tagNovels and NovellasGraduation and... Ch. 12

Graduation and... Ch. 12

byD.C. Roi©

Helen Parker and her husband Dave were in the process of getting a divorce. When the couple first separated, the woman did get a restraining order, but as the divorce progressed and things went well, she dropped it. Unfortunately, her estranged husband had begun to drink more and more and, as the divorce proceedings continued, he began behaving more and more irrationally.

Finally, Helen, frightened by her estranged husband's behavior, had the restraining order reinstated. Then, one day while she was doing laundry, she saw his car come squealing into the driveway. It stopped just short of hitting the garage doors.

The frightened woman called the police, who told her they would send an officer over immediately. She was still on the phone when her husband crashed through the back door.

"Helen! Where the fuck are you, you bitch!" Dave screamed. "I'm sick 'a the way you're fuckin' me over! I'm gonna fix your ass once and for all."

"Please! Hurry!" Helen whispered into the phone.

"I can hear him, ma'am," the police dispatcher told her. "Just stay calm and try to keep away from him. Get out of the house if you can. I'll tell our officers to hurry." She turned and pressed a button on the radio panel. "Dispatch to units responding to Williams Street," she said. "The subject is in the house. He sounds pretty out of control. You better step on it." There was a sound of sirens over the radio when two police cars responding acknowledged the dispatcher's message.

Detective Sergeant Joe Denton was on his way back to the station from doing interviews for a burglary investigation and heard the patrol cars being assigned to the domestic call. Detectives normally didn't respond to domestic call, but he was a veteran officer and knew those were the most dangerous calls officers handled. He was debating whether to back up the uniformed cops when he heard the dispatcher announce that the call had turned urgent. He was just around the corner from the address, so he picked up his radio microphone and said, "David-fifteen to dispatch."

"Dispatch, go ahead, David-fifteen," the dispatcher responded.

"I'm less than a minute from that domestic and responding," Joe said. "Tell the uniforms to hurry."

"Copy, David-fifteen, will do," the dispatcher said.

About thirty seconds later, Joe slid his unmarked car to a stop in front of a nice brick two-story home. He signed off with the dispatcher, took his portable radio, got out of the car, and started up the sidewalk, checking his pistol as he did. He was near the front door when he heard a scream from the rear of the house. He started for the back of the house, breaking into a run. "David-fifteen to dispatch," he yelled as he ran. "Advise the uniforms I'm in the rear of the house."

"Copy, David-fifteen," the dispatcher responded. "Your backup is less than a minute out."

Helen was running across the back yard, and her enraged husband was lurching along behind her, yelling at her. She was desperately trying to escape from him because she was sure he'd kill her if she didn't. Where were the police?

Joe reached the back of the house and saw the two people going across the back yard. An attractive woman appeared to be running from a huge, apparently drunken, man. "Stop! Police!" the officer yelled. He could hear the sounds of sirens coming closer.

Dave's pursuit of his wife was forgotten when he heard the policeman's voice. He stopped chasing his wife, turned, and looked stupidly at the man standing near the corner of the house. "Who the fuck are you?" he yelled.

"Jamestown Police," Joe replied. "Get on the ground! Do it now!"

"Fuck you!" Dave responded.

The sirens stopped. There was the sound of squealing tires and slamming doors, then two uniformed officers appeared behind the house. "You OK, sarge?" one of them asked Joe.

"I'm fine," he replied. "That's the perp over there. He looks drunk and he's not listening."

"Get on your face and do it now!" the uniformed officer yelled at Dave, who was a little confused by the fact that there were at least two cops and a guy in a suit here.

Helen stood behind a tree, watching as the cops confronted the man who would soon be her ex-husband. Slowly, Dave turned to face the cops. Then he shook his head and sank to his knees. When he did the two officers in uniform quickly walked over to him, pushed him onto his belly, yanked his hands behind him, and handcuffed him. The other officer, in plainclothes, walked toward the tree she was hiding behind.

"It's all right, ma'am," Joe told the clearly frightened woman. "He's in custody. You're safe now."

