tagNovels and NovellasGraduation and... Ch. 11

Graduation and... Ch. 11

byD.C. Roi©

After the prom, Bobby decided it was time to get his life straightened out. He loved Paula. His relationship with her meant a lot to him and he didn't want to do anything that could cause him to lose her. If he kept sleeping with other women, losing Paula was a distinct possibility so, much as he hated to do it, he had to give up his other lovers. He wasn't sure how he was going to extricate himself from the other relationships he was involved in, but it was something he had to do.

He was sitting in his bedroom, pondering his dilemma, when the phone rang. He was home alone, so he answered it.

"Bobby," the voice on the other end said, "This is Stacey."

"Hey, Stacey," Bobby said. The caller was Stacey Dixon, a shy boy a year younger than Bobby. They hung out at the mall and talked about girls a lot, so Bobby knew his friend shared a lot of the same feelings about women he had. Bobby also knew Stacey didn't date much and, in fact, had been unable to get a date for the prom. As he talked to his friend, an idea began to form in Bobby's mind. "I wonder..." he mused, as Stacey talked about something that he'd read on the Internet, "If Stacey could assume some of my, ah, duties?"

"Stacey," Bobby said, "You know I'm going to college in the fall and I've been trying to think of someone who can take over a lot of the odd jobs I have. You interested?"

"Oh, wow!" Stacey replied. "Am I ever! I've been trying to find a job for summer vacation and I haven't had any luck. I was afraid I'd have to flip hamburgers or something."

"Maybe you won't have to," Bobby said. "Look, why don't you come over? I can take you around and introduce you to some of the people I work for."

"Great!" Stacey said. "Thanks a lot, Bob."

"I think I'll start with Nicole," Bobby thought after he finished talking with his friend. He dialed his attractive neighbor's number.

"Hello?" Nicole Everett's voice caressed Bobby's ear, causing a flash of warmth deep in his body. He knew he had to stop seeing her, but the wild times he'd shared with his gorgeous neighbor were something he'd always remember with great fondness. She was a fantastic lover! She was the first adult woman he'd slept with and, for reasons he'd never quite understood, his favorite. Other than Paula, he probably cared for Nicole the most of all the women he'd slept with.

"Nicole," Bobby said, "You know I...I'm going to college in the fall, so I'm not going to be able to keep doing all the things I've been doing and..."

"Bobby, darling, what are you saying?" the woman asked. He could hear the upset in her voice. "I thought..." Deep down, Nicole knew her relationship with the young man would have to come to an end some day. But now, confronted with that reality, she experienced a tremendous sense of loss. What was she going to do? How was she going to survive without the thrills he gave her? He satisfied her, kept her happy. Since her husband no longer seemed to have any interest in making love to her, Bobby was the only person who kept her sane.

"Look, Nicole," Bobby said quickly, "I have a friend, a really nice guy. He, ah, he's a lot like me and he can do everything I can do."

"Really?" Nicole said. She felt a rush of anticipation. Was Bobby suggesting that he might have someone who could take his place in every way? She wondered what Bobby's friend was like and found the prospect of breaking in another young man incredibly exciting. "Everything, Bobby?" she whispered.

"Ah..." Bobby knew exactly what she was asking. "I...I wouldn't be surprised," he said. "He doesn't date much, so you may have to encourage him a little, but if you do..."

Nicole experienced another rush of excitement. Apparently the young man Bobby was talking about wasn't very sexually experienced, but Bobby thought he'd be willing to learn. A thrill tore through her. "Well," she purred, "I guess it wouldn't hurt anything if I met him, would it?"

"His name is Stacey. He's coming over to my place in a little while," Bobby said. "I'll bring him over and introduce you."

"Wonderful," Nicole replied. She couldn't wait.

It wasn't long before Stacey arrived at Bobby's house. "So who will I be working for?" he asked, obviously excited.

"There are quite a few people I do work for. I'll start by introducing you to the lady across the street," Bobby said. "Her name is Nicole Everett. I mow their lawn and clean their pool. They pay really well. Come on, I'll take you over and introduce you to Mrs. Everett. Her husband's on the road a lot, so she needs a lot of help with stuff around the house."

The two young men walked across the street and up the walk to the Everett home. Bobby rang the doorbell and Nicole answered the door.

Nicole smiled, and stepped back as the two young men walked into her house. "Well, he's a lot smaller than Bobby, kind of skinny, actually," she thought, observing Bobby's companion, "But he looks like a nice boy. And Bobby did recommend him..."

Stacey couldn't believe how gorgeous the woman whose house his friend had brought him to was. He hadn't expected this! He thought she was the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen! He stood there, his jaw dangling, speechless.

