tagIncest/TabooGrandma Goes Hog Wild Ch. 02

Grandma Goes Hog Wild Ch. 02


As grandma and I fucked more often, we discovered more about what we liked. We both liked rough, passionate sex. I loved fucking her in all kind of positions - - from behind, on the motorcycle, standing up. Grandma loved to stroke my cock - - sliding her hands up and down on it, squeezing it, playing with my balls. Some nights, we'd drive out to the country, find a remote spot, strip naked, and grandma would get on her knees and just play with my cock until I came. I've always enjoyed a good blowjob, but I never really knew how exquisite a good handjob could be until grandma showed me.

A Saturday rolled around and my weekly club ride approached. I asked grandma if she'd like to come with me. She agreed - - enthusiastically. I think that passionate sex and riding a motorcycle had really loosened her up - - making her feel younger, more adventurous, willing to take more risks. She positively glowed during the day.

Saturday morning was bright and warm. The club rally point was a 7-11 on the south side of town. I got up early, tinkered with the bike, and changed into a pair of clean jeans, boots, and a leather vest without an undershirt. As I headed out to the garage to pull the bike into the driveway, grandma came out of the house. She looked fantastic. She was wearing a new leather bra that showcased her big tits, some really, really tight jeans, and a pair of short cut motorcycle boots. Her hair was gathered into a ponytail. It was all I could do not to nail her right there in the front yard.

She climbed on the bike, gave my cock a quick stroke or two, jammed her tongue into my ear, and we were off for the rally point.

Most of the club members were older than me - - in their thirties or forties. They were good guys. A little booze and pot maybe, but no meth or crank or harder stuff. A lot of the guys brought their girlfriends or wives with them along on rides. And, let me tell you, these were not the kind of chicks you see on the cover of Iron Horse magazine. Most were pretty worn-out looking. Some were downright ugly. Still, the point was to get together, ride, and have some fun.

I pulled into the 7-11 parking lot with grandma on the back of my bike and the guys waved to me. Granny and I had decided not to reveal our family relationship. Instead, I just introduced her as Shirley. Of course, no one in the club went by their real name. Everybody used their "club" name. I was "Elway" because of my football playing. We had: Gunner, Pancho, Shorty, Crank, Dillweed, and about nine or ten others. Grandma and I stood with the group as we all joked together. Later, as we were about to mount up, Gunner sidled up to me.

"Man, Elway," he half whispered. "I didn't know you were into older chicks."

I laughed. "I'm into chicks period, compadre."

He laughed. "I can see that. Man, that girl's cans are spectacular. Who cares if she's old enough to be my mom. She's one hot bitch."

I slugged him on the shoulder and laughed.

"Okay," he continued. "You and Mom be careful out there."

His face lit up in a smile. "Yeah. Mom. That's her club name."

I grinned.

"Hey, Mom," Gunner called out to grandma. "Why don't you and Elway saddle up and we can show you what the road looks like."

Grandma smiled and gave me a hug. We French kissed and then got on the bike. Soon, a long snake of 12 motorcycles was wending its way out of town, along the main highway, and north to Spooner Lake. Grandma clung to me as the wind whipped through our hair and as the hot July sun beat down on our bare shoulders. I could tell she was happy. She kept squeezing me around the waist and rubbing her cheek against my shoulder blades.

Because it takes a bit of an eccentric to ride a motorcycle on Saturdays in a group, most of the guys didn't even give me and grandma a second glance. The "civilians" (as Gunner called them) that we passed did give us second, and even third looks. But we didn't care. We were having a great time. In fact, several times when cars pulled up next to us and slowed down to get a look, Grandma raised herself off the seat and stuck her tongue in my ear. Showing off our love in defiance of the drivers' stares.

We got to Spooner Lake, dismounted, and drank some beer. There was a lot of joking around, and Gunner made "Mom's" club name public. After a couple of hours, we drove home. Grandma and I peeled off from the club outside of town and found a quiet spot to release our pent up horniness.

The next Saturday was an overnight ride. We were to head east toward a larger lake that featured a beach. A week passed and grandma eagerly donned her sexy biker outfit, I put on my jeans and vest, we met up with the club at the 7-11, and arrived at Monticello Lake by late afternoon. We drank and partied and scoured the woods for brush to build a bonfire on the beach of the lake. A couple of guys swam in the lake in their skivvies. We cooked some steaks that Crank's wife had brought, lit up the bonfire, and settled back for some serious drinking.

Grandma and I with our backs against a log, my arm circled around her waist and hers around my shoulder, while the bonfire danced in front of us and the guys started goofing around. We were all pretty drunk.

Cueball, a tall, skinny, bald guy, put some old r 'n b on the boom box and announced that we were going to have a sexy dance contest. His girlfriend, a really fat woman with a laugh that shook her whole body, hopped up and the two of them did the least sexy dance I'd ever seen. They sat down and another couple popped up. The longer the dance contest went on, the crazier the couples became. By the time Dillweed danced with his wife, she was licking his chest and he was squeezing her tits as they swayed to the music.

