tagIncest/TabooGrandpa: After Molly Ch. 02

Grandpa: After Molly Ch. 02


In Part 1, Grandpa made a move on his 18 year old granddaughter, Lindsey. While Lindsey is not nearly as physically enticing as his other granddaughter, he quickly developed an intense lust for her, which then took some baby steps toward fruition.

Now Lindsey tries to overcome her fears, and Grandpa Ed wants to help.


Chapter One: See.

I swollowed hard as Lindsey lifted the little yellow nightie, exposing first her long and impossibly skinny legs, ghostly pale except for the sprinkling of freckles on her thighs.

Then the nightie went up higher, with Lindsey clutching it tightly as she held it up to her waist. Her flaming, burnt orange bush was every bit as full and thick as I had figured it to be, the wide triangle fanning out beyond her delta and growing slightly on the insides of her thighs.

"Is it hairy enough for you, Grandpa?" Lindsey asked timidly, looking hopefully to me for approval.

"It's beautiful, Lindsey," I told her while I inched my butt onto the edge of the bed. "Come closer, dear. Let Grandpa get a good look."

Lindsey took the two steps to reach my bedside, and she was now so close I could smell her pussy. The thick, musky odor filled my head and drove me a little crazy.

"Everybody says I'm too hairy down there."

"Who does, honey?" I asked, wanting to reach my hand out to touch her but not wanting to scare the jittery girl.

"Brad," Lindsey said while making a face, referring to her boyfriend, a kid that I was developing an intense dislike for despite never having met him. "And Mom too. She made me shave the hairs that were sticking out from the sides of my bathing suit."

"Yes, I see," I said, noting the faint stubble visible outside of the untrimmed triangle. "Can I touch you?"

Lindsey nodded, and so I slowly reached over and touched her bush. The hair was as wiry as the rest of her hair was; so much so that it made my hand spring back a little as I probed the dense growth.

"Beautiful," I concluded.

"Mom says I got being hairy from her, because she's hairy too," Lindsey replied. "But you know that, I guess."

"How would I know that?" I asked.

"Well, didn't you and her - you know?"

"No!" I said with a little indignation, before realizing that I had no right to act offended. When you start playing around with your granddaughter, you lose all rights to take the moral high ground.

"Oh, I figured..."

"No, honey. Besides, you're so much attractive than she was at your age," I said, wanting badly to change the subject. "Oh my, I can feel how wet you are. Were you playing with yourself before you came in to see me?"

Lindsey nodded as I slid my hand up and down between her legs, feeling her rather prominent labia through the fur, and reveling in the wetness that surrounded her opening.

"It feels nicer when you do it, Grandpa," Lindsey said. "That really made me horny when I jerked you off. Your cock is so incredible. I couldn't believe how big you are. I love that vein that goes all the way down the shaft. Do you want to - you know? Fuck me?"

"No, Lindsey," I said while bristling at the word coming from her lips. "Not tonight. Grandpa's worn out from the fun we had before."

Two hand jobs in less than two hours had taken the starch out of me, and although my cock was twitching, I knew I couldn't get it up again so fast no matter how excited I was. The look on Lindsey's face was a mixture of disappointment and relief.

"Here honey," I said, sticking my right leg out. "Sit on my leg - that's it."

Lindsey straddled my bare leg, easing her pussy down onto my thigh. The coarse hairs pricked my leg as I felt the wetness seep out of her.

"Why don't you take that cute nightie off for me," I suggested to Lindsey, who still held the bottom of the garment in her clenched hands. "Let me get a good look at you."

Lindsey did as I asked, lifting the nightie up over her head, exposing her pale and freckled body in its entirety. Her titties were right next to my face, so I leaned forward and took the plump aureola in my mouth while I reached over and began squeezing the other spongy cone.

"Do like this," I instructed Lindsey, having her move her body on my leg so that in effect she was humping my thigh. Lindsey caught on quickly, and was soon vigorously moving her pussy back and forth on my leg.

A dreamy look covered her face as she did this, and I stopped her when she started to take her glasses off.

"Leave those on for me, will you honey?" I asked, having grown fond of the way she looked in them. "Raise your arms up, dear. Put your hands behind your head so I can see all of you. I'll hang on to you so you won't fall."

Lindsey complied, and as I went back to sucking on her tits, I was afforded a close-up view of the tufts of hair that filled the cavernous hollows of her armpits. Certainly nothing like the little patch of hairs Molly had under her arms, and as I watched a trickle of sweat run from the thick jungle, I couldn't decide whether Lindsey would look better with or without the fur.

