tagIncest/TabooGrandma Patty Teaches Grandson

Grandma Patty Teaches Grandson


John "Johnny" Bowers knew what was happening was off to college; two hundred miles from his home and would be staying with his maternal grandmother. It seemed he wasn't given much of a say so in the matter, but being a rather quiet sort, he was always one to just go with the flow of things.

Perhaps, he mused, as he rode the bus, he would find a girl at school and finally get some of that hot tail that he'd heard so much about. After all, nineteen and still a virgin were a bit much, despite his being a slender lad of ordinary looks.

He had really spent little time at his maternal Grandmother Patty's place, but knew she had a nice home and seemed to be fairly well off. She had divorced when he was small and had never remarried, despite the fact that she was a very nice looking senior woman.

She was waiting, all smiles and dressed to the nines, as always, as the bus pulled in. She had his entire luggage loaded in her car and in less than 15 minutes they were on their way to her place.

"So, all set for your college days are you Johnny?" Patty asked as they drove along.

He nodded and they began to settle into light chatter and before they had reached their destination, they were both pretty comfortable with each other.

"I'm sure you'll find everything to your liking", Granny Patty smiled as they finished bringing in his luggage.

"As you know, Granny's has the big bath on the second floor with a door from each bedroom, so I guess we'll have to share" she smiled as she showed him his new quarters, nicely appointed with computer and television.

"Now, I hope you'll spend some time in the den with me for some of the television, but you always have your own as well honey."

The day had been a bit long and tiresome for both of them, so it was about 9:00 when Patty announced she would shower and go to bed.

Johnny waited for some time before undressing and heading for the shower as he had heard no sounds coming from the bathroom. Perhaps he should have knocked, as older homes did not put locks on every door as they do on the newer ones because Patty was still there, in front of the mirror and without a stitch on. As she turned to him, startled, the boy froze for some time, seeing his first naked woman in the flesh. Even though it was his grandmother, she was every as exciting as any other.

"See anything you like"?, Patty smiled and slowly slid a towel over her front as he backed out the door, red faced, naked and stammering his apologizes over and over.

Even in the brief time that had expired, Patty did not miss the dangling organ between her grandson's legs and the fact that it was semi-rigid almost as soon as he saw her. She felt a glowing heat between her legs that she hadn't felt in a few years and could tell that her vagina was more than a little wet.

Lying in bed, she waited until Johnny had showered and was in bed. She always slept in the nude but had placed a light, knee length robe by her bed to slip into if the occasion arose and the occasion was now. Heading to the boy's room, she heard soft moans when she got the bath room.

"Is he masturbating because he saw me naked?" she wondered.

Opening the door from the bath room to Johnny's room slowly, she said, in a soft voice. "Are you still awake honey?" "Yes"

"Can we talk?" She asked.

"Sure" he replied and Patty knew that in a room lit by only the faint streaks of moonlight. It would be easy for him to face her.

Sitting on the edge of his bed, she could tell he was breathing a bit heavy. "You know Johnny, we're sure to walk in on one another from time to time, so I guess its best it happened on you're first night here – to sort of break the ice."

" After all, we are both adults, even if we're related"

Johnny sort of gulped and Patty added, with a giggle, –" you did see that I was an adult, didn't you?"

"I'll say!" he replied.

"So I take it that you did see something you liked in Granny Pattie!"

When he did not reply, Patty added – "Well, I saw you start to get a bit larger between the legs and I have to say I was truly flattered!"

"What I want to know Johnny – did you get excited just seeing me naked?"

I thought I heard you sighing when I came in here and have to know – were you –umm- you know, masturbating over me?"

The poor boy was so embarrassed that Patty had to nearly pull the confession out of him.

When he finally admitted that he was, Patty leaned forward and placed her lips on his, mouth open and slid her tongue into his mouth. She could tell he had little experience and when she eased her hand under the covers and grasped his now fully erect cock, he gave out the most boyish of gasps.

"Are you a virgin"? Patty whispered.


Can I be your first?"

"Oh yes, I want that so much Granny Pat – I think you're so beautiful!"

