tagExhibitionist & VoyeurGraduation Night!

Graduation Night!


Deep down she knew it would happen. She knew Tim was this crazy. He hinted to it, flat out described it the last time they made love and even asked her if she wanted it as she came for the third time that previous Saturday. The fact that her answer was an enthusiastic, "Yes, yes, please!" meant that she had to own some of this situation. The fact that she wore an 'easy access' skirt as Tim suggested, just added to how much of it she truly owned.

All that still manifested into a state of surprise and shock when she heard the front door opened. Their situation was delicate and she initially assumed it was a friend of Tim's or one of his kids. No one knew about them since they both were entwined in various states of divorce. Yes, she did wonder for a moment if someone would already be there when she arrived from her niece's graduation ceremony (Tim had called it her Graduation night all week. Suggesting she'd officially graduate from one lover). But after a half hour of catching up and drinking wine the sound of the door threw her off and she darted into the adjacent room to not be seen.

Tim came back alone and assured her it was ok and it was someone at the wrong door. She didn't know that he told Gorge to give him ten minutes to settle her down. He was worried about how shocked she was. He really thought with her attire and her flirting throughout the week that she knew what would happen tonight. But he also knew it was a huge step.

He settled her into his chair and kissed her passionately. "God, I really thought that was your daughter Jenny! You're sure we're ok?" Miranda asked.

"We're fine" Tim said as he lowered himself into her lap. The sofa chair was the perfect height for eating her out, which made it her favorite chair.

She calmed down but needed one last bit of assurance, "So just the wrong house? Maybe they were looking for the graduation party down the street?" She asked innocently as he breathed her in. He paused where her neck and shoulders meet. Mmmmm. They both loved that.

Tim let it linger for a while, softly kissing her neck, cheek, then he licked her ear and whispered, "No, he'll be back in five minutes." He kissed right behind her ear, which sent a shiver down her spine. He pulled back with a grin, as he began to tug her panties off.

"He?" Miranda asked in confused shock and anger.

"Yeah! Gorge. I told him to give you time to settle down!"

"Stop! I know your kidding me! You better be kidding!! You are kidding! You would have discussed it with meeaaahhh..."

He ended the discussion by diving right in to her mound. He usually liked to build up by teasing her, breathing in her essence, kissing her inner thighs and slowly working his way inward. But he quickly discovered that their brief 'encounter' and argument had her very wet. Just as he hoped...and expected.

She loved his tongue. It was what she craved. She was now his and totally immersed in the pleasure he gave her. Then she heard the door opened again. She pushed him away!

"Your fucking kidding me right?" She scolded in a whisper.

He chuckled at her almost arrogantly.

"Come on in Gorge. There are drinks in the fridge." As he finished the sentence they heard the refrigerator door open and a beer crack open.

"Oh my god, you've got to be kidding me!!"

Tim leaned in to kiss Miranda. Before he got to her lips she slightly giggled and said, "I am so going to kill you, this can't be happening!"

But the fact that she kissed him and he could taste how wet with anticipation her mouth was, Tim knew he was in for a night to remember.

Gorge stood in the entrance to the room for a moment. The chair faced away so Miranda couldn't see him.

"Make yourself at home." Tim greeted, as Gorge slowly walked in the room. Miranda tried covering her face like a school girl with a boy crush, but she also couldn't help but peek. "Miranda, this is Gorge, Gorge, Miranda. Now if the two of you don't mind, I'm going to get back to what I like best!" and with that Tim lowered his head.

As he did Miranda gave a wave with one of the hands by her face and said a meek, "hello" as the handsome Latino walked into Tim's living room and sat on the chaise lounge to watch.

Her wetness gave her away. Tim could tell his risk paid off.

"I told you she was beautiful didn't I." Tim paused for a moment to try to sexualize the situation.

"Yes, she is! So sexy too!" Gorge said. His Latino accent made Miranda tingle more. "She tastes so incredible" Tim said as he went back for more.

Miranda's head swirled with desire. She loved being watched. She discovered that at the club she and Tim went to two months earlier. But this was different. It was closer. Real. Exciting.

