tagErotic HorrorGrandma's Ice Pick

Grandma's Ice Pick


Driving an ice pick through his tiny brain wasn't exactly what I had in mind to do this evening seems it just worked out that way. I had not seen an ice pick in years I guess they just are not that common anymore. The long thin silver tool all cool feeling and shiny looking with that beautiful point on the end just seemed to call out my name. I could hear it calling to me, even when I closed my eyes to listen more intently I could see it plunged through his head and the shiny point coming out the other side. It was so arousing. Not in my plan like I said, it just sort of turned out that way. Seems this guy's biggest mistake was choosing me as a victim. I don't mind playing the victim if the price is right enough money can get me to wear about any outfit for an hour or two. To this guy it was no game he was for real and shit I can't be having that stuff no way.

I came in from work threw my keys down on the table and headed down the hall. I noticed the door going down in to the basement garage from the kitchen was open, I never used that door and it was always locked. I stopped opening the door a little further and listened I heard some shuffling around down there it sounded like boxes being moved or something. I thought about calling the police but decided to just go check it out I did not want the police snooping around my house anyway too much evidence laying around. I took my gun from my purse and headed down the steps as quietly as I could. When I reached the next to the last step he grabbed me pulling me down and then knocking me to the floor causing the gun to go flying across the concrete floor.

He was a big guy standing about 6'3 and weighed about 230 pounds or so. He was muscular and quite attractive really. I saw that even through my fear. He looked startled and not very happy to see me either. I guess he did not realize I would not be the typical victim either. He grabbed me by my hair pulling me up to my feet all my cussing and screaming did not seem to faze him much. He did get a strange look on his face when I started laughing and calling him a pussy though. He told me to shut up a couple of times. I asked the bastard what he was going to do, was he going to fuck me or what? I reached down and grabbed his dick through his pants and the bastard was hard my laughing didn't help his mood much.

I didn't let go either, he still had a hold of my hair and pulled my head back and started kissing me hard. I kissed him back accepting his tongue as deep as he wanted to stick it then suddenly biting down on his tongue that pissed him off. "What the fuck did you have to come down here for?" he asked. He seemed almost sorry that I did, he must have been feeling bad thinking he was going to have to hurt something or me. He still had a hold of my hair and I still had a hold of his dick it was sort of like a stand off. I squeezed down on him and now he felt hard as a rock. I felt that twinge between my legs and thought this could be kind of fun messing this guy up.

It was a bad bluff I guess when he told me to undue his pants and take his dick out he looked at me in the eyes when he said it I smiled and said "sure, why not." I undid his belt then his button then the zipper he did not have underwear on and his dick was just right there. He pushed my down to my knees still holding my hair. I knew what he wanted me to do I just had to decide if I wanted to do it or not. He was clean looking and smelling and his dick was gorgeous so I figured why not. I started off slowly doing some teasing licking long against the shaft and around the head he even forgot to hold onto my hair a couple of times. I had his pants worked down around his knees now I took him into my mouth and went deeper and a little faster. I was not about to let this bastard cum this easily not without taking care of me too. Between massaging his swollen balls and working my tongue he was going to cum soon too. I stood up he didn't make a move to stop me. Pulled my tee shirt off and pulled my shorts down and kicked them to the side I was standing naked now and he was sure looking at me.

He acted like he didn't know quite what to do now I guess it wasn't the reaction he was expecting from his victim. I suggested he take his pants the rest of the way off himself and let me see him telling him it was the least he could do if he was going to be my attacker. Never taking his eyes off of me he kicked his shoes off and then worked his jeans around his ankles and stepped out of them and walked toward me. I took hold of his dick and started working my hand up and down his dick and brushing my fingers across the underside of his sack on the way back down with each stroke. He acted like he did not know what to do with his own hands. With my free hand I took his hand put it on my tit and smiled at him. He began toying with my nipple squeezing down hard and running it in between his thumb and finger.

It was like he suddenly remembered he was an intruder and I was a victim he changed mood and pushed me across the room onto a pile of boxes. He forced his way between my legs and positioned himself on top of me. He began pounding away at me driving his dick deep inside of me. I was able to position my legs and brace them against a couple of boxes and use them for leverage as well and raised my hips off the boxes letting him drive deeper. He stopped pulling himself out and grabbed my shoulder and my hip and turned me over onto my stomach this did hurt the boxes were bulky and all uneven on the floor. I wasn't sure what he was going to do and I was a little nervous about it. That is when I felt him against my back he began rubbing his dick between my legs not putting it inside of me. I felt his fingers slip inside of me and begin rubbing against my clit. I tried to work myself into a position for his dick to find it's way inside as well but seemed he wanted no part of it right then.

I came hard and his fingers were wet with me now. He put a finger in my ass then two and began working them around I pushed back against his fingers I guess when he thought I was ready he put his dick against me and slowly went inside the pain was bad but I liked it. I called him a few names for good measure and he began pumping away at my ass hard and furiously. He had a hand on each of my shoulders and pulled me back with each stroke. His stride increased and I could hear him breathing more deeply and his moans were louder I knew the bastard was going to cum. Then I felt that hot spurt and the lubricant was a blessing I was hurting and I knew I was bleeding.

He fell against my back pushing me down on the boxes I could feel his sweaty chest and stomach against me. I felt a mixture of pain and arousal feeling a bit frustrated because the bastard did not make me cum again and I needed to. Seemed like minutes passed I had not moved not sure what to do. I didn't know what he was going to make me have to do really. He stood up and I turned over he seemed nervous. He got angry telling me I should have stayed in the house he didn't come there to hurt me and didn't intend to rape anyone. I told him he didn't rape me that I fucked him. He was even angrier then.

He slapped me a couple of times and told me I was a stupid bitch and he was going to have to kill me now. He pushed me back down hard against the boxes and began choking me, his hands tightening around my throat I knew then he would really do it and I would die. It became harder to breath I reached that panic point. My hands were desperate to find something to protect myself with. A couple of the boxes had torn open during this ordeal and I grabbed something it was a large spoon I threw it aside and kept reaching. I grabbed it and held it in my hand. I didn't recognize what it was at first only that it was sharp bringing my arm up from my side I drove it into the side of his head into his temple.

He had a funny look on his face called me a "fucking bitch" and went heavy and limp against me. I managed to roll him off and he hit the floor with a thud. His dick was hard what a waste. I smiled when I realized it was my grandmother's old ice pick I had packed away in a box of things from her apartment after she died. I looked around the room realizing the boxes I was laying on were the ones I needed to get rid of over the weekend. I had another item to add to them now before I hauled them off.

That weekend I loaded up the boxes in the back of my truck and headed to the desert. Smiling as I recalled the look on his face and the shiny handle to the ice pick on one side of his head and the sharp point shimmering out on the other side. It would not quite fit in the box and the point protruded through one side of the box. I looked down at his eyes throughout the drive and marveled at the event. The rest of the bastards who found their way into one of the boxes had not even earned their way like he did they were just dates gone bad. I always hated a bad blind date. They were getting harder and harder to get rid of and it was putting way too many miles on my truck.

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