Standing, Patty quickly eased out of the robe she wore and eased the covers off her grandson. He was nude and his cock jutted straight up from a rather thick nest of black hair.

Kissing him softly, Pat whispered, "My you certainly have a nice organ"!

"Do I really?" the boy asked.

"You are larger than most men I've ever seen", Pat cooed as she gently stroked its length with her hand.

"And I've been told that I am rather snug in my womanly region, so it looks like we'll have a good time of it!"

Poor Johnny was clumsy with his foreplay, groping Pattie's large, pendulous breast and nipples and trying to feel her vagina at the same time.

"Easy honey, easy", go slow, relax. This is only your first time – there will be others".

"Really? Do you mean that Granny Pat, - I mean can we do this again?"

"Well, I should certainly hope we can do this often, she giggled, I mean, after all, I need a nice young man like you and here you are. But it will have to be our secret!"

"Oh yes, it will be, I promise," the boy vowed.

He was awkward when he mounted her, but Pat could have cared less as she guided his fat hard cock into her slipper pussy.

"Ohhh Johnny, you feel so good inside me" she gasped and in no time heard him groan and felt the spurts of his come.

Like all virgin boys, he had another hard on in less than 15 minutes only to squirt in less than a minute.

Full of cream now, Patty kissed and caressed her young lover until the massive cock grew once more.

This time, Johnny did not drop his load but lasted on and on. It had been years since Pat had been fucked like this.

"Oh Johnny, Johnny, fuck my brains out, please. I have never felt so hot!"

She grew oblivious to time but felt that she had been getting fucked for a steady fifteen minutes in the missionary position before she felt her clitoris about to explode from the constant rubbing against her grandson's pubic hair. Finally, he blew yet another round of come into her pussy hole before she decided to call it a night.

"Granny Pat needs to get a bit of rest now honey" –you've pumped more jizz in me than I've had there in years!"

Thankfully, classes did not begin for a week as both Patty and Johnny were really caught up in their newly found love making.

That morning, over coffee and Danish, both dressed for the day, Pat smiled and said, "Who would have ever dreamed that you and I would be an item!"

"You don't regret what happened last night do you?" she asked.

"Oh dear me no, the boy replied, do you?"

"Heavens no", why, I can't wait to get more of that big cock of yours shoved into my little pussy!"

"Gosh, Granny Pat, I love it when you talk like that!" he smiled.

"Do you have another boner?" she smiled, looking over the edge of the table and seeing a huge bulge in his pants.

"Well, I guess I'll have to take care of it, won't I", Pat announced.

Rising to her feet and taking him by the hand, she led him to the family room where she pulled her panties down until they fell to her ankles. Stepping out of them, she leaned over a large overstuffed chair, holding on to it and whispered, "Get you pants and undies off, and hurry, please."

"Put that big cock in me honey", she sighed, eyes closed, as she leaned over and pushed her rear back, causing her pussy to jut out between her ass cheeks like a pink jelly roll. "Ease it in baby, ease it in, you've got quite the man sausage there and I want to enjoy the feel of it from the rear."

Obeying her every wish, Johnny did ease in, much to Patty's delight.

"Oh yes, oh yes, that's the way. That's it honey' Give GrandPat the fuck she needs! After a few slow and easy insertions, Patty grunted out,

"Now give it to me good Johnny!"

Fuck me as hard as you can", Slap yourself against my ass cheeks and make me come so hard that my legs buckle!

With her large clit rubbing against the back of the overstuffed chair, it didn't take much for her to go into orbit and luckily, she was swooning as the boy began to shoot his wad, as he was still getting off on the premature side.

Scooping up the pair of sheer panties she had so quickly shed, Pat took Johnny by the hand as soon as his pants were back on and led him upstairs.

"It's time you got to some of the more erotic parts of lovemaking", she panted as she began to remove her clothes as they reached the upstairs hall.

"Undress, completely, and let me show you how it's done after a quickie like we just had."

She could tell that the boy had paid little attention to her bidet that accompanied her toilet. Heating the water, she sat on it and had him stand in front of her as she turned it on.

"See how it just washes my rear and pussy out!" She smiled.

