tagIncest/TabooGrandma Goes Hog Wild Ch. 01

Grandma Goes Hog Wild Ch. 01


Sure, maybe I had some screwed up priorities. My dad was more certain. I had just turned 21 and he had just kicked me out of his house. I had dropped out of college a couple of years before after three lackluster semesters on a football scholarship at State U. Toned up and buffed out after years of football playing, I'd quickly been hired as a bouncer at a local nightclub. I picked up work during the days doing construction work for a local contractor, the father of my best bud in high school.

I was living in the apartment above the garage at my dad's house and spent most of my free time on three things: fucking chicks from the club; working out in the garage; and tinkering with my bike - - an ancient Yamaha. I got kicked out of my apartment just as things were looking up: I had just experienced my first threesome, and I had just bought a brand new Suzuki Boulevard - - a 1500 cc, fuel injected, black and chrome beast of beauty. I loved that machine and loved the feel of it pulling me along the road like some mighty bronco.

I had joined a riding club - - mainly older guys who worked in factories and garages. We did a long ride on Saturdays, usually heading out to a nearby state park or, in the summers, a lake and just hanging around drinking beer, talking bikes, and getting goofy.

I had just pulled my bike into the garage one early Saturday night, exhausted after the long ride, when my dad gave me the bad news.

"You're a fuckup, Mike," he said sternly. "Your mom and I tried to give you the best we could. And you just go out and screw around."

I took off my leathers and my gloves.

"Yeah, right," I said in a bored tone. "Whatever. Can we have this discussion tomorrow or Monday or whenever."

My dad's face got red. "Listen here. I think the reason you're such a fuckup is that we've been too easy on you. Me and your mom. Those days are over."

He paused and I pulled a warm can of beer out of one of my saddlebags. I could see the old man almost trembling with anger.

"Put that beer down," he practically shouted. I popped the top of the beer, took a long swig, and slowly placed it on the workbench.

"You're out of here," my dad continued, crossing his arms over his chest. "Pack your shit up. I want you out of here by tomorrow morning. No if's, and's, or but's. If you're not gone, I'll move you out myself."

What? My jaw dropped. I started to stutter an answer, but he only turned and stalked back into the house. I threw my gloves against the wall. Yeah, I thought to myself, fuck you and fuck your white picket fence house and your fucking two car garage. I grabbed my gear and headed up to my apartment.

I packed my stuff angrily into a duffel back. As I packed, I was thinking about where I'd spend the night. The best option was my biker friend, Gunner, who lived in a mobile home on the outskirts of town. I called him up. We had a short conversation in which Gunner revealed that he and his old lady were fighting like cats and dogs.

"Yo, man," Gunner said in his stoner drawl. "I'd put you up bro, but the bitch would cut my balls off. Try calling Pancho."

Pancho was a hugely obese guy who rode a pimped out Harley and lived with his mother. No thanks, I thought to myself. Then an idea hit me. My grandmother. She lived on the other side of town in a little two bedroom bungalow. She'd always been sweet on me. And, ever since my dad divorced my mom, she'd had nothing but bad to say about him. Perfect.

I called granny up and explained things to her.

"Oh honey," she sighed. "Your dad always was an angry, rash man. He's never treated you right. You get yourself over here. Grandma will give you a place to sleep."

I thanked her, hung up, strapped my duffel to my bike, peed in the center of the garage, and fired up my motorcycle. With a screeching tailfish, I roared out of my dad's driveway and cruised on over to Grandma's.

I pulled up in front of Granny's house and parked my bike. Grandma opened the door and stood on the porch, waving to me. I took a good look at her. She was short and compactly built, with thick silver hair that draped down her back. I remembered her big, pretty green eyes and that wide, easy smile. As I approached the porch, I noted how she was in great shape for a lady in her late 50s. She was wearing jeans and a tight white blouse. Her tits were big and rode high up on her chest. Her waist was thin and her legs, while full, were shapely. Not quite the 20-something hard bodies I loved to pick up from the club, but not hard on the eyes either.

Grandma gave me a hug as I stepped onto the porch and I was enveloped in a cloud of sweet perfume. Her soft cheek brushed against mine.

"Hello baby," she whispered into my ear, rubbing my back with her hand. "It's so good to see you."

We went inside where grandma had laid out a feast on the dining room table. We ate and talked - - mostly about what a rotten guy my dad was.

