tagIncest/TabooGrandmom's Secret Eroticism

Grandmom's Secret Eroticism


When I stepped through the sliding glass door to our back deck, I heard the slow rumble of the hot tub to my left and saw my grandmother, Emily, lower herself in the water a few inches.

"Teddy, I wasn't expecting you." She said in a surprised tone of voice.

"Oh, sorry, Grandmom. I finished early and thought I would read out here." I said, weakly holding up a copy of a textbook from my initial Engineering course.

Grandmom sort of smiled and scooched lower in the frothing water. "Will you be long, dear?" She asked sweetly.

"I just need to read the next chapter for class Wednesday." I answered, heading to one of the chaises on the deck.

Grandmom looked into the bubbling water that was now around her neck and smiled weakly. "Teddy, I'm afraid I need you to go back inside and up to your room." She said meekly, never raising her head.

I looked at her quizzically. Suddenly, I realized what Grandmom's dilemma might be. "You need some privacy?" I asked, with a broad smile and a quick giggle.

She looked up and laughed with a hiccup in her voice. "Yes. I need a moment of privacy to get out of the tub." She said with a kind voice. The kind, sweet, voice she always used with everyone.

I retreated to the glass door saying, "Sure, Grandmom" over my shoulder and re-entered the house. I slid the glass door shut. Then I immediately bolted up to the second floor and took a sequestered position next to the upper window that overlooked the part of our back deck that had a vantage point above our hot tub.

I was quick enough that Grandmom was still in the tub, stretching an arm to turn off the jets. I took a deep breath as she slowly raised herself from the now-still water and took a ginger step over the rim and reached for a towel. Even though I knew the outcome, I was surprised to see my Grandmother emerge naked from the tub and quickly wrap herself in a large beach towel. She tucked the towel expertly to create a sarong and made a quick move to the glass door, where she disappeared from my line of sight. I quickly walked to my own bedroom and closed my door as I had promised.

"Jeez-us!" I thought to myself as I lay on my bed remembering the brief glimpse of my grandmother naked as she emerged from the hot tub. I had dropped my textbook on the far corner of the bed and I lowered my hand to my crotch as I tried to keep remembering the sight of her naked body. In a moment, I heard the soft padding of her bare feet in the hallway outside my room and then a soft click as she closed her bedroom door behind her.

I laid there gently playing with myself through my jeans as I aimlessly thought about naked Grandmom, Jeannie Ellison, the hot girl in my Engineering class, and then a procession of mental images of porn girls from my online adventures. Suddenly, there was a soft knock on my door.

"Teddy?" It was Grandmom at the door.

I quickly scooped up my discarded textbook, opened it randomly and said, "Yeah."

"May I come in, Teddy?" She asked, muffled by the door.

"Oh, sure, Grandmom." I said, hoping to sound natural.

The door opened slowly and Grandmom entered bashfully. She was now wearing a blue sundress, her face was red from the sun (or embarrassment, perhaps) and she was barefoot. "Teddy." she started as she approached the bed and sat down at the foot of the mattress. "I hope that what you saw just now is just between you and me. I'd prefer that your mother not know about it."

"Grandmom, there's nothing wrong about using the hot tub." I said as though it was perfectly natural.

"I think you know what I mean, Teddy." She said quietly, raising her eyes to meet mine. "I know you saw me when I got out of the tub."

"What?" I said, trying to be nonchalant.

"Don't lie to your grandmother, Teddy. Did you see me without my clothes on?" She asked directly.

"Yes." I 'fessed up.

She smiled softly at having coaxed the confession from me. "I need the hot tub for my health." She said. "And it's better without a swimsuit. I only use it like that when I know that nobody's home." She finished.

"I understand." I said and nodded, pretending to look at the textbook.

Grandmom slapped the bed and said, "Good. Since you have irregular hours here, you may find me there again and I would appreciate if you respected my privacy. Ok, Teddy?" She said sweetly, but with a pinch of vinegar in her voice, too.

She raised herself from the bed and returned to my door to leave. Just before she slipped out, I blurted, "Grandmom, you're fine."

She turned back at me and smiled. "Thanks, Teddy." Then she disappeared.

