Gramma and Wife Let Loose


"If you can't beat them, join them."

I plopped my ass down in the recliner and glanced at Carol and Gramma. The two were sitting on the couch with about a foot between them. Carol turned her attention to me and said.

"hon, why don't you go change and get comfortable like us."

"In a minute." I replied.

Both women told me I'd feel better if I changed and continued to pressure me until I got up and walked to the bedroom. As I turned on the light and entered I was a small wrapped box with a card setting on my pillow. The card was from Carol and said thank you for a great night out and she'd missed me. It also said I was to wear the gift tonight. I tore the paper off and opened the box. In it I found a bright red men's G-sting. Wow I thought, maybe I will get laid tonight. Removing my clothes I spent a few minutes trying to figure out the correct way to wear the damn thing. This can't be right I thought. Who'd want two small strings riding the crack of their ass all day long? Minutes later I walked out, past the living room into the kitchen for another beer. Entering the living room I began to sit down in the recliner wearing a t-shirt, g-string and sweats.

"Oh no hon, sit here between us." Carol said.

Both Carol and Gramma began patting the small area between them with their hand. Carol told me she and Gramma decided they wanted to watch a movie with me and couldn't decide on a title. As I stood up to move I asked what they wanted to see. My mind and gut told me I was going to be forced to watch a silly love story.

"What have you got in mind?" I asked cautiously.

"We don't know yet." Gramma answered back.

The two beers I drank were beginning to relax me, but as I sat down between Carol and Gramma an uneasy feeling crept into the pit of my stomach. Maybe it was the beer or the feeling of being pinned in by two women. Gramma was on the left and Carol on the right. I was painfully aware of how close I sat to them and the smell of their perfume. Both women kissed a cheek and once again thanked me for taking them to dinner. Carol asked if I'd found the gift she left on my pillow. My face again turned bright red as I nervously took a sip of beer. The feeling I had got worse.

I stared at the television but my eyes refused to focus. Something was coming and my mind told me it wasn't going to be good. I felt like the lobster in the water tank at the seafood restaurant. Carol sensed my uneasiness and placed a hand on my thigh. With her other she stroked my hair and dropped the bomb.

"We need to talk." She said softly.

Oh no! When a woman tells a man this, it really means. You fucked up and now it's time to pay. Now I know I was wrong for fucking my wife's grandmother. To make it worse I'd done it for three weeks straight. I felt the panic begin to set in. For those who don't know. When a man is presented with a crisis he has three options. The two are fight or flight. I chose the third. I began to form a reply. That's right. I was going to lie through my teeth!

In a soft, gentle voice Carol inched even closer to me and said. "I know about you and Gramma."

I didn't dare to look at Carol. I did become aware Gramma had placed a hand on my other thigh. I gave Gramma a quick glance and was shocked to see a smile on her face. Carol continued to speak but I was not listening. Since I couldn't run away, I shut everything out and tried to figure out what to say. Now it's also a known fact that most people don't know when to keep quiet. Just like the cop who tells the crook he has the right to remain silent. Most don't and I heard myself say in a whisper.

"How did you find out?"

Carol still had one hand on my thigh and one on my head. I was waiting for her to rip my nuts off and pull the hair right off my head. She patted my thigh and replied.

"Gramma told me." She answered softly

My protected shield dropped and I began to focus and listen as Carol continued to explain. While I was away last week, the two of them managed to polish off a bottle of wine. The subject of sex was the main topic. Carol had noticed she and I were not fucking as often and told Gramma she was afraid I'd found a lover on the side. If you don't know, Alcohol is a wonderful truth serum. Gramma broke down and told Carol she was that lover. Carol continued saying, at first she was shocked to learn I was fucking her Grandmother. As they talked she was surprised she actually felt relieved it wasn't some twenty year old bimbo. Due to the amount of wine, the two of them began to talk about me and what I enjoyed as far as sex. Since Carol and I had dabbled in swinging she knew I always wanted a threesome and the two of them decided to make my fantasy come true.

Can this really be happening I asked myself? Did I just hear my wife say she and her Gramma decided to fuck me at the same time? No. any minute I was going to wake up and discover I was only dreaming. To prove her statement, Carol lifted her glass and in a soft, sexy tone said.

