tagIncest/TabooGranddaughter Loves to Tease

Granddaughter Loves to Tease


"So how long do I have to be in exile?" Chelsea asks her mom, as they drive down I-95 towards her grandfather's farm.

"You are not in exile." Her mother says, exasperatedly. You are spending a few weeks on the farm to... uh..." She searches for the right word.

"Keep me away from my friends!" She exclaims. "Exiled!" Chelsea fumes, folding her arms firmly over her chest and sitting back in the bucket seat. "I don't see what the big deal is?"

"You don't?" Her mother yells. "You offered to have sex with your teacher in exchange for an 'A' and that's not a big deal?" She bristles, gripping the steering wheel until her knuckles turn white. "I suppose that's an everyday experience!"

Actually it is, Chelsea thinks, but decides not to tell her mother about the four other teachers, who accepted her offer. If it weren't for that asshole, calculus teacher, Mr. Linden, she'd have been an honor roll student without ever studying, she thinks, smiling to herself.

Rachel hadn't planned on having this conversation with her daughter until she got to the farm and could ask her father for advice. Sometimes she hates being a single mother of a teenage girl.

"Chelsea, we've been over this." She says, trying to calm her breathing. "Just because you're 18 doesn't mean you can do whatever you want. Your therapist says these rebellious behaviors are a reaction to your father and I getting divorced. He suggested we get you out of your environment and around better male role models." She says.

Rachel thinks the therapist might have a point. Chelsea was present when Rachel caught her husband banging the Latina maid, one afternoon about a year ago. The young, brown skinned girl was riding her husband's cock and moaning in Spanish, when Rachel opened the bedroom door, with her arms full of shopping bags. Chelsea watched, as her mother threw her father out of the house and fired the maid who was still struggling to get back in her uniform.

Chelsea turns away from her mother and faces the window. She knows this has nothing to do with her parent's divorce. She's been a prick tease for as long as she's known what it was. She can't help it and neither can that idiot therapist. Nothing turns her on more than taking a guy to the ultimate edge and then walking away, leaving him to fend for himself. It's such a powerful feeling to have such complete control over another human being. Her juices flow for hours, as she masturbates, following each encounter.

A couple of months ago, she realized that her partying was interfering with her studies and she was going to flunk most of her classes. If that happened, she wouldn't graduate from high school. She'd never teased an adult before, but she quickly devised a scheme to attempt it on her most vulnerable teachers. She hadn't actually had sex with them, well not all of them. She teased them into compromising positions and then blackmailed them, starting with her English teacher, Mr. Pederson. She was amazed at how easy it was to make a grown man drool over her developing, teenage body.

As she stares out the car window, she remembers how she teased him for weeks, watching him squirm and try to hide his erection, as she managed to show off a little more of her tits and thighs every day. When the trap was ready to spring, she went into the girls' bathroom after school, removed her bra and panties and returned to his classroom.

"Mr. Pederson." Chelsea said, walking towards his desk. "I think I need more help with that essay assignment." She remembers unbuttoning her blouse, as she approached his desk.

"I'll be happy to help you, Chel..." Mr. Pederson's jaw dropped when he saw her standing there with her blouse open and her firm, young tits jutting out, inches from his face. The blood that drained from his face seemed to rush into his cock, as Chelsea cupped her right tit in her hand and offered him her taut, pink nipple.

"Mr. Pederson." She said, as her nipple brushed against his lips. He swallowed hard and just stared, as Chelsea reached for his belt.

"Is there any way you could maybe give me an 'A' on this essay." She smiled, as she unbuckled his belt. She could feel his cock pushing against the front of his pants, and she ran her fingers up and down the length of it, as she pulled his zipper down.

"Mmmmm." He moaned, as his cock sprang free and Chelsea wrapped her small hand around it.

"What do you say, Mr. Pederson?" Chelsea asked, kneeling in front of his chair. "What do I have to do to get an 'A'?" Chelsea smiled at her teacher, as she wrapped her lips around the head of his small, but swollen cock. She'd done this enough to know how to tease, without ever having to swallow any cum.

"Aaaggggggghhhhhh." Mr. Pederson, was out of control, humping his ass off his chair, trying to push more of his cock into Chelsea's mouth. She kept her hand on his shaft and sucked heartily on his cockhead. When she felt his balls constrict, she pulled her mouth from his cock and stood up.

