tagIncest/TabooGrandma Lula

Grandma Lula


Our mom passed away when I was in high school. I was the second of four brothers in the family, and we were fortunate to have three of her sisters take turns helping out with the house work and cooking over the next three months. But they had their own families to tend to, so my grandma Lula came to stay with us for the long haul. She provided a motherly presence around the house, which helped to get all us boys back on track.

Lula was 62-years old when she moved in. Since she had lived on a ranch in western Oklahoma, her face and arms had developed a smooth, tanned-leather sort of complexion, from all the days out in the wind and sun. She had twinkling blue-gray eyes and a small upturned nose that had a cute wrinkle when she laughed. Her smile was accentuated by pouty, full lips and a set of perfectly straight white teeth. She always wore her salt and pepper hair pulled back in a bun, fastened in back with a silver comb. She was not what you would call beautiful, but she was very attractive in a pretty, feminine sort of way. She had a sense of formality about her, and always wore dresses or blouses that buttoned up to the neck.

Each night, after she bathed, she would sit in her light pink terry cloth bathrobe in front of the mirror in her bedroom and drink a glass of brandy while she brushed her hair. She always left her bedroom door just slightly ajar, and I would often stand in the dark hallway, just outside her door, and watch her as she combed her hair. I would always watch until just after she reached inside her robe to dust her bosom with powder. I knew then that she was ready to go to bed. I guess you could say that 62 was old to an 18-year old teenage boy, but I don't remember her looking old.

By now I had reached full puberty and like all boys my age, I was full of sexual energy. It was nothing for me to masturbate two or three times a day, and having a strange woman around the house only led to more sexual curiosity and opportunities to fantasize. However, I was definitely a virgin when it came to girls. I dated, occasionally, but never did anything more serious than kissing and feeling some tittie.

In order to release my sexual urges, I hid a Playboy magazine under my mattress, and each night I would pull it out and flip through the pages, fantasizing about those big breasted "older" women.

My routine went something like this. Once I had a good erection, I would lay the magazine on the bed and lie back and begin masturbating. My erect penis is smooth and perfectly circumcised, standing tall and straight. (For any women who might be curious, circumcision leaves the ultra-sensitive flesh near the head of the penis unprotected, and it is quite stimulating to the touch.)

To begin I would grasp my thick, six-inch rod between my thumb and four fingers and briskly stroke it for several minutes until it was puffy and swollen. I would then finish off the job by pulling the skin tight with my left hand at the base of my penis, then encircling my shaft with just my thumb and index finger, forming a ring, and quickly but lightly rub it up and down on the ridge of my penis head. Within moments, an intense orgasm would begin to build deep within my loins, and I would bring myself to a most satisfying release, lifting my head to watch as I ejaculated thick spurts of cum onto my stomach, filling my naval.

Once the final orgasmic spasm had ceased, I would be so completely relaxed, I would usually close my eyes and drift off to sleep. After a while I would wake up to the feeling of sperm running down the sides of my stomach, so I'd pull some tissues from the box of Kleenex on my nightstand and clean up. I kept a small wastepaper basket next to my bed where I deposited the used tissues. I didn't think about it at the time, but Lula was the one who always emptied that little basket when it got full.

One night I remember using up the last tissue in the box. However, the next night when I went to bed, I noticed there was another freshly opened box of Kleenex on my nightstand. I think Lula must have known what I had been doing, but she never said anything to me.

From then on I found it sexually stimulating to think that she was fully aware of what I was doing each night. As I lay naked on my bed, playing with myself, I had some of my most intense orgasms when I would leave the door to my bedroom open a crack, fantasizing that she was just outside my door, secretly watching me masturbate as she rubbed her breasts and played with her pussy. I made sure my table lamp was on so my body would be well illuminated for her.

Over the next few months I became more and more sexually curious about grandma Lula and her mature body. I admired her, and like many older women, her large breasts no longer jutted straight outward, but tended to sag slightly toward her waist, straining against the buttons along the front of her dress.