"A toast, to a wonderful man and a great lover!"

Still in a daze I lifted my can of beer. Carol and Gamma each lightly touched my can and to remove all doubt both women slid their hand off my thigh and at the same time moved them to my cock and balls. In seconds my cock grew. I was sure the force of my hard on would easily snap the two tiny strings holding the fabric over my cock. Both women giggled and Gramma said.

"See Carol, that's what I love about him. In seconds he has a boner."

"Why don't you model my gift for us?" Carol asked as she kissed my ear.

The shock was wearing off and I was beginning to come to my senses. My face was still red but my motor skills and ability to think had returned. I stood up, aware of the bulge in the front of my sweats. There two women, my wife and her grandmother wanted to fuck me at the same time. I was not about to ask why! I was going to do this before they had time to think about it and change their minds.

As I turned to face Carol and Gramma I saw both of them licking their lips in anticipation of see my hard cock. If it was a show they want, than by god a show they shall have, I thought. Swinging my hips slowly in a circle and in a low, deep voice I said.

"You two should have brought that hunk of a man you talked about all night."

In unison Carol and Gramma giggled and replied. "We did."

Slowly dancing in front of them, Carol was the first to react. She reached inside her robe and began to massage her breast while pinching her nipple. Gramma saw this and not to be out done, pulled both her breasts out of her robe and began pinching and pulling on her nipples. My cock twitched and I rubbed my hands over my hard, covered cock. It was than I realized I had two drunk, half naked women sitting in front of me. If I played my cards right, I could get them to do whatever I wanted. Still swinging my hips, I moved over in front of Carol, just out of arms reach. Carol reached out with her free hand wanting to feel my hard cock.

"You want to feel my hard cock?" I asked in a low tone.

Carol couldn't speak. Licking her lips she only nodded her head up and down. I moved over in front of Gramma and fought back the urge to bend down so I could suck her stiff nipples.

"How about you Gramma, would you like to feel my cock and suck it?" I asked.

"Please." Gramma whispered, as she leaned forward and reached out.

I stepped back and slowly pulled my sweats down past my hard cock. I turned and bent over to allow both women a view of my ass and balls as I pushed my sweats down to my ankles and stepped out of them. Turning back around, I again ran my hands over the small piece of fabric of the G-string. Carol and Gramma moaned together and I was pleased to see Carol had now exposed her breasts as well. Both her hands were tweaking her large, hard nipples. Gramma had abandoned on nipple and her free hand was now lost under her robe between her legs. I couldn't see what the hand was doing, but I had a good idea.

"Do the two of you agree to do whatever I say?" I asked as I danced in front of them.

Carol and Gramma nodded their heads up and down. I moved in front of Carol and slowly slid the G-string down over my cock. As my cock sprung free, it was just inches from Carol's mouth and she licked her lips in anticipation of feeling it slide past her lips. Staring at my cock, Carol mentioned the lipstick ring on the shaft of my cock. I told her it was Gramma's lipstick and Gramma had sucked my cock while she was in the market. Carol leaned forward and slipped her lips past head and down my shaft. I placed a hand on Carol's head and allowed her to run her lips up and down my hard shaft. Carol would stop at the head of my cock and using her tongue was licking and circling just the head. Gramma moaned and I glance over in her direction. Gramma was watching her Granddaughter suck cock and her hand was still hidden by her robe, but I could tell her hand was fast at work. Stepping back, I pulled my cock out of Carol's mouth and moved over in front of Gramma.

"Would you like a taste?" I asked.

"Yes please." Gramma whispered, as she leaned forward and sucked my cock into her mouth.

I felt Gramma's body shudder and her loud moan was muffled by my cock in her mouth. I knew Gramma had her first orgasm. I also knew the place where Gramma sat would not dry for days. I stepped back, freeing my cock from Gramma's mouth. I noticed Carol's robe was completely open and one hands was now busy fingering her pussy. Her pussy lips glistened from the wetness and I watched and listened as Carol had her first orgasm also.

"You women agree to do whatever I say?" I asked again.

