tagIncest/TabooGrampa Teaches Jolee How

Grampa Teaches Jolee How


I grew up on a small farm in Southern Illinois. Now I know what y’all are thinking. It’s isolated on the farm and all those stories about incest between the farmer and his daughter and brothers and sisters are untrue. Well, they’re not—untrue, that is. Or as I used to say before my overpriced college education: “they ain’t.”

For some reason, kids just physically mature faster in the country—must be all that good clean livin’ (she says with a sarcastic smile). And I was no exception. I was just a skinny little red-headed tomboy one year and then suddenly, within the next, I sprouted. All over.

By the time I turned eighteen, I was somewhere between a woman and a girl. My hips and bottom just defined themselves a slight curve away from my very flat stomach. My legs remained rather thin to my dismay, but they had a muscular curvature around the thigh that was a bit new due to my favorite pastime of Western horseback riding. My pussy had grown a small bush of red-hair that I kept neatly trimmed for appearance, and because I had grown fond of masturbation and had found out that if I kept my hair neat around my pussy, I could stimulate my clit to climax much faster.

My proud breasts were the most noticeable change. Where the before had been the season for sprouting puffy sensitive nipples, by my fourteenth year, I had managed to cultivate a nice set of girlish titties. Now, at eighteen, they were verging on C-cups, and it was difficult to find a bra that would fit around my still skinny chest and cup the tits that had grown to the shape of well-rounded grape-fruits. I stood five-foot five in the mirror, weighing in at 117 pounds.

I liked to look at myself naked there in the evenings before bed. I liked to think about the feeling I would get in my stomach, while cantering horseback. I wasn’t stupid. I knew when I was getting hot in the saddle and took full advantage of it. What turned me on more, was the fact that I knew some of the older men—the trainers and instructors in the stable where I rode, were paying particular attention to my mount. I could feel their gaze on my thighs and seat. I knew I was outgrowing my Western shirts at the top. I could feel Jack, and older cowboy with a black moustace, watching my breasts bounce up and down in my ill-fitting bra’s.

On my bed my hands would snake down slowly to my cunny, where I was already wet thinking about Jack’s tickly mustache on my hard nipples. I liked to imagine it rough. I wanted him to force my panties down in the tack room to get at my little pussy. I imagined him muffling my screams with his hand and breathing in hard puffs of hot air down my neck and chest. Mmmmmm, I’d get butterflies in my stomach and arch my back, with my fingertips rubbing my clitoris hard visualizing his tongue in my pussy-hole and his mustace treating my clit to the ride of it’s life. My face and breasts and cunt would flush all at once. It would fee like I was falling as the walls of my pussy contracted and I came in waves.

That year, marked the two year anniversary of my Grandma’s death, God rest her soul, and after much prodding from his daughter (my Momma), Grampa came to live with us.

With it just being Momma and me in the house, I hadn’t been used to too much modesty. Wandering around the house in the t-shirt I slept in was a common occurance. Often, I slept without underwear. I didn’t really consider how difficult it might be for a horny old goat to concentrate with a selfish nymph running around him.

One spring morning, I noticed something green forcing it’s way out of the ground in the front flower bed. My tee-shirt began to ride high as I leaned into the sink and stretched forward to see what it was. I asked Grampa what he thought might be growing out front. He came over to me and stood behind me. He was a big, tall man and he didn’t have to lean too far forward to see from his vantage point. I learned that more than one thing was growing that morning. I could feel his enormous erection scraping against my bottom.

Hmmmm, could be a crocus this time of year.

Now his palms were on my shoulders and he was pressing me against the sink. He wasn’t shy at all. As he began to rub up against me, I know I should have been repulsed by my own grandfather, rubbing his old hard cock up against the crack of my cotton clad ass. But I wasn’t…

In fact, the impropriety of his sexually using me turned me on. I pictured his old cock popping my cherry inside my tight pussy hole and I began to get very wet and hot indeed.

Then he stopped and went away to his room!

I softly padded behind my ol’ Grampa. I cracked the door to his room and saw him on the bed. He had the zipper down on his trousers--his white tee shirt clung over the large hump of his tummy. Grampa had big hands and he used them to spring his great purple monster from it’s prison. Oh my, what a cock! It was so nice and long—at least 8 inches hard from base to tip. He used his thumb and forefinger to gently massage the mushroom cap head.

“Ugnngh,” He groaned very softly. His eyes moved to the crack of the door, he said in a voice that was firm, “Jollee, sweety, you gotta job to do now, as a young woman, it’s time you learned to finish watchya start. Now, come in here girl…”

I was somewhat afraid but dripping wet with excitement at the same time. My pussy tingled oh so hard. I found it hard to look him in the eye.

“Josie,” He asked quietly, “look at my cock girl…C’mon now, look at it.” My gaze swept up from the floor to the large engorged cock in front of me. Grampa sighed at his own stroking as he exposed himself to me fully.

“Whatta I do Grampa?” I asked innocently.

“Lemme see that sweet snatch,´” He growled, in a voice I had never heard before from him.

With trembling hands I tugged playfully at the hem of my tee-shirt. My cheeks blushed and I raised the hem of my nightshirt.

“Ooohhhh yeah,” He drawled. I detected a small amount of spittle escaping from the side of the old man’s mouth, and became a bit concerned.

“You okay Grampa?” I cooed.