"Mrs. Everett, this is Stacey Dixon," Bobby said. "He's the guy I told you about. He's willing to mow your lawn and clean your pool for you."

"I'm very pleased to meet you, Stacey," Nicole said. She offered her hand to the young man. He took it and the fact that she could feel him trembling excited her.

"Ah...pleased to meet you, ah, Mrs. Everett," Stacey said. Just shaking hands with her had him half-hard. He couldn't believe it!

Nicole was wearing a jade green knit shirtdress that buttoned all the way from the neck to the hem. It was made of soft fabric and clung to her lithe curved body like a second skin. The skit ended at her knees, but she'd left the bottom few buttons open, so a substantial amount of lovely tan leg was exposed. "Did Bobby explain all the things he's been doing for me?" she asked.

"I explained about the lawn and the pool," Bobby said quickly. He hadn't been able to figure out how to explain his other "duties" to his friend. "I thought you and he could work out any other stuff you want him to do," he said, smiling at Mrs. Everett. "And how much you're going to pay him, too."

Nicole understood exactly what Bobby was telling her. "Certainly," she replied.

"Look," Bobby said, "I have to get going. Why don't I let you guys take care of the details, OK?"

"Ah...yeah, OK," Stacey replied. He could hardly breathe. Mrs. Everett was so gorgeous! He was going to love working here!

"That's fine, Bobby," Nicole purred. She couldn't wait to be alone with the new young man and to find out how well he could assume Bobby's duties.

"OK, then. Give me a call later, Stacey," Bobby said. "I've got a few other jobs for you, too."

"Yeah, ah, OK," Stacey croaked.

Bobby left. "So far, so good," he thought as he walked back to his house. "I sure hope he and Mrs. Everett hit it off. Although I am going to miss her," he thought wistfully.

"Do you think you'll like working for me, Stacey?" Nicole asked.

"Uh...well...I guess so," the young man stammered. He felt his face getting hot. "I...I, ah, I need to make some money for college, you know?"

"Of course," Nicole replied. "What would you expect to get paid?"

"Ah...you know...uh...that's pretty much up to you," the dazed young man responded.

"Let me think..." Nicole said, "I'm sure we can work something out."

She saw how nervous he was. "I wonder if Stacey is a virgin?" she mused. She found that prospect very thrilling. She was so excited at the possibility of taking the young man's virginity she decided to cast caution to the wind. She moved closer to the trembling young man and put her arms around him. "I'll bet Bobby didn't tell you all of the things he does for me," she said, her voice husky. "Did he, Stacey?"

Stacey was stunned by the woman's sudden action and was shocked, but delighted to find himself in her embrace. He sure hadn't expected anything like this! His body sprang to life and he was helpless to prevent it. His arms went around the woman and he felt himself begin to tremble more violently. He hoped she couldn't feel the erection growing larger every second in his jeans. What was he going to do? What was she going to do? What was Bobby doing for her that he hadn't told him about?

Nicole did feel the young man's swelling cock, and was thrilled by his reaction as she held him in her arms. Flames of lust flared inside her, and as he trembled in her arms she began to shake. She had to make love to him!

Stacey clung to the woman. He wasn't experienced in matters of sex and didn't know what to do. He was afraid she'd come to her senses and slap him, or start screaming, or something, as soon as she felt his erection. That would destroy him. He had no way of knowing that Nicole's ragged breathing, and the soft trembling of her body, were indicators of growing lust.

Nicole was very turned on, and the mass of hard flesh pressing against her leg told her the teenager in her arms was, too. Why didn't he do something? Couldn't he see she'd be helpless if he did?

"He doesn't know what to do!" her inner voice said. "He really is a virgin!"

Nicole shuddered. If that were really true...! She leaned back, staying in the circle of Stacey's arms, and looked at his face. It was bright red, and he seemed almost barely able to breathe. He also looked painfully confused.

"Stacey," Nicole whispered, her heart pounding, "Stacey, dear, would you like to kiss me?"

Stacey heard her question and reacted without thinking. He groaned, then plastered his mouth against hers. When their lips joined he felt as if he'd been sucked into a tornado. Wild feelings coursed through his body. It was unbelievable! He had no idea something like this was going to happen to him today! He owed Bobby big time for this!

Nicole was exultant. Stacey seemed so shy, gentle, and inexperienced. She would be his teacher! Trembling violently, she moaned joyfully into his mouth as her tongue lashed his.

"If you want to leave, Stacey you can, right now, before this goes any farther," Nicole said breathlessly when the torrid kiss ended.

