Maybe," Heidi said. "But you took the EMT course, you know that's now always the case." She took his arm and led him to the cot that sat along one wall of her office. "Sit down here, Bobby," she said. "Maybe your ankle isn't broken, but you might have sprained it," she observed. "Why don't I take a look?"

She knelt on the floor, took Bobby's shoe off and manipulated the ankle. It moved without causing Bobby a lot of pain. "Maybe it isn't sprained," she said. "Maybe you just strained it."

Bobby's ankle hardly hurt any more, but as Mrs. Tate held his bare foot in her warm hands, he felt a startling thing began to happen. Her gentle touch was turning him on! He knew he wasn't supposed to feel that way about the school nurse, but why should he be responding any differently to her than he had to any of the other women he'd encountered in the past year and a half?

Bobby looked down at the nurse. She was tall, maybe five six or seven, and had ear-length straight blonde hair. Her face was quite pretty, and she had a wonderful smile. Her body was slim and quite shapely. The young man was surprised to see a far-away, dreamy look on her face. He didn't know her marriage was unhappy, or that her husband hadn't made love to her in months and that, right then, she was extremely vulnerable. Bobby's penis continued to grow and swell, to the point where it was very uncomfortable in his pants.

"Do...you have a...girlfriend, Bobby?" Mrs. Tate asked. She hadn't heard his name liked with anybody as part of the school's normal gossip channels.

"Ah...I...I'm...sorta going with Paula Wilton," Bobby replied. It was getting hard to talk. Damn! She was caressing his foot now, and it was really turning him on!

Heidi didn't hear Bobby's reply. "His skin is soft!" she thought while she continued caressing the student's ankle and leg absently, "Touching him feels so nice. God, how long has it been since I've touched someone? Someone male?" Need, which had been smoldering in her for some time, began to flare and, as it did, it began to push reason and judgment aside. "It's been so long since I've had anyone make love to me, and to make love to," she mused as her hand slid up and down the young man's leg. "I wish there was someone who wanted me!"

Heidi took a deep breath. "Do...do you have...a...a girlfriend, Bobby?" Heidi heard herself asking again. She didn't realize that she had already asked the young man that, and he'd responded. She was so addled by carnal feelings that she wasn't really aware of what she was saying.

"Ah...yeah, Paula Wilton, like...like I said," Bobby replied. What was going on with Mrs. Tate, anyhow? Why was she acting like this?

"Do...do you and she...do you make love, Bobby?" Heidi heard herself whisper. She had no idea why she was asking the young man such intimate questions. It was almost as if someone else was asking them using her voice. She was trembling, but her hands continued to steal lightly up and down the boy's leg.

Bobby didn't know what to do. "Ah...ah...sometimes..." he stammered. He couldn't figure out what Mrs. Tate was up to, and why she was asking him these questions. His face felt hot and he knew he was blushing. He wasn't sure what was happening. The nurse had a real strange look in her eyes, almost like she really wasn't there.

"Bobby, do you think I'm pretty?" Heidi heard herself ask. She felt disconnected from what was going on, almost as if she was watching a movie in which it was someone else doing these lascivious, forbidden things.

"What you're thinking about doing is wrong, terribly wrong!!!" a small voice inside Heidi's head warned her, but her need-inflamed body and mind quickly banished the cautioning thoughts.

"Yeah, I...ah...I think you're real pretty, Mrs. Tate," Bobby replied. She was coming on to him! In school! He, too, was having problems thinking clearly. A bell rang, then shortly afterward, another.

"I...I guess...I guess school's over," Heidi said softly, her voice still filled with dreaminess. "Do...do you have to...to leave...Bobby?"

"Ahh...no, I guess not," the young man stammered. Leaving right now would be a problem, given the fact that he had a throbbing erection. He wasn't sure how he could get out of the nurse's office without her seeing it. His ankle was still sore and now, because of what Mrs. Tate was doing, his legs were so shaky he didn't think they would hold him up.

Heidi got to her feet and, walking like a zombie, walked to the office door. She locked it, then she walked back to where Bobby lay on the cot and stood in front of him. "I...I'm glad you...you...don't have to...to leave," she said softly.

Bobby stared at the nurse, befuddled. What on earth was she up to? She was the last person in the world he'd ever have expected anything like this from.

Heidi's trembling hands moved to the neck of her uniform and she opened the first button. "Have...have you ever seen a...a woman naked, Bobby?" she whispered. She knew what she was doing was wrong, but she couldn't stop herself.

Bobby's voice failed him. He gaped at her and nodded. He'd seen more women naked than he could count.

Heidi, oblivious to the young man's response, unbuttoned another button. "Would you like to?" she murmured.

Bobby gulped and nodded again.

Heidi continued to unbutton her uniform slowly, one button at a time, pausing each time she opened one. When all the buttons were opened, she shrugged her shoulders and the white garment whispered to the floor.

