tagIncest/TabooGrand Dad Ch. 01

Grand Dad Ch. 01


How should I start this off. I have been writing here for some time and I thought it would be nice to start off with something different. The next few stories will be about my grand daughter and myself. This is a story not the truth. Even if I would like it to be.

Chapter 01: The Hand Job

It all started when I fell at the mall. Parmatown Mall. A nice place to go for a walk and look at all the girls. I'm 64 and have been walking around the mall for the last few years. Yes I have picked up a few women at the mall but this day I fell. I was just about to go home when I tripped and heard this sound like a stick brake. Yes it was my ankle. After going to and getting home from the hospital I called my daughter.

"Yes I know that I should be more careful but what the hell am I going to do. I need to walk around some and shop. Yes I know I'm going to be off my feet for about a month. Yes I know." What could I could I had to take the good with the bad.

"No I do not think that I need you to move in. If you could come over tonight and just fix dinner. Yes just for tonight. I can get it from now on." I know that my daughter was mad and that she would come over to help. So I sat in my chair and just watched TV till she came in.

"I thought your mother was going to come over." In walked my 20 year old grand daughter. Not bad looking for a young girl. About 5' 9" tall 125 (to skinny for my taste) and her hair was like a rainbow. Red blue, some green and a few I had no idea about. "Your mother said she would be over to help me out tonight and then she was going to go back home."

"Hi to you to grand dad. She ask me to come over since I was home. She thought it would be nice for me to take care of an old person. Told me that it would get me points. Will it?" She had a smile on her face as she talked to me. I guess I was the only one in the family that understood her. She was a great kid. Always ready to help me.

"Well it is going to be just you and me tonight kid. Guess we can order out if you like." We did and the night went by fast. After dinner we watched some TV and then talk a little.

"Well Karen I guess it is getting late and I'm going to go to bed after I take a pill. So how about a kiss good night and you can head home." I was trying to stand up and get to my room. It was not that easy but I made it to the door.

"Grand Dad mother told me that I should spend the night with you and make sure that you got what ever you needed. If I go home now she'll kill me. So I'll sleep here and then see how it is going in the morning. OKAY?"

Off to bed I went. The next day I got out of bed and fell once more. "FUCK." In ran Karen.

"What the hell happen now?"

"I just fell trying to get up." Not only did I fall trying to get up but I was up. My cock was hard thinking of her in the bathroom in the shower and I was jacking off some before I got out of bed. My robe was open a little and I think I got it closed before she got a look.

"I can see you fell and I can see that you should not try to get up like that." She looked down and then back up fast. "Look grand dad I can stay and make sure your okay. I'll get you some coffee and make sure your ankle is okay. I'll be right back."

As Karen walked away I thought of her in a very different way. Her ass was not all that small and her tits did look nice, from what I could see. I got to the bathroom and did what I had to do. Got up and then looked on the sink. I could see her panties and bra sitting on the top. I picked up her bra and looked at it. 36b, not bad. I then looked at the door, like it was going to be open and picked up her panties. Lace like her bra. I looked for the size small. The looked at the inside. Not a spot to be seen. Once more I looked at the door, still closed. Then put her panties to my face. OMG they smell so sweet. My cock started to grow once more. I know that I had to have them so I just placed them in my robe and walked out.

"HI Karen." Karen was right out side the door.

"Hi, grand dad. Coffee is on, hop in and get some. I'll be right out." Karen went in and closed the door. I hopped into the kitchen and sat down at the table. Karen came walking in and sat across from me. We talked for about 20 minutes and then she got up.

"I think it is time for you to lie down and let me give you a massage. Come with me." Karen took my hand and helped me up. We got to my room and then onto my bed. I was on my back and as fast as you could say "take it off" she had my robe off, had me roll over and a towel over my ass. Not what you call a stud but I'm not fat. I'm 5' 9" about 185. I think for being 64 I look better then most guys. I do or did a lot of walking so I'm somewhat in shape.

"Karen, what are you doing. I don't have anything on under this and." That is about all I got out.

"You have a towel over your ass and it is not like I have never seen a guys ass. And I must say, from what I saw you do have a nice one." With that I felt her hand slap my ass.

"Just lie down and let my hands please you." Please me. Yes she could do that but not like the other ladies that have done this. What does my grand daughter know about pleasing a guy with her hand. Or giving a happy ending to a massage. Soon I felt her hands moving around my back. Up and down, down and up. Across my back down my legs , up my legs across my thighs. Then back up.

