Grandma's Secret Admirer


"You didn't like it?" Emily asked.

"Like it? I loved it!" Craig practically screamed.

"Then why..."

"I always watch the whole thing first and pick out the favorite parts so when I watch it again I know the parts I want to be looking at when I cum," Craig explained. "Oh man, there are so many great parts that I'm going to be up all night."

"Oh. I was imagining you were just doing what you did earlier when I was watching," Emily said. "I have to confess something, honey. Just between me and you, okay?"


"I haven't thought all that much about sex since your Grandfather passed," Emily confessed. "But when I saw you there naked on the bed, I couldn't get over it - still can't. My little Craig all grown up and a man."

"I couldn't believe that anybody could still be excited seeing me these days," Emily continued. "And then when I saw how well endowed you are, I couldn't get over it. You've got such a very large penis, but I'm sure you know that already. I'll bet the girls love it."

"Not yet," Craig answered sheepishly. "Nobody besides me has ever touched it, except for Todd."

"Todd?" Emily said. "You mean you're ..."

"No, I'm not gay, but Todd, he's as bad as me with girls, and sometimes he brings over films of his parents doing it and we got each other off a couple of times," Craig admitted.

"Oh no. Has he seen me naked?"

"No, and he never will."

"Good, but I still can't believe you haven't had a girl yet."

"Tammy Morin, she rubbed me," Craig said. "We were petting and she was rubbing my bulge and I came. She laughed. Made my jeans look like they do now. Big stain in the crotch because I'm dripping. I always get so nervous around girls that I freeze up and panic."

"So now you're going to get comfortable and watch the film again?"

"Oh yeah, Grandma. I'll be up all night. This is the best present ever."

"So what are your favorite parts?" Emily asked, delighting in keeping her grandson from getting himself off.

"All of it. When you stood there and faced the camera, it was like you were looking right at me, and then when your started playing with your t- I mean breasts..."

"Use the words you like best, honey."

"When you started playing with your tits, and then twisted your nipples. I thought that might hurt but you seemed to like it."

"I do honey. I like my tits treated rough a lot of the time. I only wish you could have seen them when they were perky instead of the way the are now."

"I like them like they are. The way they hang down when you bend over - makes me want to put my dick between them like this guy did to a girl in a movie I saw," Craig gushed. "And then you started posing, and you looked so sexy. You - you shaved your armpit hair, didn't you Grandma?"

"Yes," Emily sighed in embarassment. "Didn't know anybody was looking at me before so I never bothered. Same reason I don't dust under the bed. Anyway, hope it was better for you with me nice and smooth."

"Didn't matter to me either way. You looked sexy with pit hair too, like Madonna in those old pictures," Craig said. "And then you played with your pussy hair. Girls on the Internet, most of them are bald. Makes them look juvenile, and with the razor bumps and stubble it turns me off. I love a hairy pussy, Grandma."

"I'm glad honey," Emily said, not adding that there was no way she was going to start doing any gardening like that at her age.

"When you put the dildo in your pussy and started fucking yourself with it, that was amazing. Made me wish that - you know."


"Made me wish that it was my dick instead," Craig said. "Sorry. I know that's sick. But then when you took it out and sucked the dildo. You had the whole thing down your throat."

"You're bigger than that thing is, Craig," Emily said.


"Your cock, it's longer and thicker than that toy is," Emily said. "You think I could do that to that big cock of yours? Put the whole thing in my mouth? Would that excite you if I had my mouth down in the hair above your dick and your balls on my chin? Would that be good?"

"I - I..."

"Go to the window Craig," Emily said, her words coming out of her mouth but the fact that she was actually sayng such things were beyond her comprehension, and when the blinds got pulled up her grandson saw her with the phone cradled into her neck while she stood there in a pose that suggested cruxification but revealed all of herself for her grandson's pleasure.

"What if Mom and Dad..."

"The light went out downstairs and their bedroom light just went on. Blinds are closed."

"You look so incredible."

"You want to watch that tape?" Emily asked.


"Or would you rather come over here?" Emily suggested.

"You mean you and me, Grandma?"

"I need it so bad," Emily sighed. "If you can sneak out, my door is - hello?"

The phone cut off as the blinds across the way dropped down fast. A couple of seconds later Craig's bedroom light went out, and Emily chuckled when a few seconds later the back door opened and Craig flew out, leaping off the top step of the deck and racing across the yard to the garage.

A half dozen thuds on the stairwell covered the ten steps up and then the door flew open just after Emily put her robe back on for the moment.

"What took you so long?" Emily chuckled in her best Mae West voice, and as she looked at her dissheveled grandson lurch into the apartment with the big wet stain covering the front of his jeans, she wanted to tell him that no matter how bad he wanted her, she wanted him more.


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More please

I would love to read more about her experiences with him.

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