tagIncest/TabooGranddaughter Seduces Grandparents

Granddaughter Seduces Grandparents


For Grandpa Jack Love, Emma

Her parents trusted Lynn to an extent but they didn’t trust other people at all. There was no way they were going to leave their young daughter home alone while they were away on business. The fact that she was already eighteen didn't faze them at all. The perfect solution came in Lynn’s grandparents who always complained they didn’t get to spend enough time with the girl.

Lynn couldn’t be more excited. Her grandparents had been the objects of her curiously ever since puberty. She would have a full week to work out the best way to seduce the elderly couple. Her first step was to watch the two in their bedroom.

It was easy enough for Lynn to wait until the house was quiet and dark, then slip down the hall to her grandparents’ bedroom. Once there, she slowly opened the door. Lynn wasn’t sure why she got so lucky but she certainly did.

Her grandmother was on her knees on the bed. Her large, sagging breasts almost touched the bed but never got the chance. Her grandfather was fucking her grandmother so quickly that her grandmother’s breasts just continued to rock and buck to the motions. Her grandmother was making wonderful sounds, encouraging her husband to fuck her. Her grandfather was grunting with the rhythm of his cock. Both of them were pale and most of their body parts were saggy and on the other side of slender but to Lynn this made the scene even more erotic.

In the hallway, Lynn’s fingers were buried in her pussy as she watched her grandparents fucking. It was the hottest thing she’d ever seen. She couldn’t wait to join in.

Lynn was a smart girl. She knew the best way to go about seducing her grandparents was to take them on separately. Because she had more time with her during the day while her grandfather worked outside, Lynn began her plan with her grandmother.

Standing at the stove, Lynn’s grandmother hummed to herself. Lynn was very turned on by the way her grandmother’s breasts strained against the material of her blouse. Taking a deep breath, Lynn began the seduction.

“Grandma, could I ask you a question?”

“Of course, Lynn, honey, what is it?”

“Well, it’s kind of embarrassing.”

“Don’t be silly. We can talk about anything. Let’s go into the living room and have a nice chat on the couch.”


“Now, tell me, honey. What’s your embarrassing question?”

“It’s about sex.”

“Oh. Well, sex is a natural occurrence between two people. Surely, you’ve heard that, though.”

“Yes. I’m old enough now, Grandma. That’s the thing. See, I’m old enough.”

“Old enough? For what?”

“Old enough to have sex.”

“Lynn, age has nothing to do with it.”

“I masturbate all the time.”

“You . . . You do?

“Yes. I do. I get very horny. I get horny a lot.”

“That’s natural enough.”

“Grandma, will you teach me how to have sex?”

“Teach you?”

“Show me.”

“Show you? Lynn, honey, I’m not sure I know what you mean.”

“I want to have sex. And I want you to teach me.”

“But . . . I’m your grandmother.”

“Will you let me pleasure you?”

The silence was exactly what Lynn was waiting for. Her grandmother was very still now, watching her. And Lynn knew exactly why her grandmother was so quiet. She was intrigued and she was turned on.

Slowly, Lynn moved closer to her grandmother. Eventually, she put her lips on hers and moved her tongue inside, sucking her grandmother’s tongue into her own mouth. Though hesitant, her grandmother slowly began to respond. Lynn’s hand moved to her grandmother’s large breast and Lynn began to knead the huge flesh through the shirt.

Pulling away, Lynn heard her grandmother’s small noise of protest but Lynn just smiled at her. Keeping her eyes locked on her grandmother’s, Lynn began to unbutton her grandmother’s blouse. Her chest rose as she began to pant but she made no move to stop her granddaughter.

Eventually, Lynn was able to view her grandmother’s naked breasts. The very sight of them caused Lynn to moan. When Lynn took one into her mouth and began sucking roughly on a nipple, it was her grandmother who moaned. Her fingers went to her granddaughter’s head to keep her lips on her sensitive flesh.

“Oh God, Lynn. That feels so wonderful. Please don’t stop.”

Lynn didn’t plan to. She was in ecstasy just by feasting on her grandmother’s large breasts. Her hands, however, needed to move on. With her grandmother’s help, Lynn got her hand underneath the old woman’s skirt. Once she made contact with her grandmother’s panty-covered pussy, Lynn heard the sharp intake of breath. Thrilled by that encouragement, Lynn left her grandmother’s breasts and knelt on the floor in front of the couch.

Both of them sighed in delight when Lynn’s mouth finally made contact with old woman’s hairy pussy. She was very wet and Lynn lapped at her juices as if quenching her thirst. Using her tongue and fingers of one hand, Lynn gave her grandmother orgasm after orgasm while her other hand was buried in her own pussy.

“Lynn, honey . . . Oh God . . . Don’t stop . . . Fuck my pussy . . . Fuck your grandma’s pussy with your sweet tongue . . . Oh yes.”

They both came together the last time and Lynn smiled as she rested her head on her grandmother’s knee.

The next day, Lynn couldn’t have been happier when her grandmother had some errands to run in town. Though she sent her off with a deep kiss and a little fondling, Lynn couldn’t wait for her grandmother to be out the door.

The sudden rain kept her grandfather inside that afternoon which worked even better to Lynn’s plans. Bidding her time, Lynn found her grandfather sitting on the very couch where Lynn ate her grandmother out the day before. Smiling, Lynn sat beside her grandfather.

“I have a problem, Grandpa.”

“What is it, honey?”

“Well, it’s kind of embarrassing.”

“You don’t need to feel embarrassed with me. What’s your problem?”

“I want to have sex.”

“You . . . What?”

“I want to have sex. And I want you to do it with me.”

Once again, the silence gave away everything to Lynn. Looking down, she saw some action in her grandfather’s pants. He shifted to try to hide it but Lynn stopped that quickly enough by laying a hand on his erection.

“Lynn . . . “

“Will you fuck me, Grandpa?”

Since he seemed so speechless, Lynn solved the problem by quickly removing her clothes before straddling him. Taking his hands, she placed them on her pert breasts. Instantly, his fingers began working them. Lynn let her head fall back on a moan before reaching for her grandfather’s zipper.

Lynn stroked her grandfather’s cock, loving the size of it. Her pussy was dripping wet in anticipation of its entrance. Raising herself on her knees, Lynn slowly lowered herself onto her grandfather’s cock.

“Yes! Oh, yes! Fuck me, Grandpa. Fuck your horny granddaughter. Oh, yes! Your cock is so hard in me and it feels so good. Fuck me, Grandpa! Fuck me!”

He did just that, grabbing her ass to plunge himself even deeper to his granddaughter’s hot pussy. Bucking in rhythm with her, Lynn’s grandfather lowered his head and sucked her nipple into his mouth causing her to yell even louder.

When Lynn orgasmed, her grandfather wasn’t far behind. Both out of breath, Lynn smiled at him and he thanked her.

All Lynn could think about was how good it would be when all three of them could be together.

More to come . . .

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