It was true what I said. Grandmom Emily was a fine looking woman. She was my mother's mother. My mother is a good-looking woman at age 44 and grandmom is only 62, having gotten pregnant and married right after high school to my late grandfather. I had seen family photos of Grandmom when she was younger in the '70's when my Mom was only a girl and she was a prize. Big puffy hairdo's, short dresses in the style of the day, funny platform shoes, and she showed the pretty smile in those early years that she still retained today. When I was in my teens, and she in her fifties, she still was a beautiful woman with frosted blonde hair and a good figure, bustier after childbirth to my mother and my aunt and uncle and, in my opinion, was a MILF before the term had even been coined.

I couldn't concentrate on my textbook after Grandmom left. The quick flash of her bare breasts and her surprisingly well-preserved shape and legs was running through my head on a loop. I realized I shouldn't be having these thoughts about Grandmom, so I got off the bed and went downstairs.

I heard kitchen noises so I went there and saw Grandmom washing some dishes in the sink. She was in the blue sundress, still barefoot. I took up a position next to her, picked up a drying towel and began wiping the clean dishes.

"You're a good boy, Teddy." She said as she handed me a freshly rinsed dish.

We simply washed and dried for awhile without speaking. "Do you have a new girlfriend, Teddy?" She asked.

Everyone in the family knew that I had broken up with Julie a few months ago and I hadn't mentioned another girlfriend since that breakup. "No, I haven't found anyone yet." I answered.

"You're a nice-looking young man, Teddy. It will happen." Grandmom said as she handed me another dish.

"You're an optimist." I said with a small laugh.

"I know you have a good eye for the ladies, at least." Grandmom said.

With that, we both laughed out loud. Grandmom playfully bumped me with her left hip. I put the last dish in the drying rack and smacked her rump with my right hand.

"Teddy!" She shrieked.

She shut the water off in the sink and reached across me to begin putting the dishes in the cupboard. I felt her breast in the sundress brush my arm as she did so. Just before she opened the cupboard door to place the dish upon the shelf, she looked at me over her shoulder. Did she just wink at me, I wondered?

I watched her reach up to put the dish on the interior shelf, so that her back was arched and her ass was stretched out in the sundress. "Does she want me to hold her?" I wondered.

I handed another dish to her and she repeated the motion to reach upward, more upward than she needed to go to place the dish, and the hem of the sundress crawled up her thigh. Grandmom in barefeet and with sundress hemline exposing a goodly length of thigh was too much for me after our unspoken flirtation. I grabbed her around the waist.

"Oh, Teddy." She cried.

"I thought you might fall." I lied as I held onto her.

She came down off her tiptoes after placing the plate. I never took my arms from around her. She turned in my embrace. We looked into each other's eyes. "I haven't been held by a man for a very long time." She said.

"You should be." I answered.

That's when she kissed me. And that's when I kissed her back. Suddenly, we were kissing each other like a couple of hot teenagers in a ten-year old Honda Civic after the first school dance. I moved my arms down to cup her ass with my hands over her sundress. She held my back like a girlfriend during a slow dance and kissed me deeper, opening her mouth to me. I let my tongue play with hers as I continued rolling her soft ass beneath her dress.

"Teddy, darling, we shouldn't." She breathed.

But she didn't resist when I just kept kissing her and began raising the hem of her sundress. She pushed my hand away but it was a weak motion and then she was leaning into me, pushing me against the hard countertop in front of the sink as we raised the ante on our kissing session. Grandmom was warming to the passion of our deep kissing.

"Teddy, Teddy, Teddy." She whispered when we parted lips and held each other. She looked up at me and smiled, then lowered her eyes. "I wanted you to see me. I waited until I knew you were looking upstairs to get out of the tub."

"You looked great, Grandmom." I said, looking into her green eyes.

There was a pause between us. "Now what?" I wondered to myself.

"Your parents won't be home until suppertime." She said quietly, with her arms on my hips. "Maybe you'd like to...see me again?" She asked with a slight bashfulness.

I smiled softly at her. "Yes, I would like to see you again."

"Just give me a few moments, OK? Then come to my room, alright, Teddy?" She whispered. Then she squeezed my arm and ducked out of our embrace. I watched her pad barefoot out of the kitchen and heard her soft footsteps going upstairs.

"Holy fuck, holy fuck!" I screamed in my own head as I began to realize what was happening. I actually felt light-headed as I paced in the kitchen. I heard water running in the bathroom upstairs. "What the fuck have you done, now?" I asked myself. The self-doubt was battling with the sensory aftermath of Grandmom's warm mouth and the feel of her soft body in my arms. After pacing and noodling the whole incredible situation for awhile, I figured enough time had passed and I began to walk to the stairs to meet a destiny I had never even thought about before this very afternoon.