Bobby sat transfixed, staring wide-eyed at the woman standing next to him. Mrs. Tate - the school nurse - had just taken her uniform off and was standing in front of him wearing only a bra, panties, and white pantyhose! She had a really terrific body!

"Do you like what you see, Bobby?" Heidi murmured, her voice husky, her mind a whirl of unbridled emotions.

Bobby nodded. "I...I sure do!" he croaked.

Heidi reached behind her, unhooked her bra. She held the garment in her trembling hands for a few seconds, then she let it drop. She stood there trembling while Bobby stared at her exposed breasts, then she bent and slid her pantyhose and panties down and stepped out of them. Nude now, she straightened up again. Her chest heaving was heaving and her heart was pounding. What she was doing was something completely alien to everything she believed! She had taken off her clothes in front of a student! If what she'd done were ever discovered, she'd be fired in disgrace. Since nothing else she could do would get her in any more trouble, she rationalized, she might as well get what she needed.

"Would...would you like to...to touch me, Bobby?" she murmured while, stiffly, she moved closer to the wide-eyed young man.

Bobby nodded again and raised his hand slowly. Mrs. Tate took hold of it, kissed it softly, then she pressed it, palm-first, against her bare breast.

Indescribable delight filled Heidi when the young man's hand touched her. Bobby's touch was very gentle. Her legs began to quake. "Go ahead, Bobby! Feel them, it's all right! I want you to!" she whispered urgently as both of the boy's hands closed gently around the swollen mounds on her chest.

Bobby cupped the nurse's firm breasts, squeezed them gently, and heard her soft moans of joy.

Exquisite sensations were permeating Heidi. She felt a tickle on her thighs, realized something began to run down the inside of her legs and knew she was flooded with the effluent of excitement. When the young man pulled softly on her rigid nipples it felt as if electric shocks were going through her. Wonderful electric shocks! Exquisite electric shocks!

"Ohhhh!!! That's nice! That's very nice, Bobby!!!" Heidi murmured. "You have...Annhhh!!!...such a gentle touch!!!" It was wonderful! He was treating her as if she were fine china. She quivered and moaned softly. She wanted this young man desperately, wanted to feel his hard penis in her, moving, thrusting deeply, making her come! She didn't care if the whole damn school walked in while it was happening, she had to have this boy's cock!

Bobby continued caressing the nurse's breasts. Her nipples were now fully erect and straining out from the dark circles that surrounded them. He licked his lips.

"Yes!!!" Heidi whispered, sensing what the young man was thinking, "Kiss them, Bobby!" She sank onto the cot next to him. "Kiss my breasts!"

Bobby needed no encouragement. He leaned forward and began to suckle the rosy-red, rock-hard tips of Mrs. Tate's breasts.

"Ohhh!!!! Yessss!!!" Heidi exclaimed. Feelings of delight began to fill her. Her husband never kissed her breasts any more. He hadn't touched them in so long she couldn't remember when the last time was. Bobby was nursing on her and giving her divine sensations! It felt wonderful, in fact it was so wonderful it felt as if she was about to...

Out of nowhere, an orgasm exploded through her. "Ohhhhh!!! Ohhhhh!!! Ohhhhh!!!" Heidi groaned, "Oh, Goddddddd!!!! Bobby!!! Oh, Bobby!!! Don't stop!!! Don't stop!!! Ohhhhhhhhh!!!! Oh...Bobby!!!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!" Feelings of ecstasy swept over the pretty nurse. She leaned forward, clutching the lad's head to her heaving breasts.

Though he was surprised when Mrs. Tate came, Bobby knew what was happening. It wasn't the first time he'd made a woman come by sucking her breasts. She was pulling his head against her and begging him not to stop.

Tingles of delight continued to radiate from Heidi's breasts after her orgasm passed. "That was wonderful! Oh, Bobby, that was incredible! Nothing like that ever happened to me before!" she gushed, hugging the young man.

Bobby was elated. He was still a little worried about doing this in her office in school, but he knew school was over, so the risk wasn't as great as it could have been, and he was sure he was going to be allowed to do more than just suck her breasts.

"Stand up, Bobby," Heidi urged. "Let's...let's take your...your clothes off. I...I want you naked!"

Trembling, the young man got to his feet. His ankle didn't hurt any more, or if it did, he didn't notice. Mrs. Tate tugged his rugby shirt over his had, dropped it on the floor, then she opened his pants and pushed them and his undershorts down, leaving him naked, except for his shoes and sock, which she also removed. He was now standing next to the cot shaking, his erection jutting in front of him.

Heidi stared at the young man's erection and as she did, her small, soft hand reached for, then touched the swaying, jerking pole. Her fingers wrapped around the swollen organ and began to slide up and down the vein-encircled sides. Tiny, opalescent droplets seeped from the slit in the purple, arrow-shaped tip as she stroked it.