Lindsey started to hump my leg harder and faster when my mouth slid over from her tit to her armpit, and she really started to grind into me when my tongue went to work under her arm. Whimpering and gasping, she wiggled as my hands held her fully visible rib cage, allowing me to lick and chew on her sensitive underarms, and I didn't stop until I sensed she was nearing an orgasm.

"Here Lindsey," I said as I lifted her off of my leg and eased her onto the bed, the dazed look on her face looking just as erotic as the way she was reeling around. "Let Grandpa make you really happy."

With that, I parted her skinny thighs and lowered my face into the burnt orange triangle that guarded her womanhood. The fur felt coarse against my cheeks as I dipped my tongue into her steamy opening.

Bringing my arms around her hips and holding her close, I began lapping her pussy like a starving puppy. My tongue found her clitoris and I began flicking at it relentlessly. Lindsey began squealing and wiggling around on the bed, legs flailing around in the air while she tore at the bedding with her hands.

She practically levitated off the bed as she came the first time, and the pungent smell of her pussy, now combined with her screams of pleasure, were intoxicating to me. I continued to orally assualt her tender clit until she came again, a tamer and milder orgasm that left her limp and splayed on the soggy bedding.

I lifted my head from between her legs, taking a long gaze at the way the hair seemed to continue to flourish well down below her pussy, and also admiring the faint little trail of hairs that wound their way up from the bush and on up to just below her belly button.

Lindsey was still trying to catch her breath as I crept up alongside of her. Her face was flushed and her glasses were twisted around on her head so that the right lens was below that eye and the left lens was above the other. She looked like she was in a state of shock.

"Was that good for you, Lindsey?"

"Oh Grandpa!" Lindsey said, reaching up to hug me around the neck. "I never felt anything like that before."

"I'm glad you liked it," I said while returning the hug. "Haven't you ever had an orgasm before?"

"I don't think so," Lindsey said. "At least not like that. That was like - Wow!"

"Please put your thing in me," Lindsey hissed into my ear. "I want it so bad. I'll make it hard again for you, I promise. Just tell me what to do. I'll do anything to make it hard again. I mean that too."

Lindsey had snaked her hand into my boxer shorts, and was trying to milk some life back into it.

"Tomorrow, honey," I said gently but firmly, removing her hand from my shorts. "Go back to bed now, so we can get some rest."

Lindsey made a whining sound but got off of the bed and trudged to the door before remembering her nightie. I was treated to the sight of her long and lithe form one last time as she retrieved the nightie, and then she disappeared after saying good night.

Chapter Two: Dreaming.

I was having the most wonderful dream. My cock was being coaxed out of my boxer shorts, and then the head of it was being licked. I felt myself getting hard as the licking turned into sucking, and despite the sensation of teeth scraping against the ridge of the sensitive glans, I was soon fully erect.

It wasn't a dream, of course. It was Lindsey. The time was - good grief - 2:30 a.m. and Lindsey had apparently decided to pay me a nocturnal visit. Now she was kneeling next to me, trying to suck my cock. I made a noise that suggested I was still asleep and rolled onto my back a little more, spreading my legs to give her better access to me.

"Grandpa?" Lindsey whispered. "You awake?"

Not getting a response from me, she went back to trying to give me head. I was too tired to want to get involved in anything with the girl at this hour, but it felt far too good for me to pull her off and send her back to her room. Besides, it was enjoyable listening to her, as she was making little choking noises whenever she managed to get much more than the head of me into her mouth.

Lindsey kept it up for over 10 minutes, her lips sliding up and down the crown while her fist pumped the shaft slowly. Periodically, she would call out my name to see if I was awake, but I kept still, or at least as quiet as I could.

I couldn't help but let out a groan when I felt her hand slide down and grab my balls, and when she started to knead my sack, my cock tingled, and to my surprise, I came. Lindsey choked as I spurted my seed into her mouth, but kept going like the trouper she was until my cock went limp again.

I heard Lindsey spitting out my cum, which I took as an insult, but when I felt it drop down on my deflated dick and she began to run her tongue up and down the underside of my flaccid cock as it lay back on my stomach, I forgave her. She kept licking it for I don't know how long, because I eventually allowed myself to drift off to sleep.

