tagFetishGrandma and Father Ch. 01

Grandma and Father Ch. 01


I woke up from my nap about fifteen minutes to five and really needing to piss. I decided to not empty my bladder as I knew I would need some piss later on in the evening. I peed a little bit, then went back to my bedroom and took off my boxers. I slipped into my black garter girdle with eight garter straps. It covered part of my butt better than a garter belt since it came down lower on my butt. I slipped on my open cup black bra then sat down to put on my new nylons. I carefully rolled one down and began pulling it onto my leg being careful to make sure the back seam was straight. I fastened the four garters then carefully rolled the other stocking down and put it on, also fastening it to the four garters. I double checked to make sure the seams on each stocking were straight on my legs. Father had bought these stockings for me and they were sheer black with an elegant Manhattan heel pattern. I slipped the pair of sheer black bikini panties on and stepped into my one and a half inch heel leather pumps. I took a look in the mirror on the door to see that everything looked alright. Satisfied I slipped into my dressing gown and headed downstairs.

Once I got downstairs I took a quick look into fathers bedroom to see if they were in bed. Not seeing them, I headed to the kitchen. When I walked into the kitchen all I saw was Agnes lying on her back on the table with her brown nylon clad legs up in the air and splayed wide apart. All I could see of father was his head in Agnes's crotch with his mouth up around her clitoris area and his erect cock, which curved upward like a scimitar, sticking out over the top of his sheer black bikini panties. In full erection it was at least seven inches long. I knew immediately he must be sucking her clit. Agnes had a very long clit that peeked out of her cunt lips. Her inner cunt lips also protruded out of her cunt and hung down at least an inch. She was writhing in pleasure on the table as he sucked. I wondered how a sixty four year old woman be so horny. All of a sudden father backed off and yelled at Agnes that if she was going to piss while he was sucking her clit to at least let him know ahead of time. He saw me and told me to suck one of her long nipples that were sticking out of her black cut out bra.

I quickly clamped my mouth on her teat and began nursing. Father went back to her clit and started sucking again. Agnes began writhing and bucking again as she was climaxing agin and again. Finally, unable to take anymore she reached down and grabbed fathers cock and simply pulled it into her gaping cunt. She continued writhing as she came again and again. Suddenly, father shoved his cock into her as far as he could and stiffened his back. Agnes wrapped her legs around his back. I realized father had shot her cunt full of his semen and she was reveling in having his cock so far inside her. Father kept his cock inside her as she began to quiet down and relax. He told me to get the pair of black panties off the chair and when he pulled his cock out of her to slide them on her legs and pull them up to her crotch. He wanted all of his semen he had pumped into her cunt to leak into the crotch of her panties. As he pulled his cock out of her cunt I could see it was covered not only with remnants of his semen but also some mucous from Agnes's cunt.

As I slid the panties up over her thighs and she arched her ass off of the table I could see she still had the pubic hair on her belly shaved and a very lush growth around her cunt and lips. I pulled the panties up over her ass and tightly against her cunt lips. They began to show wetness almost immediately as fathers semen began leaking out of her cunt. With that father moved toward Agnes's face and she took his cock and began sucking it to clean the remaining semen and moisture off of it.

I stood back and looked at my fathers attire. He was also wearing a black garter girdle, a black cut out bra that had foam pads with nipples protruding out of the cup, black full fashioned nylons with a Havana heel, and the black bikini panties with his cock now tucked inside of them. He was wearing black patent leather pumps with a two and one half inch heel. I had never seen my father in womens clothing before so I was taken a little aback by what I was seeing.

By now my cock was also standing at attention and Agnes took a good look at it. Suddenly there was a knock at the front door and father told me to slip my robe on and answer it. He told me it might be the two neighbor girls from next door. I slipped on my robe and went to the door. It was Donna and Barbara so I told them to come in. I could see as they entered that each of them was wearing stockings and heels so I thought perhaps they were going someplace special tonite.

Donna and Barbara went into the kitchen and both of them gave my father a big kiss and told him they were so glad to be able to join us for dinner tonite. Barbara was the older of the two at twenty and as she kissed father, she gave his cock and balls a little tug. Donna was eighteen and very attractive too. They took off their coats and I couldn't believe what I saw. Each of them wore a white cut our bra with their long nipples sticking out of the cut out. They had applied rouge to their nipples so they were very rose colored. They were also wearing a white garter belt and dark brown stockings with an Outline heel pattern. Although they had white bikini panties on father told them immediately to take them off. As they did Agnes and I uttered our amazement at the vast amount of red pubic hair each had on their belly and vulva. I told them I loved the red color of their hair although I should have expected it since they both had red hair on their heads.