Bobby's legs were quivering and he gasped when Mrs. Tate's hand began to move over his swollen organ. His groin was so tight, and it felt so good, he was afraid he was going to come in her hand! He could see and feel it happening, but he still found it hard to believe what the school nurse was doing to him there in school! "Ohhhh!!!" he moaned.

Heidi continued pumping the young man's swollen gorgan and the more she did, the more her hunger grew. Her attention was totally focused on the throbbing, erect penis in her hand.

Heidi, in the thrall of lust, began moving her head toward the young man's erection. Then her lips moved touched the swollen, dripping, purple tip. She heard the young man gasp and a shudder went through her. She licked some of the sticky fluid from the tip, and thought, "It really doesn't taste as bad as I thought it would!" Then she slid her lips around the head of the shaft and began to take more and more of it into her mouth. While she did, she stroked Bobby's legs and bottom and could feel the muscles in his buttocks tightening and releasing as she did.

Bobby's mind was a wild vortex of confusion and delight. "I can't believe it!! She's sucking my cock!!! Mrs. Tate is giving me a blow-job!!!!" he thought. If the school nurse kept doing what she was doing much longer, he was going to come!

"Ahhhhh!!!" He groaned. "Mrs. Tate! It...feels...tooo...good. I'm...I'm gonna come!!!"

Heidi vaguely heard the young man's his impassioned warning but she ignored it and continued licking and sucking his cock, and massaging his balls. She found what she was doing delightful and didn't want to stop. Then the penis in her mouth begin to throb, his ass, which was clutched in her hand, clenched, and his hips jerked forward. She had never done anything like this before, not even with her husband, but when she felt the penis throbbing against her lips, she knew what was going to happen and, she realized, she wanted it to! "Come, my darling boy!" she thought, "Give me your come! Fill my mouth with your lovely hot juices!"

"Annnnnnhhhhhhh!!!!!! Annnnnhhhhh!!!!! Annnnnnhhhhhhhhh!!!" Bobby moaned as he exploded gobs and gobs of his hot, sticky fluids into the nurse's mouth.

The force of Bobby's explosion surprised Heidi. "Ohhhh!!!" she moaned. When the first gobs of his juices blasted into her mouth she almost gagged. Then, because her mouth was so full, she began to swallow the hot juices spewing from the young man's jerking cock. Even though she was gulping them down, the some of Bobby's essence seeped out, ran down her chin, and dripped onto her breasts while she literally nursed on him. At last, when the penis in her mouth was totally limp, Heidi let it slide from her mouth and looked up into the young man's passion-flushed face, grabbed him, and pulled him down onto the cot next to her.

"I want you, Bobby!" she whispered to they young man once he was seated next to her. "I want you to make love to me! I need you! I want you as badly as you want me!" She laid back on the cot. "Please, Bobby, Touch me!"

Bobby slid his hand up between the nurse's legs and his fingers began probing the slick folds of her vagina.

Heidi gasped when bobby's fingers touched her vagina. "Ohhhh!!!" she moaned. "Yesss!!! That's it, Bobby!!! Touch me there, there!!!" This might be forbidden but it felt unimaginably good! She loved the way he was touching her!

Bobby, who was a far more skilled lover than the nurse expected, soon had her writhing on the vinyl covered cot while ecstasy flooded through her and moans of delight poured from her in an almost unending song of joy. He slid one of his fingers inside her.

"Ohhhhhhh!!!" Heidi groaned. What the young man was doing to her felt so wonderful she could no longer speak. "Ohhhhhhh!!!!!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Yesssssssssss!!!!!!"

Bobby could just barely comprehend that he had Mrs. Tate begging him to give her pleasure! He increased the tempo he was using on the finger he was thrusting into her and watched the movement of her hips increase, too.

"Ahhhhh!!!!!! Ohhhhhhh!!!!!! Ohhhhhhhhh!!! Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!" Heidi moaned while her hips rocked up and down.

Bobby bent his head. He began kissing her inner her thighs and, eventually his tongue began exploring her puffy pink labia. He tasted her juices when he slid his tongue between her silky lower lips, then he found her clit and sucked on it.

"Oh, God!! Oh, God!! Oh, God!!! Ohhhhh!!! Ohhhhhhh!!! Ohhhhhhhh!!! Ohhhhhhhhh!!!" Heidi moaned when a stupendously powerful orgasm erupted through her. "Ohhhhhhh!!! Ohhhhhhhh!!! Ohhhhhhhhh!!! Ahhhhhhhhh!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!"

Bobby tried to keep his mouth in contact with Mrs. Tate's pulsing vagina but her hips were rocking so frantically, he had a hard time doing that. Her wild squirming smeared her juices all over the boy's face. When the nurse's frantic movements began to slow, he realized he had another hard-on! He lowered her bottom to the cot and watched her lovely body shudder softly as after-shocks of orgasm raced through it.

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