tagIncest/TabooGrandma and Father Ch. 03

Grandma and Father Ch. 03


It was kind of humorous the way it began. I didn't realize until after Momma passed away how much of a cocksman my father was. We had Grandma living with us and it wasn't two weeks later after Momma died that father was fucking granny.

I happened on it accidentally one morning when I went downstairs. I heard voices coming from the bedroom and wondered what was going on. Then I heard her tell him that she really liked his nice big, fat cock and hoped he enjoyed sticking it her wet cunt.

Father let her know she could remain with the family as long as she behaved herself, didn't get drunk, and took good care of him. He told her he would be taking her to a small nearby community where she would be getting some very fine lingerie, girdles, hosiery, knickers, bras, and shoes. He hinted at the fact that she might even think about having her very large nipples and her long protruding cunt lips pierced and wear rings in them.

Agnes just told him to come up to her face so she could suck on his magnificent cock. She just wanted it in her mouth so she could milk it. I stepped quietly into the bedroom and watched as father scooted up over her body till his cock was right at her mouth. I was fascinated to see he was wearing a garter belt and stockings as well as a full cup bra. I had never seen him in women's lingerie before. I wasn't sure if he knew about my attire of lingerie that I had to sometimes wear when Momma was alive. Agnes quickly grabbed his turgid cock and proceeded to engulf it with her mouth. She sucked back and forth on it and father rocked back and forth as she did so. Suddenly I could see him freeze and realized he had just shot his load of hot semen into her mouth. Agnes just sucked harder and swallowed as much as she could. Finally I could see his cock begin to shrivel up and she released him from her mouth.

About this time father turned and saw me watching them. "Did you enjoy the show?" he asked. "Yes I did. I thought she was going to suck your cock right off of your body." I replied. "Well, go out to the kitchen and get the whisky bottle and three shot glasses. We are going to have a little toast and let Agnes get the rest of my semen down into her stomach." he said. I went to the kitchen and found the shot glasses and whisky and took them back into the bedroom. Father uncorked the whisky and poured shots into each of the glasses.

"To our new whore Agnes. She will service us both and provide us with good times." he toasted. "Are you upset seeing me in womens lingerie?" he asked. "No I have some of my own. Agnes knows that because she has seen me in it. I used to have to put it on once in awhile when Frank was visiting Mother in the afternoons. She always thought he needed to see me in it so he could think of me as being feminine. However, he always commented about how nice and long my cock was beginning to get so it didn't bother me. If you two would like me to continue wearing it, I would be happy to do so." I replied.

They both thought that would be a splendid idea so that hurdle was overcome. I noticed as Agnes got up off the bed to get her whisky that she was wearing stockings, but had them held up by roll garters. She was wearing nothing else. Her teats were so long they were hanging half way down to her navel and her long nipples looked quite enticing. She took her whisky from father and the three of us gave a toast to each other that this would be a veery nice family situation with us fucking Agnes and letting her suck our cocks. I wanted to nurse on Agnes's teats and I think she must have noticed me looking at them. I also notied something else and that was that her thighs were beginning to look like they had some moisture running down them. It didn't take long for me to decide that father had given her a good fucking before I came into the bedroom and his semen was leaking out of her cunt.

Agnes suddenly announced "I have to pee really bad. I'm going to sit on the chamberpot and piss. Does anyone want to watch or help me?" Of course we were both willing to assist so Agnes walked out of the bedroom to the stairs and sat on the step above it. I knew what she was going to do. She was going to sit and let us watch the piss stream into the chamberpot rather than her just sit on the pot itself. I moved the pot out away from the back of the stairstep a little way. Agnes grabbed hold of her long cunt lips and spread them wide open. Suddenly he stream of pee just splashed into the chamberpot spraying the sidewalls and splashing upward. She must have pissed for a good two minutes when her stream began to subside. Suddenly, father stood right in front of her and took his cock and began pissing all over her belly and cunt. He had to piss as badly as she did and he had her so wet I new I was going to need a towel to wipe her wet belly and cunt off with. When he finished, she grabbed his cock and stuck it in her mouth intent on giving him another good blow job. He got pretty erect but told her he wouldn't be able to give her a drink of semen. She sucked for a couple of more minutes until she had her fill of cock, then let go. I went and got a towel and when she stood up I wiped her belly and cunt, making sure I got her long lips as well as the area inside her lips dry. Father told her to put her garter girdle on before we fixed breakfast and he and I went to the kitchen.

Agnes appeared a couple of minutes later with her girdle on and her stockings fastened to the eight straps on it. Her stockings were very long and almost came up to her cunt lips. She wore no bra so her long teats were hanging down and I could see them clearly through the rather sheer nightgown she had put on. She had such long nipples it was easy to latch onto one and suckle her teats. We all sat down to eat breakfast before we began our venture for the dat.

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