She felt Gorge's eyes burning on her and when she occasionally peeked at him she could see the lust in his eyes. This sent her over the edge quickly. She began to moan and Tim responded. He couldn't believe she would cum so quickly, his cock was straining knowing that she was so turned on. She arched her back, wanting to show Gorge just how hot Tim was making her. She grabbed her breast from outside her blouse and came hard as Tim's tongue worked relentlessly. Her orgasm was so powerful it pulled her forward and she grabbed at Tim's body from above.

"Ok, Ok, ok." She strained to say to get him to stop.

He pulled away. Moved her back and kissed her passionately as Gorge looked on.

"Damn, that was hot!" Gorge said.

"Just one more time and maybe we'll head upstairs!" Tim said to him. " Want something stronger to drink?" Tim asked Gorge as he stood, not caring that his excitement was obvious.

Both Gorge and Miranda emphatically said 'yes' at the same time, which made them giggle and connect eyes. The connection sent a strong pulse of pleasure through Miranda's body which ended in her clit. She looked down in shy embarrassment.

Her mind raced again. She was so turned on by this scene, but wasn't sure how far she could go. Could she really take two lovers at the same time? It was a thought that occupied her mind many times in her most intimate moments, but now she was faced with the real possibility.

Tim returned with the drinks. He tried to settle things with a little small talk with Gorge on how easy it was to find the place. But as he saw Miranda take two strong swigs of a pretty potent margarita, he took it as a cue to keep things moving along.

Miranda was extremely sexual and could recover quickly after coming. Once she started coming, she yearned for more. This fact is what led Tim to joke with her about needing reinforcements after he came and Miranda joking back that, "they better know what they are doing!'

That was the start of the fantasy. Each time they were together Tim pushed the envelop. First with mfm porn, then more dirty talk and using his hands and saying he wished it were another cock for her, then buying her a dick shaped vibrator, that they called 'Ken!'

That talk led to a trip to a swinger's club, which made really heat up for them. They didn't even talk to anyone at the club, even though it was crowded. But Miranda's willingness and enjoyment in being pleasured as others looked on at the club made their bond and their desires stronger than ever.

"Gorge, I think that couch is more comfortable," Tim said pointing to the sofa. "And feel free to give Miranda a show, while I go for seconds!"

Tim was eager to keep the tensions high. Gorge moved to the other couch and laid back with his arm over the back and his drink in the other hand on his knee. He had a slight grin as he watched Tim and Miranda settle back into the chair. The alcohol began to warm Miranda's blood just as Tim's tongue warmed her pussy. She settled into the pleasure more confidently this time, grabbing Tim's hair and pulling him into her wetness.

As she moaned, she looked over at Gorge. His cock was out of his pants and he was rubbing in his pre-cum with two fingers. Teasing her. She confirmed that it looked big from where she sat, studying his hard on. He had been waiting to see her eyes meet his. He grinned a sexy grin as her eyes moved from his cock to meet his eyes. They locked gazes for a few long seconds, making both of their bodies surged with excitement. Then her eyes rolled back and she came hard on Tim's tongue a second time.

She laughed exhaustedly as Tim came up to kiss her. "Having fun?" He whispered.

"Yes, but I'm still going to kill you," she said as she closed her eyes and kissed him softly on the lips again.

"Really?" He asked after their kiss.

"No! Let's go upstairs!"

Tim's dick throbbed with her words. He wasn't sure how far she'd allow things to go, but it was clear that they were going somewhere exciting. Tim knew her fantasies were wide and varied, but she mostly liked the idea of being watched. His dirty talk of others watching always led to the watchers not being able to hold back and eventually having to touch her It always got her going, but it was always his talk. She would usually follow cumming with, "I just need you!" Or, "I like hearing it, but I could never touch someone else."

But now it was her leading them to his bedroom. And she was doing so with a sexy saunter. Tim had placed a chair in the corner of the room facing the bed just in case the situation presented itself. She turned and gave him a wicked smile at the sight of the chair.

"Your turn! Take your clothes off and lay down." She led Tim to the bed. She turned, "Gorge, you can sit right there and make yourself comfortable."

She crawled to the other side of Tim and began stroking his hard cock. Tim noticed that she made sure both men had a good view. She was on her hands and knees with her back slightly arched, which accentuated her incredible body. She was down to a white tank top over a black bra. Her ass looked perfect from both Tim and Gorge's vantage points.