"Ah..." Stacey struggled for an answer. "I...I don't want to leave," he gasped. He was overwhelmed. He'd come here to see about getting a part-time job and now all this was happening. He couldn't believe his good fortune!

"Come with me, then, Stacey," Nicole said. She took the young man's hand and led him to her bedroom.

Nicole wasn't an experienced seductress but, she was turned on and alone with a virile young man. Lustful feelings, sweeping through her like a hurricane, were in charge and, joyfully, she was reacting to them. Inside the bedroom, she dropped the young man's hand and turned to face him. Slowly, she began unbuttoning the buttons that held her dress closed.

Stacey was stupefied. He was alone with Mrs. Everett, in her bedroom! Out in the living room she'd kissed him like he'd never been kissed before! When she did, he thought he was going to come in his pants! He had no idea just kissing somebody could do that! Now she was taking her dress off! He couldn't believe this was happening!

Nicole finished unbuttoning her dress and slowly let it fall from her shoulders. Since she was anticipating an afternoon of sexual delights with Bobby, she had purposely removed her underwear, so now that her dress was off, she was standing naked in front of Stacey, who gaped at her with wide, feverish eyes.

"Would you like to make love to me, Stacey?" Nicole whispered.

Stacey nodded rapidly. He'd never wanted anything more in his life!

"That's good, because I want you to make love to me, Stacey," Nicole purred, moving close to him. "I want you to very much!"

The red-faced boy still didn't move, so Nicole took control. She knelt, unzipped his pants, reached inside, pulled out his rigid cock and surveyed it. Actually, it looked, and felt, almost as big as Bobby's cock was. Now, if he could just use it as well as Bobby did... She bent her head forward and began licking and sucking the boy's swollen shaft.

Stacey thought he was going to explode! Mrs. Everett, the most gorgeous woman he'd ever seen, had taken her clothes off for him and now she was sucking his cock! In his most ardent dreams, he'd never thought anything like this would ever happen to him! If she kept doing what she was doing, he was going to...

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Oh, God!!! Oh, God!!! Mrs. Everett!!!" the young man cried. "Oh, God!!! Oh, God!!! I can't stop myself!!! Oh, God!!!!" Powerful spasms let loose deep inside him, then he felt himself erupting powerfully.

The sudden explosion of the young man's hot juices into her mouth caught Nicole by surprise. She was used to Bobby, who was a much more experienced lover than his friend, and didn't realize how turned on Stacey was, so she didn't expect him to come so soon. Just the same, when hot come coursed into her mouth from the boy's throbbing, jerking wand, Nicole began gulping, swallowing as much of the precious fluids spewing from him as she could. This was wonderful!

Wildly, Nicole continued to suck the boy's cock, enjoying every sensational explosion of the young man's spend. She wasn't worried. This wasn't going to end here. She and Stacey would do more, much more, and she knew it would be wonderful!

A brief time later, Stacey and Nicole, nude, lay on Nicole's bed. The young man, still flabbergasted by what had transpired since he and Bobby arrived at the Everett home, tentatively touched one of the woman's small, firm breasts. It was so warm, and her skin felt so silky! He slid his fingers over the swollen orb and heard the woman lying beside him moan softly.

"Yessssss!!!" Nicole murmured. "That's it! Touch my breasts, Stacey! Play with them! Kiss them!" Exultation swept over her like a tidal wave. Sex with him would be a wonderful, exciting experience! She groaned and her body arched while the young man's hand slid lightly over the straining, nerve-packed tip of one of her breasts. Yes!!!

Stacey continued to explore Mrs. Everett's body and, as he did, he noted with pleasure that his caresses were having a noticeable effect on the lovely woman. She kept begging him to touch her and was moaning and shaking as if she really liked it when he did! The young man continued to explore the woman's body avidly and, as he did, his cock once again grew hard.

"Oh, Stacey!" Nicole cooed, breathlessly, "You really do know how to make me feel good! I love the way you touch me! Ohhhhhhh!!!!" His hands seemed to be touching her everywhere, setting her nerves on edge, thrilling her, making her tingle with excitement from head to foot! "Don't stop, Stacey!! Ohhhhhh, lover!!! You're so gentle!! Don't ever stop!!!"

Stacey returned to fondling and stroking Mrs. Everett's breasts. He was mesmerized by them, especially her nipples, the first real ones he'd ever seen. They were so hard, so big, and it felt so good to rub his hands over them! He wondered what it would feel like to kiss them, so he bent his head and sucked one rigid, straining, finger-sized tip between his lips. That was even neater than touching them with his hand was!

