tagIncest/TabooGrandma Gives It Up

Grandma Gives It Up


(Inspired by Petey)

* * * * *

For the last three years, ever since Grandad died, I've been going around to Grandma's after school, two or three times a week. She makes me dinner, and then I keep her company 'till about nine or ten o'clock, when I get the bus home. Now, this went on quite innocently until one Tuesday evening about four months ago.

We had had something to eat, and I was watching TV, whilst Grandma read a book in her favourite easy chair. All of a sudden, without any notice, the pearl necklace that she was wearing broke, scattering all the tiny cream pearls about the carpet and chair.

Grandma went to get up and gather them, until I told her to stay seated and leave it to me; the less movement she made, the easier it would be to find them all. I had soon collected all those that had been on the floor, whilst Grandma picked up those around her. As I handed the pile to her, Grandma told me she could feel some of them underneath her. I knelt down next to her feet, and began to tentatively feel around where she was sitting. Just as I felt one of the little buggers, it fell free of my grasp. In my frantic effort to retrieve it, I let my right hand fall to rest high up on Grandma's lap. That's when I felt it. That's when my whole life changed forever. Resting beneath my hand, and beneath Grandma's heavy, knee length, check tweed skirt, was the unmistakable form of a garter belt strap.

Now, I don't know about you, but I associate garter belts with stockings. And I associate stockings with sex. And women who wear stockings are sexy. That was a feeling I can honestly say I had never had about Grandma before. Until that moment, that is.

Let me describe Grandma to you. I know she is 55 years old, because the whole family held a big party for her five years ago. She has short, blonde hair fashioned in a kind of bob. Her face is round, and she has bright blue eyes and full lips. Although I've never seen them, I can tell that she has enormous jugs. And, even though she is a bit big around the waist and hips, she doesn't look fat because she is quite tall for a woman. I've also never seen above her knees, but now that I knew she wore stockings, I was determined to change that.

I spent the rest of that night with an embarrassing hard on, trying to get surreptitious glimpses up her skirt, but to no avail. But every time I called round from that night onwards, I did my utmost to get a look or a feel. I fantasised about being seduced by my Grandma. I dreamt about stripping her to her lingerie and fucking her senseless. These thoughts took up my whole day. When I visited, I made sure I always got into a position that would allow me to touch her hips and feel the magic underwear that held up her hosiery.

But then, one night last November, I went too far. It was a warm evening, summer in my part of the world, and I thought Grandma looked very attractive in a sleeveless blue, dress. Looking at her more closely these days, I observed that her arms were in no way flabby, the way some old peoples' arms go. I wanted to touch them. Then, unbelievably, my chance came. We had been talking about Grandad for some time, when grandma surprised me and said that she missed him not only for the way he made her laugh, but in the way he made her feel like a woman. As she got up from her chair and went into the kitchen, she said that she was even thinking of going to a singles bar to meet some 'gentlemen'. I immediately got up and followed her. I felt that she was giving me the 'come on'. Maybe she had sensed, particularly with the amount of 'accidental' touching up I had been giving her, that I wanted her.

When I entered the kitchen, Grandma was standing with her back to me wiping some cups. She continued to talk about how Grandad was still a virile man right up to his death, and that she missed the physical side to her marriage. She was really giving me the green light, I thought. So, I plucked up courage and stood right behind her and grasped her bare arms. As I told Grandma that singles bars could be dangerous places, and who knows what she might catch, I allowed my hands to caress her soft, warm skin. Grandma laughed gently, and thanked me for my concern, but that her mind was made up. I could hold back no longer. Roughly, I turned Grandma around to face me, and pushed her back against the wall. Holding her upper arms tightly in my hands, I heard myself tell her that I could look after her and service all her needs.

Grandma's initial smile faded, as I moved in closer and the bulge in my trousers stuck into her waist. When she looked down and saw how aroused her grandson was, her face turned ashen.

'You're hurting me, Petey', she said firmly.

I bent my head down to kiss her.

'Petey, no. No', Grandma continued as I increased my effort to take her.

It was the slap across my face that brought me to my senses, and I let go of her arms, watching the redness fade from where I had gripped them

'I think you'd better leave.' Grandma said, quietly.

'What shall I say to Mum about me being home so early?' I enquired, pathetically.

'That's your problem,' Grandma hissed, getting angrier by the second. 'Just get out of my sight.'

