tagBDSMGraduation Weekend Ch. 02

Graduation Weekend Ch. 02


Disclaimer: This is the second chapter in this series. All characters in this story are over the age of 18. Please leave me feedback and any thoughts you may have about this series!!! Writing is my way of writing out my fantasies and pent up aggressions!!! Hope you enjoy!!!


Chapter 2

The Next Day

The next morning my Uncle RJ and my parents invited Dustin and me to go on a motorcycle ride with them. I was sitting behind Dustin pressing my scantily clad tits into his back. We rode up to Lake Tahoe and all the way around it. The whole time I was rubbing my hands on Dustin's chest and thighs. He kept telling me to stop but I didn't because I loved the way he felt under my hands.

He warned me several times to stop, but I didn't; I mean what could he do we were with my family. I finally rubbed down and rubbed his crotch finding him hard as a rock, he swerved a little bit as I was rubbing, which made me grab him fairly hard.

He growled "You're done!"

Dustin turned down a dirt road. He drove a ways down the road and then stopped pulled out his phone and called my mom, leaving her a voice mail saying I needed to use the bathroom and that we would meet them at the restaurant.

He pulled me off the bike grabbed me around the throat and said "I was going to get you off tonight but if you want to be an ass I will punish you like one."

At this point he pulled rope out of his side bag and pulled me, by my throat, over to a stump. Dustin said "Take your pants off, Now." I looked at him "NOW" he yelled.

So I did, leaving on my panties. He asked me if he had given me permission to wear underwear. All I could think was since when did I need his permission I always wear underwear.

He walked over and took them off of me and slapped my ass. He told me to open my mouth, when I did he shoved my panties; my DIRTY panties in my mouth!

Saying "You will NOT wear these again without my permission." as he tied my arms and legs around a stump.

I am naked, bent over, and tied to a stump in the woods where anyone can walk by and see me. Dustin can do anything he wants to me and I know I can't stop him! SLAP, his hand finds my ass. SLAP, the other side.

"Do you like being punished?"

SLAP SLAP SLAP, he ripped my panties out of my mouth as my ass burned with how hard he is slapping me. He has never hit me this hard before.

"Please stop!" I beg "it hurts!"

SLAP, he hits me even harder this time.

"I asked you a question and that is not an answer" he growled. SLAP SLAP "I asked DO YOU LIKE BEING PUNISHED?" I screamed with how hard he hit me! SLAP "That also is not an answer! Answer me or I'll keep spanking your very bright red ass until it is black and blue!" SLAP

"No! Please stop!" one more SLAP "I don't like being punished!" I screamed

Dustin gently rubs and squeezes my burning cheeks "Now was that so hard?" he asked sweetly.

"No" I whimper.

"Next time I tell you to stop doing something you are going to listen or I will spank you much harder and longer. I may even whip you." I could hear the smile in his voice just daring me to disobey. It was like he wanted to punish me.

"Let's see how much you like being punished" he said as he pushed one finger into my soaked pussy. "Oh, yes I can tell you like to be punished. That means you lied to me! And lying is punishable also!" Dustin Laughed.

"No please I can't take any more spankings" I begged.

SLAP. "IF I want your input I will ask you. Do not speak again unless I tell you to! I have no intention of spanking this cute little ass any more right now. I have something else in mind!" The excitement in his voice worried me.

I heard his zipper and movement behind me. Then with no warning Dustin slammed his very hard cock into my dripping pussy causing his hips to slam into my burning ass. He thrust a few times making me even more wet. Then unexpectedly pulled out and pushed up against my rosy hole.

"No please you can't do that." I plead

SLAP "I can and I will do whatever I want. I told you not to speak! If you do again I will put a pinecone in your mouth and a matching one for your pretty pussy, while I fuck your ass!"

The thought of Dustin forcing pinecones into me was terrifying. Where was the man I fell in love with the genteel man who couldn't get me wet easily let alone get me off.

"AHHHH" I screamed as he pushed the head of his cock past the tight entrance of my ass. Slowly pushing in a little then back to the very edge of his head and in a little deeper, it stopped hurting as much and was more of a burning ache. It was almost starting to feel good when he pulled all the way out and then thrust all the way back in, in one hard thrust. "Ohhh" he groaned "your ass is so warm and tight. How do you feel" he slowly moved in and out of my rippling asshole "good girl" he reached down and rubbed my clit "you may answer me"

"It burns and I feel very full like I ate too much." I whimpered, he laughed, making my body jerk in response.

Dustin started rubbing and pinching my clit while he fucked my ass harder and harder. I felt the stirrings of a strange orgasm. I felt full but not in the right spot but this orgasm felt bigger than ever before. His thrusting was becoming more brutal and all it did was push my orgasm higher faster. He pinched my clit and thrust hard and my world shattered. Dustin kept fucking my ass while I orgasmed making me scream until he finally exploded in my ass. I could feel every spurt of cum being pushed out of his balls and then sprayed into my ass.

He collapsed over me with his cock still buried in my tender ass. After a few minutes he seemed to recover enough to untie me and rub the blood back into my wrists and ankles.

"Stay here" he demanded as he walked to put the rope back in the bag. When he came back he pushed something cool and medal into my already swollen asshole. "This will keep my cum from showing threw your pants. Now get dressed we have to meet your family for lunch."

After getting dressed I had to get back on the bike with him. It had not occurred to me that this was my ultimate punishment...

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Nope. Pathetic Abusive Wannabe Dom 🙄

I was doubtful after the 1st chapter but didn’t even manage to get all the way through this. What an abusive arsehole wannabe Dom.
Communication is key in any relationship more so with BDSM. agreements,more...

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