tagIncest/TabooGrandma Gloria Ch. 03

Grandma Gloria Ch. 03


Saturday Evening.

I Must of fallen asleep. I woke around 5.30 to the sounds of the 'Eagles' wafting through my open bedroom window. Ignoring my hard-on, I went over to look out and see what was going on. Gloria was laid out on a sun-bed by the pool. It was what she was wearing that kept my attention. The bikini was some thing you would of expected a much younger woman to be wearing. The top, (if you could call it that.) consisted of two triangles that barely covered her huge nipples. Black in colour and was the sort that tied around the neck. The bottoms weren't a thong, (thank god) but were cut high on the hip and again she was wearing heeled strappy sandals, also black. The dark sunglasses finished off the ensemble.

I must have been looking out of my window for only a few minutes and decided I'd better go down. I couldn't avoid her forever. I just had to learn self control. I didn't hold out much hope for that. Because she was barely dressed I gave her the courtesy of letting her know I was about by putting my music on loudly so that it could be heard above the Eagle's. standing back from the window, I saw Gloria's head turn towards the house. She smiled and faced the garden again. No attempt to cover herself. With nothing else for it, I put on a pair of swim trunks and one more look out the window told me two things. There was a pile towels by the side of the pool and Gloria was still in the same position, looking really hot.

I stepped out on to the patio and coughed loudly, giving her another opportunity to cover up. She just turned towards me and smiled hello.

"Good evening sweetheart." She said. "Slight change of plans. As it's such a warm bright evening, I thought we'd have a little BBQ out here by the pool. I haven't done one for years. Hope you can cook."

"Sounds great Gloria." I quickly looked up and thanked god. At least I would be able to hide in the water when I became to aroused. I had a feeling I would be spending a lot of time in there. "No problem with the cooking. I enjoy it."

"Great. If the weathers with us, we can do it again tomorrow when the girls are here. I'll give them both a ring in the morning if it's nice and they can bring there costumes."

I smiled my agreement to her and stepped quickly to the poolside. I'd had a flash of the three of them tomorrow all dressed in swim suits. "Oh wow" I thought. And quickly dived in. I swam a few lengths, refusing to look towards Gloria. When I did finally swim to the side, she was looking at me with a really smug smile on her face. It occurred to me that Gloria obviously wasn't the naïve girls I was used to. This was a mature worldly woman. Who knew all there was to know. At least I think more than I did. She didn't miss much and knew exactly why I'd got in the water.

"Why don't you light the BBQ Hun? You'll find charcoal and fire lighters underneath in that cupboard."

I climbed out the pool. I could feel Gloria watching me. When I looked at her I couldn't see where she was looking. Only that she was faced my way. My wet shorts clung to my skin and I suspect she had a good ogle at my lunchbox until I got a towel round me.

I pretty quickly got the fire going. Always been a dab-hand at that. Once it was roaring, we chatted about nothing I particularly remember, until it had died down, I then placed two peppered steaks on the grill. When these were quite happy sizzling, I turned back to Gloria. I was shocked to see that whist my back had been turned, she'd removed her bikini top and was massaging sun-block into her breasts. Before I could spin back round, she called me over and asked me to do her back. By now, the blood was pumping through my stiff cock. And even with a towel round me there was no way that I could hide it.

I walked towards her and was conscious of the lump under my towel. I'd resigned myself to what ever happened. For all I knew, Gloria might have been some sort of nudist or exhibitionist. She certainly didn't seem to wear too many clothes. I could feel her eyes on me and saw her chew her bottom lip. As I reached her, somehow, and believe me when I say I don't know how, my towel fell to the floor just as I reached her. I tried to bend down quickly and pick it up but I was getting in a muddle. All the time I was struggling with it, Gloria was only feet away from my erection. I could hear her giggling. By the time I retrieved it I was red in the face with embarrassment. I looked into her face and she smiled, so I dropped the towel on to the end of her sun-bed, picked the lotion up and stood behind her.

We were silent for a few moments and then she spoke. "So tell me love, do you always get an erection in front of old ladies or was it the sight of my large breasts that did it for you? You can tell me. I wont be offended. I find it very flattering that a young hunk like yourself can still be aroused by me."

I didn't answer for a short while and I decided that honesty was in this case, the best policy. "Gloria, I've had a hard-on since you opened the door to me yesterday. I'm really sorry. It's just that your always so provocatively dressed. I've never had this before. I'm always in control........ I cant seem to make it stay down."