On the bus home I wondered what would become of my life now.

That night when I got home, I told Mum that I had had a headache and that was why I was home early. I could make up excuses for not going around for the next few weeks by telling Mum I had too much homework. I spent the next few days shitting myself in case Grandma phoned Mum to tell her that I had tried to seduce her. My heart sank when I got in from school the following Thursday, to be told by Mum that Grandma had been on the phone a little earlier. I was very defensive as I tried to figure Mum's expression to see if it told me anything.

'You've been a bad boy.' Mum said.

I felt my insides turn upside down as I asked what she meant. I knew what the answer was going to be.

'Your Grandma hasn't seen you for over a week, and she wants to know if you can go see her this evening.' Said Mum, somewhat to my surprise.

I was so relieved that I just nodded my head.

Mum laughed and said:

'I'm going to surprise her by coming along with you.'

Two minutes later, Mum was driving the two of us to Grandma's house. When we arrived in her street, I could see immediately that, as usual, there was no parking space nearby. Mum double parked outside Grandma's house and told me to nip in whilst she parked the car. I walked up the path to the front door as Mum sped off to find a space. As I knocked at the door, my belly was full of butterflies. What would Grandma say? Before I had time to worry, the door began to slowly open. What I saw nearly made me think I had come to the wrong house. But no, it was definitely Grandma ushering me inside. It was just a Grandma that I didn't recognise.

She had on full make-up, and her hair was glossy and smelled of shampoo. As I looked further down, I noticed she was wearing a tight white blouse, with the buttons undone enough to reveal her ample cleavage. She wore this with a belt around her waist, and outside of a short, black skirt. I glanced down her nylon covered legs to see that she had on a pair of black suede high heels. My jaw had dropped open as she told me to go through to the living room, and began to close the front door. It was at that moment that I recovered my senses and told Grandma that Mum was just parking the car and would be here shortly. The colour visibly drained from Grandma's face. She hurried me inside and frantically went back into the hallway. I heard a few thuds and bumps as I sat down on the couch, out of sight of the front door. Two minutes later I heard Grandma greeting Mum, and telling her to go through to the living room.

Mum came in smiling, and walking immediately behind her was Grandma. But she was no longer wearing the outfit that had greeted me at the front door. Now she had on a big sweater, a long, baggy, wrap around skirt, and house slippers. Mum came and sat next to me on the couch, whilst grandma took a seat in her favourite chair.

The two of them chatted for about half an hour, whilst I tried to pretend I wasn't there by being as quiet as a mouse. Halfway through a conversation about gardens, Grandma suddenly interrupted Mum mid sentence, and turned to me.

'Be a dear, would you Petey, and just nip up to my bedroom and bring me down the magazine on my bedside table.'

I was glad to be out of the room for a while, so I did as she asked. I entered Grandma's room, and my eyes were diverted to what was on her bed. Laid out neatly on the bedspread was a red baby doll nightie and matching thongs. I could see that the top had two very thin shoulder straps, and tied in a bow under the bosom, whilst the panties were sheer and skimpy. With my eyes still partly looking at them, I let my hand wander out to the bedside table. Carelessly, I knocked something to the floor, and it fell with a loud thud. I came to my senses and bent down to see what damage I'd done. I couldn't believe my eyes. There on the carpet, lay a king size, rubber cock, complete with large bell end and convincing veins. Just then Grandma shouted from the foot of the stairs. She had heard the noise of the sex toy hitting the floor and was asking me if everything was OK. I shouted that I would be right down.

I re-entered the living room and handed the magazine to Grandma. She accepted it from me with a dirty smile that was not seen by Mum. As if to tell me that it had all been a ruse to get me to see what she had in her bedroom, Grandma simply put the magazine on the floor by her feet and never looked at it once. When I sat down again, Mum spoke. She said Grandma had been hearing some funny noises outside late at night recently, and would feel a lot better if I could stay over with her tonight. I objected that I had no toothbrush or pyjamas. Grandma interjected and said she had a new toothbrush I could have, then Mum said it wouldn't hurt if I just slept in my shorts for one night. My dick was telling me to stay, but after the fright I'd had last week, my brain was telling me not to make the first move again: I'd leave that to Grandma. Needless to say, my dick won the argument. I could have sworn I saw Grandma's face light up at the news, but it could have just been the shadow of Mum as she got up to leave. I said goodbye and stayed on the couch as Grandma went to show her out.