Carol and Gramma both answered with nods of their heads. I told them to continue playing with their pussy and I'd be right back. I quickly went into the master bathroom. Opening the linen closet I leaned down and found the overnight bag Carol and I always took with us on our overnight trips. Unzipping the bag I looked in to confirm the contents. With the bag in hand I grabbed a blanket from the closet and returned to the living room. As I entered the living room I was pleased to see Carol and Gramma had removed their robes and now sat naked on the couch, fingering their pussys Trying to keep my composer and not sounding excited I said. "Very good, you two shall be rewarded."

I moved to the center of the living room, unfolding the blanket on the floor. Carol had spied our overnight bag and knew what was in store for her and Gramma. I instructed the two of them to move off the couch and onto the blanker. I positioned both women on their backs, side by side and told them to keep fingering their pussys. Carol and Gramma stared at my hard cock that was still covered. As I watched these two women finger fucking their pussys I fought the urge to place my head between one of the two's legs and get my taste of pussy. Carol and Gramma had now pulled their knees up and spread their legs. This allowed me one hell of a view of them finger fucking themselves. I reached into the bag and told them to close their eyes.

Once Carol and Gramma had their eyes closed I pulled several items out of the bag. The first was an electric massager with an extension cord attached. On the short steel shaft was a pink bulb about the size of a man's thumb. This was Carol's favorite toy and she used it often while I was at work or away on business. The second was a battery powered vibrator. It was eight inches long and two inches thick. We often used this while driving down the road. Carol would lean over and suck my cock while she drained the batteries fucking her pussy with it.

I plugged the massager into the wall outlet and got down on my knees at the feet of Carol and Gramma. I paused and quickly reflected. Here lay my forty year old wife and her seventy-five year old Grandmother. Both naked, waiting for me to fuck them and I had to decide which toy to use on each woman. I knew Gramma had never tried a massager on her pussy and I hit the switch. The massager came to life with a slow, deep vibrating hum. Carol opened her legs wider, hoping it was for her. Moving my body I got between Gramma's legs and leaned down. My face was mere inches from her fingers and pussy. I closed the gap and snaked my tongue out.

As my tongue touched Gramma's finger she moved it out of the way, allowing my tongue to run over her wet pussy lips and up to her clit. It had been over a week since I'd tasted pussy and now it was my turn to moan in approval. I didn't dare waste time and rammed my tongue as deep as it would go into Gramma's pussy. Gramma moaned and I lightly touched the bulb of the massager to her clit. Gramma's body shuddered and she cried out she was going to cum. True to her word I felt the first squirt hit my lips. Gramma squirted three or four times. The truth is I lost count. Each squirt was met with my lips and mouth as I drank from her pussy. I told Gramma to take hold of the massager and to continue as I moved over between the legs of Carol.

Carol had lifted her head and shoulders off the floor to watch as I'd fucked her Grandmother with my tongue and the massager. I asked her if she liked what she saw.

"Yes! Fuck me with your tongue!" Carol yelled.

Grabbing the vibrator I wasted no time and jabbed my tongue into Carol's pussy. She cried out and I wrapped my lips around her hard clit. To tell the truth I could not tell you the difference from Carol's or Gramma's pussy. Maybe it was the beer or maybe I was too horny or hungry for pussy. As I applied light pressure to Carol's clit I turned the vibrator on and touched the tip to Carol's pussy lips. Now it was Gramma's turn to watch her Granddaughter get tongue fucked. Carol was thrusting her hips off the floor, trying to get the vibrator deeper into her pussy. Taking my lips off her clit, I glanced over at Gramma. As our eyes met, I asked her if she liked watching.

"It makes me so horny!" Gramma replied.

Knowing and sensing Carol was close to cumming I told Gramma Carol love to have her nipples sucked. Not wanting to push my luck I left it at that and lowered my lips back onto Carol's clit. As I glanced up I was surprised to see Gramma had moved her free hand and it was now resting on Carol's left breast as if testing the water. Seeing this I thrust the vibrator into Carol's pussy while my lips massaged her clit. Gramma's other hand was still using the massager on her pussy. Carol's orgasm flooded my mouth as I watched Gramma pinch Carol's nipple. Gramma's next orgasm hit just after Carols.

"Oh my god, I'm cumming again!" Gramma cried out.