"Th...thank you! Oh, thank you!" Helen exclaimed. She threw herself into the officer's arms and began to sob.

After Dave had been hauled away by the uniformed officers, Helen and the detective were sitting in her kitchen, drinking coffee. She found Joe--he'd introduced himself--to be very personable. And she did feel she owed him a lot.

Helen gazed across the kitchen table at the policeman. "He's handsome...in a rugged sort of way," she thought. "I wonder if he's married." "I don't know how to thank you, Sergeant Denton," she said. "If...if you hadn't showed up when you did, I think Dave might well have tried to kill me." She was pleased to see him blush.

"Ah, you...you don't owe me any thanks," Joe said. "I was just doing my job."

Joe sat there, looking at Helen with just as much interest as she had been looking at him. He couldn't get over how pretty she was. He felt compelled to tell her that, although he wasn't sure why. He took a deep breath. "You know, you...you are just about the most beautiful woman I've ever seen," he said softly.

Helen didn't know what to say. "Ah...thank you...ah, Joe, she murmured. She got up, and so did the policeman. They began moving toward each other. Soon they were very close and she was terribly conscious of how near he was, and how thrilling it was to have him that near. Then his face began slowly moving toward hers and Helen realized, with a shudder of delight, that he intended to kiss her. When their lips finally did meet, it was as if she'd received an electric shock. With a soft groan, she moved into the man's arms, pressing her body against his.

Joe had no idea why he'd done what he just did, but he'd kissed her and it was too late to stop now. As his lips pressed against the woman's, he felt her body crushing against his, and his penis began to stiffen.

Neither Joe nor Helen knew exactly how it happened but somehow, they wound up in her bed, their clothes a tangled pile on the floor. Joe's hands were sliding over Helen's bare skin, thrilling her. He had big hands, rough ones, but his touch was gentle and exciting.

While the policeman caressed her, Helen explored his body with her hands. It was hard, heavily muscled, and she felt ridges, possibly scars in a few places. The thought that his body felt so different from her nephew's flashed through her mind but was washed away by incredibly sweet sensations when his lips closed over one of her nipples. She pressed tighter against him, groaning, and felt his erection pressing against the softness of her belly. She knew he wanted her, and she wanted him! Desperately!

"You're so beautiful! So beautiful!" Joe moaned as he continued caressing and exploring the woman's lush body. He had no idea why he was acting like this. He'd been a cop for twenty years and in all that time, nothing like this had ever happened to him before. "So beautiful!"

"I need you, Joe!" Helen murmured in reply. "Please, Joe, make love to me! I need you!"

Joe rolled atop her and his bulk pressed her down against the bed. She reached between them, gripped his cock, and guided it to where she wanted it so badly. "Unnnnhhhh!!!!" she moaned when the swollen fleshy tube began to enter her body, filling her with warmth and thrills as it advanced into her. As good as making love with her nephew was, this was better, far better!

"Ahhhhhhhh!!!!" Joe groaned. He couldn't help himself. His hips started going wild. He hadn't made love with a woman in months and was more turned on than he could ever remember being. "Can't wait!!! Oh, God!! Feels too good!! I can't wait!!!"

Helen couldn't wait, either. Her body yearned for release. "Take meeeeee!!! Joe!!! Please!!! Take meeeeee!!!!!" she cried, her hands raking his back, her legs locking behind his. "Nowwwwwwww!!!! Nowwwwwww!!!! Nowwwwwww!!!! Joe!!! Oh, God, Joe!!! I'm commmminnnnnnggggggg!!! Please!! Please!!! Take me nowwwwww!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!" Wild sensations exploded through her, filling her with ecstasy.

"Gahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!" she heard Joe groan, then his hot cream was splashing into her.

Joe clung to Helen as their ardor cooled, loving the way it felt to have his hard body pressed against hers. After a bit, he leaned over and began planting kisses all over her chest. In turn, he took each of her tender nipples into his mouth, his tongue and lips drawing each bud out to full, swollen, tingling hardness.

