tagIncest/TabooGrandma Fran Keeps Her Promise Ch. 02

Grandma Fran Keeps Her Promise Ch. 02


Grandma Fran meets her grandson's friend, later they have a camp out, and all share a sleeping bag. Concerned that some community members may not understanding her fondness for young men, she gains the favor of an influential bank official.

Fran decided she had better meet with Josh's friend Jimmy, to be sure he would not reveal their secret. Somehow Josh had let it slip out that he and his grandmother had been doing private things together. She did not know how much Jimmy knew, but she knew it was too much. He was 18, and had a childhood illness so he had been held back a year, and was still in high school.

Now the two of them were alone in the basement game room. Jimmy was on one end of the couch and Fran was on the other end.

"Josh tells me he told you a secret. I want to be sure you don't tell anyone else. Are you okay with that?"

"Secret? He was just making stuff up, that's all."

"What kind of stuff was he making up?"

"He said the two of you, did stuff together. You know, adult stuff, like married people do."

"Well, whatever he said, I don't want you to tell anyone. We could get in a lot of trouble. You must keep it a secret."

"But he was just making stuff up. You can't get in trouble for made up stuff.''

''Tell me Jimmy, what kind of stuff did he make up?"

"I can't even say that stuff, you'll get mad at me.''

Fran slid a little closer to Jimmy and lowered her voice.

"Did he tell you I played with his peter?"

Jimmy could not believe his ears, but nodded his head yes.

"Did he tell you I put his cock in my mouth and sucked on it?", and again Jimmy slowly nodded yes.

"And did he tell you I let him play with my breasts while I sucked him?"

Jimmy was getting a hard-on listening to his friend's grandmother talk like that. He unconsciously reached down and repositioned his cock. Jimmy nodded his head in agreement that Josh had told him all of those things, but until now he thought it was all made up.

"Do you mean the two of you really did those things?"

"But you must not tell anyone Jimmy, or we could get in trouble. Some people don't understand, they don't think a grandmother and grandson should do those thing. It doesn't matter how old he is.''

"But those things don't hurt anyone, they feel good. I'd like it if we did those things together. Besides, I don't really think you did those things. It's just made up stuff."

"Listen Jimmy , I can't encourage you to do anything, it wouldn't be right, and I could get in trouble with your family. Even though I am not related to you, people think I am too old to be like that with you. If you have any suggestions, you need to tell me. Then no one could say I coerced you."

''I don't know what you mean."

"Well, maybe we should just forget it and go upstairs."

But Fran did not move, she hoped Jimmy would get the idea.

"Wait, I don't want you to get mad at me, but there was something I was thinking about.''

"What's that?"

"Could I, could I, feel, you know, your..." and he pointed to her breasts.

Fran smiled and shook her head yes. Jimmy reached out to her and cupped one large breast in his hand, feeling it through her cotton blouse, and softly squeezed it. When he saw she did not object, he rubbed it, and found her nipple.

"You have to tell me what you want, so no one can say it was my idea."

"I want to unbutton your blouse, so I can put my hand inside."

She smiled and said softly, "I don't mind."

Nervously he undid her buttons, and slid his fingers against her bra.

"Have you ever unhooked a woman's bra?"

"No, Do you want me to?"

"This isn't about what I want, it's about what you want."

"Is it okay if I do it?"

Fran turned her back to young Jimmy, and lifted up her blouse, to show him the hooks on her bra. He fumbled a little, but got he got them open. He did not know what to do next, so he reached his hands around front, and felt her very large breasts. They were more than his hands could hold. He massaged then nervously.

"I sure would like to suck on them."

Fran put her hands on his, and guided them in a circular motion.

"I'd like that too."

She turned around and faced the awe struck young lad. She lifted her sagging boobs up and pointed them towards him.

"Do you want to start with my nipples?"

Jimmy was mesmerized as he took a large nipple into his mouth. Fran put one hand behind his head and rubbed the nape of his neck to encourage him. She tilted his head and kissed the side of his face, then her tongue made a path to his earlobe, and she sucked it into her mouth and nibbled on it.

She whispered into his ear "I'm glad you had such a good idea. I'll bet you can think of more fun things we can do together."

Jimmy was squeezing her tits and sucking on them. His mind started racing with thoughts of other things he could suggest.