The hall bathroom was empty and dark as I approached Grandmom's bedroom door. I knocked so tentatively at first that I had to repeat the knock with what turned out to be a little too much force. "Jeezus, get it together, man." I thought to myself.

"Come in." She said from behind the door.

I turned the knob and opened the door slowly. I walked lightly into her bedroom. Grandmom had closed the shades over her two windows and the room was dim but she was waiting for me, standing in the far corner of her bedroom. She was wearing a short, shiny purple night dress. The spaghetti straps of the night dress were straining at the heft of her bosom and it was scooped low enough to display a generous amount of cleavage. The hemline of the night dress just covered her crotch and her legs looked magnificent in the dim light of the room. She had a pair of old-school marabou feather high-heeled mules on her tiny feet. I think she had tousled her frosted blonde hair to look slightly wilder than normal. She smiled at me in the dimness.

"Welcome." She said softly.

"Oh, Grandmom, you look so awesome." I gushed as I strode towards her.

"Call me Emily, Teddy. I don't want to be your Grandmom today. I want to be your girlfriend." She said as she swept to meet me in the center of the room at the foot of her bed.

We embraced strongly and kissed as we had earlier. Emily (that's going to take some getting used to, I thought) was even more passionate as I gripped her and she held me while we soul-kissed. I ran my hands over the shiny night dress, over her bottom, daring to touch the side of her bosom as we kissed. She ran her hand over my hard manhood beneath my jeans and she broke the kiss to look at me with wide eyes.

"Oh, my!" She shrieked with a laugh as she continued petting me.

I put my hand on the top of her thigh just below the hem of the shortie night dress. Emily breathed deeply at this touch. I moved my hand to her crotch and touched her small panty that was made of the same satin-y material.

"Oh. Oh." She whispered into my chest as I held and touched her.

"I want to see you." I said urgently.

"And I want to show you, sweetheart." She said as we broke our embrace.

Emily walked slowly back to the far corner of her room. She turned to face me. She took the left spaghetti strap of her night dress and moved it off her shoulder, then repeated the move with her right strap. The night dress hung there for a moment. Then she shrugged her shoulders with a very small motion and it fell with a soft rustle to the carpet.

She stood there with her breasts bared. They were magnificent. Full clouds of pale skin that still had lift and outward-pointed nipples centered in silver-dollar-sized, soft, brown areolae. The satin panty was tight and the soft bulge of her labia beneath the shiny material was mouthwatering. Even though Emily was a short woman, her legs were long in relation to the rest of her dimensions and they appeared as toned and attractive as a woman much younger than her 62 years. Her painted toes peeked from under the whispy marabou feathers of her bedroom shoes.

"Fuckin' A." I thought to myself as my eyes drank in every inch of her I could spy, darting from breasts to panty, to legs, toes, then back again for a full visual circuit.

Emily smiled seductively. It was apparent that she knew how hot she was. How did I miss this much sexiness right under my nose for all these years, I wondered. Well, she never looked like this before, that was for damn sure. She slowly turned around, showing me her ass as she rotated herself on one marabou-feathered bedroom shoe. Her ass was full and soft and was perhaps right at the edge of being fat but just the right girth for sexiness. The satin panty was buried between the globes of her derriere.

"Emily," I started, feeling strange using her first name for the first time, "You are fucking way hot."

She laughed as she came to me, crossing one foot in front of the other, the way models walk. "I'm so glad you like, Teddy-boy."

She pressed her body to me and we kissed again and then she pulled back, looking me right in the eyes. "Make love to me, please?" She asked it as if it would be a favor to her.

"Yes, I will. I wanted you the moment I saw you today." I said, honestly.

She took my hand and led me to the side of her bed. She climbed on the comforter and rested her head on the pile of pillows. She reached her hand out to me to join her. I gently laid down beside her, then rolled over to cover her and we began kissing madly. She began to raise my sweatshirt up and I pulled it off over my head. I could feel her breasts on my bare chest as we resumed making out. Emily snuck a hand between us and began pulling at my belt buckle.

"Get those pants off, Teddy." She said in a gush of emotion as she rubbed my cock in the jeans while I tussled with the belt, button and zipper.