During the day she was always so proper and neatly dressed and wore a pleasant smelling perfume. I enjoyed being around her, and she seemed to like my company as well. She would tell me stories about life on the ranch, and about how she missed my grandpa’s company. I became more and more infatuated with this woman. I often offered to help her with the dishes after supper, just to get a chance to "accidentally" rub up against her prominent breasts.

At night, after she bathed, she always wore her thick bath robe, which totally covered her figure. I can still remember the fresh smell of soap in the air as she walked through the house. She was always so clean in everything she did. I was always on the look out for an occasion to see her in a state of undress, but the opportunity never presented itself.

Many times, after she went to bed, I would sneak into the hall bathroom and look inside the clothes hamper and pull out her soiled under garments. The label on her bra said 42DD. I would fondle the large cotton cups, fantasizing about her naked breasts which filled them up. I would hold her bra and panties to my nose and breath deeply of her sweet musky woman scent. Often, I would masturbate while rubbing my stiff erection with her silk panties. Needless to say, I was totally absorbed with her sexuality.

One night, after everyone had gone to bed, I stayed up past midnight to finish some school work. When I was done, I decided to go into the kitchen to see if I could find something to eat. I was wearing only my thin cotton pajama shorts, without underwear, and my flaccid penis and low hanging scrotal sac swayed back and forth as I walked to the kitchen. Since it was after midnight and everyone had gone to bed long ago, I didn't think it necessary to put on a robe.

The kitchen was dark, so I decided not to turn on any lights, lest I wake up Lula, who's bedroom was right around the corner. When I opened the refrigerator door, the small light bulb inside bathed the kitchen in a soft yellow glow.

As I peered around inside to see what I could find, I accidentally dropped a jar of jelly on the floor. Luckily it didn't break, but I heard the hinges on Lula's bedroom door squeak open. She had heard me. I straightened up and stood in the light of the refrigerator, slightly embarrassed that I was nearly naked. "What are you doing," Lula asked in a hushed whisper as she stood at the doorway to the kitchen. "I'm looking for something to eat," I whispered back.

Lula stepped beside me into the soft glow of the light wearing only a sheer, white sleeveless nightgown which betrayed her naked body beneath. It was obvious she was not wearing panties since the translucent material of her gown could not veil the dark patch of hair at her groin. I could also clearly see she was bra-less since the large armhole of her gown partially revealed the right side of her naked creamy white breast. "Does cold fried chicken sound good," she whispered as she bent over to look inside the fridge.

I glanced over at her as she bent forward to look inside the refrigerator. "That or just a sandwich would be alright," I whispered back as I gazed appreciatively at the rounded outline of her full hips, the thin material of her gown molded between the deep crevice of her ass cheeks. I was no longer concerned about my own near nakedness since it was obvious that Lula was certainly not embarrassed to be nearly naked in front of me.

As my eyes devoured her voluptuous body, I noticed that her nightgown had fallen open at the neckline. At once I realized what an opportunity I had to get a peek of her cleavage, which she guarded so closely with her conservative daytime dresses. I hesitated only briefly before my sexual curiosity got the best of me. As I peered through the open armhole of her gown at a portion of her heavy right breast, I quickly bent over next to her, as if I too was looking into the refrigerator. As I turned my head slightly I was able to peer directly down the front of her nightgown.

My penis immediately began to form an erection I gazed at her most feminine body parts. The entire front of her naked body was completely exposed to my view. Was it possible she did not realize it? The first thing that came into view were her creamy-white, melon-sized breasts which hung heavily from her chest, forming a long, deep cleavage.

As she continued to move things around inside the fridge, the erotic sight of her breasts swaying gently side-to-side mesmerized me. I marveled at the network of light blue veins running lengthwise along each massive milk-white tube, contrasting sharply with the dark tan of her arms and neckline. Her areolas were the size of silver dollars and chocolate brown in color. Her nipples looked to be as thick and long as the tips of my thumbs.

My penis began to swell, uncontrollably, as I unabashedly reveled in the erotic sight of her nakedness. All of my fantasizing and dreaming about Lula was now a reality as the entire front of her body was open to my gaze. I allowed my lust crazed eyes to wander down the front of her luscious body, where they finally came to rest upon her dense tangled growth of pubic hair. Her twisted strands curled outward several inches in length from her mound. I was amazed at how luxurious and thick her bush appeared, with a healthy brown sheen. This contrasted with the graying hair on her head. I would have thought all of her hair would be the same color, but it wasn't.