"Jimmy, I know we're not related, but why don't you call me aunt Fran, since you and Josh are such good friends."

"Sure. Aunt Fran, can I show you my willie?"

"Oh. I'd like that. Why don't you stand up and we can take off your pants."

As Jimmy stood up his eyes never left the large breasts in front of him. He reached out and touched them again, to be sure he was not dreaming. As he did Fran reached her hand out and rubbed the front of Jimmy's crotch. With the other hand she undid his belt buckle and pulled his zipper down and smiled as she watched his erection push against his cotton briefs. She rubbed the briefs tenderly, and could tell his tool was much bigger than Josh's. She pulled his briefs and jeans down with one slow motion, and exposed his stiff rod. He was very well hung for a teenager.

"Is that what you wanted, do you like that?"

"Oh, yeah, that sure feels good. Man, I've never seen tits as big as yours."

"Let me squeeze your willy between my breasts."

Fran rubs it between her tits, letting the tip come close to her lips.

"Sometimes Josh likes me to kiss his willy when it is hard like yours."

"Oh, I'd sure like that too."

Jimmy puts his hands around Fran's neck as she starts putting little pecks of kisses on Jimmy's hard knob.

"It's okay with me if you want to put it in your mouth."

"If you think you'd like that, let's give it a try."

Fran takes his stiff pole into her mouth, and starts sucking on it. It seemed to get even harder, as her tongue played against it.

"Holy shit that sure feels good. Is it okay if I play with your tits while you do that?"

Without taking his prick out her mouth she nodded yes and mumbled "um-hah". He was kneading her fleshy globes as she started pumping her mouth up and down the length of his shaft. She used a free hand to feel his balls, and when she felt the time was right, she gripped his saliva soaked cock and pulled it out of her mouth and spoke softly.

"Can I tell you what aunt Fran would like?"

Jimmy had no idea what to expect, but he nodded his head in agreement.

"Aunt Fran would like it if you cum in her mouth. Would that be okay?"

Jimmy's eyes got big and he managed to let out a "Wow!", which Fran understood to be a yes, as if she had any doubts.

She took it back into her mouth and slowly started sucking Jimmy to the point where he eagerly shot his load into her mouth. And what a load it was. Fran was acquiring a fondness for fresh young jism. Fran had to start swallowing immediately as her mouth was full with the first spurt. She continued to pump on it with her lips, and her soft moans let Jimmy know how much she enjoyed getting his juices. While it was still wet with his cum she pulled it out and rubbed it on her tits and Jimmy watched as she licked his cum off of her tits.

"Now we have a secret Jimmy, and you must not tell anyone about what we just did, or what Josh and I sometimes do, do you understand?"

Jimmy nodded in agreement.

"Can I put my willy in your pussy next time?"

Fran smiled as she kissed the head of his young cock and whispered "I'd like that."


Grandma Fran's sleepover

Clair asked her mother, "Josh and his friend Jimmy are going to camp out at the family grove in the tent tonight, and I told him how you used to tell us ghost stories. Josh asked if you could tell them some, what do you think, are you game for entertaining two teenage boys?"

"Why sure. Sounds like fun", Fran said with a naughty smile that escaped her unsuspecting daughter.

That evening at dusk, Clair drive her mom out to the family grove where Josh and his friend had the tent set up.

They were not sure what to expect but were hoping for the best. They had two large sleeping bags and they were able to zip both together into one really large sleeping bag, that was easily big enough for three people.

As soon as Clair left they went into the tent, undressed, and claimed into the sleeping bag. When Fran joined them she was surprised to see the arrangement they had, but caught on to their plans as soon they both insisted she join them since there was plenty of room in the middle of the super sized sleeping bag.

She took off her sandals but left her khaki shorts and flowered blouse on as she crawled in between them.

"So do you want to hear a scary ghost story or a funny one?"

Josh and Jimmy both snuggled up against her, and she felt their bare legs against her.

"Gosh Aunt Fran, you might get too warm, why don't you take off your shorts."

"Humm. Something tells me you boys are expecting something more than ghost stories."

The boys both laughed as they looked at each other.

"I don't think I have enough room in here to get them off."

Josh was ready with a good suggestion.

"We can help you."

The two boys did not wait for a reply, but unsnapped and unzipped her shorts. She let them pull her shorts down below her ankles and off her feet. He

"What about my blouse? Do you think it might be too warm for it too?"