"How do I get an 'A" Mr. Pederson?" Chelsea asked, pulling her skirt up, as she stepped forward, revealing her smooth, hairless pussy.

"Fuck me, Chelsea!" Mr. Pederson pleaded, as his eyes feasted on her protruding pussy lips. "Please fuck me."

"And you'll do what?" Chelsea asks coyly. "What's the whole deal? Tell me what to do and what you'll do in return." Chelsea says, running a finger up her moist slit and smearing her cunt juice on her teacher's lips.

"Fuck me and I'll give you an 'A'! Mr. Pederson blurts out, as her delectable taste sends electrifying signals to his hard cock.

"Why, Mr. Pederson!" Chelsea teases. "You're my teacher! That just wouldn't be right."

"Come on Chelsea!" Mr. Pederson commands, getting angry now at the girl's teasing. "Just get over here and sit on my cock and I'll give you any fucking grade you want!"

"No thank you!" Chelsea says, smoothing her skirt down and buttoning up her blouse. "I don't like being yelled at." She says dramatically, turning around and walking towards the classroom door.

"Chelsea, get back her!" Mr. Pederson yells. "I'm sorry! Don't leave me like this!" But it was too late; she'd already left the classroom and Mr. Pederson realized he'd really fucked up. The next day, she handed him a micro-cassette when she turned in her essay. He knew what would be on the tape.

"I sure hope I get an 'A' Mr. Pederson." She smiled, exaggerating the sway of her ass cheeks as she walked back to her seat.

It went like that with all of her teachers, until she got to her history teacher, Mr. Gordon. Chelsea's crush on Mr. Gordon started on the first day of class. Unlike her other teachers, he was young and handsome, and used humor to make a dry subject interesting. She teased him mercilessly, as did a lot of other girls, and he'd just smile and wink at them. When she felt she had his interest peaked, she started to spring her normal trap.

Everything was going fine until she pulled his cock out of his pants. It was so long and thick, she could barely get her mouth around it. This time, she was the one drooling. This was a far cry from the teenage cocks she'd encountered, the few times she'd actually had sex. She wondered what it would feel like to have her pussy filled with Mr. Gordon's huge prick. Her juices were flowing like crazy when she stood up and lifted her skirt. Instead of prompting Mr. Gordon to incriminate himself by speaking into her hidden microphone, she just stood there dazed, staring at his massive cock.

Before she could recover, he'd lifted her up by her waist and positioned her pussy over his lap. With a left and right twist, while pushing down and then easing her back up, he corkscrewed her down to the base of his huge cock. She'd never felt so full! As wet as she was, it still took a minute for her natural lubricant to fully coat the giant intruder. When she finally started moving, Mr. Gordon kept his hands on either side of her waist and began lifting her up and slamming her back down on his cock. She became his willing puppet, letting him lift her like a doll and ram her back down around his swollen shaft. She was so hot and so wet! She was cumming... one orgasm... two... she lost track. She almost lost consciousness. Finally, his legs stiffened and he slammed her down one last time, leaned forward and chewed on her nipple, as his cock exploded within her. She came again before collapsing against his chest.

"Now that deserves an 'A'!" Mr. Gordon said, kissing her on the forehead before lifting her off of his lap. She stumbled out of his classroom, stunned and confused. She was supposed to be the one in charge.

"When we get there, I have some things I want to discuss with your grandpa, without you around." Her mom's voice pulls her out of her revelry. "You can go over to Aunt Ruth's and spend some time with Chad." Her mom's sister, Ruth, owns the farm that backs up to her grandfather's farm.

Chelsea smiles to herself when she thinks about her cousin Chad. They're the same age and she remembers how he kept trying to hide his hard-on last time she was here. She always wore her skimpiest clothing around him and then watched how uncomfortable he'd get. She can't wait to tease him again.

"Good idea." She tells her mom. "It's a nice day, maybe Chad and I'll go swimming." She says, smiling to herself.

"Your grandfather has a lot of connections in the state and local government. I'm going to see if he can pull some strings so you can graduate." Her mom confides in her. "So don't come back too soon, I may need a few hours to explain everything and get him to agree." She says.

"Sure mom." Perfect! I can't wait to see Chad, she thinks. Maybe we'll go skinny-dipping.

As soon as they get their suitcases inside, Chelsea says hello to her grandfather and goes upstairs to change. She's wearing a short sundress when she heads out the back door towards Aunt Ruth and Uncle Warren's farm. Her mother watches until she's almost out of sight and then grabs her dad's hand and leads him upstairs.

