tagIncest/TabooGrandma Gloria Ch. 02

Grandma Gloria Ch. 02



I awoke early in the morning at 6.00. I was a bit confused, forgetting where I was. Then it all came back to me. With it came another raging hard-on. And the guilt and shame. I was disgusted with myself. How could I have lain there and played with my cock over my own grandmother. Was there something wrong with me?

I decided, as it was early, I would go to work. Leaving Gloria a note, I left. It was only half day on Saturday. Sometimes not even that long. It was just a case of finishing up the last weeks work and getting ready for the next one.

All morning I thought about last night. Trying to sort out how I felt about things. But I kept coming back to the vision of her. I'd seen so many things last night that had turned me on, I couldn't think about anything else. From the time she'd opened the door, to the time I'd fallen asleep was one long ride of sexual tension. She'd definitely left me with biggest blue balls I'd ever had.

I arrived home around 12.30pm and as I pulled into the driveway, grandma's Merc was parked just inside the garage. Leaving mine besides hers I walked around the back to put my work boots in the shed at the far side of the pool, ready for Monday morning. As I shut the door to the shed I noticed grandma had done some washing. I didn't think any more of it until I saw my gym top on the line. I suddenly reddened, knowing that she couldn't fail to notice that it was full of cum stains.

This situation was getting more out of hand by the hour. How was I supposed to face her now. I'd already been stupid enough to let her know that I'd watched her masturbate, by closing my door last night, and now, because I hadn't thought to put my dirty vest top away, grandma had found it and washed it for me. I was getting more embarrassed by the minute.

I couldn't stand in the garden as I was, looking stupid. I knew I had to face her soon. So l walked back along the path, scanning the rear windows as I walked. I didn't see anyone looking and entered the back door. Nobody in the kitchen. I felt relieved. I don't know why. I couldn't expect to avoid grandma for long. I went to the fridge for a beer and as I opened the door I saw it. On a piece of A4 was a note in broad red letters, ' COME & JOIN ME FOR GYM & SAUNA'. What was I going to do now? I couldn't see anyway out of this. She might of seen me arrive home, so I couldn't just drive off. Getting my beer I thought that Gloria would be just as embarrassed as me, if not more so. Seeing no way out I made my way to my room for a shower and change.

I entered the gym in another vest top and shorts. I looked over to Gloria. she was sat on a bench rubbing her face and neck with a towel. She was wearing a white terry robe. She smiled when she saw me.

"Hello Bobby. How was work?'

"Hi. it's always easy on Saturdays. How was your night out?" I asked as I kissed her hello on the cheek.

"Very nice darling. Thank you for asking. The girls were very frisky last night after meeting you. They think it's shameful that I should be here all by my lonesome with a hunk like you. I think they were both hinting about coming round more often and chaperoning us."

All I could do was smile at that. We made more small talk while I stretched and got warmed up. Looking around I noticed how well equipped the room was. Not as well as what I was used to. But enough to keep what I'd already built. It would certainly do.

I stood, and gazed around, trying to decide what I was going to do first. I was a bit conscious of Gloria watching me. I'm not used to that. She must of felt something as she quickly got to her feet and removed her robe.

I had to look away quickly. All she was wearing was a white halter-neck vest top and cut-offs. On her feet were white ankle socks and pumps. She looked awesome. Everything from last night came crashing back. I watched out the corner of my eye as she walked over to a mat in front of a large wall mirror and started bending and twisting. I was pretty sure that grandma couldn't see me watching. I kept her in my peripheral vision. Even so, I could see enough to give me another erection. How was I supposed to hide this in what I was wearing? What was I going to do when we went for a sauna? Going about my workout, I sometimes felt her watching me, but when I looked over to her she wasn't. I was sure she was though. After an hour I felt I'd had enough. Grandma was still on the mat, doing simple leg raises and such like. I went for my towel and made my way over to her. With my big towel hanging down in front of me I stood beside her and told her I was finished and was going to skip the sauna.

