tagNonConsent/ReluctanceGranddaughter's Treatment Ch. 02

Granddaughter's Treatment Ch. 02



I cannot thank you enough for your assistance with Rachel's condition; I found your devise very useful in treating her. I am writing to you for another reason, however. I am ashamed to say that the stress of managing Rachel's illness has taken a terrible toll on me both physically and mentally. I am no longer capable of making sound decisions about her well-being. My mind has been clouded by emotion and weakened by lust. I did not intend to be so frank in this letter, but I feel I must confide in you. I fear for my granddaughter, and I do not know how she will survive after my passing. I must risk your contempt if it means salvaging her welfare.

I have had my lawyer draw up legal documents outlining my wishes for Rachel's care, as well as certification of her mental state. As you are a doctor, I trust you will review these documents and give me your opinion. You will also notice that I am requesting that you be entrusted with Rachel's well-being as well as with my estate after my passing. I have thought long and hard about who I can entrust her care to. I believe that there are people who would take advantage of her condition for their own perverse desires, and those who would be too lenient with her, which would make her condition far worse. Please Conrad, put my mind at rest and say you'll accept.

I realize that in asking this of you I am asking that you neglect your own pursuits, professionally and personally. I selfishly wish that you possess the moral fortitude and wit to resolve Rachel's condition where I have failed, and become her husband as you once intended. I do not presume to meddle in your affairs, Conrad, and I entirely understand and respect if you have other plans. Naturally, caring for Rachel will be a challenge, but in giving you control of my estate, I should hope you will see it as a means to court society ladies befitting a man of your station.

Please send word as soon as you can.




Conrad hastily set the letter aside and opened the large folder beneath it. Inside were indeed legal documents outlining precisely what Josiah had mentioned in his letter. Additionally, the household expenses were neatly outlined, and a substantial allowance would be awarded to him in order to pay all expenses and see to Rachel's comfort. He noted that a significant amount remained after expenses. Conrad set the folder down, and poured himself a drink, his hand shaking slightly as he did so.

Thoughts flashed through his mind; he had scarcely dared to imagine what Josiah would do with that chair, though he knew all too well. Imagining the implications of Josiah's "mind ... weakened by lust," intrigued and aroused him. His penis grew stiffer in his pants, and he let his fingers brush against it through his trousers absently. Unbidden, he imagined Rachel nude, strapped into the chair, and forced to endure treatments to resolve her hysteria. His penis throbbed, straining to be released. He had hardly believed that Josiah would accept, much less use, the chair. Now that Josiah was entrusting Rachel's care and his entire estate to him, the potential for treatments were limitless. Conrad's entire body trembled with the thought.

He had been eager to experiment with the condition that had intrigued him since he had first studied it at University. That Rachel suffered from an incurable form of hysteria and was considered an invalid, he would have complete power to try anything, once he signed the documents in that folder. He rested his chin in his palm and took a deep breath. He sat down at his writing desk and pulled out his stationary.

Dear Josiah,

I am writing immediately to let you know that after giving your proposal serious thought, I am accepting. Enclosed you shall find all of the signed documents.

- C

Conrad addressed and mailed the package immediately, then returned to his small apartment to ponder. He paced for many minutes before he eagerly snatched a scrap of paper and began sketching madly. By the time he had finished, his eyes were red with fatigue, his hands stained with ink, and the clock tower had chimed four.


Josiah's mind was immediately put at rest. Though Rachel's episodes had grown from increasing frequency to an unbearable constant, he knew at once in reading Conrad's letter that all would soon be put right. Josiah had refused contact with Rachel after her last treatment. So terrified was he of her and his own lust that he ordered her unrestrained except at night and handled by the household staff as usual, and she was not to touch or pleasure herself in anyway, or she would be whipped. Josiah himself remained locked up fast in his study with that awful chair, a constant and pervasive reminder of his weakness and moral failure.

He learned from the maids that Rachel's bed sheets were stained red the following month, as usual, and he fell to his knees to thank God for his mercy. Conrad wrote again to inform Josiah that he would arrive as soon as he could leave London. In the meantime, mysterious packages began to arrive at the house. Josiah did not dare to open any of them, but instead had a wing of the house aired and made ready, per Conrad's instructions, and all of the packages delivered there.

When Conrad finally arrived, he found the old man beside himself.

"My old friend, thank God you are finally here," The gentleman said, taking Conrad's firm hand in his thin and shaking one.

"My God, Josiah, you look haunted."