I heard the farewells, then I heard the front door shut. For the next two minutes I was on my own. At last, the living room door opened, and in walked Grandma. Gone were the clothes she had worn whilst Mum had been here. She sauntered into the middle of the room with her cleavage exposed again, the black skirt halfway up her stockinged thighs, and slippers replaced by the four inch heels.

Without speaking, she sat down in her armchair, and slowly crossed her legs towards me. I couldn't help but stare as she did so. She had really shapely legs for a woman her age, and as the short skirt rose even higher, I just about made out the darker shade of her stocking tops. I brought my eyes up to hers as she spoke.

'Last time you were here, Petey,' she began, 'I'm afraid I made a bit of a mistake.'

The quizzical look I gave Grandma encouraged her to continue.

'Would you be a sweetie, and allow an old lady to change her mind?'

I had the face of someone about to walk into the lion's den. Grandma realised my reluctance, even in the face of all the hints she thrown at me.

'Come here, Petey.' She ordered. 'Come and stand by the side of my chair.'

I got up slowly and walked across to her right hand side. As I looked down at Grandma, I could see her huge paps struggling to break out of her blouse. Grandma turned in her seat to face me. As she did so, her already short skirt rose even higher, exposing a tantalising glimpse of her bare thigh.

'Let me show you what I have in mind.' Grandma said.

I could hardly believe it as I saw her hands come up to my belt and begin to unfasten it. Her long red nails soon had the buckle undone. Then she set to work on the securing button. When that was loosened, Grandma put her fingers on the trouser zipper, looked up at me with that same dirty smile she had given me earlier, and started to pull it down. Before I knew it, my pants were around my ankles, and the bulge in my boxers, made by my ever growing cock, was sticking right out in front of me. I had to breathe in to catch my breath as she eased the elastic waistband over my phallus and pulled the shorts down my legs. Twitching not two inches from Grandma's face, was my dick, bare and exposed. Grandma looked up into my eyes and moistened her crimson coloured lips. With our gazes locked on each other, Grandma opened her mouth, and moved her head towards my cock. It was like slow motion the way she enveloped it, and took me all in, deep throat. She pulled her head back and let her tongue caress the tip of my penis, before swallowing me again. I groaned as the waves of pleasure hit me.

Holding the base of my dick in her fist, Grandma moved her head quickly to and fro. I couldn't believe it as her loud slurping noises echoed around the silent room. As she increased her hand speed on my prick, her left hand came up to stroke my balls. That did it. A minute later she was swallowing her Grandson's warm, white love juice. I felt her throat constrict around my knob as grandma tried not to let any escape her lips. When my balls were completely empty, she withdrew my limp cock from her mouth, and wiped around her lips with her tongue.

'Wow, Petey,' Grandma began, 'I'd forgotten just how good a young man's spunk tastes.'

I fell to my knees. My body felt drained. Grandma stood up. She said she was going to change into something more comfortable, and that I should undress, ready for her return. As she got to the hallway, I heard the phone ring. It was Mum telephoning to say she had gotten home OK. I heard Grandma tell her we were both fine.

'In fact,' Grandma continued, 'my lovely young Grandson has just made me a warm, milky drink for bedtime, and I've finished every last drop.'

Ten minutes later, sitting in her easy chair and breathing normally again, I heard Grandma's footsteps coming down the stairs. She entered the room slowly, giving me a good chance to look at her. Her black high heels had been replaced with equally high white pumps. I was a little disappointed to see that she had removed her stockings, but she had covered her shapely legs with a film of oil to make them shine.

Grandma was wearing the babydoll nightie that had been lying on her bed earlier. Her pendulous boobs looked like ripe melons under the thin material. My eyes went down to her pussy. Maybe it was because of her age, but I had expected to see a big bush of blond hair. But through her panties, it was clear that her snatch was completely bare.

She walked over and stood right in front of me, obviously delighted at her Grandson's reaction; my dick was at full length again. I moved closer, reached out my hands, and began to caress her silky smooth thighs. Grandma let out a groan as my hands moved over her hips, gently brushing her cunny lips as they did so. I stood up and moved closer to her. Even with her heels on, Grandma was still a couple of inches shorter than me. She looked down at my quivering cock, as my hands went up to untie her nightie. As the bow came undone easily in my hands, her tits came into my view for the first time. I stared at them for a few moments. Then I reached out and began to tweak her nipples. Grandma began to moan loudly. This became even louder as I bent my head to suckle on them.

