tagIncest/TabooGrandma's Secret Admirer

Grandma's Secret Admirer


By the time Emily Rowland returned to the in-law apartment over the garage that she rented from her daughter and her husband, her heart had slowed down dramatically from the way it had been racing about 15 minutes ago, despite the fact that she had to climb the ten steps to get inside.

Once safely inside the modest apartment, Emily leaned back against the door and whispered to herself, "You must have a strong heart Emily Rowland, if you made it through that experience."

Even now the widowed mother of two and grandmother of four could not believe what she had just witnessed, and it was all because she had done what she rarely did, which was to go into her daughter's house while she was at work.

Emily had needed an egg for a recipe she was in the middle of preparing, so instead of driving to the store she decided to go in an borrow an egg. It wasn't like she wasn't allowed in there, but always felt that her daughter and her family deserved privacy.

After unlocking the back door and getting an egg out of the fridge, Emily was about to go right back out the door when she heard something familiar coming from down the hall. It was a song from her youth, but the voice singing "Downtown" wasn't Petula Clark.

This voice was off-key and wavered quite a bit in the upper register, and those qualities were emphasized by the fact that the woman signing was acapella. The woman singing was non other than herself, and so Emily went down the hall to where the warbling was coming from, her grandson Craig's room.

Emily was about to ask how in the world Craig had managed to get a tape of her singing, not to mention why anyone would want to hear her sign since she did it so badly, but she froze when she got to the doorway, where the door was open slightly.

The television facing the door was on, and it was there where the singing was coming from. Horrified, Emily looked at herself on the TV screen, singing like no one was listening, and she was nearly naked, standing in front of her bedroom dresser and stepping out of her slacks.

"The lights are much brighter there... you can forget all your troubles..."

On the bed facing the screen was her grandson Craig, laying on the bed as naked as the day he was born, and judging by the way he was acting he was enjoying himself quite a bit. Not enjoying the singing part most likely, but watching his grandmother reaching back behind herself and unhooking her bra.

"Oh yeah!" Craig grunted as Emily's eyes darted back and forth between the two startling images before her.

She cringed as she watched herself pull her bra off on the TV, her once proud breasts a shadow of their former self as the banana-like tunes sunk to her stomach, and then she was rubbing the places where the harness had dug into the skin under her bosom.

On the bed though, Craig was groaning while stroking his penis feverishly, and then he began ejaculating wildly while Emily recoiled in shock before staggering back down the hall as quietly as she could, never looking back until she was safe in her apartment.

That isn't the end of the story. In fact, it's only the beginning.


Emily eventually moved away from the door, walking like she was stepping on eggshells while looking around and wondering how many cameras were in her apartment. This was a nice apartment and all, but the thought that she was being spied on, and for who knows how long, sent shivers down her spine.

Little Craig. Who would have thought that such a introverted little geek like him would be a pervert? Well, Emily recalled that his Mom did say that she caught him looking at pornography on the computer several times, but he was a growing boy and that was different.

Those women he was looking at were models and actresses, girls more his age with incredible bodies. Emily was 64, and while she went to the gym regularly enough to know that she looked better than most gals her age, she was still only a few heartbeats away from being a senior citizen. What was the attraction?

Peeking around every nook at cranny in the living room, she was still stunned at seeing herself on the television like that, with every wrinkle there in full sight. The softness of her belly, the wild untamed jungle of light brown hair between her pale legs, and especially her breasts, which hung like tennis balls in long skinny tubes. Who would find that erotic, she wondered?

Craig had, obviously, and seeing him like that was startling to say the least. Now thinking back, it hit Emily that this wasn't little Craig any more. He had just graduated from high school and would be off to college soon, and while up until a half hour ago he had been the skinny little boy with scraped knees and glasses, she knew she would never look at him the same way again.

Having checked the living room and found nothing, Emily went to her bedroom, where the film Craig had been abusing himself while watching had been done. There it was, in plain sight when she saw it tucked away on a shelf amidst a bunch of little knickknacks, a tiny little cube. Now that she was looking for it, it was as plain as the nose on her face.