"There are some things I want to discuss with you, but first things first." She says, unbuttoning her blouse as they walk into her father's bedroom.


"Anybody home?" Chelsea calls, knocking on the back door, as she opens it and walks into Aunt Ruth's kitchen.

"Hey Chelsea!" Chad says, coming in from the living room and giving her a hug. Damn! He's buffed up since the last time she saw him. Chad is now well over six feet tall, with tan muscles on his arms and a solid chest pressing against her soft tits.

"Mom said you were coming down today." He smiles. "How long are you staying?"

"I don't know." She smiles back, as his eyes subtly travel up and down her body, appraising her. She can tell by the bulge in his pants that he likes what he sees. She knows the dress clings to her curves; that's why she chose it.

"Come on." Chad says, grabbing her hand. "Let's go down to the creek." Perfect! She lets herself be pulled along, as she admires how his cutoffs stretch tightly across his ass cheeks. He's become a very sexy young man, she thinks. I'm going to really enjoy teasing the hell out of him! She can already feel her pussy getting wet.

As they walk along the creek, Chad continues to hold her hand, as he tells her all about his college plans. His dad really wants him to take over the farm, but he wants to be a software engineer. She's barely listening to him, but manages to smile and nod at the appropriate times.

"Let's go swimming." Chelsea says, as they approach the widened part of the creek, where boulder sized rocks have created a natural pool.

"Sure." Chad says, smiling. "Skinny dipping?" He asks, expectantly.

"How about if we keep our underwear on?" Chelsea asks, with as much shyness as she can muster. She purposely put on her sheerest bra and panties, with this in mind. By the time she gets wet, they might as well be skinny-dipping.

"Okay." Chad says, pulling his shirt over his head and tossing it on a nearby rock. Unsnapping his cutoffs, he watches his cousin pull her dress over her head. He catches his breath as he stares at her light yellow bra and panties set. The half cup bra barely covers her tits and her rose colored areolas are visible through the sheer material. She turns and dives into the water before he can see if her bikini panties are as see through as her bra. His cock is tenting his boxer shorts as he jumps in after her.


Rachel is lying naked on the bed, beckoning her father to climb up between her wide spread legs. Her pussy lips are already glistening with her juices, as she anxiously awaits her daddy's talented tongue.

"Come on, daddy." She smiles seductively. "No one eats my pussy like you do." She says. Earl finishes undressing and turns to admire his daughter's voluptuous body. His thick cock is sticking straight out towards the bed, as he stares at her melon-sized tits and the patch of blonde hair surrounding her thick, juicy pussy lips.

"You just keep getting better looking every time I see you, Rachel." He sighs, as he crawls up on the bed and kisses his way up her inner thighs.

"Mmmmm." Rachel murmurs. "That's nice." She leans her head back and closes her eyes, as her daddy starts licking her succulent pussy. Goddamn! She waits for these visits every month. Now that she's divorced, she wishes she could make the trip every weekend. Her daddy moves her labia around with his tongue, expertly stoking the embers of desire that have been building up since her last visit.

"Oh yeah!" She moans, as he slips his tongue into her fiery cavern, slurping up her thick lava-like cream. As Rachel starts to writhe around on the bed, Earl clamps his hands down on his daughter's thighs and flicks his tongue across her swollen clit.

"Oh fuck, daddy!" She cries, as he sucks the tip of her clit into his mouth. Holding her down and teasing her clit, he drives her crazy, sustaining her arousal, as her orgasm builds.

"Oh! Oh! Oh! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I'm cumming!" Rachel cries. "I'm cuuuuummmmming!" Earl continues to suck his daughter's clit, as she grabs handfuls of his hair and raises her shoulders off the bed, her face contorted in ecstasy. Finally, she pushes his face away from her sopping pussy and collapses back on the bed, sucking in air. Earl climbs up over her and slides his hard cock into her steamy hole, while shoving his tongue deep into her open mouth.

Rachel is still out of breath and not completely over her orgasm, when she feels her dad's thick cock stretch her pussy wide open. She pulls her knees up and spreads her legs as wide as she can, moaning into his mouth, when the pussy juice on his tongue reaches her taste buds. Fuck! She digs her nails into his shoulders and welcomes the jackhammering thrust of her daddy's hard cock.