As I gently bit and licked her golden orbs, I began to move Grandma closer to the couch. Then I pushed her back onto it, lifted her left leg over the back, pulled the panties away from her hole, and positioned myself at her entrance. Balancing my body with outstretched arms, I pushed hard to enter her. I got nowhere. I pushed again. Still I couldn't get into her pussy. Grandma looked up at me:

'First time?' she asked.

I nodded my head.

Grandma's right hand went down to my cock, moved it around a bit, and then she said:

'Sometimes, you need to give it a guiding hand. Try it now'

Man, what a feeling as my helmet forced its way passed her labia and into the warm, wet, safe haven of her vagina. Now that I was in, my confidence returned, and I began to fuck grandma with all my might. With her mouth partly open and her eyes shut tight, Grandam squealed in pleasure as I ripped into her. I gave her the full seven inches of my weapon as fast as I could. Her nails clawed at my back, and I knew I'd look at the scratches in the mirror tomorrow, and they would be all I needed to make me wank off.

As Grandma's hands moved down to my ass, and she began to clench my buttocks, I knew that my constant banging was bringing her off. Then, as she started to call out my name, I felt my own juices stir. I let my arms drop so that our bodies rubbed together. As a child I had turned my head whenever Grandma had tried to kiss me. Now it was my tongue forcing its way into her mouth. She accepted it greedily. And as we slobbered over each other, I felt her body stiffen in orgasm. As her vagina contracted and expanded, I sensed I was about to cum myself. Just as the flood came, I ground my hips into Grandma's so that I was as far in her as possible. I thought I felt it touch her womb, but that's probably false bravado. Anyway, I let her have it all.

After we had recovered, she took me to her bedroom.

It must have been about two in the morning when my next erection woke me up. Grandma was lying naked to my right, with her beck to me. I pulled the sheets back to expose her body. As my right hand gently stroked her back, grandma let out a soft groan. I moved closer to her and began to nuzzle her neck and left ear with my lips. I could feel the tip of my knob touching her skin, and I wanted to be inside her again. I whispered softly in her ear:

'Grandma, can I fuck you in the arse?'

'Petey, honey,' she began,' you can fuck me anywhere you want to.'

As Grandma said this, she rolled completely over onto her front, and, arching her back, stuck her butt invitingly into the air.

I had seen enough porno movies to know that the anus needs to be lubricated for easy penetration. Fortunately, as I turned on the bedside light, I could see a jar of petroleum jelly on the night stand. I opened it up and took out a large glob on the end of my forefinger. I separated Grandma's butt cheeks, and rubbed the jelly around her arsehole. I stuck my finger a little way inside. This was certainly going to be tighter than her pussy. Grandma moaned as the tip of my finger entered her arse. I thought to myself, if that made her wince, what would something the size of my dick do to her? Suddenly, I felt very cruel, and wanted to hurt her. I positioned myself in between her legs, took hold of my prick in my right hand, and moved it around her anus. When I was happy that I had it in just the right position, I put all of my weight onto my hips, and thrust into her. My dick burst up her anal walls right up to the hilt of my weapon. Grandma let out a painful scream. It pleased me to know that she was in agony, and I thrust in and out violently as she whimpered into the pillow. I looked down, and was mesmerised by the ripples over her butt cheeks caused by the rhythmical slapping of my thrusts. After five minutes of this, Grandam had become silent. I felt myself about to cum, so I took hold of her hips and began to squeeze them tightly. I didn't want to cum up her arse, I wanted to shoot over her face. So, when I was just seconds away from exploding, I pulled out of Grandma's anus with a loud plop, straddled quickly up to her head, turned it around roughly with my left hand so that she faced my prick, and with my right hand, gave it the final couple of pulls. Grandma kept her mouth shut tight this time, no doubt not wishing to suck a cock that had so recently been buried as far up her arse as is possible. But as the first spurt came out I rubbed it over her lips anyway. As I pulled at the full length of my shaft, all of my gloopey muck shot over Grandma's face and hair. When I was all through, her face looked like it was covered in double cream. As my dick went placid, I smeared the spunk all over Grandma's face, until it looked as though she had just stepped out of a shower. Then, with a contentment I had never felt before, I fell into a deep sleep.

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