I was starting to get horny, and so was Grandma. She kept leaning over to plunge her tongue into my mouth and I started groping her tits down in her vest.

"Hey, Elway," Gunner shouted across the fire. "Your turn, young stuff."

I laughed and pulled grandma to her feet. We moved out into the center of the circle. At first we just shimmied and rubbed up against each other, but soon our desire for each other started winning out. Grandma looped her arms around my neck and we French-kissed while I squeezed and massaged her ass cheeks.

"Damn," someone shouted out. "Get sexy!!!"

Soon the club started chanting: "Elway," "Mom," "Elway," "Mom."

Grandma looked up into my eyes, licked her lips, and flashed me a horny grin. I laughed. She unbuttoned my vest and began licking my chest, slowly twirling her tongue around my nipples and sucking on each one. My cock started to grow as I grabbed her tits and mashed them together. The club was still chanting and as I looked around I could see some serious cockstroking going on.

Grandma stood up and turned around with her back to me. She began to slowly twist her ass against my crotch in time to the music. I dropped my hands to her enormous tits, bulging out of her vest, and began to really massage them. She flung her head back and we kissed long and deep. Then, as I kept playing with her tits, grandma began to slowly unbutton her vest. She opened it up and flashed her stupendous tits to the club and the guys whooped and hollered. I grabbed a big pink nipple in each hand and began thumbing her nipples with rough, hard squeezes. I could hear grandma panting. She slowly pulled the vest completely off and put her hands on top of mine, encouraging me to squeeze harder.

By now my cock felt like a rocket ready to launch and grandma could feel my hard log as it rubbed up against her ass. The guys in the club were going wild - - shouting, whooping, and chanting "Mom," "Mom," "Mom."

Grandma was getting hot and clearly getting super turned on by the guys and by our public display of horniness. She turned back around to face me. She grabbed her tits in her hands and began rubbing them back and forth across my chest. Then, slowly she rubbed her way down to my crotch. She squatted on her feet and circled my waist with her arms and began massaging my crotch with her big tits. The whole while she stared up at me with her big green eyes.

The shouting and whooping intensified. Grandma released my hips and started to slowly unbuckle my belt and then unbutton my pants. I thrust my crotch toward her and she hurriedly unzipped my jeans and pulled them down to my knees. My hard cock sprang out into the firelight. A roar of glee went up from the club. I looked around to see that most of the guys had their dicks out, and most of the girls were either stroking the guys' cocks or rubbing their tits.

Grandma wrapped her big warm tits around my cock and I started to slowly fuck the deep cavern surrounding my dick. Grandma was panting heavily and concentrating on the sight of my big, fat dick sliding in and out of her cleavage. With a sigh, she grabbed my dick with both hands and started squeezing and kneading it. She began licking the insides of my thighs and under my balls. Shadows flickered over my body and across her face as she bathed my crotch in warm, wet bliss. I looked out to the club members to see that several of them were already fucking their wives and girlfriends. The rest were watching grandma and me with rapt attention. I leaned my head back and enjoyed grandma's attention.

I felt granny's lips slowly close around the head of my cock and a shiver ran up my back. Still holding onto it with both her hands, she began to slowly feed my dick into her mouth, washing it with her tongue and sucking ever so gently. She had soon swallowed my whole cock and I could feel her lips against my pubic hairs. I felt her grunt with pleasure and then begin milking my dick with her mouth.

My cock felt good and I wanted it to feel better. I took grandma's long silver hair in my hands and began pulling her mouth on and off my cock. She quickly built up a furious rhythm as I skullfucked her hard and rough, yanking her mouth on and off my dick. She grunted and groaned as my cock banged away at her mouth. I was ready to explode, so I quickly jerked my dick out of her mouth and looked down at granny. She had a half-stoned look on her face and her jaw hung slackly open.

She looked up at me and I gave her a hard push backwards. She grunted as she fell back onto the sandy beach. Quickly, I leaned down and began unbuttoning her jeans. As I unzipped her, grandma raised her hips and I yanked her jeans down and pulled them over her motorcycle boots.

I stood above her with my cock in my hand, my eyes drinking in the sight of her zeppelin-sized tits, her luxurious thighs, and her pussy mound. Grandma moaned and spread her thighs, raising her motorcycle boots into the air. I could hear the bikers around me moaning and groaning in the dark as they fucked or masturbated. I continued stroking my cock and grandma snaked a hand down to her pussy and shoved a finger deep inside.

"Baby," she moaned. "Don't make me wait. Give me that big cock. Give it to me, honey."

I smiled and dropped to my knees. I scooted up between her thighs and plunged my cock in one swift motion deep inside her. Grandma practically shouted as my cock disappeared into her pussy. I didn't stop for a second but began fucking her hard and fast, jackhammering my dick in and out of her. She shrieked and grabbed my shoulders, her tits rolling and shaking as I pounded her. As she rolled her head back and forth in ecstasy, I leaned down and attacked her nipples with my mouth - - chewing, sucking, mashing their big rubbery hardness between my teeth. Granny gasped and dug her hands into my ass, her long sharp nails tearing across my cheeks.