"Mike," grandma said, as she whisked our empty plates off the table. "I was hoping you'd given up riding that motorcycle. Those are so dangerous."

I laughed. "No grandma. They're safe if you know what you're doing."

She clucked her disapproval and dropped the subject.

Over the next couple of weeks, I settled into grandma's house. I had to cool out on the girls - - but there was always so much drama involved with them, that I began to enjoy the break. I joined a gym and kept working out. And, I basically transformed grandma's garage into my motorcycle repair shop.

Most nights, I'd be working on my bike and grandma would come out with a cold bottle of beer for me. She'd sit on a stool while I worked on the bike and we chatted. It was great to have someone so nice and sweet to hang out with. And as time went by, grandma overcame her resistance to the bike and even started expressing some curiosity about it.

Finally, one warm summer night as I worked on the bike, grandma got up off the stool and came over to examine the motorcycle.

"Mike," she said, running her hand along the seat bench. "This does look kind of comfortable."

I laughed. "Grandma, there's nothing more relaxing than a nice ride on a bike on a warm summer night."

She smiled. "Really?"

I laughed again. "Go on, saddle up. See what it feels like."

Grandma grinned and swung her leg over the seat. She wobbled a bit and I grabbed her arm to steady her. She settled into the seat nervously and grabbed the handlebars.

"Well," she said with a grin. "This does feel pretty comfortable."

She rubbed her ass across the seat.

"You look great, grandma," I said, keeping my hand on her back to steady her. "Let's go for a ride."

She laughed. "Oh no, Mike. I don't think so."

I pushed her gently back in the seat and squeezed in front of her.

"Oh god," she squealed. "I'm going to fall off."

"Wrap your arms around me," I said as I backed the bike out of the garage.

I turned the bike around in the driveway, pulled the clutch in, and started up the bike. The engine roared into life, humming smoothly beneath us, and I felt grandma's arms tighten around my waist.

"I don't know, Mike," she shouted into my ear.

I gunned the bike a couple of times. "It's okay. Just hold on. We'll take it around the block. A short ride."

She squeezed my waist tightly and I nudged the accelerator. Soon, we were whipping down the block with the warm wind blowing past us. It was a great night for a bike ride - - the air was gentle and humid, the streets were quiet, and the bike was running like a charm.

Instead of turning to head around the block, I took a right and we drove down along the main drag in grandma's part of town. Grandma was holding on tight and as we pulled tooled down the road, she leaned her cheek against my shoulder. I smiled. We drove out of town, sped across a country road, and then turned back around for home. We pulled into the driveway. I put my feet down on the pavement and cut off the bike.

"Well," I asked. "What do you think?"

Grandma sighed. "Wow, that was fun!!!! It's so exciting - - like a ride at the county fair or something. And, you're such a good driver!"

I laughed and helped her off the bike. She brushed her clothes off and gave me a big hug.

"Thanks, baby," she said, holding my hands. "I haven't' had so much fun with a guy since your grandpa died."

I laughed and gave her a peck on the cheek. "Anytime, grandma."

And, so, grandma and I began our nightly bike rides. For a week, after dinner, I'd have my beer and work on my bike. Then, we'd hop on the bike and ride for 20 or 30 minutes - - usually out into quiet country roads that surrounded granny's house. Grandma really got a kick out of it and seemed to look forward to our nightly drive. She even started borrowing my biker mags and browsing them during the day.

Imagine my surprise when one night, about a week and a half after we'd started our biking adventures, grandma came into the garage dressed in biker leathers!!! She came into the garage tentatively with a big smile. Wow, I thought to myself. She looked great wearing a tank top under a tight leather vest that pushed her big titties up and outward. She had on tight leather pants which showed off her thighs and her big, firm ass. Instead of motorcycle boots, grandma had found some black leather high-heel boots that ran up past her knees.

I wolf whistled at her. "Wow, here comes my hot biker chick!!"

Grandma giggled. "Do you like it?"

"Sure do," I said, taking her by the hand and spinning her around. "It would be my honor to give a hot chick like you a ride on my horse!"

I led her to my bike and helped her up onto the seat. We took off out of the garage and out onto the road. Grandma squeezed my waist tight as we took one long curve after another under the full moon. We drove further into the remote countryside. As we moved along the quiet roads, I could feel grandma squirming on the seat behind me.

"You okay?" I shouted over my shoulder.

"I'm great," she shouted back. "I just feel so good . . . on the bike . . in my new outfit . .with my biker boy!!!"