"Ahh, I was looking forward to that." she said. "it's always so lonely in there and I get so bored that I don't stay in half as long as I should. But if you don't fancy it, then I wont try and make you"

I started to feel a little guilty. I really wanted one but because of my predicament and obvious arousal, I was letting grandma down. Petty I know, but it seemed to mean a lot to her. I decided that if I went for a cold shower it would cool my ardour down, then I could go in with her.

"Tell you what, you go on in and I'll have a quick shower and join you shortly."

"Oh, that's lovely Bobby. You don't need to shower though. It's not a requirement." She said as she pulled her halter-top off. To reveal a strapless bikini top underneath. My cock instantly went gaga. They just weren't the tits of a 61 year old grandma. Or as I imagined them to be. I expected them to be veiny And at least soft and wrinkly. But they weren't. I tried to study her as she changed. even her face had few lines. Full lips and even white teeth. I wondered if they were her own. I also noticed for the first time how tanned she was. As far as I was aware, Gloria hadn't been away and there was no mention by her of a solarium in the house. However she'd got it, it suited her.

Grandma turned round and bent down to remove her socks and trainers. I couldn't help but stare at her arse. It was perfect. Not to skinny, but not fat either. I was really tempted to reach out and touch it. I could imagine my hands squeezing each cheek. I shook myself and looked away and my eyes caught hers in the mirror. I'm sure I reddened up. She must of seen the way I'd been looking at her bum. I quickly made my excuses and ran to the shower. I knew I needed more than that.

A twenty minute cold shower and 2 wanks later found me outside the sauna door. I felt quite relaxed and figured I'd be alright now. Opening the door I stepped in. Grandma was laid across the top bench, I tried not to look at her gorgeous body and sat down below her.

"Did you have a nice shower honey?

"Yeah. It was great. I just like to wash down and freshen up before I go into a sauna."

"You certainly took your time love. Thought you must of fallen asleep or something. If you'd of been much longer I was coming to look for you."

"Sorry Gloria................... So, what you doing tonight?.......... Are you out with the girls again.?

"No love. We only ever go out on a Friday. You see we are all three widows. We all lost our husbands relatively young. I'm the oldest before you ask. Mable is 2 years younger and Sandra is 3 years behind me. We're all comfortably well off and have no need to work. Our husbands left us well provided for. In Mable's case, that's the only worthwhile thing he ever did. So going out for a couple of hours each Friday gives us some sort of social life. We'd probably become three old maids if we didn't."

"I don't think your old Gloria. In fact you look much younger than your years. Do you have some sort of secret?"

She laughed and I felt her hand drop down and mess with my hair. I could feel her fingers running through it. It felt nice.

"There's no secret. I make a point of eating right, plenty of exercise and although I like a drink, I don't do it to excess too often. So what are you doing tonight Bobby?"

"Nothing. All the lads have gone back to their families until Monday morning. But I'm not in the mood to go out anyway. Not unless you want to go out with me." For a long while Gloria was quiet. I thought she must of dozed off. I reached over to put some more water on the coals. As it hissed Grandma answered.

"Some other time love. I think it's a perfect time for us to get to know each other better, don't you?"

"Suits me."

"Great. I'll make some supper for us and we can open some wine and talk, watch a movie. By the way I've asked the girls over for lunch tomorrow. I want them to meet my hunky grandson properly. Is that alright with you? I should of asked first, I'm sorry. Spur of the moment thing."

"Sure. That'll be fun. I've nothing planned."

"Good. They'll be round at 1."

By now Gloria's hand was caressing my shoulder. I can feel her long painted nails against my skin as they gently run along the top. I glance around toward Gloria's face but her eyes are closed, so I look to my left and I can see her feet with their painted nails. Her left leg is raised at the knee and I can see how defined her calf muscle is. As I'm looking, her hand leaves my shoulder and she reaches down and runs her nails from her ankle to her thigh. Then it was back on me.

"Bobby darling. Would you do me a small favour?"

"Of course Gloria. What is it?"

"If I turn over. Would you be so kind and rub my shoulders for me? Not really a massage, more of a pressure rub."

