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Graduation Ball


I had left high school a couple of years before and instead of going to Uni had started work on my parents farm. The long hot summers baling hay and ploughing the fields had made me a tanned, fit and muscular young man. I had handsome features from my Dad and was never short of girlfriends. I used to take them into the hay barn and kept a record of how many I had screwed by making little notches with my penknife on the barn wall.

The total was mounting and I normally only did them once. I was well endowed which is the main reason I was able to bed so many. My reputation for 'having a big thick one' had spread like wildfire in the local village and further to the nearest town. We used to get orders to buy fresh vegetable produce via the local shop and it was always the girls who would travel out to our farm to pick it up. I did not complain. They always wanted to see the barn and once inside they turned into rabid animals only to be tamed by a good fucking.

Therefore by the time Amanda had graduated I was already experienced in the art of seduction.

Her parents lived in a big mansion house on the edge of town. They were wealthy (Father was a lawyer and Mother had inherited money) and they decided to give her a graduation ball at the house. Amanda stood out in my memory although she was two years younger than me because she was a cheerleader and I was on the football team. I remember how pretty she was, nice body and although I had not slept with her I had made a mental note at the time to do so at the first opportunity.

The night of the ball came round quickly. Expensive cars rolled up at the mansion and deposited young girls and boys in long evening dresses and tuxedos. Champagne was flowing and as I stepped inside I saw Amanda greeting everyone. She was wearing a stunning off the shoulder turquoise satin dress. Her long hair was falling down her slim back and she looked gorgeous.

I walked over to her and smiled. She looked into my eyes and there was more than a hint of attraction. I whispered in her ear "I always wanted to nail you and tonight I am going to" she blushed but the thought clearly excited her. She will have been aware of the gossip about the size of my manhood and erotic thoughts were already playing on her mind.

The party got going, dancing drinking and buffet style feeding. It was a beautiful evening and as time wore on people were getting drunk and disappearing in couples into the gardens and upstairs.

I sought out Amanda who was talking to an old aunt "May I drag her away" I said to the wrinkly old woman. I took Amanda by the elbow and whisked her upstairs. She knew what we were going to do and she did not hesitate. We found the first bedroom off the top of the stairs and rushed inside closing the door behind us.

As we started kissing clothes came off and soon we were naked. Amanda was on her knees with my erect cock in her mouth sucking and licking it with enthusiasm. I stood there with her head in my hands guiding her mouth and thrusting my hips into her face. She managed to swallow my manhood down her throat gagging on its length as I fucked her mouth.

Soon we were in 69 on the silk divan, building passion, fingers inside her wet pussy, my cock and balls covered in her saliva. I could not wait any longer. I pushed her off my face and turned her face down on the divan and entered her from behind, plunging my cock between her legs and finding the tight moist pussy hole that my eager cock was seeking. She gasped as I entered her with force deeply penetrating her.

Thrusting hard and fast I fucked her as she buried her face in the cushion moaning and crying out in animal ecstasy. I was carried away with my lust and before long I felt the surge of climax in my balls as I tipped over the edge and emptied my hot sperm into her my cock twitching as I filled her up.

Drained and satisfied I withdrew my cock and with it came a stream of thick cream that spilled onto the silk divan. With my fingers I smeared the cum up her butt crack and with a finger massaged some of it into her anus. I was not done with her yet. Just the then the door opened and in walked Amanda's Father. Picture the scene.....his daughter lying face down, legs spread, cum oozing from her exposed pussy, me sitting naked beside her with a massive hardening cock in one hand and a finger up her arse. There were clothes strewn all over the room and there was a stench of sex that filled the air.

With one glance of horror at the scene before him, Amanda's Father retreated out of the room and we were alone again. Amanda was shocked and horrified at being caught in such a compromising position however it was over so quickly that I did not have time to remove my finger from her bottom. Instead I probed deeper and she did not complain. My cock was fully erect again and I was determined to have her sweet arse.

Amanda raised her body onto her knees and I stood behind her with my hands on her hips. I wiped my cock up and down her butt crack, lingering at her pussy entrance to add lubrication before aiming my cock head at Amanda's tight anal hole. She reached back and spread her butt cheeks and I eased the bulbous head of my cock into her. There was a pop as I passed her anal ring and then slowly pushed my cock into her depths. She gasped as my huge cock disappeared up to my balls. Having reached my goal I held her impaled on my stiff cock enjoying the heat and tightness of her arse.

I started to thrust in and out slowly at first then quicker. Amanda's breath was fast and her excitement was building. Slap, slap slap went my balls on her pussy. I plunged all 10.5" of my thick cock into her. Amanda pushed back on me as I plunged my length deep in her arse. I could feel the intensity building in her body, the muscle of her anus gripped my cock as she began her orgasm. The shuddering of her body sent me over the edge and I plunged deep and shot my cum inside her. Her orgasm continued for what seemed like several minutes and my cock was held in place by the vice like pulsating grip of her anus until her climax at last subsided and I withdrew my limp but satisfied cock.

We dressed and left the room, and went downstairs to face the music.

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