Gorge stood and pulled his pants and boxers off and sat back down to start jerking off. Miranda paused and watched in awe as she stroked Tim's cock.

"Yep, it's big" she thought.

Gorge's dick strained against his skin. Her sexy eyes staring at his cock drove him crazy. He was dying to bury it in her wetness, but he played it safe hoping he could be a regular call for this sexy lady's desires.

Miranda looked in his eyes and smiled. She leaned down and began licking Tim's dick. She knew both men were watching her intently and it made her pussy start dripping down her inner thigh. She took Tim's dick fully into her mouth with ease. As she slowly came up she looked directly into Gorge's eyes. His hand was pumping furiously and she could see he was about to cum.

She crawled up onto Tim in order to show Gorge how good she fucked. She slowly lowered herself onto Tim's cock. Tim looked over and saw things were close for Gorge. He wanted Miranda to watch him finish so he turned her around to the reverse cowgirl position. He massaged her ass as she rode him and she watched as Gorge brought himself to the edge.

She loved watching Gorge masturbate and feeling Tim in her at the same time. She was close to cuming herself. Gorge closed his eyes and put his head back in the chair. She watched as his big cock pulsed, pumping loads of cum into the underwear he grabbed earlier. He groaned and twitched his dick one last time, then picked his head up and smiled as he gazed in her eyes.

She kept riding Tim hard, but started rubbing her clit to accelerate the orgasm. She was rubbing her bud hard and staring at Gorge as his cock slowly softened. Her head dropped and she came hard, which made Tim cum too.

She turned around and collapsed on Tim's chest. Gorge went to clean up in the bathroom.

"Did you enjoy yourself?" Tim asked with a smile.

"God yes. That was so fucking incredible!" Miranda said. Then she lifted her head and smiled wickedly, "But I'm not finished," she said purred.

Gorge came from the bathroom and asked if anyone needed a refill. Miranda and Tim saw it as a chance to clean themselves up a bit before they began round two.

By the time Gorge came back with the drinks, Miranda was again kneeling perpendicular to Tim as he laid on the bed. She was working his cock as Gorge approached with the drinks. Both couldn't help but notice Gorge's cock growing with every step he took. As he delivered the drinks Tim became a bit self-conscious. He didn't quite measure up to Gorge's impressive tool. Miranda seemed mesmerized by the cock pointing at her while the drink was being handed to her.

Seeing her pure lust snapped Tim out of his self abuse, "give the guy a hand Miranda!"

"Ha, no, I can't. But thank you!" She said as she took the drink from Gorge. He looked dejected as he returned to his seat to watch. But he knew he needed to be patient.

All three of them chugged their drinks. Then Miranda very sexily stretched over Tim's face to place her drink on the night stand. Her action reminded Tim that 'Ken' was in his top drawer from last Saturday and gave him an idea.

Miranda kissed Tim passionately and returned to his cock. Licking it softly.

"Can you take your top off for me?" Gorge asked innocently.

"Sure!" Miranda said as if she was answering a request for directions.

She removed her tank and reached behind to remove her black bra and tossed them aside. She ran her hands through her hair as if it were needed to allow Gorge the opportunity to take her beautiful figure in and burn it into his mind.

Then she seductively lowered herself back down to Tim's cock. She licked the head and began stroking with her hand. As Gorge settled back into his chair, Tim was about to move things to the next level. He carefully reached into the top drawer of the night stand and pulled out the vibrator.

Miranda knew he did it, but pretended she didn't see it. Her excitement for what Tim might do grew and she began sucking harder.

"Gorge, let me introduce you to Ken." Tim said as he waved the vibrator in the air.

Miranda pretended to stay focused on her sucking as she listened intently to the conversation. She loved when Tim brought Ken out.

"Gorge, Miranda loves when Ken fills her up as she has my cock in her mouth. Do you think you can help her out?"

Gorge shot up from the chair, his cock bouncing. He grabbed the vibrator from Tim and moved behind Miranda on the bed. He laid on his side at the edge of the bed and watched her ass sway a bit in anticipation for what he might do. Gorge could see how wet she was. He lifted the plastic dick and placed it at her opening. She whimpered as she felt the plastic head on her hole.