She and I laughed together. As I maneuvered the bike, I felt grandma's hands start to drop across my abs and then come to rest on my thighs. She squeezed a thigh in each hand, and I looked down briefly to watch her long red fingernails digging into my jeans. It felt good and I spread my legs wider in pleasure. Grandma's hands grew more insistent, squeezing and kneading my thigh muscles. I felt her hunching tighter against my back and I felt her big tits smashed up against my shoulders.

This was getting kind of hot. And, I could feel my cock responding by growing longer and harder. Pretty soon, the combination of things - - the bike's vibrations, the warm rushing air, grandma's playful hands - - had my cock crawling down the leg of my pants. Granny's fingers were dancing along my thighs and it was only a matter of time before they discovered my hard cock. Sure enough, I felt her right hand brush against the lump in my jeans. Her hand paused. She pulled her left hand off my leg and wrapped her arm around my waist, squeezing tight. She rested her other hand on my cock, gently and lightly. I growled with pleasure.

It was getting harder and harder to pay attention to the road as my cock grew harder and harder. But, I kept my mind on driving even as my body responded to granny's hands. Soon, her right hand began pressing against my cock. I could feel her upper body squirming against my back. She began running her hand up and down my cock, gently at first and then more quickly and roughly. She began squeezing my dick and I could hear her deep breathing in my ear.

I knew that if things continued this way, we'd end up wrecked against one of the trees or fenceposts flashing by us. A dirt road appeared ahead on our right. I slowed the bike down and turned onto the dusty road. Grandma was still squeezing my dick. I pushed the bike up a hill and around a curve until we were well out of sight of the main road. Then, I braked the bike and gently pulled it to a stop. I planted my feet on the ground and took my hands off the handlbars. I leaned backward a bit. Grandma sighed and applied her free hand to my cock. She massaged my dick through my jeans, squeezing and stroking it with both her hands. I pulled one hand off my cock and started sucking on her fingers. She moaned.

With a grunt, I pushed myself off the bike and stumbled to my feet. My long stiff dick made it more difficult to get my balance. Grandma sat on the bike, her hands at her sides, her eyes fixed on mine. I grabbed her hand and yanked her off the motorcycle. I slipped my arms around her waist and pulled her roughly to me. She gasped and I jammed my lips hard against hers. With a deep moan, she opened her mouth and our tongues met, lashing wildly against each other.

I was on fire. I unzipped her leather vest and attacked her tits with my hands, squeezing and pinching her huge, soft breasts. She squeezed my cheeks between her hands and attacked my mouth even more ferociously with her tongue.

I pushed her vest off her shoulders and pulled the straps of her tank top down over her shoulders. Her huge white tits rolled out of her top and I attached my lips hungrily to her nipples, sucking and nibbling each in turn.

"Oh, Mikey," grandma groaned. "We can't do this, baby. It's not right."

"Shut up," I growled from between her tits.

Grandma groaned again and I felt her hands scrabbling at the front of my jeans.

"Wait," I said, pulling my tongue and lips off her tits.

I stood and began unbuttoning my jeans.

"Oh yes, baby," grandma moaned. "Yes, baby. That's it."

I pulled my jeans down to my thighs and pulled my cock out of my underwear. It was rock hard - long and thick. Grandma squealed and wrapped her hands around it. The warm soft skin of her hands felt like velvet on my dick. I leaned my torso back and let her pull and push on my cock. I thought I was going to explode.

Grandma murmured something and, still holding on to my dick, pushed her tits up against my chest. I grunted and reached around to squeeze her ass. It was wide and firm and I attacked it with my big hands, roughly squeezing and pinching her jeans between my fingers.

Grandma groaned again. I reached down and hurriedly unbuckled her jeans, pushing her pants and her undies down her legs. She pushed her mouth up against mine and thrust her tongue between my lips. I leaned down, forcing her backwards. I looped an arm around her waist and lowered her to the ground. She lay there, her big tits spread across her chest and her sparsely haired mound naked in the moonlight. I stood over her and licked my lips. As I kicked my shoes off and leaned down to pull my pants off, grandma hurriedly pulled her boots off.

"That's it, Mikey," she moaned, gazing up at my cock as she struggled with her boots. "That's it baby."