Nicole moaned passionately, her body arched, and her hands pressed against the young man's head. "Gahhhhhhh!!!! Oh, God, Stacey!!! Oh, God!!! Yesssssss!!! Oh,Lover, Lover, Lover!!! Yesssss!!! Yessss!!! Kiss them!!!" she cried while the young man nursed her, as if he were her baby. "Oh, yessssss!!!! Kiss my breasts, Stacey!!!! Suck my nipples!!!!" Her breasts had always been super-sensitive and she gloried in the wild sensations the boy's lips and roaming hands were evoking. She felt herself being drawn inexorably into a whirlpool of bliss.

Stacey had no idea how much he was turning Mrs. Everett on. All he knew was that he'd never been so turned on in his life! All of his dreams, all of his fantasies, they all paled against the reality he was experiencing! He felt her stiffen, heard her gasp, then she began moaning, her body started thrashing, and the hands clutching his head tightened.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Oh, God, Stacey!!! Oh, God, Stacey!!! Oh, God!!! I'm coming!!!" Nicole wailed. "Oh, Stacey!!! Stacey!!! Stacey!!! Don't stop!!! Don't stop!!! I'm commmmmminnnnnnngggggggggg!!!!!" Release swept through her unexpectedly as her new teen lover sucked her breasts. She was as startled as he by the orgasm which overwhelmed her.

Stacey, astounded by when Mrs. Everett came, continued sucking and stroking her magnificent, quivering spheres and she continued to moan and writhe on the bed.

Stacey's confidence grew as he caressed the woman's body. He knew he was giving her pleasure and his cock grew harder and began to throb. Soon he would get to make love with her! He could hardly wait!

Nicole wasn't sure she'd ever stop coming! Stacey's sucking was so insistent, and the sensations it caused so intense, she couldn't stop and didn't really want to! Finally, though, her body did begin to calm. She could feel herself sliding from bliss to gentle joy. The young man continued exploring and caressing her, however, and she felt herself begin once more to climb back toward ecstasy.

Stacey shifted position on the bed so he could reach more of her lovely body. As he did, his erect cock slid along Nicole's leg. She felt it and urged him on top of her. "Make love to me, Stacey!" she urged, "I want you in me!"

Stacey, shaking with anticipation, let his lover guide him, knowing instinctively they wanted the same thing. They were going to do it! She said she wanted him in her!

Nicole felt the young man's rigid pole pressing into her belly. She slid her hand between them and grasped the boy's engorged shaft. Then she swept the flared head of the lad's swollen cock between her juice-soaked, pulsing vaginal lips and held it there. "Now, Stacey! Take me!" she urged. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!" she groaned as the young man's hard cock plunged into her.

Stacey felt as if he were on fire. When his cock sank into Mrs. Everett he almost fainted from the rush of wild, intense sensations that swept through him! Unable to remain still, he began driving into her, his hips pounding against her, spearing his cock into her. He was going to come again! He couldn't stop! It felt too good!

Nicole, too, responded more quickly than she expected. The powerful thrusts of Stacey's hips aroused her so intensely she couldn't control herself, couldn't slow her headlong rush toward release. She wanted to come! She needed to come! She...she was... "Stacey!!! Oh, God!!! Stacey!!! I'm coming!!! Oh,Stacey!!! I'm commmmmmminnnnnnnggggggg!!!!!" she groaned. "Gahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Gahhhhhhhhh!!!! Gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Stacey!!! Stacey!!! Stacey!!! Stacey!!! Yessssssssssss!!! Oh, yesssssssssssss!!!!" She clutched at him, her hips bucking.

"Unnnnnnnnnhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!" Stacey groaned as his semen spewed into Mrs. Everett's wildly spasming body. He stiffened and held his hips against her as they rode out their shared joy. When the intense contractions of his loins ceased, he lowered himself onto her and kissed her. He felt her arms wrap around his neck, and her tongue slid into his mouth and duelled with his.

"Wonderful! Wonderful!! Oh, God!! That was so wonderful!!!" Nicole babbled. "Wonderful!!! Oh, God!!! You're magnificent!!! Stacey!!! Oh, Stacey!!!"

Stacey rolled off and laid, spent, on the bed next to her. The events of this morning had far exceeded anything he ever dreamed of! He wasn't sure why, or how, all this had come to pass, but he wasn't complaining. He just hoped she wouldn't come to her senses and kick him out.

Nicole had no intention of throwing the young man out. She rolled on her side, put her arm around him, and kissed him softly on the cheek. "You are a marvelous lover, Stacey," she said, and was delighted that he blushed. His obvious innocence was part of his charm.

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