"I did not dare tell you in my letter, though I am sure you understood," Josiah turned away to pour two whiskeys for them. He squared his now thin shoulders. "I have failed her in every way - I have betrayed her and broken the laws of God. I should have turned her over to a hospital long ago, but I ... I couldn't bear the idea of it. I couldn't -"

"Sit down, sit down," Conrad led the shaking man to a chair and pushed him into it. "You did the right thing, I'm sure of it. We both know the inhumanities that occur in hospitals. She would never have been cured - she would probably have died, and never been treated, abused at the hands of a mongoloid, butchered or worse." He looked over to see Josiah had turned white at the thought. "Please believe me, Josiah, I have seen the insides of those places. The smell alone would make any man certain you have made the right choice."

"I cannot live with myself, Conrad. I know what you say is true, but it cannot excuse my own... my own sins."

"Josiah, I can only tell you that you are a man, a mortal man. I agree that as her grandfather, you are too emotionally involved. However, you are also a man, and as a man, you have the same weaknesses that befall any man." He raised his hand to stop the old man from interrupting. "You are a noble inspiration to the rest of us; your ability to control the primal impulses that rule the wild savages - truly, you have lived a life anyone would be envious of, a life free of the vices that seduce most men. Even now, you have refused to let a moment of weakness drag you down - I was told you haven't seen Rachel since it happened?"

"That's is correct." Josiah sighed wearily.

"Then truly you are a better man! To give in to such a temptation but then never repeat it? Josiah, do you not see?" Conrad knelt before his friend. "Your mental strength is staggering. Any other man would see it as reason to continue such abuses."

"I am not such a man!" Roared Josiah hoarsely, his fist clenched.

"No, sir, you are not. You are not most men. You are a noble and wise gentleman, a man truly worthy of his title and status. I am honored to accept your request and assume the role of guardian over Rachel. I promise you, she will be in good hands. You have made the right decision - one I don't know any other man would make. I fear too many men would be poisoned with lust."

Josiah sat back in his chair, looking small and feeble for the first time in his life. The weight of the past few weeks weighed heavily on him, even now. Conrad watched his friend worriedly.

"You must not torment yourself, Josiah. Allow me to prescribe something for your nerves." Conrad lifted his black bag, rattling with pills and potions, but Josiah shook his head.

"No, no. What sort of man would I be if I allowed myself the comfort of drugs?"


Conrad had enlisted the assistance of a housemaid, Emily. Emily was a simple woman of uncertain age, with homely features. She was heavy set with the broad features of common women. Her hands were thick and rough with callouses. She was solidly built, somewhat heavy set, with the large breasts telling of a primitive and salacious nature. He instructed Emily how to prepare Rachel for her treatments, and when he entered the East wing where his rooms had been prepared, his heart raced.

Rachel was no match for Emily. The large woman was frighteningly strong, and easily restrained Rachel and removed her clothing. Despite Rachel's yells and thrashing, Emily was unmoved. She had secured Rachel into a strange contraption. It was unremarkable, a padded white leather piece that looked rather like a pommel horse without the handles. Instead, it was a bit wider with attachments for securing hands, feet, and waist. Rachel was fastened against it on her back, with her legs bent under her at the knee. She was lewdly spread open so that her sex was visible and raised. Her breasts shook with her rapid breathing. Emily had neglected to blindfold her, as Conrad had requested, but he realized now that he preferred for Rachel to see.

"Emily," he said sternly. "Gag her and secure her head."

Emily silently nodded and rushed to secure the gag, which wrapped entirely around Rachel's head and secured firmly to the pommel. Rachel's eyes widened with fear, and she protested uselessly against the gag. She was now barely able to move her head, and the rest of her was securely restrained. Her strongest thrashing only made the entire contraption wiggle slightly. Conrad approached and wheeled a metal tray over. He paused to peruse from the array of tools and devices Emily had neatly arranged. Rachel's eyes darted between Conrad and the tray, panic rising.

He calmly selected a small speculum, and sat down on a small stool between Rachel's legs. He coldly spread the lips of her labia open with his fingers, feeling lightly for lubricant. Fear had replaced arousal, and Rachel was not as lubricated as Conrad would like. He gently tried to slide a finger into the tight opening of her sex, applying gentle pressure, but she tightened involuntarily. She squirmed ineffectually and he slapped the inside of her thigh sharply with his open palm.

"We'll have none of that, thank you." He said firmly. He paused, and put down the speculum.

