Grandma Gives It Up


I was an even more regular visitor to Grandma's from then on. More often than not, I'd stay over two nights a week, and call round every night after school to give her a good fucking. Mum was impressed with the attention I was giving her. And neither Grandma nor I could get enough of each other.

After about three months of this setup, something happened that took my pleasure to new heights. I rang the bell at Grandma's house after school on Thursday, expecting to go right in and have a session. But when she opened the door to me wearing a raincoat, the disappointment on my face was very clear for her to see. I asked what was wrong, and Grandma just gave me one of her dirty smiles and ushered me in.

As I entered the living room, I was a little taken aback to see another lady standing by the couch.

'Petey, I'd like you to meet an old friend of mine, Mrs Cohen.' Grandma said from behind me. I was unusually shy now, and just nodded at the stranger.

'Very pleased to meet you Petey,' Mrs Cohen began, 'Your grandma's been telling me all about you.'

I turned to Grandma with a real look of concern on my face.

'Don't worry, honey,' said Grandma. 'Mrs Cohen, your late Grandfather and I, all used to be good friends years' ago. Very, very good friends, if you catch my drift.', she continued, with one of those dirty grins passing over her lips.

'I just thought that it might be a nice change to have somebody join in our little sessions.'

Grandma could see that I was still to be convinced. So, with a nod to Mrs Cohen, who also had on a raincoat, both ladies began to undo their buttons and belts. I watched, open mouthed, as they stood together in the middle of the room, and let their topcoats fall to their feet. Underneath, Grandma and Mrs Cohen were both wearing strapless white basques, tan coloured stockings, and white stilettos. Although dressed identically and of the same age, they could never be mistaken for twins. Mrs Cohen was no more than five feet two even in her high heels. She had long, straight black hair, a prominent, angular face with high cheekbones, and was a skinny as a rake.

'Drop your books and come over to us.' Mrs Cohen ordered.

It felt as though I was in a trance as I obeyed. They both smelt nice as I stood in between them. Mrs Cohen took hold of my right hand and inspected it.

'He's a fine boy,' she said to Grandma. 'And such strong hands.'

As Grandma nodded assent, Mrs Cohen began to move her hands up to my shirt buttons. I stood there motionless, and felt like a slave being examined as she began to take off my shirt. Standing barechested in front of them, both ladies began to let their hands explore my torso. I could feel my dick begin to harden at the thought of them treating me like a sex object. Grandma and Mrs Cohen saw the movement in my trousers too. They let their hands move slowly down from my shoulders, and over my ribs and stomach, until they were playfully within touching distance of my belt.

Mrs Cohen looked up at Grandma. 'May I?' she said.

'Of course you can, dear.' Grandma replied. Knowing full well what Mrs Cohen meant.

Slowly, the stranger moved her small hand onto my belt buckle. She had the longest nails I had ever seen. They were painted a deep purple and matched the shiny gloss on her narrow. I was still speechless as she began to undo my trouser zipper. Grandma was switching her gaze back and forth between me and Mrs Cohen. I could tell from the look on Grandma's eyes that she was excited. At last, Mrs Cohen let my jeans slip to my ankles, exposing the huge bulge in my shorts. She licked her thin lips with the look of a cruel kid about to pull the wings off a live fly, as she tucked her thumbs under the waistband of my undies. As she slowly pulled them down, my erect, pulsating phallus sprang up to vertical. Mrs Cohen let out an audible moan. Grandma looked at her with an expression of what can only be described as family pride. Mrs Cohen brought a teasing forefinger to her mouth, wet the tip with her tongue, and rubbed the very end of my knob in slow circles. I stiffened even more at her touch. Mrs Cohen was pleased by my reaction. She cupped my shaft in the palm of her left hand and began to pull me off. Grandma moved her right hand from my hip and began to squeeze my heavy balls. Man, the pleasure was so great that I had to hold onto their bare, soft shoulders to keep myself upright.

Suddenly, Mrs Cohen looked up at Grandma and said:

'Get him on the couch, I've got to chew him.'

The ladies pushed me back until the back of my knees gave way, and I fell on the couch, with Grandma sitting to my right, and Mrs Cohen kneeling on the floor to my left. I looked on as Mrs Cohen took hold of my prick in her small right hand and brought her head towards it. But just as she was about to envelop me, Grandma's hands took hold of my face, turned it towards her, and brought her mouth to mine.

