tagIncest/TabooGramma and Wife Let Loose

Gramma and Wife Let Loose


We have all heard the saying, "too much of a good thing."

I was living it. It has been three weeks since Gramma came to visit. The only time I got a break from having sex with Carol or Gramma was during my work week. Working nights didn't help the situation. It gave me a break when it came to having sex with the wife. Gramma however was one horny lady and she wanted cock every day. My body was getting to the point of rebelling, so when the boss came to me and asked if 'd be interested in going out of town for a week I jumped at the thought of some rest and being able to recuperate.

I had two days to get my things packed for the week of relaxation. The week away from home and two horny women did my mind and body wonders. I had no idea of the stress I was under until I was able to view my situation from a different perspective. Both the mental and physical aspects were taking its toll and that was only for three weeks. Gramma was going to be at our home at least four or six weeks more. The pressure of trying to keep a secret of such magnitude was tremendous and the physical aspect was also evident. I had lost ten pounds. I was on the verge of fucking myself to death!

Over the course of my week out of town I had several conversations with Carol on the telephone. We chatted about the family and things I needed to do when I returned. Toward the end, we'd always mentioned what we would do to each other when I got home.

"I can't wait to feel your hard nipples between my lips." I'd whisper.

Carol would reply, "I want to feel your hard cock sliding in and out of my pussy."

At the end I'd ask how Gramma was doing and Carol told me Gramma seemed bored. I'd smile to myself knowing Gramma wasn't bored, she was horny! By the end of the week my strength and high sex drive had returned. On the third morning my usual morning boner had returned. I'd lie in bed and play with my cock and balls for a few minutes than get up and take my shower. I never stroked one off, why should I. I had two very horny women waiting at home. On the fifth day I woke up with a hard on that could have been used to drill a hole through the side of a battleship. I turned on the television and watched the morning news. I'd hope the distraction would cause the blood to return to the head on my shoulders. It didn't help much. As I stepped into the shower I thought to myself I was ready to fuck Carol and Gramma at the same time. I thought of it only briefly, knowing it would never happen. I made the water colder and was able to get things back to normal.

All day my mind was on the thought of fucking Carol and Gramma at the same time. Now it's a known fact. Most men want to engage in a threesome. What the porn industry doesn't seem to understand is a large portion of us men don't want to watch two women have sex. We want two women to fuck us at the same time. How I kept my cock under control is still a mystery to me, but I survived the week and made the drive home. Sometimes dreams and fantasies do come true and I was about to find this out.

I arrived home late Friday night. Gramma and Carol were still up and playing cards at the dinner table when I walked in. As I walked in the door I felt my cock come to life. Both women had their robes and pajamas on. I sat my suitcase down in the hall and took a seat at the table after kissing each of them on the cheek. We made small talk about my trip and the events around the house while I was gone. During the course of our conversation both women made several sexual comments.

"The plumbing in the house needs some attention." Carol giggled.

This was our secret phrase to let each other know the other was horny and needed to fuck.

Gramma giggled and added. "I wish I had a man to help with my plumbing."

Both women would giggle even harder and as I sat there I thought to myself, "I should do both of them right now, on the table."

Little did I know of the fiendish plot the two of them had developed while I was gone. I yawned and told the pair the drive and long day had worn me out and I would see them in the morning. Getting up from the table I entered the kitchen and got myself a glass of water. Carol and Gramma remained at the table. Gramma leaned over to Carol and whispered something I couldn't make out and both women giggled.

"Oh! Now were keeping secret from the boss huh?" I said in a stern voice.

"Not at all." Carol answered back in a sultry tone.

Gramma giggled and added. "That's right. We just decided to treat you to a night out tomorrow."

Standing at the counter I gave both women a suspicious glance and walked down the hall to the bedroom. The long drive had dulled my senses and I wondered what the two were up to. Saturday night my question would be answered.