Gorge slowly started pushing Ken in further. Miranda responded with a groan on Tim's cock. Then Gorge began pumping it in and out. Her wetness was not only visible but both men could hear the the moving liquid as Gorge worked Ken hard into her.

That's when Tim pushed it. Going to their dirty talk.

"You are really wet aren't you kitten?" He teased.


"Is Gorge doing a good job?"


"God this is hot isn't it?"


"It'd be even hotter if you let Gorge fuck you!"

Silence. Stronger sucking.

"You wouldn't like Gorge to stick his big hard cock where Ken is now?"

Silence. Her mouth came up and she brought Tim's cock to the side of her head as she gripped and stroked it hard. She had her head buried in his thigh.

"Do you want Gorge to fuck you kitten?"

She was dying. She couldn't hold out and had no idea how Tim hadn't cum yet.

A soft whisper..."yes"

"I think I heard a yes! I'm going to tell Gorge to put a condom on ok sweetie?"

Another strained whisper as she grips him harder. Gorge is still pumping Ken into her hard. Hoping he gets his chance with this sexy woman. "Mmhhmmm!"

"Then I'm going to tell him to fuck you hard!"

Her head shifts and her body twitches. "Yes, please!"

"Gorge, you heard her." Tim announced.

Gorge stumbled to his jeans as Tim took over with Ken until Gorge got himself together. The wetness covered Tim's hand as he pounded the vibrator into her eager hole. Gorge climbed on the bed behind Miranda. Tim removed Ken.

She had fantasized about this moment so often and now it was here. Her body felt so good all over. As soon as Gorge's hand softly settled on her left ass cheek, it sent waves of pleasure and anticipation through her body. She felt his swollen head at her entrance. She put Tim's cock back in her mouth sucking hard in anticipation.

Gorge slowly pressed his hard cock into her pussy. She eagerly anticipated his full length. He felt good as he buried himself into her. he gripped both of her ass cheeks like she always fantasized.

He felt her wetness on his shaft and balls. He was done with taking it slow. Gorge began pounding his hard cock into her. He suddenly Setting the pace for how she sucked on Tim's cock. It felt so good to feel full. She was in control of the pleasure of two men and it drove her crazy with passion.

Tim loved watching her fucking and could see how much she was enjoying herself. He wanted to make it better than she ever imagined. He grabbed the vibrator, this time turning it on. Then he carefully lifted it and placed the tip at her clit. With his other hand he softly stroked her neck and back.

The sensations were too much. She started bucking. Gorge's attempt to hold on tighter only made her pleasure stronger. Then Tim's grip on her hair did it. She began cuming hard. Her muffled moans and writhing sent both men over the edge.

The simultaneous pumping of cocks made her orgasm grow stronger, she released Tim from her mouth and let out a huge scream of pleasure as the wave of the orgasm swam through her body. She had never experienced anything like it.

She released the last remnants of her orgasm with an exhausted giggle and then collapsed. Gorge collapsed next to her. All three chuckled.

"That was so fucking incredible!" Tim said.

"Fucking incredible!" Gorge and Miranda repeated at the same time. Then giggled.

"You are an amazing woman!" Tim gushed. Miranda climbed up to Tim and began kissing him passionately. She paused and turned.

"Gorge! Thank you. You are very sweet, and very sexy!" She said, feeling odd with not knowing how to end it. So she crawled over to him. It was something she was curious about all night anyway. She leaned in and kissed him softly. Their tongues danced and the kiss grew stronger. She allowed it to last a few moments. Once she found herself tingling again, she pulled back leaving them both wanting more. "We will definitely be in touch!" She said.

Then she crawled back onto Tim and lightly kissed his entire face. She lowered her wetness till it touched the tip of his used cock.

"That was fun!" she smiled.

"So you're not mad anymore?"

She kissed him hard, rocking onto his penis and slowly bringing it back to life.

"Did you like watching him fuck me?" She whispered.

His dick grew completely hard again and she slid down on it easily. "I guess you did!" She laughed.

"Next time I'm teaching him how to lick you!" Tim said with a sly grin.

She ground herself down hard on his cock. "Mmmmmmmm".

The two finished the night making love for another hour.

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