"Oh, Joe!" Helen moaned, "God, I love that!" He was thrilling her in ways she hadn't believed it was possible to be thrilled. While his lips and tongue teased her breasts, his hand slid through her damp, curly pubic hair. "Yesssss!!! Oh, yesssssss!!!" she moaned. Her hips lifted, offering her body to his touch.

Joe's lips moved down the satiny smooth underslopes of his partner's breasts, building thrill upon incredible thrill. Helen's hips rolled and strained, seeking more of his touch.

"Ohhhhh!!! God!!" she murmured, "You're so gentle! I can't believe how gentle you are!"

Joe continued his ever-so-soft exploration of Helen's body. He wanted this to be a time she'd never forget. He certainly wouldn't forget it. He had no idea when he arrived to assist the uniformed officers with the domestic complaint that something like this would happen. Ever since his divorce had become final a year earlier, he'd been lonely. He tongued her navel, bringing a gasp of delight from her.

"Oh, God, Joe, you're making me crazy!!" Helen cried. "Don't...don't ever stop!"

Joe had no intention of stopping. Their first fervid coupling might have taken the edge off his need, but he was still powerfully turned on. Her body was so ravishing, so responsive. Every time he touched her, it thrilled him more. "I need you so badly!" he said, "You are exquisite!"

"I...I'm glad you think so," Helen murmured. "Ohhhhh!!! Ohhhhhh!!!" Moans of delight began coming from her when his fingers, which were exploring her soaked vagina, parted her sensitive labia and slid between them. An explosion of bliss shook her as his probing fingers moved over her clit. "Ahhhhhhh!!! Darling!!! That's wonderful!!! Oh,darling!!! Darling!!!!" she cried while her hips rocked uncontrollably.

Joe's hands and lips continued their gentle, insistent explorations, driving her still wilder.

"Please!!!! Please, Joe!!!" she begged at last, able to wait no more, "I want you!!! Joe!!! Joe!!! Take me again!! Please, Joe!!! Take me!!!"

Thrilled by her desperate pleas, Joe rolled atop her and lowered his powerful body onto hers. She reached between them and guided his throbbing, erect shaft back into her.

"Yessssss!!! Yessssss!!!" Helen groaned. Her hips rose off the bed, her hot, pulsing vagina engulfing his descending erection, which was once again filling her and giving her the most wonderful feelings. "That's what I need!!! Darling!!! Darling!!!"

Once he had his engorged organ deeply embedded in the woman's body, Joe began to move slowly. The clasping walls of her vagina caused painfully sweet sensations to rip through him as he slid it in and out of her. He was excited beyond belief. He couldn't stand moving slowly for long. His bodies needs overpowered his mind and he felt his hips beginning to move more and more rapidly.

When Helen felt the pace of the man's thrusting increase, she was overjoyed. "Yessssss!!! Yesssss!!! Darling, yessssss!!!" she groaned, "Oh, God!!! Oh, God!!! I'm going to...I'm, I'm commmmminnnnngggggg!!! I'm commmmmminnnnnngggggg!!! Oh, Godddddddddddddd!!! Oh, Goddddddddddddddddd!!!!"

Her spasms and quivers drew Joe with her. "Uhhhhhhhhhh!!! Uhhhhhhhhhh!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!" he moaned as, once again, the exhilarating sensations of orgasm washed over him from head to toe and his penis emptied a powerful shower of hot fluids into the woman's writhing body.

Spent after their second intense union, Joe and Helen lay naked in her bed, still flushed with the afterglow of their wonderful joining. Joe couldn't keep his hands off Helen's lovely body. His fingers moved softly over her breasts, teasing a semi-hard nipple

Helen squirmed as his feather-like touch sent new tingles of delight through her. "Oh, God, Joe, you're driving me crazy!" she groaned. She'd met this man less than two hours earlier, but she found being with him both comforting and very exciting.

"I hope so," Joe said and kissed her. "Because that's exactly what I want to do."

Helen returned the kiss and pressed her body against his. His hands slid around her, then raced lightly up and down her back, causing thrills to penetrate deep into her.