I fidgeted with the tight jeans and finally got them down my legs and kicked them off. Emily immediately had her hand on my cock, still in my underpants. "C'mon, get those off, too." She breathed, as she played with her breasts while I removed the underpants. Suddenly, I was more naked than my Grandmother, I mean, Emily.

I raised myself on my knees and gently tugged the elastic waistband of her purple panties. Emily raised herself so that the panties slid down her thighs with my guidance. I couldn't believe it - well, yes, I guess I could believe it, after all - but her pussy was smooth without a wisp of pubic hair. She was a hot lady alright. I knew immediately what I wanted. I maneuvered myself so that I could taste her gorgeous pussy.

When she realized what I was doing, Emily said, "Oh, Teddy, yes, that would be so lovely." She opened her legs wider and raised her knees to give me full access - first visually, then orally - to her cunt.

I laid between her legs, her thighs inches from my ears as I brought my face to her open pussy. I gently licked at the thick outer curl of her labia. Then went deeper for my first real taste of Emily's glorious snatch. And what a snatch! I've seen and eaten college girls' pussies but this was - in my mind - the real thing. Soft, womanly pussy lips, a heady scent of clean but musky vagina, and the sight of Emily's closed eyes above her breasts as I went down on her. "Fuck!" My head shouted in silence as I ate her pussy.

Emily turned her face to the left and buried it in the soft pillows as I began my oral assault on that glorious cunt that I lusted after since first spying her naked earlier this afternoon.

"Oh, Teddy, boy. Yes. Eat me, please." She sighed as I went deep into her and licked her lips, the center, and finally found her clitoris.

"Whew! whew, whew, whew!" She screamed into the dim bedroom in early-afternoon, as I ate her pussy with the love I always knew I had for her and only today realized how deep that love could be. When I had a firm bead on her clit, Emily screamed in a high-pitched wail of what sounded like pain but I knew must be barely endurable pleasure. I was glad she had closed and shaded her windows or the neighbors would have called 9-1-1.

I was really getting into giving her head. She was deep and moist and her woman-scent was filling my head, as was her sibilant sounds of ecstasy from the head of the bed. She spread her thighs wide and reached down to grab my hair and push me deeper into her opening. My face was coated with her juices as I continued to eat every crevice of that labrynth of pussy.

"Fuck me. Fuck me, Teddy." She said quietly, shifting gears from her pre-orgasmic vocalizing just a moment ago.

Earlier she had asked me to "make love" to her. I noted the new urgency in her request now. I raised myself to my knees between her legs. Emily reached her hands to hold my hips as I moved forward to get in position. "Wait." She said. She brought her right hand to my engorged penis and circled it in her fist.

"Oh, my goodness." She said with a laughing lilt in her voice. We looked at each other. She was smiling broadly. "Ok, Teddy, fuck me real good now." She said more seriously.

I pushed the head of my cock against her pussy. It entered effortlessly. In fact, Emily was so juicy and I slid so deep into her at first contact that I was afraid I would lose it much too quickly. I made a reverse whistling noise as I tried to regain control of my tactile senses at the feeling of her softness enveloping me. Emily sensed my dilemma and laid still as I hung above her on my hands, my cock buried but unmoving in her liquid cunt. The moment seemed to have passed and I withdrew myself to her vaginal lips before slowly pushing myself into her.

"Oh-h-h-h, that's so good." She sighed as I retreated out of her and pumped back in again.

Confident that I had calmed myself out of an unwanted climax, I fell into a slow rhythm as I fucked Emily slowly and let myself cup her magnificent breasts. We shared a very wet kiss as we made love. That is what it felt like: making love to a very beautiful woman. Our familial relationship was abandoned - at least for this afternoon and certainly during this physical act of love and eroticism.

Emily wrapped her legs onto my back and pulled me into her with her arms on my shoulders. I went deep and found new strength as I fucked her vigorously. She responded by counter-banging me with her hips moving against my motion. She was incredibly sexual once we got far into it. When she unwrapped her legs and brought them up straight, I moved my arms behind them to lever her forward so that she was now in the ultimate fucking position. My cock was now pounding into her from almost a 90 degree angle and she was breathing deeply and making unintelligible sounds as she received what I hoped was the fucking of her life. She slipped her left hand down to touch her clitoris as we fucked with passion.

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