"Karen you are good at this. I could have you do this all the time." Then I felt her fingers on the inside of my thighs. Up from my knees to just under my ass. Then down between my thighs, pushing them open and then down more to just the point that I thought she was going to grab my balls. Then down to my knees/ This went on for about 30 minutes. Then I felt the cool air on my ass as she took the towel off. I felt her cool hands on my ass cheeks. I bite my lip so I wouldn't moan. I pushed my ass up some trying to tell her to go lower. To reach down between my thighs and grab her grand dads balls. But she just kept massaging my ass cheeks. With my eyes closed I thought of all the women and men that have given me a massage. My cock started to grow. I knew that if she was looking at my ass she could see my cock sticking out the bottom. I felt a sharp slap on my ass and then one more. Then I felt her place the towel over my ass. One more slap.

"Ok time to roll over." I felt her turning me onto my side and then holding the towel in place so I could turn all the way, "Now just lie back close your eyes and enjoy." Once more I felt he hands. This time on my chest. Her hands moved over my nipples and across my to my arms. Down to my stomach back up to my neck. I was almost asleep and was dreaming of all the others that have done this.

I felt her hands on my legs and once more they went up and down. Down and up. From all the other times I knew what was going to happen next. This was my grand daughter she would never do that to me. Her hand felt great and soon I was off in that land between sleep and awake. I could hear her moving around as her hands did a dance on my legs. Then up to my thighs. Up and up until they reached the towel. Then I felt the cool air on my cock. She had taken the towel off. I knew she was looking. I could feel her eyes on my cock. Even with my eyes closed I could feel her staring, looking, gazing at me. I then open my eyes.

Karen stood at my side looking into my eyes. I was looking back then my eyes moves down her body. At some point she had taken her things off. Her breast were just like her grandmothers. They looked so soft, white and kissable. Her nipples looked like a candy kiss. But the tip was not a point. My mouth felt dry. My eyes went down more and I could see a flat stomach. A small belly button. Moving down I then looked at her pussy. Shaved clean. Smooth looking. Words can not tell what it look like. It pushed its way out from her body. A mound with a slit in the middle. So tight looking. It was what I call a 'top pussy'. A pussy that is more to the top. Then you have what I call the middle. Just down far enough so you have to look just a little under the curve of the body. Then you have the bottom pussy. The one you can not see unless she is on her back with her legs open. The one that you can see from the back more then from the front.

My cock started to grow once more. Harder and harder. I felt my granddaughters hand move to my now hard cock. Then I watched as she looked me right in the eyes and started to jack me off. Jacking me off is not the word to describe what she was doing. It was more like making love to my cock with her hand. Her hand moved up and down so smoothly. So softly and with great care and love. Karen had put some oil on my cock and was now stroking me. Her oiled hand going up and down. I thought back when I first got a hand job from one of the girls in school. The way it felt. That new feeling. Feeling someone's hand on your cock. It felt just like that.

"Karen please don't ever stop. That is the greatest feeling I have had in years. How or did you ever learn to do this?" I was at a lost for words. My eyes never left her boobs. As her hand went her boos went. Her boobs went up her hand went up. Boobs down hand down. Her brown nipples as big as a candy kiss and had hard as a stick.

"Shhh grandpa, don't say a word just take in the feeling and the sight. Let Karen please you. Let me make you feel like a stud once more. Would you like me to talk to you as I jack you off?"

My god I could not believe what I was hearing. My granddaughter telling me that she wanted to talk dirty to me as she jacked me off. My eyes half closed I said to her.

"Yes please my dear. Tell me all the things you think of as you do that to me." Karen was looking at me and then back at my cock.

"You cock is better then I ever thought it would be. So long and hard. I love that you shave it. The sensation that you must feel as I do this must be what I feel as I touch my pussy. The smooth touch of it. The way your cock feels as it slides across my fingers and hand. Just looking at it makes my mouth water. Thinking of all the others that have touched your cock, your rod, your dick, boner and man hood. What the other ladies must have felt as they took it in hand and jacked you off." As she spoke her hand was going faster and faster. She told me how she loved my cock. That she had found the cock that dreams were made of. She was making love to my cock with her hand.

Soon I felt the tips of my toes starting to turn inward and moving up my feet. It felt like I was going to explode. I could feel it moving into my feet then up my legs and then thighs. I felt it move into my cock and then up my cock. Soon I felt it come out the tip. In a way it hurt but in a way it felt great.

"Oh yes. Shoot it let me see it come out the tip. Make it shoot across the room. Oh it looks so hot. Watching my grand dad come like that. Maybe soon I'll take it in my mouth and then swallow it. But this time I want to just watch you. Watch that white hot cream come out." It happen!

My cock let loose a shot that I have not given out in years. It came out the tip and across my chest. Across me and onto her tits. All I could do was watch her pump it out. Soon it stopped and her hand stopped . I felt like I was going to cry. I watched as Karen lick it from her fingers and hand. Now I knew what it felt like to get the worlds best hand job.


I do hope that you have enjoyed this. This is a fantasy. And I do hop that you will read the next few I'm going to write. Grand Dads #2 The Finger. #3 The Blow Job #4? And then who knows. Please let me know what you think. With out that I do not know what to write. Tell me and I'll try to put it to words.

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