Her second orgasm builds slower, but more powerfully, as her father gives her exactly what she needs. He knows her body, better than she knows it herself. He should! It's been twenty years, since the first time they fucked like this, well not like this. God! She remembers how hesitant he was the first time.

She'd been lying awake, listening to her parents fight. They seemed to be fighting more frequently recently. She can only make out some of what they're saying, but it's obviously about sex.

"Is that all you think about?" Her mother yells. It's all Rachel's been thinking about lately, especially since she turned 18 a few months ago. The bedroom door slams and Rachel hears her father go downstairs into his study, slamming that door, too. She feels sorry for her daddy and wonders why her mom has been such a bitch lately. Thinking he's probably going to sleep on the couch in his study, she gets the extra blankets from the linen closet and takes them down to him.

Rachel is clothed in only a thin, oversized t-shirt, which she normally sleeps in, when she quietly turns the knob and pushes the study door open. She stares, disbelievingly, at her father's large cock, as he strokes his hand up and down its considerable length. Spread open on his desk is a pornographic magazine with a picture of a young girl with peach-sized tits and a hairless pussy.

Rachel's heart goes out to him, as she realizes how her mother's refusal has driven him to this. It's just not right, she thinks as she steps into the room and drops the blankets on the floor.

"Oh God!" Her father stammers, trying to pull his trousers up. "Rachel... I... what are you doing here?" She crosses the room in a few strides and grabs his wrist to keep him from pulling his pants up.

"Don't." She says quietly. "Let me help, daddy." She whispers, moving his hand away, as he tries to tuck his hard cock back into his pants.

"What? No!" He cries, as her hand encircles his hard cock and her thumb smears the precum over his cockhead. "Ohhhh!" He moans, slumping back into the chair. "Rachel, we can't honey." He says, without conviction, as she kneels in front of him and lowers her mouth to his throbbing cock.

"Daddy." She says, licking around his cockhead. "It's not fair that she refuses to love you and makes you do this." Rachel says, pointing to the magazine on the desk. "You deserve better."

"This is incest, Rachel." Her daddy whines, as he pushes his cock against her lips. Damn, it's been so long since his wife even thought about giving him head. He can feel the blood pounding in his cock, as Rachel stands up and pulls her nightshirt over her head. He stares at his daughter's firm, round tits and her light blonde triangle, as she stands naked before him.

"So what, daddy." She says, defiantly. "I'm not a virgin and you shouldn't have to resort to this." She says, kneeling back down and sucking his aching cock deep into her mouth. By the time Earl can think of a response to his daughter's declaration, she's already pumping his cock in and out of her warm mouth. The guilt he felt, when his daughter first found him masturbating, is replaced with lust, as she expertly works his cock with her young mouth. This is obviously not her first blowjob and he strokes her hair, as she deftly flicks her tongue along the underside of his cock and strokes her fingernails across his balls.

"Oh baby!" Earl moans, as his daughter proceeds to give him the best fucking blowjob he's ever had. She continues sucking and swallowing, as his cum spurts in violent, jerky spasms deep into her mouth. Swallowing every drop of his heavy load, she licks him clean before standing up and smiling coyly at him.

"I love you, daddy." She says, stroking his hair, as she hugs his cheek against her naked breasts.

"I love you too, Rachel." Her daddy sighs. She picks up her nightshirt and walks out of his study. He watches her naked ass cheeks sway back and forth until she pulls the door closed behind her. What have I done, he wonders, as he sits there in the afterglow of his explosive orgasm.

The next morning, after her mom goes to work, Rachel climbs into her daddy's bed and snuggles her naked body against his. Earl's cock responds instantly to the warmth of Rachel's skin. Even though he knows it's wrong, he remains silent as Rachel pushes him onto his back and swings her leg over his thighs. Raising herself up on her knees, she rubs her daddy's cockhead against her pussy lips a couple of times, before easing herself down onto him. As she rocks her body and rides him with a steady rhythm, Earl gives into the immense pleasure of his daughter's hungry pussy.

After that first day, Earl never looked back. He and Rachel became passionate sex partners, making love almost everyday until she got married, two years later.


"That's enough!" Chelsea says, splashing water back at Chad. They've been in the water for over thirty minutes, swimming, horsing around and dunking each other. Chelsea has taken every opportunity to 'accidentally' rub up against Chad's hard cock.

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