“Yeeessss…” He hissed. Like an automoton, I walked closer to where he lay on the bed, and began to stroke my fine pussy hairs. They seemed on fire at the very follicle.

“Oh Grampa, “ I said in my best, spoiled little girl voice, “It feels so funny” I stood now with my pussy just a foot or so away from his head.

With his left arm the powerful giant grabbed my waste and forced my little cunny toward his face.

“Oooooohhhhhgggg” He gurgled, as he inhaled the scent of my snatch!!

“mmmm so wet and young!” he groaned.

His hot breath itself—my own Grandfathers! Almost brought me to the edge! My eyes rolled to the back of my head. Everything was moving almost too fast for me.

“Oh my! Granddaddy!” I sighed. His large rough fingers were moving around to play with my little hole. “Oh God!” I screamed!

“Hmmmm,” Grampa expertly felt for my virginity with his large index finger and found it.

“AAAghh!” I cried out. “Grampa that hurts!” I yelled.

“Hold on baby…” He mumbled, half-caring. He snaked his tongue toward my slit and began licking my pussy and tasting my juices.

“OH My God Grandpa!” His hand slapped my buttock, I understood I was not to take the Lord’s name in vain. Yet here I was being eaten and finger fucked by my on ol’ Grandfather!

My hips began to thrust slightly on my fingered mount. My breath quickened, I was coming closer. Grandpa’s mouth moved from my cunny lips. I could see my juices ring his lips.

“Oh no! Never stop!” I cried. His eyes were steely as he struck my bottom.

“Oooowww!” I pouted. He did not flinch.

“Suck my cock little girlie.” I looked at him with my mouth half opened. I had been imagining this moment with boys for a while now, ever since I saw a girl from behind on cable doing it. My pussy was dripping wet. I bent at the waist over the bed and gently kissed his purple raging cock with my pouty lips. He smacked my bottom hard.

“Suck it!” he commanded. I understood the game. I took the head in my mouth and sucked more firmly. He struck a harder blow that made me flinch!

“Suck it harder you dirty little bitch!” he growled. My pussy began to tingle again. This time the tingle ached from where it had stopped last time. I took as much of him as I could in my mouth. His hands pressed the back of my head between my pigtails and he forced me down further. Judging by his groaning, he enjoyed very much the way he made me gagged. I groaned low and nasty.

“You like ol’ Grampa’s cock don’t you little one?” My nose took in the musky scent of his pubic hairs I looked up to see his stomach and tee-shirt, his hand grazed my bottom and I realized I must agree or pay the priced.

“mmmmmmhhhhmmm…” I groaned. I began to sigh and whimper.

He gently began fingering me again between grunts and started fucking my face with is hips. Thrust, thrust, stay, thrust, thrust, stay. I felt him tighten and groan, but he pulled my pigtails up from his cock head. A string of slobber connected my bottom lip with the mushroom like tip of his cock.

“Grampa?” I questioned. Without a word he rolled up and forced me down on the bed. I began to worry that we had gone to far and squirmed under his big hands but he held me down. He ripped and tugged at the thin and worn material of my tee-shirt. I felt his stubble and trembling lips on my nipples.

“AGGhhhh! Grampa!” I cried at the ceiling, my poor pussy and titties were on fire. He liked and spit at my jiggling breasts through the struggle, forcing my legs apart with is right hand.

“Oh Grampa!”

“Beg for it girl!” He commanded. I could feel the tip of his cock dangling between his legs, Gently rubbing against the lips of my cunt.

“Oh Grampa! Please Fuck MEEEeeee!” I squealed!

He chortled and eased the tip of his cock into my poor sore cunny.

“Aaaaahhh,” He cried and licked his lips at my tightness.

“Eeeeeeee!!” I squealed. He nesteled with his length inside me and began to fuck me. Grampa fucked me like an old ram on a first time ewe. Really he was merciless, and I clawed and clung to his back with my skinny legs around his girth like a little monkey. I heaved my breasts toward his face.

“Grampa’s little girl likes his ol’ cock! Don’t she? She likes it when Grampa gives her pussy a ride…” I could only nod and whimper. My eyes were rolled in the back of my head.

“Come,” commanded, thrusting hard, “Come for Grandpa!” Almost on queue, my stomach tightened, I began to scream as the walls of my pussy contracted.

“OOooooHHH! Fuckin’ shit!” I screamed! “So GOOOD!” Gramps lightly slapped my face through my first orgasm with a man, reminding me not to cuss.

“UuuuunnnnggHHH” He continued to thrust. I was nearly blacked out. I could feel him almost pulling out of me and then thrusting back in. At one point he took his cock completely out and began slapping my pussy with his hardness. I started to be come aroused again and he inched his way back into tight pussy hole.

“Yeahhhhhh….” He moaned. Beads of sweat were falling on my chest and I licked some of Grampa’s sweat from the side of my cheek. He watched my tongue dance across my mouth, and he pushed so hard into me I thought I would split!

“UNNNGGGGGHHHHQ! I’m gonna come inside you Jolee!” He threatened, then tightened, as he squirted wave after wave of cum up inside me.

“Ohhhhh grampa….” I sighed.

“Ohhhh Jolee” He mocked. He stayed inside me until he grew soft. He patted my bottom, wiped his nose with a tissue from his dresser. Then he got up to start his day. Farm folks are stoic that way. But I’ll never forget it, nor any of the other times since!

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