"Oh yeah!"

So the two boys unbutton her blouse, and take the liberty of feeling her large mounds of tits restrained by her bra.

Fran joins in the game, and takes her own liberties, feeling a fresh young cock with each hand. She had both of these young cocks in her hand and mouth individually, but feeling both at once was a special treat.

There were some other special treats she had been thinking about. She liked to have her pussy licked, and was hoping one of the boys might want to try that. Of course what she really wanted and knew both boys would be anxious to try was to have their young cocks in her pussy. Both boys were so full of energy, she was very anxious to be their first real fuck.

Fran reached up to Josh's hand and slid it down from her bra, across her tummy, and onto her panties. The boys had never touched her down there, and she was anxious to share that with them. Josh could feel her hairy bush under her panties, and lightly rubbed it. She rolled over on her side to face Josh and asked Jimmy to unhook her bra. It was awkward, but he got it unhooked, and her breasts spilled out of the cups. She brought the lower one up to Josh's mouth and he knew what to do, as he started sucking on it.

Jimmy reached around and started playing with the other one.

He whispered into Fran's ear "Can I suck on one too?"

Fran rolled over on her back so that both of her young men would be able to suck on her hard nipples. Her hands softly caressed their balls.

All of this was getting her excited, and her pussy was starting to get wet. She let go of Josh's jewels and guided his hand inside of her panties, helping his fingers to spread her outer pussy lips, and go inside to feel her juices. He was anxious to get his fingers up in her vagina, but she guided his middle fingertip onto her clitoris and encouraged him to rub it.

"Oh, Grandma likes that", she whispered, and gave Josh a kiss on the forehead.He

Then she turned her face toward Jimmy, and kissed him lightly, and whispered, "Why don't you pull Aunt Fran's panties off."

Jimmy did as he was asked, and realized then that Josh had been playing with her pussy. After he got the panties over her feet, he tried to crowd his hand in to feel her bush, but there wasn't much room since Josh was eagerly rubbing up and down her slit.

"Hey Josh, how about letting me have a feel?"

"Yes Josh, you need to share with your friend."

Fran started to lightly rub his prick so he did not feel left out, and added, "Give your Grandma a kiss."

Josh put his lips on his sweet grandmother's lips, and they started kissing with tongues like he enjoyed so much. Jimmy started to rub the outside of her bush, and she showed him what she had shown her grandson, and by now she was very juicy down there, and Jimmy liked it.

Fran stopped kissing Josh, and whispered, "I like it when you are both sucking on my titties."

Josh had been squeezing the tit on his side, and he always did what his grandmother asked, so he pulled it softly to his mouth, and licked and sucked. As they sucked her breasts she nibbled on their ear lobes, one and then the other. S

"I have something special to ask you two. You both enjoy it when I kiss your private parts, don't you?"Both boys eagerly agreed.

"Well, would either of you like to kiss me down there, and use your tongues like I do for you?"

Both boys became very excited, and wanted to be the first to lick her pussy juices. She was happy to hear both were anxious to give her more pleasure, but spoke to Jimmy first.

"You know I care for you very much Jimmy, but you're just my pretend nephew, and Josh is my real grandson, so I think he should get to go first. Are you okay with that?"

"Sure. As long as I get a turn too."

"Of course you'll get a turn. And since you are so polite about it, while you're waiting I'll suck on your willy. Then when you take your turn, I'll suck on Josh's."

This made everyone happy.

Josh crawled down in the sleeping bag so he could get his face between his grammy's legs. She spread them so that he had room to get his full face in her crotch. At first he put his nose in close to smell her musky female odor. He rubbed the bridge of his nose against the slit of her cunt, and sniffed as he stroked it up and down her wet inner lips.

At the same time Jimmy crawled up in the sleeping bag, so he could get his crotch and pecker to Fran's face. She stretched her tongue out and licked the underside of his hard boner. He tried to lean forward to get more of it in her mouth, but neither one was very comfortable, so Fran made a suggestion. She pulled her breasts up so they were right under her chin.

"Jimmy, why don't you get up on your knees and straddle my chest, so that we're more comfortable."

Jimmy caught on right away, and soon his cock and balls were squeezed between Aunt Fran's big tits. He used his hands to knead them against his flesh, as she rubbed her hands up his firm young torso. Then he let the tits spill to the sides, and he leaned forward to put his prick right against her lips.