Technology was something that had passed her by, and she had no idea how any of this worked, except that obviously what Craig had been watching wasn't live. Emily looked over to where she had been standing, bouncing around naked without ever dreaming that she was exposing herself to her grandson.

What if he made tapes or discs or whatever it was, and showed them to his friends? Here's my Grandma, she pictured him saying as he showed his friends. Look at all the hair she has between her legs, and check out how those banana boobs swing low!

Luckily Craig didn't have all that many friends, male or female, and Emily recalled how he didn't even have a date to his prom and stayed home, saying that he didn't want to go anyway. Probably abused himself all that night, Emily concluded.

Emily tiptoed around the area in front of her dresser and went to the bathroom, not turning on the light in case any cameras were in here too, and after washing her hands she turned on the light.

In the mirror, Emily looked like something the cat had dragged in. She had taken a shower first thing in the morning but now she looked like a drowned rat. Her blouse was drenched with sweat, with huge dark patches under her arms and down her back, so throwing caution to the winds she undressed and stepped into the shower, figuring that her grandson had seen it all already.

After stepping into the tub and closing the curtain, Emily paused before turning on the water. Her nipples were fully engorged, and she knew it was a result of what she had just gone through and what she had been thinking.

"And I'm calling Craig a pervert!" Emily muttered to herself before stepping under the spray, and as she let the water cascade over her slender body she thought back. How long had it been since she thought about sex?

Oh, she pleasured herself often, with the old beige toy she called Ted Junior in honor of her husband, now passed six years. She had only been with one man in that time, back about three years ago when she had taken a job at a local tavern waiting tables. The owner, also a widower, had taken a liking to her, and while Emily had sworn she would never be with another man, things happen and loneliness takes over.

It hadn't been all that romantic, Emily recalled. Having been primed with a series of cocktails, before Emily knew in she was having sex with Louis, bent over a pool table while the little Italian guy took her from behind. It wasn't good sex, but it was nice to be wanted, even with a guy who's penis smelled as much like a cigar as his breath had.

The other times, Emily hadn't been drunk so she had no excuses for those, but she guessed she hadn't been drunk on that final night - the last night she ever stepped foot in The Palace Royale.

One of the regulars had hung around, apparently at the request of Louis, and after the lights went low Louis explained that they were going to have fun. Just the three of them.

"Should have done it," Emily mumbled to herself as she scrubbed between her legs a lot more than necessary, because if she had let both men have their way with her as they wanted, at least she would have been able to say she had one crazy experience in her life, but she hadn't and never even went back for her last check.

Louis had sent it to her, along with a note saying he was sorry and thought that she would like a threesome because she was too much woman for one man. Emily had cashed the check but pitched the note.

That other guy - he was young. Not as young as Craig but still and all...

Craig. The sight of that skinny little guy with his fist sliding up and down his erection would not leave her mind, and what an erection Craig had. The size of it was startling, seeing as how Craig was just a wisp of a lad, but his penis was certainly larger than average, almost twice as big as Louis was and even bigger than her late husband, who was nicely endowed in his own right.

"Omigod Emily, you are going to go straight to hell" she mumbled as she pulled her hand from between her legs, but the more she thought the worse it got.

After drying off Emily got herself together, brushing her hair and putting on a little makeup. She grimaced when she looked under her upraised arms and saw the sparse sprays of light brown hair that were nestled in the otherwise pale hollows of her armpits. With a couple of flicks of the razor she eliminated that now knowing now that somebody would be looking at her, and then after taking a deep breath she stepped out into the bedroom naked.


It was like being on stage, Emily thought while standing in the range of that camera, although she hadn't been on a stage since that play back in high school. She tried to keep her tummy tucked in while standing brazenly naked, reaching down and cupping her breasts and kneading the very plaint flesh while staring at the camera as seductively as she dared.

After a minute Emily turned and went to the drawer in the night stand, hoping her butt didn't look too jiggly as she moved. She greased up Ted Junior with lube, her hands shaking as she greased the rubbery prong before going back in front of the camera.

