tagFetishGrandma and Father Ch. 02

Grandma and Father Ch. 02


I had fallen asleep in bed with Agnes after nursing on her teats and fucking her. I woke up about midnight with my cock all warm and wet. I initially thought I was having a wet dream but suddenly realized someone was sucking my cock. I reached over to feel for Agnes but she was not next to me. I pushed the covers back and saw in the shadows that she had my cock in her mouth and was sucking on it. My cock got hard instantly and she stopped momentarily to look at me. She told me she had woken up and just had to nurse on my cock. I told her to keep going and in a minute I shot a load of semen into her mouth. As I did so, I felt her ass and found she still had her panties on. I thought she would have taken them off since they were obviously full of semen from me having fucked her before we went to sleep.

She continued to suck my cock and drain all of the semen from it then repositioned herself and came up toward me. She informed me that she really needed to pee. I told her I would hold her chamberpot while she peed. We got up and as she sat on the edge of the bed she took her panties off and handed them to me. I felt the crotch and it was getting dry with all the semen that had leaked into it. I put them over the back of the chair and she stood up. She spread her legs apart and I held the pot under her cunt and I heard the familiar hissing sound as she began to pee. She must have had a very full bladder as it took her about two minutes to finish. She wanted to wipe her cunt but I told her she couldn't do that and to just put on a clean pair of panties. The pot was about half full of pee, so I held it in front of my cock and I took a good piss too. Agnes told me she was still tired so she laid down in bed and I went to empty the pot in the toilet. I saw a light on downstairs so I quietly went down the steps to see what was going on.

The light was coming from fathers bedroom and the door was open, so I looked in. Father was in bed with Barbara sitting on his face and him eating her cunt and Donna was impaled on his cock and she was riding it up and down getting a good fuck. Suddenly she stopped and told Barbara she wanted to change places so father could eat her cunt. Barbara got off fathers face and Donna climbed on. Barbara proceeded to suck fathers cock for a couple of minutes, then climbed on and began fucking him too. I decided to just walk in and I began to suck Barbara's teats as she rode up and down on fathers cock. Fathers face was engulfed by Donna's cunt so he couldn't see that I had joined the party. My cock began to get hard again with all that was going on and I wondered which one I was going to fuck.

Donna saw me and got off of fathers face. I noticed he was still in his garter girdle, hose, and bra as were the girls. Of course I was too, so we were all dressed pretty much the same. Barbara got off of father and he told me to just get in bed with them and we would have a good time fucking. Donna laid down and spread her cunt lips wide open. Not only was her hair flaming red but I could also see she had a very large peehole. I promptly decided I would suck her clit for a few minutes and see if I could stick my tongue in her peehole. Her clit was stil engorged from father having sucked it, so I closed my mouth over it and began sucking it. Donna humped me and wiggled like she couldn't get enough of my mouth on her clit. I shifted down to her peehole and as I did, she let go with a couple of dribbles of pee. I licked it off and proceeded to try and stick my tongue in her gaping peehole. I must have tickled her because she let loose with a little dribble of piss which I lapped up. She told me she had been waiting all evening to have my cock inside her so I moved up and slid it in her cunt as far as I could go. She squealed and wiggled and told me to fuck her good. Since I had just given Agnes a mouthful a little earlier I was in no hurry to shoot again, so I just fucked her good. I turned my head and could see father was giving Barbara a good fucking too. He had his seven inches buried clear up inside her cunt. She was talking nasty to him calling him a motherfucker, a mother- in- law fucker, and now a neighbor girl fucker. He just kept his cock buried inside her and she started bucking and humping him. I knew she was in the midst of a huge orgasm from the way she was humping. Finally, father just erupted and filled her cunt so full of semen I could see it leaking out the walls of her cunt. When he finished he just laid down on her with his cock still buried in her cunt. While this is going on I am fucking Donna and I thrust my cock into her cunt and shot my semen in her.

Barbara asked father if he would like to lick her cunt and taste his semen. He took his cock out of her and moved down till his face was at her cunt and licked a little. Barbara wanted to wipe herself but father told her she couldn't do that right now. He moved off the bed to the side and put his cock at her mouth and told her to suck him clean. She opened her mouth, took his cock and began sucking him clean. I told Donna to do the same thing to me. Finally I got each of them a pair of very sheer bikini panties and father told them to put them on so our semen could leak out into the crotch. Both girls told us they needed to take a pee, so we went out into the kitchen and I got a couple of pots out from under the cabinet. Father told them to take their panties off till they finished peeing then put them back on. Both spread their legs apart and I held the pan under Donna while father held it under Barbara. Suddenly the familiar hissing sound was heard and the pee started falling into the pots. Unfortunately for each of them, they had so much semen in their cunts that it caused their pee to divert and begin running down their legs. Both of them had their stockings soaked and pee went on the floor too. When they finished father had them take their stocking off, we wiped their legs dry and mopped up the kitchen floor.

Father went into the bedroom and came back with two brand new pairs of stockings. He told them to put them on while we laundered the other ones. The girls put them on, then we sat down and had a cigarette and finished the pitcher of martinis left from dinner. Father decided he would let the girls sleep with us,so Donna decided to go upstairs with me and Barbara stayed down and went to bed with him.

We finished our drinks and cigarettes and I led Donna upstairs to my bedroom. I had a wide mattress so there was plenty of room for both of us to lie down. We got in bed facing each other and just held on to each other for a few minutes. Donna reached down for my cock and told me she wanted to hold it for awhile. I took a nipple in my mouth and began nursing her.As I nursed her, Donna's nipple became very erect and rigid and she began moaning. She played with my cock which was becoming erect again. Suddenly, she got up and told me to lie on my back so she could mount me. She opened her cunt lips and straddled me, sinking her cunt down on my cock. She was soaking wet, partly because she was hot and partly because she still had remnants of semen inside her cunt from me fucking her earlier. I reached up with my mouth and began suckling one of her teats again drawing on the nipple so it stood out from her teat.

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