She eagerly opened her mouth and took his maleness into it, sucking it and letting out a moan of pleasure that was almost embarrassing. Jimmy left out a soft "Wow"as he had forgotten how good his new aunt was at using her tongue and mouth to make him feel good. There was enough light in the tent that he could watch as she closed her eyes and savored the pumping action into her mouth.

By this time Josh was lapping her pussy juices like a hungry puppy, and it was getting her very excited. She wanted more pleasure before she reached orgasm, so she got her one hand down to Jimmy's stump and pulled his peter out of her mouth.

"Why don't you trade places for a while."

At first each of them did not want to give up their position, thinking they had the best spot, but they soon realized that pussy and mouth both had a lot to offer, and they switched positions.He

Jimmy got in position first, and quickly licked his tongue up and down the folds of her hairy outer lips. He used his tongue to spread them, and had soon parted her inner lips to use his tongue tip like he had his finger to rub her clitoris. Then he worked his tongue down and into her vagina. As he did he realized what Josh had, that he could use the bridge of his nose to rub the clit as his tongue lapped up the pussy juice.

By this time Josh was in position. He straddled his grammy's chest, keeping his weight on his knees, and leaned forward to offer his hard cock into her mouth. At first he played with her tits, then he put his hands lightly on her cheeks, and felt as she sucked and licked on his cock.

"You're the prettiest grandmother I have."

It made Fran feel young to hear words like that.

She was concerned that he might get too excited, and shoot his load, not that she did not enjoy it in her mouth, but tonight she wanted his fresh cum in her pussy. So she pulled his hard cock out of her mouth and started to rub it on her face and cheeks. Josh liked this and took hold of his cock and rubbed it against her himself.

He rubbed it against one side of her nose, then brought it down to her lips, where she kissed it while he moved it to the other side of her face. They played this little game for several minutes, then Fran would use her lips to try to trap his cock and prevent it from going to the other side. Josh liked rubbing his cock head against her lips. Fran could taste his precum now, and knew it was time to stop playing and do some real fucking.

She told Jimmy it was "Time to come up for air.", and they all laughed at this.

Then she told the two boys to lie down beside each other. She mounted Josh first, straddling over his groin, and guided his hard cock that still wet from her saliva into her warm wet pussy. Her big tits were hanging down, and lightly swinging.

When she got her grandson's prick in just right, she started rocking lightly and leaned down, whispering "Suck on my tit honey."

Josh reached up and grabbed one tit and squeezed it, putting as much in his mouth as he could. Jimmy was propped up on one arm watching, and rubbing his cock, feeling he would get his turn too. Fran reached out and brought his mouth to her and kissed him, eagerly, hungrily, passionately, probing her tongue into his mouth. As she rocked she could feel Josh stiffen inside of her. She was approaching orgasm, but had enough control to hold off.

''Oh Jimmy, suck on my other tit."

She reached down and stroked his cock to be sure it was hard. Her plan was to give her grandson a nice long fuck, and try to bring both of them to orgasm at the same time, then she would move over to Jimmy, and crawl on top of him and fuck him for a minute or so until he came.

With both boys sucking on her tits, a cock in one hand and a nice, firm, young, hard, cock in her pussy, Fran was ready to have an orgasm as soon as she felt Josh was. She knew the only reason he had lasted this long was because she had given him a blow job that morning. He woke up that morning with his favorite grandmother in bed with him sucking on his cock. A morning he would never forget.

"Okay Josh, time to cum. Give Grammy your juices."

As she had planned, they both reached orgasm together, letting out loud moans.

She pumped up and down a couple of more times, then called out to Jimmy, "Your turn!", and she crawled over to be on top of him.

Her pussy was dripping wet with her and Josh's juices, so Jimmy's larger cock slipped right in and she began rocking on him. She leaned over and kissed him full on the mouth then whispered in his ear.

"Your turn to fuck Aunt Fran. Your turn to cum in her pussy.''

She did not realize that Jimmy woke up with a hard-on too. He was not as lucky as Josh, so he had to jack off. Fran thought that as soon as she mounted him and slide up and down his pole a few times he would be shooting his load, but she was wrong. She finished her own orgasm, but Jimmy had yet to cum. She slowed her rocking motion and closed her eyes to catch her breath.

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