Lifting her right leg so that her foot was on the edge of the mattress, Emily ran her hand through the pelt of hair, noticing that since her pubic hair had thinned somewhat in recent years it had made her prominent labia even more noticeable.

Emily inserted the dildo into her pussy, the rubbery member tight inside of her, and as she began moving it in and out of herself she started to moan, remembering that there was sound involved. She wasn't singing songs from the sixties now though, just moaning as she frigged herself while hoping she was in the camera's sight, and then just spitting out vulgarities.

Stopping just before she came, Emily took the dildo out of herself and brought it to her lips. licking the tip before putting it in her mouth. It was so long that she almost choked as she deep-throated it and had it bump into her throat, but managed to swallow it all before extracting it.

"Is that what you want?" Emily heard herself say to the camera before she stepped away from the bed, wondering what in the world had gotten into her.

Emily stuffed the camera into a bag, wondering what she would do with it. She should throw it in the garbage, she thought, but instead just put in in her purse, wondering if she was getting dementia already to even have done such a thing.


"Mom," the voice on the phone said. "Why don't you come down and join us for dinner? I've made a big pot roast. Unless you've got something cooking that is."

Her daughter usually invited her down once a week or so, and while Emily had made a casserole, she decided to take her up on the offer and got dressed up nice in case her new-found admirer was there. Craig was indeed there, and Emily's skin tingled when she saw her grandson for the first time as a man, and just thinking about what was hiding under those jeans was exciting.

The pot roast was good, but the rest of the meal was ever better as Emily found ways to make her grandson squirm while innocently chatting.

"Oh, I dropped in this morning to grab an egg," Emily said while they ate. "Just so you know."

"Mom, you know we don't care about that," her daughter said while her husband nodded.

"You know I hate to drop in unexpectedly," Emily said, adding, "You never know if you're catching people at an awkward time."

"Well, the chances of it being an awkward time is pretty rare these days," Emily's daughter said with a chuckle, adding, "Right dear?" to her clueless hubby, but Emily noticed Craig's eyes jump up during the exchange.

Emily also got Craig's attention when she started humming "Downtown" while the two of them cleared the table, the sound of which also made Craig jump, but the best was saved for last when Emily reached into her purse before leaving and stuck the little camera in Craig's unsuspecting hand.

"Here you are honey, you little pervert," Emily said, smiling while watching her grandson almost faint from shock, and then she left after thanking everybody for a lovely evening.

After going back to her apartment behind the house, Emily watched her grandson's window for signs of life. His bedroom light went on, and just as Emily started to wonder whether Craig was watching what had been filmed or if it even came out, the phone rang, making Emily jump.


"Uh... Grandma?"

"Yes, who's this?" Emily asked, and while it could have been three others she knew who it was, and at least gave credit to him for having the guts to call.

"Uh - Craig."

"Hello again honey."

"I'm sorry."

"For what dear?'

"You know. The camera."

"Are you sorry you put it in my bedroom, or sorry that you got caught?" Emily asked while imagining her grandson squirming.

"Both, I guess."

"Well, you're honest. Are there any other cameras here?


"None in the toilet so you can watch me go?"

"No, I swear. That was it." Craig said. "How - how did you find it?"

"Well, if I didn't stop by earlier today I would never have known," Emily explained. "I took an egg out of the refrigerator and heard the sound of an old lady who can't sing."

"Oh no..."

"So I went down the hall..."

"Please no. No!"

"And what did I see when I reached your room?" Emily said, and then there was a noise that sounded like the the phone dropping, followed by the faint sound of pot roast going the wrong way.

"Craig?" Emily kept saying, feeling guilty about upsetting her grandson, and then finally heard the phone get picked up.

"Craig, are you crying?"

"I'm sorry. So sorry. I feel like killing myself because I know you must hate me. Did you tell Mom?"

"Of course not. Please don't get upset. I'm not mad, at least not anymore, but it was quite a shock," Emily said, adding, "especially when I saw what you were doing while you watched it."

"Craig?" Emily said after a moment of silence, and after he acknowledged he was still there Emily continued.

