tagIncest/TabooGrandmother and Favorite Grandson Ch. 02

Grandmother and Favorite Grandson Ch. 02


The next morning was incredibly odd for me. After what my grandmother and I did the previous day, we haven't spoken a single word to one another. I stayed awake through the whole night trying to understand what it means and what I should do next.

Eventually my question was answered.

My mother had gotten me out of bed in the morning to go see my grandmother today. Apparently she called saying that she needed help in the house.

I didn't know what to make of that at first. My first thought, bold as it was, was that my grandmother wanted to do more things, but I quickly brushed that off and realized the truth. She clearly wanted to confront me about it; it explains why we're doing this in the morning.

And so, I walked over to her house down the block. I barely had any time after I awoke to have a coffee or put on any real clothes. I knocked on the door, only to realize that it was open.


When she didn't reply, I instinctively thought that she was in the backyard. I removed my shoes, climbed the initial flight of stairs and peered out the kitchen window. But, after inspecting the backyard, I didn't see her there.

"Nana?" I called again. Maybe she went out?

But then I heard a reply. "Here, Honey."

I realized it came from the bedrooms down the hall, and I quickly made my way to the end, inspecting the first guest room, then across the hall to the master bedroom.

I winced; the queen sized bed that, no matter how many times I visited, always looked the same was now decorated with different sheets, comforters and cushions. They were now much more scarlet and amethyst colored. They also looked much more comfortable than the previous ones.

I couldn't help but go up to the bed and feel the new linen. I was intrigued as to how they felt, but as I began to sit on the bed, a movement in the corner of my eye caught my attention.

I stood up and saw my grandmother standing in the doorway, wearing a beautiful silk dress. Her face was bright red with blush make-up that made her look younger. She stood there, smiling at me.

"Oh, hey," I started. "You redid the bed I see."

"Just for you," she said.

I was blown away. Not only was the ultimate thought being contemplated in my head, but by the way she looked at me, it looked like it's what she really wanted.

"Nana..." I murmured. "What do you mean?"

"Oh, James," she walked up to me, and held me. "At first I was ashamed of myself, but now I know that this is what I want."

I shook my head slightly in disbelief, "Nana, I don't know what to say, I mean-"

She hushed me, "Oh, James, you don't need to speak."

She remained upon me for a moment, silent. I stood there, wondering what to do or say. Eventually, she spoke again.

"James, Honey, my sweet grandchild," she whispered. "I haven't had physical love in too long a while. You are just so perfect for me."

I smiled, "Nana... you are perfect for me also. I'm still a virgin, but, I would do anything for you. You've done so much for me."

She let go of me, and looked up into my eyes, "James, I would be honored to be your first lover. To be the woman with whom you truly become a man."

"Wow," I said. "That's very... poetic of you."

She laughed a bit, and then took a deep, loving breath. She then said ever so softly, "I love you, James."

"I love you too, Nana," I told her.

"Let's do it, now," she said. And with a little nudge in the direction of the bed, I sat on the edge.

Slowly and sexy, she kneeled down and undid my jeans. I leaned backwards to help her get them down and off my legs. Then, she removed my socks. Once my legs were mostly bare, she stood up and removed my shirt.

When I thought she would go for my boxers next, she pushed me back. I crept backwards to the center of the bed, and looked at her. She removed her dress rather quickly and dropped it onto the floor, revealing her fine, silky undergarments.

She crawled onto the bed after me, and I backed up onto the center cushion. She knelt at the foot of the bed, looking deeply into my eyes.

She spoke in a sexy voice, "Are you ready to see me, Honey?"

I nodded fast, excited. I felt my heart race as she reached behind her back and undid her bra. Then, slowly, she removed it, revealing her soft, bold breasts.

I took a deep breath, savoring the sight of my grandmother's tits for the first time in my life. She leaned in towards me, and they swung around as she crawled up to me.

"The time has come..." she whispered.

Gently, my grandmother bent down and pulled down my boxer shorts, revealing my hard, throbbing cock. She threw the shorts off the bed, and gave my shaft one long lick that made me moan lightly.

Then, she knelt straight up, and with a coy expression on her face, slowly removed her panties, revealing her wet cunt. My mouth remained gaped slightly open hotly as she slipped the panties past her ankles and tossed them.

She spoke, "Come, Honey... Feel me... Feel what it will be like."

She quickly reached for my right hand, and guided it to her dripping pussy. The smell of her aroused sex began whipping around the room, driving me mad with arousal. I forced myself to pace my breathing as I felt my fingers brush skin and juices of my grandmothers pulsing vagina; if I hadn't calmed myself, I would've came right there.

She spread her legs, and sat on top of my chest. She felt heavy to me at first, but I paced my breathing as much as I could. She reached behind herself, and grabbed my cock. The sweet juices of her pussy dripped all over me, and its scent made me dizzy.

I felt her tug, and I moaned loudly. She grinned mischievously and positioned my dick as upward as it could go.

Then, she lifted herself upwards, and down over my cock. I took a breath, and took a moment to admire her cunt again. She was shaved, making her details that much more noticeable. I felt my cock twitch in her grip.

Then, I stared her in the eye, and she stared back. I took another breath, and then asked, "Ready?"

She stretched his arms quickly, and then said, "Yes, I am. I've been ready for a long time now. I hope you enjoy it as much as I will."