It was a few hours later when I woke up again, with the sun peeking in through the curtains and warming me and the pale freckled girl who was snuggled up next to me. I brushed a stray red hair from her face as I looked at Lindsey. So sweet and innocent, and even more so without her glasses, which were now on the night table..

"Morning Grandpa," Lindsey squeaked, her eyes opening very slightly.

"What are you doing in here?" I asked.

"I snuck back in later," Lindsey said. "You wanna know what I did?"

I told her that I did indeed what to know, and she whispered in my ear while her hand grabbed what had become her favorite toy.

"I sucked your dick while you were sleeping."

I feigned shock at hearing this, and told her I couldn't believe it.

"I did," Lindsey said excitedly. "Your dick was soft when I started, but I sucked on it and made it real hard, just like before. Then you shot your goo in my mouth."

"Can't believe I slept through that," I said in wonder. "Did you like it when I came in your mouth?"

"Tasted kinda yucky," Lindsey admitted. "Better than Brad's though. His tastes like broccoli and I hate broccoli. Wish I could get more of yours into my mouth, because you would probably like it better that way."

"Well, I guess I must have liked it okay," I reminded her.

"I guess," Lindsey said. "I'll keep trying and maybe I'll get used to how big it is. I can put all of Brad's in my mouth even when it's hard."

"That's nice dear," I said, thinking that it was way too early for this conversation, and I didn't want to hear about Lindsey doing anything with this goofy kid anyway.

"Tonight, right Grandpa?" Lindsey said as my aching body got out of bed and headed to the bathroom.

"Yes, honey," I replied, trying to figure out if I would have any energy for that, although when I looked back at Lindsey's naked body I knew that I would find a way.

"I'm excited," Lindsey said as I left the room. "Scared, but excited."

Chapter Three: The clock ticks.

Fortunately I had a lot of work around the house to do, so I kept busy all day. My hands were not nearly as active as my mind was, however, so no matter how Lindsey had gotten on my nerves earlier that morning, by the time dinner time rolled around I was more than ready.

Dinner was a tense affair, and Lindsey had become much more nervous that she had been earlier that morning. Afterward, as she washed the dishes at the sink, I came up behind her. Wrapping my arms around her, I kissed her neck, making her shiver.

"I'm going to take a shower," I whispered in her ear. "You can join me if you want. If not, I'll see you later."

Lindsey nodded, and my hands, seemingly out of my control, slid up and cupped her breasts. I kneaded the spongy cones roughly, while grinding my crotch into her backside.

"I want you so bad," I groaned, and Lindsey's knees buckled as I ground myself into her.

I stepped away, leaving Lindsey hanging onto the countertop, and headed for the shower. Lindsey didn't join me, which was not unexpected, and just as well because I was really getting more horny with every passing moment.

Chapter Four: It's Time.

By the time I got out of the shower, I was nearly out of my mind with lust. I was light-headed as I dried myself off, and was still damp when I couldn't wait any longer and went to Lindsey's room, but the room was empty.

Lindsey was sitting on the edge of my bed when I went in, and she nervously rose when I entered the room. She was naked, and made no effort to hide her tall, skinny torso from my eyes.

"Did you want me to - you know - take a shower first?" Lindesy said in a shaky voice.

"No honey," I said, letting my robe fall back off my shoulders and onto the floor behind me as I walked toward her, leaving me as naked as she was. "You look so beautiful," I added while my hand went down to my cock, stretching the flaccid hose as I drooled over Lindsey.

"You smell nice, Grandpa," Lindsey whispered as I hugged her, my cock beginning to stiffen as it ground into Lindsey's bush, and to my surprise Lindsey lifted my arm and kissed my armpit.

"I liked it when you did that to me last night," Lindsey shyly added after giving the hairs a lick.

"I did too," I offered, shivering a little as Lindsey nibbled away. "I think we'll shave your underarms tomorrow so I can see what they look like smooth. Would you like me to do that?"

"Sure Grandpa," Lindsey said. "Molly said that she loved it when you shaved her pits. Was she as hairy as me?"

"No honey," I said chuckling as I recalled the tiny wisps of hair under Molly's arms that had gotten our relationship started, and I resisted the urge to tell Lindsey that not many were as hairy as she was. "I've got to admit that you're very sexy like this."

After kissing the inside of Lindsay's arm and burying my face into her slightly musky pit, I eased her back onto the bed. Kneeling beside her, I parted her legs with my hands and ran my fingers along her pouting labia, the opening clearly defined by her wetness.