My jeans came off, and I leaned down to yank her other boot off. Then, I pulled her jeans off her legs and she lay there below me, her tank top gathered at her waist, her magnificent tits rising and falling with her gasps, and her legs spread wide. I grinned and stroked my dick. Grandma reached up to pull me down on top of her. I settled down onto my elbows and we sucked each others' tongues. Grandma was whinnying with pleasure.

She grabbed my cock in her hands and started to push it toward her pussy.

"No," I grunted. "Wait."

I pulled my mouth off of hers and rose to my knees. I grabbed one of her legs and pulled it over so that she was lying on her stomach.

"Oh Mikey," grandma squealed, pushing herself to her knees and pushing her ass up towards me. "Oh, baby."

I smacked her big white ass and then grabbed an ass cheek in each hand, squeezing each one firmly.

"Damn, granny," I said. "You have got one hell of fine ass ass."

Grandma moaned and pushed her ass up against my crotch. I laughed.

"I need to tap this big, lovely ass .. and tap it hard."

Grandma let out a deep moan and dropped her head to the ground. With a grunt, I pushed my cock into her hot, tight pussy. I wanted to enter her slowly, but she jammed her ass hard against my crotch and my cock drove deep into her. I paused, relishing the feel of my cock gripped by her smooth pussy. Then, with another grunt, I began pumping my dick in and out of her. Her ass cheeks wobbled with each thrust of my cock and grandma groaned and sighed as I jacked my hips harder and faster against her big, beautiful ass. I took her hips in my hands and raised my hips up, hammering away at her ass. She groaned deeply and I felt her body shudder.

With two or three more hard, rough shoves of my cock, I felt myself ready to climax. I looped both arms around her waist, squeezed tight, and jammed my dick hard into her pussy as my cock exploded. I groaned and shook my hips, emptying my cum deep into her. Grandma launched a series of high-pitched grunts. I gasped and shook my hips and pulled her up by the waist, trying to thrust the last of my climax even deeper into her.

"Ohhhh," she sighed, throwing her head back. "Oh, baby. Hmmmmm. That feels so good."

I grunted and pushed her back down onto her elbows, thrusting my cock in and out, trying to keep fucking even though my cock had already emptied itself. Grandma grunted in time to my thrusts. With one final deep thrust, I collapsed forward onto grandma, forcing her body down onto the ground under me. My crotch rode atop her mountainous ass. I caught my breath and rolled off grandma and onto my side. I was breathing heavily and my cock, still semi-erect, wiggled in the open air.

Grandma remained lying down on her stomach, her head buried in her hands. I could see her shoulders rising and falling with her deep breaths. Her back was covered in a film of sweat. Neither of us spoke for five or ten minutes. Our breathing relaxed. My cock deflated to its regular size. I sighed, feeling my body uncoil. Grandma was hardly moving. I saw her clenching and unclenching her hands next to her face, which was turned away from me.

I ran my eyes up and down her body. She was built well, with lots of soft padding but no real fat. Her skin was pale and white. Her ass mounds rose up into the moonlight and her thighs were gently splayed apart. Her silver hair was draped across her shoulder blades. Watching her, I felt my cock starting to stiffen again.

I reached over and began stroking her ass cheeks. Grandma sighed. Her cheeks tensed and relaxed. Her skin felt so smooth and warm. I began to rub and squeeze her ass and she responded by gently raising her cheeks up to meet my hands. I murmured as my cock started to rise upward toward the sky.

I slid a hand down her deep ass crack and began fingering her tight ass hole. Grandma leaned her head on the ground and pushed her ass harder against my hand. Licking my lips, I turned over and rose up. I slid my hips across her ass and, with my finger now well up her asshole, I settled my crotch down between her legs. Grandma sighed.

I pulled my finger out of her asshole and gave my cock a few quick strokes. Gently, I pushed it against her pussy lips. Grandma pushed backward with her hips and my cock slid into her still dripping pussy. This time, we fucked more slowly with me on top, sliding my dick in and out of granny's ass. She rose up on her elbows and dropped her head, concentrating on the slow, sensuous rhythm created by my hips and her humping her ass up to meet my cock. I planted my hands on either side of her shoulders.

We fucked like this, slowly and quietly, for ten minutes, until I felt myself ready to cum. I pulled my dick out of her pussy and slid it between her ass cheeks. Grandma gasped and I began to fuck her ass cheeks more insistently, groaning at the pleasure of my slick cock encased in her abundant ass flesh. I was almost ready to cum when grandma suddenly pushed her hips up and then down, leaving me on my knees, my engorged cock sticking out in front of me.

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