tagIncest/TabooGranddaughter Seduces Grandpa

Granddaughter Seduces Grandpa

byGeorge VI©

Disclaimer: This story and all characters are fiction. All characters are over 18.

When Cathy came to stay with her grandparents for a few days, Pete, her grandfather, thought she would likely be bored. There's not much to do in this little town for a teenaged girl. But she seemed content to hang around the house the first day, watching TV and talking to her grandparents. Tomorrow, Pete's wife would be at work, and the retired Pete would have to entertain Cathy all day alone.

Cathy seemed like a good girl, polite and obedient, but she acted a little too "grown up." She wore too much eye makeup, and the blonde highlights in her hair looked a little "cheap". Pete supposed that all old men thought that about teenagers. But it was Cathy's tight clothes and new flirtatious demeanor that concerned Pete.

Pete couldn't help but look at her. He had never had a sexual thought about Cathy until today. But she had developed a firm, petite figure. She was only about 5'3" tall, with smaller breasts, near-perfect butt, smooth legs with firm thighs, and a pretty pug-nosed face. Her shorts were thin and tight and cut too high. As she sat across from Pete in the living room on that first day, with one knee slung over the chair arm, Pete couldn't help but see her flowery panty crotch up her shorts. And when she came over and sat by Pete on the couch, he could easily see down her low-cut cotton shirt to her little white bra.

Pete was trying not to stare, but somewhere during that first day, Cathy appeared to catch on that Grandpa was watching her, and really started to flaunt her body. All day and all night, when Grandma wasn't looking, she paraded around in front of Pete, smiling, leaning over, and walking by like a cheap hooker with her hips thrown out. Then she would sit next to him, press her bare thighs against his, press her little breasts into his shoulder, and give him big hugs. Pete wasn't used to feeling this way about his granddaughter. The grandfather side of him was trying to ignore her, but the horny male side of him kept trying to discreetly look at her and admire her body.

Pete went to bed early that first night, but had trouble falling asleep thinking about Cathy. He knew he would never attempt anything sexual with her. But he couldn't help picturing her naked, and having fantasies involving her.

Pete woke up the next morning just as his wife was leaving for work. When Cathy got up almost two hours later, Pete made her a breakfast. Cathy sat at the kitchen table, wearing a thin, white, sleeveless, low-cut nightgown. No matter how hard he tried, Pete couldn't help trying to look down into her nightgown. Pete grew up in the days when small-town girls rarely put out before marriage, and Pete's wife had been the only woman he had ever seen completely naked. How many years had Pete ached to see a firm young body like Cathy's naked? Forty? Pete looked at the tops of Cathy's little titties as her gown gapped open just slightly, telling himself he only wanted to see them just once. But as he peered in through his bifocals, Cathy glanced up and caught him. Pete saw Cathy looking up at him, smiling, and knew he was busted, and turned away, red-faced.

Pete left Cathy eating breakfast, sat on the couch in the living room, and started watching a game show. The main curtains were open, but the picture window was still covered by sheers, which kept anyone outside from seeing in.

After her breakfast, Cathy entered the room and stood near the windows. The sun shone through her short cotton nightgown, and Pete could clearly see the silhouette of Cathy's tits through her nightgown. They seemed to defy gravity, pointing straight out. Cathy seemed to know that her grandpa was staring at her, and she put her hands on her hips in a posing position with a sexy smirk.

Cathy joined her grandpa on the couch, sitting to his right. He ignored the TV, and watched Cathy's thigh pressing into him. As she hung onto his arm, he turned to her and asked, "Well Cathy, what are you going to do today?"

"I'm going to stay right here with you, Grandpa."

As Cathy squeezed her grandpa, her shoulders were hunched, and her nightgown hung open. Pete couldn't resist looking down into her nightgown again. He saw most of her firm right tit, beyond her tan line, nearly to her nipples. Cathy saw him looking and leaned forward more, and Pete caught just a glimpse of her soft little light-pink nipple.

"Won't you get bored?" He asked.

Cathy climbed on her grandpa's lap, just like she had so many times in the past. She weighed well under a hundred pounds, but Pete still grunted as she plopped her little butt on him. "Ooof, you're a lot bigger than the last time you sat on me!"

Cathy put her arms around Pete, and he instinctively put his arms around her. Cathy's short nightie had bunched up, and her white flowery cotton panties were visible, pulled tight over her crotch. Pete's right hand was on the outside of her bare left thigh, and his left hand was around her waist. When Pete's eyes left his granddaughter's panties, he saw that her nightgown had fallen off of her left shoulder, and her left tit was fully exposed. Pete stared wide-eyed and slacked-jawed at the perfect cone-shaped little tit, less than a foot from his face.

Pete started getting hard and he couldn't stop. He felt his stiff cock start to press up into Cathy's butt crack. He tried to adjust to hide it, but couldn't. Cathy must have felt it pressing into her, because she let out a little moan and wiggled her butt until Pete's cock pressed into her crotch.