"Don't apologise darling. It's nice. Just because you're my grandson shouldn't mean that you cant find me attractive. It's very flattering. Now tell me, did you get hard as you watched me in the kitchen last night? And while you watched me masturbate on the bed?"

"You knew?"

"Of course I knew. You were meant to watch. I meant to drop the tray, to wake you up. And when I came upstairs I meant to leave both our doors open so you could watch. Now, come round here. We're both grown ups and I would really like to see what I've already glimpsed."

I'd lost all sense of reason and moved around in front of her. I watched transfixed as her long fingers reached out to the draw string on my shorts. Her mouth opened slightly and her tongue licked her bottom lip. Pulling my waistband away from my stomach, she deftly tugged them down. My hard wet cock sprang up into her face and I heard her gasp.

I've always been proud of my manhood. Not only am I 10" long, but also very nearly 4" in circumference. I'm uncircumcised and have always have many big veins that run around making it look like something that's been bought at an 'Anne Summers' party. Pre-cum was oozing out the eye and running down the length of cock and even reaching my balls. Gloria was speechless, as she watched it jerk about in front of her face.

"N...n...now Bobby, if you promise not to tell anyone. I'll take care of your rather large problem for you. This must remain our secret."

"God Gloria. I promise, I promise. I wont tell anybody" I was that horny, I would of promised anything and meant it.

She removed her sunglasses and bent down to put them under her lounger. As she did, the side of her face rubbed against my cock. Sitting back up, Gloria took hold of me in her right hand and hefted my balls with the other. I've always been a sucker for beautiful hands. That to me, is one of the most erotic things in the world. And Gloria's hands were something else. She slowly pulled my folds back to reveal my angry helmet. It was so red and engorged it looked purple.

I looked down at her heaving breasts. The nipples were as big as sewing thimbles. I tried to look away and think of something else. I definitely had a feeling that I wouldn't be lasting long. Not only was I over excited like a school boy, but Gloria was squeezing and manipulating my dick and balls like a pro. Then she shocked me . She pulled me towards her and stunned, I watched her mouth engulf me. I felt my cock hit the back of her throat before she slowly pulled away. As it left her mouth, Gloria swirled her tongue around me cock head and I could see my pre-cum dripping of the end. I was so very close.

"Are you going to spunk Bobby? Do you want to cum over Granma's tits? I think you do. You've been looking at them and my legs since you arrived."

"Mmmmmm Gloria. Make me cum. Make me shoot all over you.............. Your right. I've been thinking about you ever since I got here...................... I cant stop wanking........... Oooh fuck.... I'm really close. Faster Gloria, ...... faster."

She suddenly sat bolt upright and nestled my knob between her tits. Staring into my eyes, she told me to shoot and squeezed and pumped really hard. Her huge tits were wobbling the harder she got. I felt my balls tighten up and for the first time ever, I felt the jism leaving my balls and travelling the length of my hard-on. I groaned and a torrent of spunk splattered Gloria's chest.

"Oooh.. good... god. ............ there's just so much. .............. No wonder you balls are so big....... That's it baby............. Give it all to Gloria........... So much..... Mmmmmmmmm."

In fact there was a lot more than I expected, considering the amount of masturbating I'd been doing since I'd arrived. Gloria gave my balls a gentle scratch with her long nails, which sent a tremor through my whole body and I collapsed on to the other sun lounger. I closed my eyes for a second. When I opened them I was glad to see Gloria wasn't wasting my jism. She was sensuously massaging it into her chest. There isn't anything a man who likes big tits, likes to see more, than a woman massaging her own tits. Highly sexual. And this was certainly that.

Staring at my still hard cock, Gloria 'hummed and aahed'.

"That was great Grandma. I've never cum like that before."

"I think love. You should take those burnt steaks of the grill and take me indoors. I think you'd better give Gloria what she's been hoping for. I haven't had a cock for years."

I found that really hard to believe. Ok, she was 61. Not young by any means. But as I've said, she looked early to mid fifties. Her and mum could of got away with being sisters. But I thought, she has no reason to lie, so I had no reason not to believe her. I had to assume that men hit on her whilst she was out. Especially the way she dressed. So why hadn't she had more lovers? This was a mystery. No doubt it will resolve itself eventually.

To Be Continued......................

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