"Now, you do the same. Get your foreskin back and do your anal rim too."

"Mmmmm, now doesn't that feel nice!" She teased as she began to pat him dry.

"Now that my little pink pussy is all fresh, I want you to lick it for me"! She said her voice in a sort of moan as she led him to her large bed.

Lying in the center of it, she opened her legs and peeled her pubic lips apart with her fingers, exposing her clitoris, which jutted out nearly an inch.

"When I was younger, I had hair around my pubic lips but as a woman gets older, most tend to get hairless there, making it much nicer, I think!"

"My Clitoris, clit or clitty – whatever you wish to call it is the center of my sensation here and the best way to make me come is to finger it or eat me.

When I fuck you, I'll get on top for the really good come ride but you will make me come just about any way we go at it but it may take longer.

Johnny proved to be an above average student when it came to pussy eating, as Pat soon learned. He loved doing it and sucked her swollen clit as he would suck her nipples or tongue.

Needless to say, Granny Pat's ass bounced and jerked around as she gasped and finally shirked out,

"Honey, I have never come like this – you have to do this to me often!"

"Are you going to sit on your bidet now" Johnny asked.

"Ohhhh no, not this time! Pat chortled – I want you to lick me dry – it's time you started.

After all, I swallow your semen don't I?"

"Uhhhh yes, you do" came the shy reply.

"On sweetie, I love every drop of your man cream, don't you know that? Pat gushed – And I want you to love every drop of my pussy juice too!"

"Ohhh, I do, I do, I really do!" came the amorous response as his open mouth slide over her pink pussy like a vacuum and his youthful cock once more grew tall, much to Patty's delight, as she couldn't wait to start sucking on it once more.

Pat told John that they would have to take the rest of the morning off as she had errands to run. It was about two pm when she invited him into her downstairs hot tub for the first time. This was something he didn't even know existed as it was in a small room off the den and the door had been kept closed. The warm, scented water added to their ardor as they sat together, kissing and fondling each other for over a half hour.

As they toweled dry, Pat reached over and stroked her grandson's jutting phallus. "I swear, Johnny, you have a hard on all the time!" She giggled and then cupped his balls, making him jump.

"MMMMM are the balls in this hairy sac making some nice cum for your lover gal?" "They're biggin' to ache with the juice I have!" he panted. "Well, maybe we'd better go upstairs and make my bed do so squeaking then, she announced, taking him by the hand as she spoke.

Already naked and horny, they began to entwine like a couple of rabbits on Pat's large bed. This time, she lay out a routine of love making that began with tit sucking and pussy fingering, continued to gentle blow jobs and pussy eating before fucking.

"I want it all this time Johnny", Pat whispered as she bobbed her mouth up and down on his hard cock.

Then, she dipped her face between his legs, licked his balls noisily and began to run her tongue around his asshole, probing the puckered opening and making Johnny gasp and moan in pleasure.

"Ohhh Patty, Patty, dearest Grand, that feels so nice!"

"Mmmmm – will you do the same for me, right now?" she grunted.

"Yes, oh dear me yes, please turn around so I can!" the boy nearly squealed.

"It's not 69 honey, Patty sighed as she felt his tongue begin to probe and lick her asshole. I guess it's just ass love"!

Needless to say, when Johnny finally mounted her, they were both so close to orgasm that they were exploding in record time.

"Stay in me as long as you can", Patty groaned as she felt Johnny finish squirting. "I want to milk your cock with my pussy"

! Unsure of what she meant, Johnny did as she asked and then began to feel her pussy muscles tighten and relax over and over around his still semi-rigid cock.

On and on her pussy pulsated rhythmically until his cock grew too limp and slid out.

With her still very shapely legs wide open, Pat said hoarsely, "Now, now, Johnny, suck my pussy, suck it – clean me the way I clean you when I suck your cock."

Easing down, he began to suck her as she had taught him, but this time she gave him every drop of his come plus her own copious juices.

"That's my baby, that's the way, suck your granny's little cunt till its dry. It's all yours now!" Patty whispered. Tomorrow, I want you to fuck my asshole!

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