Pete felt he had to put a stop to this. "Maybe you're a little too old for this, honey,"

Cathy put on a deliberate hurt expression, her lower lip protruding. "Am I hurting you?"

"Oh, no."

Pete was still staring at her bare tit, and pressing his hand into her thigh.

"Grandpa, do you think I'm pretty?"

"Oh, yes, Cathy, you're very pretty."

"Do you think I'm sexy?"

Pete got flustered and just mumbled, "Uh, well, um..."

"It FEELS like you think I'm sexy," said Cathy with a dirty smirk, obviously alluding to Grandpa's boner sticking into her.

Pete was speechless as Cathy took his hand from her thigh and pushed it between her legs. When it was touching the edge of her panties, Pete said, "Oh, honey, no."

Cathy stood momentarily and shifted positions. She straddled Pete, sitting on his lap facing him, with her bare thighs spread around him. Her panty crotch was completely exposed, and her left nightgown strap was still down, affording Pete a view of both of her bare tits. Now her pink nipples were hard and puckered. "You like my boobs, don't you, Grandpa?"

Pete was breathing heavy and he was perspiring. "Cathy, you can't do this with your Grandpa." But as he said it, he put his hands down on the tops of both of her smooth bare thighs.

"Grandpa, I'm 18, it's not like I'm still a virgin." Cathy began gyrating her hips on her grandfather's lap, in effect giving him a lap dance. Her crotch found his still-hard cock, and she dry-humped him while smiling at him, her face inches from his.

"Cathy, where did you learn to do that?"

"From a movie, about a stripper."

As she continued rubbing his cock with her panty-clad pussy, Cathy lifted her nightgown up over her head and dropped it on the floor. She arched her back and shook her pale titties in his face, almost like she was going to shove them in his mouth.

"Cathy, this isn't right."

Cathy lifted her own breasts and jiggled them rapidly, then pulled on both nipples with her thumbs and forefingers. "Don't you want to touch them, Grandpa?"

"No," Pete lied.

"Well, I need SOMEONE to touch them!" Cathy grabbed Pete's left hand and forcefully placed it on her right breast, and held it there. Instead of pulling it away, Pete passively squeezed her breast with his big meaty hand. He said nothing as he gently massaged her amazingly firm jiggling breast. He could feel her stiff nipple rolling around his palm. Cathy moaned and smiled.

Cathy jumped up again, grabbed the waistband of her panties, and quickly pulled them off. She straddled her Grandpa again, this time kneeling on the couch above him. He stared at her pare pussy, only two feet from his eyes. Her light brown pussy hair was surprisingly long, but it was thin enough that he could see the flesh of her mound through it. In the middle was her pink, glistening lips. Pete put his hands on her hips and quickly seized the opportunity to fondle both of her ass cheeks. He squeezed them hard, lifting and jiggling the smooth, firm, perfect mounds.

Cathy reached down and unbuttoned Pete's belt-less pants, unzipped them, and pulled them open. Ignoring his moans of disapproval, she reached inside his underwear, found his hard cock, and pulled it out of his pants. "Oh, Grandpa!" she cried, and stroked the organ.

Pete kept making mild protests, but moved his right hand over her pussy and rubbed her hairy mound. He worked his middle finger into her slippery slit and fingered her as she smiled and moaned. The Pete mustered one more round of resistance, and removed his hands from his granddaughter. "Cathy, this is so wrong. I'll be in so much trouble..."

"Grandpa, I'll never tall a soul!" She moved her hips closer, and rubbed his uncircumcised cock head up and down her wet pussy lips. "Oh!" she moaned, "I need you!" Suddenly, Cathy thrust forward, and Pete's cock disappeared into his granddaughter's pussy. Cathy lowered her body down on Pete, and she started thrusting her hips in and out rapidly.

Once he was inside her, Pete completely surrendered. He gave up his protests and guilty feelings, and his granddaughter became a hot young body to fuck. He pulled her towards him and thrust up into her. He ran his hands over her hips, ass, thighs, and back. The sounds of Cathy's and her grandpa's panting were accented with the squeaking couch springs and the squishing sound of cock going in and out of pussy. Pete looked at Cathy's tits jiggling in his face. He grabbed the left one with his right hand, and caught the left one with his mouth. He sucked the little tit up inside his mouth like a vacuum cleaner and licked her nipple.

Cathy planted her lips on Pete's and thrust her tongue into his mouth. Pete was grunting and Cathy was moaning and whimpering.

Cathy arched her back. "Oh, Grandpa, Grandpa, Grandpa! Oh I'm gonna cum!" The little lady squeezed her thighs around her grandpa's large body, dug her fingers into his shoulders, and gyrated in all directions. Pete could hold out no longer, and shot a load of cum up into his granddaughter's pussy.

Cathy collapsed on top of Pete. Both were sweating and panting heavily. "Oh, Grandpa, that was GREAT!"

Pete was sweating profusely. His cock was still pulsating in her pussy as he panted, "Cathy, I don't know what to say. Maybe I better go get cleaned up."

"But Grandpa, it's still early morning. We have the whole day to do things together!"

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