As I continued to peer down the front of her gown, I could see that her tangled bush spread onto each inner thigh and covered a good portion of her belly to just below her naval. By now my pajama shorts were fully tented with my throbbing erection, but I dared not move to adjust my stiff penis lest Lula realize I was peeking down her nightgown.

After what seemed liked several minutes, but was probably only seconds, I saw her head turn toward my groin, then upward to make eye contact with me. I had been caught. In an attempt to feign innocence, I glanced down but noticed what she had surely already seen. Copious amounts of pre-seminal fluid had been leaking out of the urinal slit of my penis, and had formed a large wet spot on the thin fabric of my pajama bottoms. She quickly put her right hand to her chest, covering the opening of her nightgown, and stood up. I too straightened up and just stood there next to her, sheepishly looking down at the floor, my erection beginning to rapidly deflate with embarrassment.

Without saying a word, Lula closed the refrigerator door and the kitchen went dark once again. I was totally blinded by the sudden darkness and stood in silence, my legs trembling with anxiety. Though I couldn't yet see her, I knew Lula was still standing directly in front of me, but she didn't say a word. What could she be thinking? Would she be angry? Finally, my night vision began to return and I could now make out the white outline of her billowing nightgown. "You have been a naughty boy," she softly whispered as she reached out with her right hand and grasped my left arm at the elbow. "You were looking down granny's nightie, weren't you," she asked in a sultry whisper?

I could only shamefully whisper a weak, "yes," as I felt her soft warm hand slide down my arm and firmly grasp my wrist. She stepped closer to me as she reached out with her other hand, running it down my arm until she had hold of my right wrist. "Well I think it's time we settled something that's been going on ever since I came here," she whispered as she stepped closer to me, continuing to firmly hold on to my wrists.

I could feel the turgid nipples of her breasts, which were pressing through the thin material of her gown, rub slightly against my naked chest. The sweet fragrance of powder and fresh soap filled the air. "I know what you have been doing in your bed each night, with that magazine you keep under your mattress," she whispered huskily in my ear. I blushed and swallowed deeply as I finally realized she knew about my most secret passions. How embarrassing.

"Now, I think it is only normal for a boy your age to masturbate while looking at pictures of naked, pretty young girls," she continued in a hushed voice. "How many times each day do you masturbate," she asked?

I was stunned at her line of questioning, but found it quite stimulating at the same time. Had she been secretly watching me, I wondered? I felt compelled to tell her the truth. "I usually jack off at least once or twice a day granny," I whispered as my erection began to stir again. "Usually in the morning when I shower and again at night," I confessed.

Suddenly, I felt much better when I realized she wasn't mad, but only curious about what I loved to do more than anything. "Other than the girls in the magazine, what do you think about when you play with yourself," she asked in a soft whisper.

I was now under her control as I stood there with another full erection, breathing deeply of her bodily fragrance. Should I tell her the truth, that I had been thinking about her? The erotic nature of the conversation was now causing me to shiver with lust. I decided to gamble and tell her the truth. "I think about sucking your big titties a lot," I admitted to her. "I even left my door cracked open at night so I could fantasize about you secretly watching me masturbate," I excitedly confessed.

Without a word she lifted my hands and placed them firmly against the quivering fullness of her breasts. Immediately I began to squeeze and fondle her soft flesh through the sheer fabric of her gown as she held my waist with both hands. I cupped each huge breast in my hands lifting them one at a time, feeling their weight, before allowing them to fall heavily back in place. I rubbed each nipple through the thin material of her gown, under my thumb, then gently pinched and pulled on each one until they were hard and long. I could hear Lula breathing heavily and softly sighing with pleasure as I reached inside the armhole of her gown and fondled her naked flesh. My penis strained against the thin material of my pajama shorts and my legs shuddered with sexual excitement as I stood there lifting and fondling the objects of my affection.