With my free hand I moved it to Gramma's pussy, catching some of her cum in it. In one quick motion I smeared it on Carol's left nipple. I knew Carol had the ability to cum again within minutes, if not seconds. I watched as Gramma leaned over and took Carol's cum soaked nipple into her mouth. The combination of my mouth on her pussy and Gramma's lips sucking cum off her nipple caused Carol to have another orgasm. This one was much stronger and longer. My senses were on overload and still on my knees I straightened up and announced loudly.

"I need to fuck and fuck now!"

Both women were on their backs and trying to catch their breath.

"Who gets the first load?" Carol said between breaths.

"I don't care!" I cried out desperately as I flopped onto my back.

"I'll share it with the two of you!" I continued.

"Age before beauty." Gramma giggled as she moved and straddled my cock. Gramma lowered her pussy onto my cock and began moving up and down.

"Easy there, or I'll cum right now!" I moaned.

Carol moved and straddled my head, facing Gramma. Carol lowered her pussy down onto my waiting mouth as Gramma rode my cock.

"God I'm going to cum again!" Gramma screamed.

Carol was close also and moaned loudly. "I owe you Gramma." With my lips once again wrapped around Carol's clit I sucked it into my mouth. Carol leaned over and took Gramma's nipple into her mouth. Gramma's orgasm coated my cock and balls while Carol's drenched my face. I forced Carol off my face to yell I was close to shooting my load. Gramma moved off my cock and grabbed it by the shaft as the first wad came shooting out the head. It landed squarely between Carol's breasts. The second wad came out and landed on Carol's left breast. The third and fourth landed on my chest. Gramma leaned over and sucked my cock into her mouth. This was over a weeks worth of cum and the orgasm I had was the strongest since I was eighteen.

"Hey, share some with me." Carol cried.

Gramma pulled her mouth off my cock and allowed Carol a taste. My cock continued to twitch as both women took turns sucking it. Carol allowed Gramma to lick the cum off her breasts and nipple. Now normally my cock would deflate a minute or two after fucking. This time it remained hard as a rock. Carol and Gramma changed places and Carol lowered her pussy onto my cock. As Carol fucked me Gramma watched, saying she needed to catch her breath before round two. Carol leaned over allowing me to suck her hard nipples. Combined with the angle of her pussy on my cock she increased the speed of her fucking.

"Oh god, oh god!" Carol screamed as she soaked my cock and balls with her cum.

Gramma's second wind had come around and she asked Carol to move so she and I could sixty-nine. As Gramma lowered her pussy down to my waiting mouth and tongue she took my cock into her mouth. Gramma began sliding her lips up and down the shaft, as Carol moved to the side and watched. As Carol watched she reached down and began to play with my balls with one hand. Gramma's breasts and hard nipples were hanging down and Carol's other hand was busy pinching Gramma's nipples. It must be an inherited trait. No sooner had Carol began pinching Gramma's nipples and she orgasmed, flooding my mouth and face with her cum. Gramma was as good as Carol when it came to blow jobs and I was starting to feel the cum boiling in my balls. Lifting Gramma's pussy off my face, I told the two I had an idea.

Gramma stopped sucking my cock to listen. As I spoke, Carol was busy cleaning Gramma's cum id' missed off my face. I positioned Gramma on her back and asked Carol if she'd like a taste of her Gramma's pussy. Carol hesitated for a moment but moved her head between Gramma's thighs. As Carol's tongue found its mark I moved and from the rear slid my cock into Carol's pussy. This was a dream come true and within twenty minutes of my first orgasm, I had my second. Thrusting my cock as deep as I could I unloaded into Carol's pussy. This created a chain reaction ad Carol's orgasm caused her to moan loudly as she tongued Gramma's pussy. Carol's moaning pushed Gramma over the edge and Carol tried her best to drink it all.

As we lay on the floor, the smell of cum and sex hung heavy in the air. Carol was laying on one side of me and Gramma on the other. With my eyes closed I could feel their hands moving slowly over my body. Gramma told Carol they'd forgot the chocolate syrup and I felt my cock twitch again. I smiled and said out loud.

"This is going t be one long night."

Both women giggled and reached for my cock.

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