"How...Ohhhhh!!!...I can't...Uhhhhh!!!...get over...Ahhhhh!!...how gentle....Ahhhhhh!!!...you...arreeeee!!! Ahhhhh!!!" she stammered. She trembled and gasped with joy as his seeking, searching hands glided over her, his touch so incredibly light and wonderful it almost made her cry.

Joe's lips kept moving, kissing down her neck, onto her chest.

Helen's body strained upward, offering her luscious breasts to his maddening caresses. "Yessss!!! Oh, yessssss!!!!" she moaned while his lips moved up the slope of one fleshy mound, teasing, tickling, then engulfing the re-erected tip. Any coherent thoughts she might have had were washed away by a flood of tingling, electric sensations.

Joe's lips moved from her breasts across her quaking body. His hands began stroking her legs as his lips traveled over her fine form. She experienced a bright explosion of incredible bliss when his mouth covered her pulsing vagina and his tongue began lashing her clit and probing into her quivering hole.

"Joe!!! Oh, God, Joe!!!" she cried. Sweet sensations filled her, sensations so intense she was afraid she'd come. He seemed to sense how close she was and backed off, kissing and licking the less-sensitive skin surrounding her vagina, stroking her legs. He maintained her high level of excitement, holding her there, at the very brink of bliss, but not letting her go over. Her hips rocked and rose and fell as he loved her.

Helen wasn't the only one at the outer limits of control. The feel of her, the sounds of passion escaping from her, and her taste, all of them combined to have Joe, too, poised at the edge of orgasm once again. He'd been without sex too long, and Helen was too lovely. He raised his head from between her smooth legs, then climbed between them. He lowered his hips and, as if drawn by an irresistible force, his erection slid into her.

"I need you!!! Yessss!!! I need you!!!" Helen cried, grabbing at his muscular back as his cock slid into her once more. "Oh, God, Joe, it feels so wonderful when you're in me!!"

Wildly they thrashed, bucking, writhing, their pubic bones banging together, sensation upon sensation exploding out of their joined centers, radiating out into their bodies, flowing back and forth. It was as if they'd fused into one pulsing, seeking, sensual carnal entity.

"Take me, Joe!!! Please!!! Please!!!" Helen begged, about to come. "Please!!! I want to feel you come with me!!! Please!!! Please!!! Yesssss!!! Yesssss!!! Oh, Goddddddddddddd!!! Oh, Godddddddddddd!!!! Oh, Godddddddddddddd!!! I...I can't stop myself!!! Oh, Godddddddd!!! It's...It's happening!!!! Yessssssss!!!! Yesssssssss!!!! Yesssss!!! Oh, darling, yessssssssssss!!!!!"

"Uhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Oh, yeahhhhhhh!!!" Joe cried. His body went rigid and, with an eruption so intense he could feel it from the tips of his toes to the roots of his hair, he emptied his hot fluids into her.

His passion spent, Joe held himself over Helen for a few seconds, then he pulled his softening cock out of her, rolled to his side and pulled her into his arms, loving the way her body snuggled against his.

"I can't get enough of you," Helen said. "The more we make love, the more I want to."

"I know," Joe agreed, "it's that way for me, too."

"Is...is all this real?" she asked, "Or is it just some kind of wonderful dream?"

Joe kissed her long and hard. Holding her face in his strong hands, he said, "This better be real," he said. "I'm not sure I could handle it if it was just a dream."

Helen clung to him and they lay like that, holding each other, for a long time, not talking, each one enjoying the comfort of the other's body.

Joe turned, pulled her into his arms and again they kissed. This time it was his turn to express something that had been bothering him. "You know," he said tentatively, "I...I am on duty and..."

"You have to leave, don't you," Helen said.

Joe nodded. "I...I have other calls I have to make. Dispatch is gonna have a fit if I don't report in soon." He chuckled. "How would it look if they sent someone out looking for me?"

Helen kissed him. "Can...can you stop back, later, after work?" she asked.

Joe smiled and said, "I kinda hoped you'd ask. Of course I will." He kissed her once more, got up, slipped his clothes back on, and left.

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