"I have been watching you each night for the past week," she finally whispered between deep sighs of pleasure. "When I saw how much Kleenex you used each night, I figured out what you were doing. Each time you masturbated, I would stand outside your door and masturbate with you," she said. "I wasn't sure if I should talk to you about this, but I can tell you like your granny's titties," she cooed with excitement.

"Oh, yes, granny, I love how big they are," I said as I continued to run my hands up and down their full length, listening to her talk dirty in my ear. All I could think about was how much I wanted to nurse at her breasts, as if I were a baby. "Would you let me suck on them for a little bit," I hoarsely whispered?

Before responding, Lula took her hands from my hips and slipped them down the front of my shorts, cupping my tight scrotal sac with her left hand and grasping my swollen shaft with her right. Her hands were so soft and warm . . . Her gentle touches so stimulating. She really knew how to make me feel good as she tugged at my balls and cupped the head of my penis in the soft palm of her hand. The oozing pre-seminal fluid leaking from my deep urinal slit provided plenty of lubrication as I began to involuntarily hump my stiff penis between her delicate fingers as she cupped the swollen head in her palm.

"So you want you to suck my titties, do you," she whispered as she continued to fondle my hardness and roll my tender balls gently between her fingers? "Oh, yes granny," I answered in a course whisper. My mouth was totally dry and I was panting with lust when she said, "Come to my bedroom, and we'll take care of this the right way."

She gave my scrotal sac one final tug and squeezed my stiff rod before removing her hands from my shorts and pulling her breasts away from my wandering hands. She then took me by the hand, and led me around the corner and into her bedroom. The smell of powder and perfume filled my nostrils as she shut and locked the door. There was something special about the odor of grandma Lula's bedroom that sent shivers of sexual excitement throughout my body. As I stood silent in the darkness, Lula walked over to the night stand and turned on a small table lamp. "Do you want to see your granny naked," she asked as she turned to face me, a loving smile on her face. I could only nod my head as I unconsciously squeezed and fondled my stiff erection, my eyes wide in anticipation.

She walked over to her night table and opened a drawer, taking out two snifters and a bottle of brandy. As she began pouring the amber colored liquid into the glasses she said, "I am going to let you do anything you want to me, this one time, but only this once. After this, we will never talk about it again, is that understood," she firmly asked as she handed me a half filled glass?

"Yes," I whispered back, shaking with sexual excitement and continuing to unconsciously squeeze and fondle my genitals. She handed me a glass with about two fingers of brandy. I watched as she drained her glass in three or four swallows. I was not a drinker, but I put the glass to my lips and gulped down the semi-sweet liquid. It burned slightly as it went down, but I immediately felt a gentle warmth throughout my body.

As she smiled and took the glass from me and set them back on her dresser, she asked, "Have you ever been in bed with a girl before?" I was embarrassed to tell her I was a virgin, but "No," I admitted with some apprehension. "Well, take off your pajama shorts and lie down next to your granny and I'll show you what you need to know," she gently said as she sat down on the edge of her double bed. "Don't be afraid," she reassured.

As if in a trance, I stripped off my pajama bottoms, watching as grandma Lula lifted her nightgown over her head. My erection stood at attention as my eyes focused on the dark tangled hair covering her pussy. As she continued to remove her nightie, my eyes lingered on her massive breasts and turgid nipples, which jutted proudly, up and out, as she lifted her arms over her head to remove her nightgown. To my surprise, she also had a small growth of brown hair under her arms as well. I thought, how old fashioned she must be having lived on a ranch her entire life. All the girls I knew shaved their armpits, but not grandma Lula. I also realized how aroused I became at the sight of all her unshaven pubic hair.

My hard erection throbbed with sexual excitement as I lustfully took in her full nakedness. Her skin was snow white, unblemished, and contrasted with her tanned arms, neck and face. "Come on and lie next to your granny," she cooed as she lay back on a pillow and patted the mattress next to her, running her blue-gray eyes hungrily up and down my naked body. I tentatively slid onto the bed next to her and immediately turned on my right side in order to get a better view of her nakedness. My stiff erection poked into her soft upper thigh as she maneuvered her body around to get comfortable. Next, she put her left hand on the back of my head as she lifted her left breast to my mouth, offering it to me as if I was a nursing child.

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