Saturday morning I woke up with another extremely hard cock. I was hornier than a rooster in a hen house. I rolled over to discover Carol missing. I thought briefly of jacking off, but decided to hold out for the real thing. I was going to give Carol or Gramma the "mother of all loads" the first chance I got one of them alone. I was horny and knew I'd only need a few minutes alone with one of them. Based on the fact I hadn't fucked in seven days my urge to fuck was strong and I was aiming to satisfy that urge. As hard as I tried it didn't seem I'd have a chance to get one of them alone long enough to get my rocks off. Oh I had brief moments alone with one or the other. I'd grab Gramma's ass and tell here I was really horny. She'd smile and with a shocked look tell me Carol was in the other room and we might get caught. I'd keep my eye on Carol and when she'd head down the hall to our bedroom carrying a load of laundry I'd trail behind her and once in the room I'd grab her from behind, placing my hands over her breasts while I kissed her neck. Pressing my hardening cock against her ass I'd say in a pleading tone.

"I need to fuck right now!'

"Not now! Gramma is in the other room." She'd reply in a sexy whisper.

"I don't care if she watches!" I pleaded.

Carol grabbed my hands and removed them from her breasts. Reaching behind her she gave my cock a soft squeeze and in a business like tone stated.

"I have one hell of a night planned for you after we take you out to dinner."

"I can't wait for tonight!" I whined.

My entire day went like that. Finding one of them alone but not long enough to fuck. Both of them teasing me, me not realizing or understanding the comments made to me by them. Women are right! Men do have selected hearing. It took forever for evening to come around. Gramma was I the guest bathroom showering and getting ready for our dinner date. That's what the two of them were calling this. As I entered the master bathroom Carol was stepping out of the shower.

"Hmm, can I have a taste?" I pleaded once again.

"Just a small taste." Carol replied in a sexy tone.

I leaned down and took her left nipple between my lips. In seconds it was as hard as my cock and I looked up mumbling.

"I need to fuck! I'm, so horny!"

Carol replied in a low moan. "Not now. You have to earn this tonight."

Carol pulled away from me and in a tone she used on the kids told me to take my shower. I told her my balls were going to burst if I didn't relieve the pressure soon. She smiled at me and in a soft, sexy voice replied.

"Mister, I'm going to make sure your balls are completely drained tonight!"

I shed my clothes and stepped into the shower. Placing my head under the water I allowed it to run down my body. Toward the end I had to make the water colder to take my mind off my hard cock and get it under control again. I thought I had accomplished this until I stepped out. Carol was at the mirror fixing her hair. The water from the shower had masked the smell of her perfume. Now it reached my nose and in seconds my cock was once again standing at attention. Finished with her hair she turned to face me. Smiling she looked into my eyes and I watched as her gaze traveled down to my hard cock.

"Hmm, someone really is horny." Carol said in a hungry tone.

"I'm so horny; I'd fuck a rock pile if I thought a snake was in it!" I growled.

Leaning over, Carol reached out and touched my cock. She stared at the head for a moment and fast as a frog catches a fly swallowed my cock. Sliding her lips over my hard shaft several times put me close to cumming. She sensed this and stood up.

"Let's save that for tonight." Carol giggled.

Straightening her clothes she gave my cock one more squeeze and bolted out of the bathroom.

"See you tonight, you horny man." Carol said loudly as she entered the hallway.

After dressing I entered the living room to find Carol and Gramma sitting closely on the couch. The two of them were once again whispering to each other. Both women wore slacks and blouses. Gramma was built different than Carol. Gramma stood 5'7" and weighed around 145 lbs. Like most men I don't know anything about bra size. Her breasts were about half the size of Carol's and hung a bit lower due to her age, but her bra held them high tonight. Carol stood about 5'5" and weighed close to 155 lbs. her breasts were larger than most women's but are firm and solid. For being forty years old she was holding up great. Based on having explored both women's pussy I knew the two of them didn't shave down south and unlike some men. I preferred a woman to have hair surrounding their pussy.

"You two are going to give me a complex if you keep that whispering up." I commented.

Than I noticed they each held a half full wine glass.

"And what's that?" I asked, pointing to the wine glasses.

"Oh we decided you're going to be our designated driver tonight." Carol replied.

Now I've been known to put my mouth into motion before I engage my brain and this was one of those times.

"Great! Two beautiful, drunken women to take advantage of." I snickered.

"Hey, where are the kids tonight?" I quickly added.

"Bob is at an overnight bachelor's party and Tina went with her friends to Disneyland for the weekend." Carol answered back.

Gramma chimed in. "I don't think you're man enough to handle two women, cut from the same cloth."

My face turned a bright red, for I knew she was right.

"Well drink up ladies and let's go eat. I'm starving." I replied.