Father had fixed a very large pitcher of gin martinis and took it our of the refrigerator along with five chilled glasses. He got a couple of ashtrays and we sat down for cocktails. Barbara, Donna, father, and I all had a cigarette along with our martini while Agnes only had a drink. Father told her to stand up and let the girls look at the crotch of her panties. Barbara asked Agnes if she had pissed and Agnes told her that it was semen leaking out of her cunt. Suddenly I felt a hand on my cock and saw that Donna had grabbed ahold of it. She wanted to get a good look at it, so she pulled the front of my bikinis down and took it in her hand. Father told her it was alright for her to suck if she wanted to and so I stood up in front of her and she took me in her mouth. She sucked my cockhead for a couple of minutes, then simply took it all in her mouth. I was about ready to give her a mouthful of semen when Agnes informed us that dinner was ready. As she stood up again some semen dripped out of the crotch of her panties. I thought to myself that father must really have given her a huge load for there to be that much leaking out of her cunt.

Agnes filled our plates and father filled our cocktail glasses with another round of martinis and we had a wonderful dinner. Agnes informed us that dessert would be peach pie and ice cream with pee sauce. I asked who was going to provide the pee sauce and father told me that the girls were going to do that. Pie was served and as the ice cream was put on the plate we could have either Barbara or Donna pee on the ice cream. I asked for Barbara to pee a few drops on my ice cream. She stood up, spread her legs apart and pissed about ten drops onto the ice cream. Father had Donna do the same thing for him and Agnes opted to have some from each of them. Dinner concluded and we had cigarettes and coffee. Agnes announced she had to piss and the girls chimed in that they did also.

We all went out onto the side porch of our house which was rather well hidden from anyone seeing what was going on. Father told Agnes she could take off her soaking wet panties and let them dry over the back of a chair. Father also informed the girls that they needed to stand and spread their legs apart to piss. Agnes, after having three martinis, was a bit tipsy and stumbled out onto the porch. She immediately began pissing and it started running down her legs, soaking both of her stockings. I knew she would go in the house after she was finished and would just go to bed leaving father and myself to play with the girls. My cock was straining to piss also since I hadn't gone since I got up from my nap over three hours before. The girls stood with legs apart and the pee began running out of their cunts. Suddenly father was on his hands and knees with his head under Barbara's cunt drinking from her pussy. Then he shifted over to Donna and drank some of her piss too. I looked at his cock and could see it was very erect again and he was obviously going to fuck one or maybe both of the girls.

He told me I needed to drink from their fountains so I got on my hands and knees and took a drink from each of them. As they finished father started to piss himself and aimed his cock at Barbara and let her have it all over her garter belt and hose and then did the same thing to Donna. Finally, he aimed it at each of their mouths and they got a drink of his piss too. I finally emptied my bladder but not before the girls had a drink of piss from me.

Father told me to help Agnes get out of her clothes and that he was going to go in his bedroom and play with the girls. I could join them later if I wanted to do so.

I escorted Agnes upstairs to her bedroom and as I did so I couldn't help but notice her dangling cunt lips and grey hair on the vulva. I helped unfasten her stockings and peel them off her legs and she pulled down her girdle. As she did so, I put my hand on her cunt and told her I was going to fuck her. We got in her bed and I immediately began nursing on her big teats while they were still confined in her cut out bra. Her long nipples made it easy to latch onto and she told me that father liked to nurse on her in the middle of the night. It was difficult for me to understand how my father could fuck his mother-in-law, but I was also going to being fucking her and she was my grandmother. She lay there as I nursed and told me I looked very nice dressed in my lingerie. She also played with my cock and I was getting very horny. She told me to get on top of her and mount her so I did. She sighed deeply as I thrust my cock into her sopping wet cunt and then began bucking and humping as I continued to thrust deeply into her. Finally she wrapped her legs around my back and pulled my cock deep inside her cunt. Unable to withstand it any longer I erupted and shot a huge load of semen into her cunt. She wiggled and squirmed for a few minutes then released her legs from around me. I got off her and she wanted to suck my cock clean. She wanted a drink after we finished so I went back downstairs and got her one more martini and took it back upstairs to her. She drank it down hurriedly and then told me I should take off my bra but leave my girdle and stockings on. I got back in bed with her but not before putting a clean pair of panties on her. She was full of semen again and was going to leak it out all night long. Then I reached out for a teat and began suckling again. I fell asleep with her teat in my mouth and I think she did also. I couldn't believe I had fucked my grandmother.

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