tagIncest/TabooGran and Her Boys Ch. 03

Gran and Her Boys Ch. 03


This is the continuation of Gran, Alan and Tim. I hope that you enjoy this final fling.


Tim came home from college early one Friday and ventured upstairs to have a shower. He was now 18 and in his first year at College but still living at home. He had been subjected to learning and watching some sexual moves which included his Dad and his Gramma. He loved to watch them making love and often thought he would love to take over from his Dad, and put some of the lessons to work. Up until now he had very limited experience with the opposite sex, but not from the want of trying.

He was a keen sportsman and also kept his body in fair shape. He stood at 5'9" and had short, black hair and dark brown eyes. He had a small amount of Hispanic blood from previous ancestors which was now showing.

He loved his Dad and Gramma very much and was so glad when they started to include him in their sexual romps, even to just watching them and learning. His Dad and Gramma had been having a relationship since he was about one year old, and although nobody else ever knew, he did. His Gramma was now about 76 years of age and still had the sex drive of a much younger woman.

He showered and was lying on his bed looking through the latest Playboy magazine and starting to feel very horny. He took his cock out of his boxers and started to idly play with it. It felt so good and he was so engrossed in this act that he didn't hear his bedroom door open. His Gramma stood at the door, watching him.

"Oh Timmy, you shouldn't be doing that."

"Gramma, I didn't think you were home."

"Timmy, why are you wasting that beautiful load. Come on into my bedroom and let us put some of those lessons to the test, OK," she said.

"Can I, Gramma, that would be so great. I have wanted to push Dad off you at times so that I could try all the things that he and you have shown me."

"Well, give me 10 minutes darling and then come into the bedroom."

Tim wandered into his Gramma's room 10 minutes later and was surprised to see her all ready for him. She lay back on the bed, dressed in a bra, panties, garter belt and stockings with a wonderful smile on her face. Her huge mammary glands combined with her enormous butt area all made her look so sexy to him. He just couldn't get used to even thinking of anybody else as a sex object. Young skinny girls didn't appeal to him at all.

He walked over to the side of the bed and bent down and kissed her full on the mouth, engaging their tongues in a battle royal. At the same time, his hands reached down and he ran them over the outside of the bra covering the mounds of pleasure that he desired.

His hands worked their way down and across her bulging stomach to the region of her thighs and groin. She was still wearing what he had found her in, but he just wanted to feel all that glorious flesh beneath his hands.

"Oh Timmy, that feels so nice."

"Gramma, can I undress you please."

"Of course you can darling, I'll just lie here and let you do whatever you like. After all your Dad and I taught you all the ways of making love to someone you care about, didn't we?"

"Oh yes Gramma, and now I can and try and please you as much as Dad does."

Tim then started by slipping his hands around to her back and struggled to undo the clips at the back of her bra. She lifted herself a little to make it easier for him. He then bent his head and suckled on her fabulous mounds for some time, playing with one while suckling the other and then changing sides. It was soooo...... good.

He then slowly worked his way down to her groin, as he had watched his father do on numerous occasions. He lay between her large thighs and gently touched her labial lips with the tips of his fingers and examined them minutely. The pink flesh look so edible and he just had to taste her warm, wet pussy. He had been waiting for this time for a couple of years now, since first watching his Dad go down and eat his own grandmother's pussy. He had to remember that this was his Great Gramma. A woman of considerable years but who would do anything for her grandson and great grandson.

He dipped his head and felt the warmth of her pussy flow onto his face. His lips and tongue seemed to know just what to do. He laved the lips on either side of her love hole and gradually let his tongue begin to tickle the clitoris. His Gramma writhed beneath him and pulled his head closer to the region, letting him know how much she was enjoying the experience. After all, this was the first time that he had done anything like this, to anyone. To have this to be with his Gramma was such a wonderful experience.

He lay there just enjoying the taste and smell of her. She kept expressing how much she was enjoying it too. He kept on with his tongue curled into a spoon shape and force it into the love hole that was waiting there for him.

After a while, it became uncomfortable for Tim as he had been laying on his stomach. He had developed quite a hard-on and his penis was begging for some attention. He shifted and lay on his side.

"Timmy baby, come and lay over the top of me, and let me suck you in the 69 position. That way we can both enjoy ourselves for a while."

So Tim settled into position and his Gramma took his rod into her mouth and sucked gently on the head. Tim and his Gramma both loved sucking on each other's private parts and settled down for a feast of cum from both parties. Gram wound her heavy legs around Timmy's head, nearly smothering him in her efforts to force his mouth and his head almost into her love hole. He stopped and lifted his head and thought to himself, that this is as close to heaven as he was likely to get. I couldn't get enough of the sweet taste of her pussy. The more I tasted -- the more I wanted.

At the same time, my hands were rubbing along her thighs and down her upper legs. I came closer to the outer lips of her pussy and slowly applied pressure. Gramma was writhing under my ministrations, groaning and moaning for more.

"Turn over Gramma, I want to fuck you doggie style."

Gramma turned over onto her knees and stomach and thrust her ass into the air for me. It looked so inviting, I just wanted to sit there looking at that massive mound of flesh and wank all over it. But, I didn't. I guided my cock into her love hole and entered my Great Gramma's cunt. I was going to shag my own Great Gramma.

There were muffled screams and moans coming from the pillow. Her hips banged against mine as she rocked back and forth on her knees to meet each of my powerful thrusts. I could feel my own fluids building inside me and knew that I was going to let her have a powerful load of cum this night. She orgasmed and with each and every thrust, moaned my name. She would relax for a second then begin to shake and spasm into another orgasm.

I was still hard and continued to pound away at that wonderful love hole. I was close to cumming myself and just wanted to give her all I had. I suddenly let it all go. There was such a load of spunk that it ran out of her pussy and onto the bed. Gramma didn't say a word but immediately turned round and placed her mouth around my cock and milked the rest of my spunk from my dick.

We lay back just holding each other for a long time, then we both fell asleep.

I must add that for a woman of nearly 77 -- my Gramma was still one of the hottest babes I have ever fucked, even to this day. The lessons I learned from her and Dad came in very handy as I grew older. To this day my sexual preferences are mature women, just like her.


That is the final chapter of Gramma, Allan and Tim. Thank you for reading and letting me know what you thought. Keep reading as there are more stories to cum. Jena121

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