I watched the two finish drinking their wine and I said to myself. "Whichever one is still standing is the one I'm fucking tonight."

The two of them followed me out the door to the pickup, giggling and whispering to each other.

"You'll have to help Gramma in." Carol said.

"Sure, as long as she doesn't mind me getting friendly." I replied.

Gramma was standing at the open passenger door as I came around. With one hand lightly gripping her arm, I placed my other on her ass and helped her into the truck.

Gramma squealed like a little girl, saying. "Wow I haven't been goosed in years."

Carol was standing behind me and added quickly. "He's got priors for goosing you when you're not looking."

Carol grabbed my ass and gave it a squeeze as she followed Gramma into the truck. The drive to the restaurant took about twenty minutes. Carol and Gramma continued to whisper and giggle to each other. The only time Gramma spoke to me she placed her hand on my thigh. I had to fight the urge to reach out and grab her breast, even with Carol in the truck.

At the restaurant we were told it would be a thirty minute wait to be seated and the three of us sat at the bar. I sat between the two and we waited for the bartender.

"I'll have a wine margarita." Carol stated.

"Same here!" Gramma Chimed in.

Sounding like a little boy who just learned his dog had died. I ordered my coke. The restaurant was crowded but thirty minutes later we were seated in a booth. Carol slid in and I followed her. Gramma took the bench opposite of us. A waitress came over and asked if we needed refills or appetizers. Both women ordered their second margarita and were beginning to feel the effects of the wine.

In a fatherly tone I said. "Slow down you two, or the two of you won't know what you're doing tonight."

"Shush! We're grown women and can do or say anything we want." Gramma replied.

"That's right!" Carol added.

Carol placed an elbow into my ribs and said she had to go to the ladies room. After letting her out I sat back down. Gramma leaned across the table and in a low voice said.

"I'm so horny!"

To prove her point I felt her foot in my crotch. My cock came back to life and began to stiffen. I looked in the direction Carol had gone and reached under the table, grabbing Gramma's foot. Leaning over the table I whispered back.

"I'd rather have your mouth where your foot is right now." A few minutes later Carol returned. As I slid off the bench to allow her in. I was thankful the restaurant was dimly lit. Once seated Carol placed her hand on my thigh and the other lifted her glass.

"You see that nice hunk of meat sitting in here Gramma?" Carol asked.

"Why yes I did. I wonder if he's got a nice package." Gramma added, lifting her glass.

Soda came shooting out my mouth and nose as the comments of the two women. I began to look around the restaurant, trying to see who they were talking about. Carol and Gramma banged their glasses together. In a voice loud enough for the folks in the booths next to us to hear, Gramma said.

"Here's to men who love to screw!"

"I prefer to fuck mine!" Carol replied.

"Keep it down!" I scolded the two.

"You're going to get us kicked out or thrown in jail!" I added.

Carol moved her hand to my crotch and squeezed, feeling my semi hard cock caused by Gramma's foot action.

"Oh, we have a horny boss on our hands." Carol giggled.

"I could use one of them." Gramma stated with a smile.

My face felt like I'd just opened a blast furnace. I was sure the red had crept all the way from my face to my ass. Both women continued their sexual banter all through the meal. I continued to browse the restaurant for the man they were talking about. Carol and Gramma used words I'd only heard them say in the bedroom. I was relieved when dinner arrived and we'd finished eating. The two of them were carrying on like two college girls, sizing up the football team.

"You two go wait by the truck while I pay the bill." I said.

The pair headed out the door and I went to pay the bill. A few minutes later I met them at the truck. Once again they were whispering and giggling amongst themselves. I unlocked the doors and Carol helped Gramma into the truck. As I got behind the wheel Gramma commented my hands felt better than Carol's.

"Fine! When we get home he can help you out." Carol said.

The two continued to talk about the man back at the restaurant. I never did figure who they were referring to. As they laughed and talked Gramma leaned into me and kissed my cheek.

"Thanks for a great dinner and night out." She said, placing her hand on my thigh.

I drove in silence, trying to concentrate on the driving part and not on Gramma's hand on my thigh. Every minute or so she'd run her fingernails lightly over my jeans. This sent electrical jolts to my cock and balls. As I drove along I thought to myself.