"Emily," He called. "Bring me the injection needle." The oafish woman shuffled into the next room and could be heard rummaging through his supplies. She returned with a thick steel cylinder. It had a strange handle on one end - what appeared to be finger holes, and a thick tip with a hole at the other end.

"Ah, perfect. Thank you." Conrad took the syringe and turned away from Rachel. He opened a jar of a thick, oily looking fluid, and dipped the tip of the syringe into it. He pulled the handle about half way, filling the syringe with it. He pushed the handle down slightly, so that a drop of amber liquid fattened and fell. He turned back to Rachel and lifted the syringe. He picked up a small metal device that spread the labia apart when the wheel was turned. Rachel felt the lips of her sex slowly spread apart, and saw Conrad lift the absurdly large metal syringe above her genitals. She felt the cold tip slide into her tightened sex, and felt the cold lubricant shoot deep inside of her, filling her tunnel. She felt some of it ooze out of her, and Conrad roughly spread it over her sex. She squeezed her eyes shut, terrified of what he would do next.

Conrad once again tried to slide a small finger into her opening, but she tightened against the intrusion. He scowled, and turned quickly to pick up a case. He opened it and perused from a set of long metal rods, smooth and rounded on each end. They ranged in size from 5/8ths of an inch to a far heftier 8 1/2 inches in diameter. Conrad selected the smallest of them and slid it from the top of Rachel's sex, over and around her clitoris down to the narrow opening of her tunnel. He slowly slid it inside of her, and watched her clench around it. His penis jumped to see it. He slid the dilator out and back in, shallowly thrusting it. Rachel's nipples were stiffening and her breasts heaved with each breath. The lubricant he had injected into her made the rod slick. He withdrew it and selected the next one, sliding it slowly in and out of her, never deeper than two inches. He withdrew it and selected the next one, watching her tiny opening spasm and grasp, his penis throbbing.

The next dilator was about the size of his index finger, and he slid it easily, but slowly, into her, thrusting it in and out. Rachel moaned against her gag, and tried to push her hips out, but her bonds prevented her. Conrad withdrew the dilator and selected one that was several sizes larger, about four inches in diameter. He pushed it less slowly inside of her and she shuddered. He thrust it more firmly in and out of her opening, angling it so that the rounded tip would rub against the roof of her tunnel. Rachel's breasts heaved and she moaned loudly. Emily stared, transfixed, shifting and fidgeting from the corner.

Abruptly, Conrad withdrew the dilator, and selected the speculum. He slid it slowly and gently into her opening, and slowly turned the wheel to widen her entrance. Rachel's cries of discomfort were muffled by her gag, and Conrad ignored them. He selected a long and narrow phallus with an electrical cord, and slid it into her slowly, making an effort not to touch the walls of her entrance or the metal speculum. He turned a switch on a box on the floor, and Rachel shrieked. The thin phallus had begun vibrating inside of her, and she let loose an incomprehensible string of moans and sobs.

"Emily. Emily!" Conrad saw that his assistant had been unconsciously pushing her fat hand against her own sex as she watched Rachel's treatment. "Fetch me the egg, please." Conrad glared at her as she hurried into the next room and returned with a small metal egg, also with an electrical cord.

"Come here. Put the tip of it right there," Conrad pointed to Rachel's clitoris. "Firmly hold it against that spot and turn it on."

Emily did as she was told and Rachel's back arched, her eyes rolling back in her head. The slow but steady vibration of the slim vibrator inside of her combined with the electric jolt of vibration directly applied to her clitoris was too much. Her body rolled uncontrollably with her orgasm. Conrad's penis throbbed insistently, straining against his trousers. He abruptly switched off and removed the egg and phallus.

"Emily. Go into the other room." Emily obeyed. Rachel lay writhing upon the pommel, her sex twitching around the speculum. Oil mixed with her own lubricant was pooling below her, and slowly dripping out of her opening. Conrad's erection was almost painful. He gently turned the wheel and widened Rachel's opening slowly. She moaned and arched, trying to turn her head. Conrad stood straight and walked out of the room without a second look back. Rachel remained, squirming.

Conrad shut the door behind him and stared at Emily, who was twisting her fat fingers together. There was a large leather dentist's chair covered in a sheet in the middle of the room. Conrad pulled the sheet off with a snap and let it fall to the floor.