My index finger slid inside of Lindsey, causing her to gasp in surprise. Her pussy was incredibly tight - so much so that it took a lot of working to get in inside of her. Lindsey writhed as my finger wiggled around in her pussy, and her hand reached up to grab my cock, which was now almost erect.

"Just suck on the head of it, baby," I instructed Lindsey in a soothing tone, not wanting to end up cumming too soon. "That's it."

I had to look away at the sight of that cute freckled face, because seeing her with her eyes screwed shut and her mouth stretched out wide in order to take in the plum-sized crown, was way too erotic for me to take at this point.

Instead, I began to try to insert another finger into Lindsey's pussy, and found it almost impossible.

"Relax honey," I said in as soothing a voice as I could summon up under the circumstances. "Let your body relax and let me loosen you up some. You're very tight."

Lindsey nodded as her head fell back away from me, and she flinched as my other finger worked its way inside of her, her lips parting to let out a meek whimper of pain. She was getting a little looser as I gently twisted my fingers inside of her, and I was getting too impatient to wait much longer.

"Such a beautiful woman," I whispered roughly, trying to arouse her as my fingers slid in an out of her. "Such amazing nipples you have - here - play with them yourself, honey," I instructed Lindsey as I brought her hand up and watched her pull on her puffy aureola.

"I love your pussy," I gasped as I began to lose control of myself. "So hairy - so tight. You like what I'm doing to you? You want me to put my cock inside of you now?"

Lindsey's body was shaking as she nodded at me, her eyes glazed and her breathing getting more rapid with every passing second.

"Got to have you, honey!" I grunted as I pulled my hand from between her legs and climbed between her parted thighs. I slid the head of my cock up and down her moist opening, the roughness of her bush exciting me even more, and then slipped the tip of my cock into Lindsey and pushed forward.

It was like trying to stick a kielbasa through a keyhole, I thought to myself as I struggled to squeeze myself into her. Lindsey was crying out in pain, but when I asked her if she wanted me to stop she shook her head no violently.

Good thing too, because I don't know if I could have stopped at that point. I pushed and pushed, and then suddenly I felt the head of my cock pop into her.

Lindsey's face was twisted and contorted as her mouth let out a tortured wail when I entered her. Tears were trickling down from the corners of her eyes and toward her ears as I began to move myself inside of her.

So wet and so tight, I thought to myself as I tried to work more of my cock into her with each timid thrust. I tried to block the sound of Lindsey's whimpering from my ears, but couldn't do it.

"Do you want me to stop, baby?" I asked tentatively, desperately not wanting to hear her say that.

"NO!" Lindsey said loudly with a wild-eyed expression of horror on her face. "Hurts but hurts good. So big... want it... want it all! Don't stop - no matter what!"

Chapter Six: Lindsey gets what she wants.

With that, I began thrusting into Lindsey's pussy with increased intensity. I had about half of my cock inside of her vise-like cunt, and then started to try and work a little more in with each thrust. Lindsey cried out with each probe, feeling my member entering regions her boyfriend apparently never reached, finally feeling myself hit the wall.

She was cumming now, and I tried to close my ears to the sounds. Lindsey clawed at my arms, her eyes bulging out of her head and veins pulsing in her neck, as she thrashed below me. I couldn't continue to look, not wanting to cum just yet, as her vice-like pussy tried to flatten my tool with her orgasm.

Lindsey's body relaxed as her orgasm faded, allowing me to penerate her even further. I was now pounding into her limp body, my sweat splashing down like rain all over Lindsey's body. My head bowed as I took her plump auroela in my mouth and sucked hard on the puffy blossom.

Soon Lindsey was coming again. A much weaker orgasm to be sure, but as she arched her body backward, I could feel her pussy seize me hard. I couldn't wait any longer, and as I slid myself fully into her one last time my cock erupted. I let out a guttural roar as my cock spit out what felt like a massive load of seed inside of her.

After my cock stopped twitching, I pulled myself out of Lindsey and hovered over her with my arms suspending me above her. She looked glassy-eyed, almost like she was in a trance, as I eased myself down next to her on the bed.

Looking over at her, I was beginning to be concerned about Lindsey. Had I hurt her? I wasn't trying to, but had to admit that I wasn't exactly sure about what I had done. Once her pussy had begun undulating on my pecker, everything else was just a blur.

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