I shouted with pleasure and redoubled my efforts, smacking my hips harder and harder against her crotch, driving my dick deeper and deeper into her. With a groan, I raised my mouth from her tits and felt my cock explode inside her sopping wet pussy. Stars flashed across my eyes as I arched my back to jam my cock in as deeply as I could. Grandma shouted, "Baaaaaaaby," and raised her hips in a violent thrust upward to meet my climax. I came for what seemed like hours, my cock tingling and pulsing with pleasure until, finally, the pleasure washed over me. My hips started back up again involuntarily. Grandma lay limply below me moaning and groaning, her hands thrown to her sides.

Slowly, my thrusts diminished. I pulled my cock out granny's pussy and I rolled off her to the side. I looked at her, lying there, splayed out, the flickering shadows of firelight running up and down her body. I groaned and gave her a deep kiss. She returned the kiss, grasping my head in her hands. With a sigh, I dropped onto my back. Grandma sighed as well, her tits rising like huge mountains and then settling back onto the sand.

I blinked a looked around the campfire. Some people were still fucking. Others lay together in slumped bliss. Gunner's wife was bobbing her head up and down on his cock as he sat back with his eyes squeezed shut in pleasure.

I smiled and shut my eyes. A couple of minutes later, I was asleep in the warm summer air.

How much time passed, I don't know. But I was wakened from my sleep by my grandmother's groaning. I shook my head and looked over at her. Gunner was poised atop grandma, his cock half inside her pussy. Her legs were wrapped around his waist and her head was craned backward with pleasure. Gunner was grunting as he began fucking her.

He looked over to me with a grin.

"Sorry, buddy," he said between grunts. "I just had to get me some."

I smiled and looked at grandma who looked back at me with a smile and then ran her tongue across her lips. I laughed. My cock stirred, and I propped myself up on my elbow, turned toward Gunner and granny. My cock dangled along my thigh. I watched as Gunner continued to fuck grandma and granny closed her eyes and moaned. She opened them again and reached toward me with her hand.

I crawled around to her head and dropped my cock onto grandma's lips. She pushed out her tongue and began licking my cock, reaching up to grab it at the base. I could hear Gunner moan at the sight of granny's mouth on my dick. With a grunt, she pulled my cock between her lips and sucked hard. I grunted and began fucking her mouth while Gunner pounded away at her pussy.

"Jesus," I gasped. "You are one hot bitch."

Grandma gurgled as my cock disappeared again down her throat. I heard Gunner give a shout and turned to see him shaking his hips as he climaxed inside granny. She locked her legs around his waist and squeezed him tight to her. While I continued to fuck her mouth, Gunner sighed and rolled out from between her thighs.

"Shit, Mom," he muttered. "I came like a fucking freight train."

I saw grandma's lips spread in a smile around my cock. She turned onto her side, her mouth still fastened to my cock, and grabbed my dick in both hands. She gobbled up my cock like it was an emergency, bobbing her head up and down rapidly, pushing my dick deep into her mouth. I felt my cum boiling up from my balls and, with a deep groan, I climaxed into her hungry mouth. Grandma murmured in delight and continued to eat my dick. I reached down and gave her nipple a rough pinch. She pulled her head off my dick and groaned. Still jerking cum out of my cock with her hand, she grunted and groaned as I worked her nipples. With a final deep sigh, she raised her ass off the sandy beach and then dropped it back down.

"Oh, baby," she murmured, her hand squeezing my cock. "Oh, Mikey. Baby. Oh, I love you."

Gunner, sitting back on his haunches, grinned at me. I sat down on the sand and grinned.

"Nothing like a loving woman to make the world right, Elway," Gunner muttered.

Grandma smiled and released my dick. She stretched on the sand, rolling her tits back and forth across her chest.

"As for you, young man," she said to Gunner. "You're a very bad boy."

Gunner and I laughed. He crawled up the other side of grandma and settled down in the sand next to her. I stretched myself out on her other side. Grandma draped an arm around each of our necks and smiled.

"Mom," Gunner whispered. "Your two boys are eternally grateful."

Grandma laughed and stroked our hair. I gently massaged her massive tit while Gunner closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep. I gave granny a deep, warm kiss and then I too settled down next to her, closed my eyes, and settled into sleep.

I woke in the morning, a little sore and blinking in the early morning light. Gunner had returned to his wife's side. Grandma was curled up against me, her abundant ass wedged against my crotch. I gave her a kiss on the shoulder and collected our clothing. The campfire still glowed. I piled grandma's next to her, grabbed mine, and headed down to the lake for a quick swim. The water felt fantastic and I emerged fully awake and feeling good. I pulled on my clothes. Granny had woken up and was just zipping up her jeans when I arrived back at the campfire. We kissed.

"I'm famished," I said. "Let's go find some breakfast."

We packed up our belongings into the motorcycle's saddlebags and roared on down the road to the nearest town. Grandma held me tight around the waist. I smiled at the rising sun and felt my cock stirring at the memory of last night.

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