As Grandma's tongue explored every corner of my mouth, her hands blocked the view I wanted to see,of my dick being gorged upon by her friend. But then I realised, that having my body twisted at the waist, being blown off by an unseen lover, whilst being french kissed by another, was just the biggest turn on ever. I was soon ready to shoot my load. Both ladies sensed it too. Mrs Cohen started to move her mouth and hand faster up and down my tool. Caught in Grandma's vice like hands, and unable to swallow, my mouth was filling up with her saliva, as she pressed her slobbering lips over mine. With hardly any notice at all, the lower part of my body went into spasm, as I injected both balls of spunk into Mrs Cohen's mouth. As I felt her swallowing my load, I bit hard on Grandma's bottom lip, forcing her to release me just in time to see Mrs Cohen take the last few drops.

From behind me, I heard Grandma tell Mrs Cohen to save some for her. Too late, I thought to myself, it's all gone. I didn't know then, though, what it was that Grandma had in mind. She stood up from the couch and knelt down beside Mrs Cohen. Mrs Cohen parted her lips enough for me to see that there was still some of my cum in her mouth. Grandma took hold of Mrs Cohen roughly by her upper arms, and the mouth that had been kissing me just a few seconds earlier was now pressed tightly over Mrs Cohen's. The two ladies necked each other passionately. I could see strands of my spunk pass between them as their tongues interlocked. They continued like this for about five minutes. I had never seen two women together in real life, and its effect was almost instant; I was starting to get hard again. They each pulled the others basques down enough to expose their breasts. Mrs Cohen fondled and massaged Grandma's tits, before bringing her mouth down to her hardening nipples. Grandma's eyes rolled in delight as her friend bit and sucked on her teats. With a low groan, as an orgasm hit her, Grandma forced Mrs Cohen onto her back and began to lick her small tits, in turn. I watched as the smaller ladies' right hand disappeared down Grandma's skimpy panties and began to move around. Grandma was soon squealing again, and now her hand found its way into Mrs Cohen's knickers. Both women were soon frigging each other furiously to a mutual, noisy climax.

I was hard as rock again as the two ladies lay on the floor, trying to recover their breathing. I took my chance, stood up with my trousers still around my ankles, and shuffled towards Mrs Cohen's parted legs. She looked up at me as I undid the bows holding her panties together, and threw them across the floor. She had a neatly trimmed black bush. I took hold of her high heels and spread her legs to reveal her pink pussy. Then, crouching in between her, I teased her with the end of my knob.

Her head moved from right to left, as I kept this up for a couple of minutes. I wanted her to be ready for it. At last, she looked up at me with her dark brown, smouldering eyes, and pleaded with me:

'For pity's sake, fuck me. Please, please fuck me.'

I thrust my arse forward, and split her beaver in two with such a force that I almost lifted her off the ground. Mrs Cohen wailed with delight as I gave her my all. I brought my face down to her and began to give her my tongue as well. When Grandma saw us, she moved her head in close, and soon all three of us were kissing each other as I fucked the arse of Mrs Cohen. She had a tight twat that was really giving my shaft a good workout. When I mentioned this, a look of concern crept over Grandma's face. I didn't mean any comparison, but that's the way she took it. Both Mrs Cohen and I were close to the point, and our pants were loud and in unison. She beat me to orgasm by a split second. As I pumped my hot juices into her pussy, I moved my lips to Grandma's mouth and dove my tongue in as far as it would go. I have to tell you, that kissing one woman whilst fucking another is just about the best feeling in the world.

We all three of us lay on the floor for about half an hour, saying not a word. Eventually, Grandma stood up and asked me to help her in the kitchen with some drinks. It was only a decoy to get me alone. She was feeling a little insecure, and thought that I wouldn't be interested in her anymore. I told her that I'd still be servicing her every night and that nothing had changed. Grandma said she hoped I wouldn't see Mrs Cohen again. I could tell she was a little jealous and did my best to reassure her.

By the time we got back into the living room, Mrs Cohen was seated on the couch smoking a cigarette. She complimented me on my love making. I could see Grandma out of the corner of my eye. She didn't look too happy. No sooner had we finished the drink, than Grandma announced that we'd both have to leave, as she wanted to go for a lie down. I could tell she was feeling hurt. All three of us began to get dressed. Mrs Cohen handed me my shirt, with an apology for sitting on it. As she did so, she gave me a wink that was not seen by Grandma. Mrs Cohen asked if she could give me a lift anywhere. Grandma interrupted before I could speak, to say that she wanted me to give her a fuck before I went home, as she hadn't had one yet. Mrs Cohen came over and gave me a full on kiss before leaving.

Two minutes' later, Grandma was bending over the couch, being well shafted by yours' truly.

As I sat on the bus going home, I wondered why Mrs Cohen had given me that sly wink. I remembered it was as she passed me my shirt. I undid my jacket and looked in the top pocket. There was a piece of paper inside. I opened it out to see what was on it. It simply read;

'Call me anytime. Mrs Cohen.' It had her phone number below.

As the bus approached my stop, I began to think that maybe I wouldn't be seeing so much of Grandma after all.

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