"Why though, honey? I'm an old lady."

"I love you Grandma," Craig sobbed. "You're the most sexy woman I know."

"Craig?" Emily said. "Come on now. I know what I look like these days."

"You are sexy to me. I've loved you since - I don't know - forever."

"I love you too honey, but I'm almost 50 years older than you. Girls your age are so much prettier and..."

"Don't care about them. It's you I love," Craig insisted. "It's true. Even the ones I sort of like, even if they like me I find out soon enough that they aren't you. They aren't as nice and aren't as pretty."

"I don't know what to say."

"I won't put any more cameras or anything like that over there. I promise."

"Did you look at the camera since I gave it back to you?"

"No. Did you break it? It's okay if you did."

"No honey, I think I taped something for you, but I don't think it came out. I didn't turn it on or anything because I have no idea how these things work."

"It's motion activated, Grandma. Whenever there's movement with a light on, it detects it and it starts up."

"Well then I think I taped something you might like. Don't know why I did it, but now I'm kind of glad I did, since for some reason you find me attractive. Please don't show it to anybody else, okay?"

"I swear I won't! I've got all these clips hidden on my computer so well that no one would be able to find them."

"That's good, Craig. Now does this take time to develop or something?"

"No Grandma," Craig said with a chuckle. "It only takes me a couple minutes to set it up. Can't wait to see it."

"Can you stay on the phone while it plays?"

"Oh - uh - sure. Let me get it set up."

"Lock your door too, honey," Emily reminded her grandson, who chuckled before setting the phone down.

Emily undressed while waiting for Craig to come back to the phone, and was naked while sitting on the edge of the bed, looking over at Craig's blinds across the way.

"I'm back," Craig said. "it will start up in a minute."

"This is all amazing. How did you think this up?"

"My friend Todd - he films his parent's bedroom and his sister's room, and he showed me how to do it."

"Do you have your folks bedroom..."

"No way."

"Why not?"

"I just had the one for your room, and that's all I could ask for," Craig said. "You're way hotter than Mom. Wait - it's starting."

"Tell me what you're seeing," Emily said.

"Okay. There's a bunch of little clips of you walking back and forth in front of the camera, going to the bathroom," Craig said. "Now the light's on and you're getting up and going to the bathroom. You're wearing that beige nightie. The one where you can see your nipples through it."

"This is from earlier in the day, when I was first waking up and before I knew about the camera."

"Yeah," Craig said. "You're coming out of the bathroom now. You just took a shower and you are walking around with your back to the camera. The freckles on your shoulders are so sexy - and now you're getting dressed. Too bad you were turned away a lot of the time."

"There's more coming," Emily said. "There will be a part after I found the camera. That's the part I did for you."

"Okay. You're going into the bathroom and now - OMIGOD! You're naked. You're naked and standing right in front of the camera, and now you're putting your hands on your..."

"Tell me honey. Tell me what you see. Use the language you would use talking to a friend."

"You've grabbed your tits and you're squeezing them, twisting the nipples," Craig panted, his breathing as loud as his voice. "Posing like a model. Oh Grandma, you're so fucking sexy."

Emily was standing brazenly in front of her window, wishing that she could see into Craig's bedroom while she writhed around on quivering legs with her hand inside of herself.

"You're walking away now. Your bottom - I mean your ass. So cute. Your cheeks have dimples. Now - you're turning around. In your hand. OMIGOD! It's a dildo. You've got a fake cock, Grandma! You're lifting your leg - you just put your foot on the mattress and now you're running your fingers through your pussy hair.... HOLY SHIT!"

"What honey? What am I doing?" Emily gasped as she thought about Craig's fist stroking his huge manhood while watching her on the screen.

"You're putting it in - the dildo - you're putting it in your cunt. In and out, now all the way in. This is fucking incredible. You just took it out and now you're putting it to your mouth. Sucking on it. OMIGOD! You swallowed the whole fucking thing! You said something I couldn't make out. It's over. Oh man."

"Did you cum good honey?" Emily asked.

"No. I didn't. Cum I mean. I still have my jeans on."

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