"Great. Two drunk and horny women. I can read the headlines now. Horny man not laid in seven days. Blue balls explode, showering everyone in a hundred foot radius with sperm."

"What?" I asked Carol.

"Gramma said she could use a man tonight and I bet her you could find her one." Carol replied.

"Sure. The next one I see, I'll ask." I replied back.

As we approached the parking lot to the market, Carol yelled out.

"Stop here! We need some wine."

Pulling in I commented back that the two of them didn't need anymore wine, but something else. I stopped the truck a few hundred yards away from the market door and turned the truck off.

"Why'd you stop here?" Carol asked.

"I figured the walk may sober you up a bit." I replied back.

As Carol got out of the truck and was closing the door, Gramma called out to her.

"Carol, don't forget the chocolate syrup for our dessert."

Carol walked toward the door of the market and waved her arm to signal she'd heard Gramma. Carol had only gone about fifty feet when Gramma grabbed my semi hard cock and leaned over to speak into my ear.

"I really need to feel your cock in my mouth." Gramma said.

"What! Here in the parking lot. Now!" I cried out.

To prove her point Gramma fumbled with the zipper of my jeans an in a deep voice replied.

"Yes, right now. Help me with this damn zipper!"

Now it's a proven fact. A man only has enough blood to use on head at a time. For the last fourteen hours my blood was being used by the head of my cock. I pushed my hips off the seat and in one quick motion I undid the button and pulled the zipper down. Before I could bat an eye Gramma freed my cock and wrapped her lips around the head. Sliding her mouth down the shaft sent chills through my body. I knew if she did this for a minute or so I'd unload in her mouth. I also knew the windows were tinted and the parking lot had very few lights. But something in the far recess of my mind told me to hold out. Gramma continued her assault on my cock. Drool was running down the shaft, gathering on my balls. With one hand on the steering wheel and the other on the back of Gramma's head I began to raise and lower my ass. As Gramma sucked my cock, her moans drowned out the song playing on the radio. After several minute of Gramma sucking my cock I growled out.

"God I need to shoot a wad right now!"

While I was fucking Gramma's mouth my eyes never left the front door of the marker. I began to panic when I saw Carol walk out, carrying a bag.

"Shit, here comes Carol!" I cried out.

Gramma removed her warm, wet mouth from my cock and I struggled to get my zipper up and pants buttoned. I had just settled back down on the seat when Carol opened the door. Setting the bag on the floorboard she got in and closed the door.

"Have you two been good?" Carol asked. I turned beet red and felt the heat in my face. Gramma giggled and answered.

"Now dear, what fun would that be?"

Both women laughed as I started the truck and drove home. I pulled the truck up to the house. Placing it in park, Carol grabbed the bag and got out. As she walked to the front door she called out.

"Honey help Gramma out and I'll get the porch lights."

I walked around to the passenger door as Gramma slid to the edge of the seat. Placing both hands on her waist, Gramma put her hands on my shoulders and I lifted her out of the truck. As Gramma's feet touched the ground she pushed her body into mine. Her hands moved up to the back of my head and she pulled my face toward hers. The move caught me off guard. Her tongue snaked out as she pressed her lips to mine and I allowed it into my mouth. My cock hardened once again and I slid my hands down to her ass and squeezed. The porch lights came on and brought me back to my senses and I heard Carol call out.

"Come on you guys. It's getting cold hot there!"

I was thankful the truck had blocked Carol's view. I told myself I was not just playing with fire. I was running through a burning forest. Gramma went in ahead of me. I lingered by the truck, telling the two of them I was going to be a minute or two. This allowed me time to get my stiff cock under control.

Entering the house a few minutes later I found Carol and Gramma sitting in the living room. In the time I'd spent outside both had changed and were wearing their robes. The two were sitting on the couch laughing and once again talking about the unknown man at the restaurant. Both held a glass of wine. Seeing the glasses I began to pout. If they kept up this pace the two of them would pass out and I'd have to wait another day before I'd get laid. As I walked from the living room into the kitchen I asked Carol if she'd also bought some beer. She told me to check the refrigerator. Sitting on the counter was the open bottle of wine and a bottle of chocolate syrup. I opened the refrigerator and found a fresh twelve pack. I opened the carton and pulled a can out and popped the top. In four long draws I down the beer and grabbed a second one. Walking back to the living room I said out loud.

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