Looking round I could see her watching me. I smiled and said sure. I was in a mild panic. I was only just holding on to myself. I was pretty sure that grandma didn't want a hard dribbling cock in her face. Thankfully, when she had turned over, she faced the wall.

I brought my hands up and nervously placed both hands on her skin. Her body was damp with sweat and felt incredibly silky. As hard as I tried, I couldn't help but look down at her bum cheeks. It looked so inviting and I let my eyes follow all the way to her feet and back up again. When I reached her arse I saw her cheeks clench. Tearing my eyes away I stared at her back and I could see her huge breast being squeezed out of her bikini top. Before I could do anything about it the blood rushed to my cock and it was tenting my shorts out. I didn't know what I was going to do when Gee turned round. I kept squeezing her shoulders and small moans were coming from her and she kept mincing on the bench. I Must have been doing it right.

Minutes later she turned her head towards me. As quick as lightening I sat back down. I couldn't let her see me in that state. The only consolation was that all my shorts were wet and you couldn't see the wet patch. You could definitely see everything else though.

"Is everything alright honey? Have you finished? .......... That was so lovely. You have very nice hands and know how to use them."

"Thank you. I'm feeling a little faint. Think I need to get out now. I'm not as used to this as you are."

"Ok love. I'll be out shortly. I'll get us a bite to eat when I've changed."

Keeping my back to her, I left the sauna and headed straight to the shower. I quickly washed and towelled dried myself and was just leaving the room when I heard her voice calling me.


I looked round and she was just pulling a short towelling robe on. It wasn't done up correctly and I had a more than perfect view of expansive cleavage. If the gown had been opened any further, her nipples would have been on display. Any shorter and I would have had another look at her bald pussy. I quickly put my towel in front of me. This was madness. I had no control over my cock. It was like it was possessed. I'd never experienced anything like this. I'd had the normal 18 year old hormonal thing, when your dick rises for nothing. But that passed years ago.

"Yes Gran... sorry Gloria. What's up. Can I get you anything?" I asked while trying to look anywhere but where I wanted to look. It was very difficult.

"No darling. I just wanted you to know that if you get too hot at night like last night, you can always open the window and I don't mind if you leave your door open. That way a nice breeze will come through. that's why I leave mine open"

"Actually, I'm pretty good. I was really comfortable last night thanks."

"Oh. It was just that I went in to get your dirty washing and noticed when I picked your vest up how wet it was. I assumed that you must have been using it as a towel to wipe yourself. You know, all the sweat from your body. I know how hot young men can be. I was once your age too."

I looked up at grandma and saw an obvious twinkle in her hazel eyes. She must have been able to see the shock on my face. She let her eyes stray across my chest and I was stunned when she then dropped them down to my towel and rested where my cock was jerking around in my shorts. The tip of her tongue came out and licked her bottom lip. She then turned around, dropped her towel and stepped into the shower stall.

I felt unable to move as I heard her switch the shower on. Somewhere in the back of my mind was the thought that Gloria was teasing me. I dismissed it out of hand. Surely I was mistaken. I must be reading the signals wrong. Reaching down I gave my hard cock a squeeze. My balls were definitely blue now.

I stood there for a while and picking up my towel I made my way to my room. Once inside, I closed the door and put some music on. It was no good. I was going to have to relieve myself. There was just no way that I could leave myself in this state. Pulling my T-shirt off and my shorts down, I released my throbbing 10" cock. I've always been proud of my dick. But I can honestly say, never more so then now. It seemed to be more swollen now than it had ever been before.

Laying down on the bed, I grabbed my balls in my left hand and gently stroked my cock with my right. I was so excited by Gloria. Closing my eyes, I thought about those huge tits wrapped around my cock. I thought of her bent over in her heels and me pounding her from behind. I thought about my cock being sucked into that succulent mouth and my balls being squeezed by her long fingers. I'd definitely lost all shame. It didn't take me long before I had another exploding ejaculation.

To Be Continued...

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