I smiled, "Nana, I love you so much."

I braced myself as my grandmother lowered herself slowly. She continued raising my cock upwards towards her hungry cunt. Then, she got low enough that my cock tip entered her vagina lips.

I felt a twinge of pleasure when we made contact. I looked and saw a drop of precum escape and flow down my shaft.

Then, I gasped.

My grandmother bent her legs all the way through, and her body lowered. I grunted deeply as my cock sank into her wet, writhing cunt. I was surprised at how tight it really was.

My grandmother cocked her head backwards suddenly, and moaned loudly in pleasure. As she did, I took another deep breath, savoring the feeling of her pussy swallowing my shaft. We both wanted it so much...

As I laid there, she sat on top of me, her ass cheeks flattening onto my hips. She placed her knees on both sides of my body, and held them against my ribs. I put my arms around the lower half of her legs and held her ankles. I bent my legs, and gasped again as I felt her squeeze her walls onto my cock.

At first, my grandmother took it slow. She used her knees to carry her body up and down my shaft. I groaned as she pumped me with her juicy cunt. She began to moan in intense pleasure.

I forced my torso upwards as she began to gain a bit of speed. Every twinge and flex of her body sent ripples of unimaginable pleasure through me. She leaned backwards onto my sweating thighs for a moment, before going the other way, and leaning forward.

Soon, her moans turned to deep breaths and sighs. I knew that any sort of uncomforting feeling had subsided and she was beginning to feel the true bliss.

She began to prevent herself from sinking on top of me any longer, so as to help herself gain more vigorous motions. I instinctively began to buck my hips in rhythm to her rising and lowering onto my cock. I used my legs to lift myself off the bed and further into her sweet cunt.

As I did this she began lowering her head, and she placed her hands on my chest, and clawed on me somewhat. I took this chance to sit up a bit and reach for her bouncing tits, caressing them and squeezing them with my sweating hands.

I groaned with pleasure as I continued to hump upwards. Using my chest as counter-balance, she began to pick up her pace.

She suddenly began to squeeze her crotch muscles and walls onto my cock in a patterned pace. The resilient working of my cock made me shout out loudly as I fucked her harder still.

Her heavy breathing became louder, and were accompanied by moans of bliss. Her pace became more vigorous, and I felt as if I could take no more.

I kept fucking my grandmother's tight cunt as she kept squeezing and stroking with her inner walls. My legs stiffened as I pushed myself even harder into her.

I began to breath heavy as her moans began dragging on longer. Hearing her call my name in such a way pushed me over the limit.

She moaned loudly again as she got even faster, still working my cock with her pussy. I began to moan in sync with her, as I flexed my abs and thighs with every stroke. She continued at her new pace up and down my throbbing cock.

I felt all of it upon me, and as I closed my eyes the thought rushed through my head. My grandmother, the one who has been with me since I was a child, is now making love with me. I looked down and watched my cock dig deep into her loving vagina with every moan she made. She called my name lovingly and gasped repeatedly.

With this, I cocked my head backwards, and moaned again. My grandmother stopped howling, and began leaning backwards, eyes closed tight. She breathed short, hard, loud breaths that made me realize that she was just as ready to climax as I was.

My grandmother, whose breathing had now turned to drags of blissful yells, was still continuing with massaging my cock. I could feel her tensing up her body; I could feel her vagina go rigid.

"Oh, James!"

I opened my eyes, and watched as she called my name one last time before climaxing.

My grandmother's breathing became so vigorous and detached that she was having trouble keeping up with herself.

Her vagina walls began convulsing fast and wetly as juices began dripping all over my pumping dick. She then replaced all her weight back onto my cock and she had to hold herself up with my shoulders.

When her orgasm came full swing her muscles tightened severely, and I felt her crotch pump me continuously. She groaned in bliss again, and so did I.

As she lowered her body and allowed my cock to sink ever so deep into her, she squeezed hard. I relaxed my muscles as she grabbed my shoulders, and when she squeezed a second time, I felt my climax become inevitable.

I moaned as loud as I could. And as I closed my eyes, I felt my virginity begin to leave me forever. My balls tightened underneath it all, marking the feeling that triggers an orgasm.

My cock pulsated strongly and got ready to send what I thought would be endless waves of cum into my grandmother. She lowered herself completely onto my hips as I neared my orgasm.

I was in a state of ultimate bliss. I felt nothing but my grandmother's tightness around my penis and I forced myself even further inside her. As my climax reared the corner, I opened my eyes and looked at her.

When she looked at me, the two of us stared for the slightest moment, and I knew everything was going to be okay. I knew that I had pleased her like I wanted and I knew that she loved me dearly enough to let me cum inside her.

I bucked one last time and felt what I had been waiting for forever. I leaned in, and so did she.

And as we shared a great, passionate kiss, I ejaculated inside her.

Again and again, my cock sent gushes of hot cum into her waiting womb. I felt her squeeze her pussy walls as I did, which made it feel even more pleasurable. It felt like hours to me... hours of the greatest feeling on Earth.

It was incredible, her and I kissing as I continued to cum. I felt the fluids begin to escape her cunt and drip onto my balls and hips. I never wanted it to end.

And there we were. Locked in an incredible kiss as I shot load after load of my pent up semen. And when the ejaculating and the bliss finally subsided, we still remained there.

We probably sat there for three hours... minimum.

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