"Disrobe and sit down." He went over to his desk and pulled on a pair of gloves. Emily slowly took off her clothing, folding them as she removed each piece. She was not moving quickly enough, and Conrad began to forcefully remove her clothing, pulling and yanking, making cords and buttons bite cruelly into her flesh. "Sit down, please." Emily sat down gingerly on the edge of the chair, and slid her large bottom back against the seat, swinging her thick legs up onto the foot rest.

Conrad pressed the pedal and raised her quickly. "Lay back, please." Emily hesitated.

Conrad reached out and gripped her nipple between his thumb and forefinger, twisting slightly, then pushed her shoulders back as she yelped in pain. He pulled a leather strap around her waist and buckled it, smoothly buckling her wrists in place as well, then her ankles. Emily looked on with a mixture of curiosity and fear.

"Please, Doctor, I don't understand," she pleaded. Conrad didn't answer her. Instead, he was lifting a long device out of a wooden chest. Emily looked over, her heart beating faster. Conrad pushed Emily's legs apart with his knee, and knelt between them. He noted that she was well lubricated already, and inspected her sex with his thumb. He lifted the device before him; it was a long, smooth narrow phallus. The insertable portion was long and slightly curved. Below it was a handle attached to a gauge. He slowly slid it inside of Emily. It entered easily, and she shifted lasciviously, thrusting her hips forward as much as she could with the wide leather strap buckled firmly around her.

"Squeeze." Conrad ordered, watching the gauge.

"W-what?" Emily asked.

"Squeeze," Conrad repeated sternly. Emily tried to squeeze her legs together, but the restraints prevented her. She weakly squeezed around the phallus, and the needle on the gauge quivered. Conrad let go of the device, and it slid wetly from her, clattering onto the floor. Emily gasped.

"Embarrassing and shameful." Conrad said coldly. He tilted the chair back so that she was reclined so far back, her head was tilted towards the floor. He brought a small wooden box over to her, and stared down at her reddening face.

"The Orientals have invented a method for treating your condition." He opened the box, revealing two round metal balls, brightly painted with red and gold. They were a little smaller than chicken eggs. He walked around so that he was once again between her legs, and she felt the cold metal ball being pushed deep inside of her. It was followed by the second, and it hit the first ball gently, making the balls vibrate inside of her. She shuddered and groaned. Conrad quickly undid her restraints.

"Get dressed. If you cannot keep those balls inside of you, I will have you whipped." Conrad said. Shaking, Emily got to her feet, keeping her legs tight together. She slowly put her clothes back on, trembling when she found snapped laces or missing buttons.

Conrad turned away from her and began clearing up his supplies. "You are dismissed. I expect to see you at dinner tonight, Emily."

"Yes, sir." She turned slowly, and went out, closing the door behind her.

Conrad squared his shoulders, his erection aching. He went back into Rachel's room. She was squirming and making small noises against her gag, which was dripping with saliva. He undid the gag, and kissed her passionately, thrusting his tongue into her mouth. She hesitated and tried to draw back, but could not. He broke the kiss quickly, and locked the door to the hall. He returned to her, and looked over her bound, naked form, the lust apparent in his eyes. He knelt between her legs, and quickly loosened the speculum, closing it and sliding it gently from her. She let out a long sigh. He selected a long, thick rubber dildo with a strange, crooked handle on the end. He slid it slowly inside of her, deep, so it hit her cervix gently. Lubricant dripped thickly from her.

He held onto the handle and began to turn the thick, ribbed dildo, and Rachel moaned loudly. The thick phallus filled her up, and she gripped it tightly inside of her. Conrad felt the resistance, but turned the dildo faster. Rachel felt it spinning inside of her, rubbing the walls of her tunnel, and massaging her g-spot. Her eyes rolled back in delirious pleasure, feeling the eruption of orgasm beginning. Abruptly, Conrad withdrew the phallus, apparently pleased with the amount of lubricant she had produced. Strings of arousal stuck to the phallus as he pulled it out and set it aside. He unbuttoned his trousers, and released his erection. He thrust it sharply into Rachel, and paused. It throbbed inside of her, and the heat and wetness from her almost made him orgasm. Rachel opened her eyes in shock, and writhed with renewed energy. Conrad slid out slowly, admiring her wetness along his shaft. He pounded into her again, waiting as his erection throbbed hotly. He repeated this agonizingly slow pace, feeling her squeezing him desperately. He closed his eyes and tried to control his breathing. Rachel's moans and writhing made it almost impossible to maintain. He slowly slid himself out of her, and felt his testicles tighten powerfully. His penis expanded and shuddered, hot white seed shooting from its tip over Rachel's pubic mound and onto her belly.

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