tagIncest/TabooGrandpa: After Molly Ch. 06

Grandpa: After Molly Ch. 06


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When last we met, Lindsey was very upset, and Grandpa was trying to console his distressed granddaughter. After all, he figured, what could be so bad for her to get so upset about?

In Part 6, Ed Watson finds out.


Chapter One: Technology and Grandpa.

I held my sobbing granddaughter tightly as she tried to regain her composure. It had been a very hectic day indeed, starting out early that morning when they made a trip to the mall, where we bought a skimpy halter top and shorts outfit, which covered her little boobies, her abundant bush and her pert butt, and precious little else.

After parading her around the mall, where she got a great deal of attention which got me more than a little excited myself, we started driving home. We made an unscheduled stop at an adult bookstore, where Lindsey got drooled over by a Charles Barkley look-alike, who ended up following us back to the video booth where he watched Lindsey sit on my lap and get fucked, followed my me blowing my wad into her mouth. Bought a vibrator and a dirty movie too.

We then went to my local Quik-E-Mart to buy batteries for her new toy, and while in the store Lindsey let an old geezer peek at her titties, and took off her halter so the checkout girl could check her out. That she did at my request, under her condition that right after that, we would go out in the back of the store and fuck. The fact that the cashier had apparently watched us was not known by me at the time, but no matter.

After arriving home, I got a couple of hours rest before having Lindsey bathe me, followed by the premiere of Lindsey's vibrating and undulating cock, which was used on both of us to great enjoyment by all.

Not a typical day in the lives of your average grandpa and granddaughter, I suppose, but it wasn't that far out of the ordinary for me, since Lindsey had arrived on the scene.

The phone call that Lindsey was just involved in; now that was something that certainly put a damper on the evening. I had been dozing off when I awoke to the sound of Lindsey yelling and screaming at her boyfriend, or ex-boyfriend, and which culminated with Lindsey smashing her cellphone on the floor, where it met a rather dramatic and shattered end.

Good riddance was my first thought, me being the last man on earth without one of the stupid things, but when I saw how upset Lindsey was over the call, I got concerned. Then, when she told me she had done something really bad, I was worried.

"You want to tell me what you did that was so bad?" I asked after Lindsey's crying jag had subsided somewhat.

"You're going to hate me," was Lindsey's answer, and it was one she repeated a couple of times before I got her to tell me why I was going to hate her.

"Remember the other night, when you came past my room and I was on the phone?"

"Yes. You were upset then too, but not like this."

"Well, Brad was being really miserable to me. He was telling me how he went to a party and was making out with Erin Marie - she's a friend of mine. I finally got fed up and told him I was breaking up with him. I told him I had been having sex with a real man who made me feel so good that I could never go back to him anyway."

Oh brother, I thought to myself. She went and told this goofy kid that I had been screwing her. At least if that got around, nobody would believe him, or so I assumed.


"I was really pissed off at him, and just before I was going to hang up, you went down the hall. I stopped you, remember?"


"I took your shorts down and started to give you head - and then so I could get you hard, I had you get on your hands and knees, remember."

"Yes," I said, getting annoyed at this endless retelling of the story. "I couldn't get hard right away, because I had just fucked you, so you me get on my hands and knees and you licked my anus until I got hard, and you had me cum all over your face."

"Please don't get mad at me, Grandpa Ed," Lindsey pleaded. "You promised you wouldn't hate me if I did that to you."

"I'm not mad at what you did, I'm getting mad at this roundabout way of telling me what has made you upset! Are you trying to tell me that his little twerp knows what we did together that night?"

"Well, yeah..."

"You told him that you sucked my cock? You just went and said - I just gave my Grandpa head? I just licked my grandfather's anus?"

"It's called a rim job, Grandpa, and please don't yell."

"Don't yell? How am I supposed to feel when you do something like that? Why would you tell him that anyway?"

"I wanted to make him jealous, and I didn't tell him that stuff."

"What do you mean," I snapped.

"The phone call - I never hung up. I left Brad connected when you came in."

"Oh great!" I said. "So this stupid shit got to listen to me grunting and groaning and moaning when I came?"

"Yeah, and he recorded the call too."

There are defining moments in all of our lives, and while this was being explained to me, I was sure that this was one of mine. Certain I was about to pass out, I collapsed into the chair by the door. Lindsey's flaming red bush was scant inches from my face, but for once I didn't want to lick it. I was so mad I wanted to rip the hair off her with my bare hands.

"That's why he's coming out here," Lindsey continued. "He said he wants to talk to you."

"I don't want to talk to that fucking asshole," I snapped. "I want to rip his head off and shit down his neck. Tell him to go to hell!"

"He said," Lindsey sniffed, "that if he didn't come out here he was thinking about playing it for Mom and Dad."


Chapter Two: Smells like teen blackmail.

I got up from the chair and somehow made it out of Lindsey's room and down the hall. I remember her grabbing my arm and saying things, but I pushed her away and went into my room, locking the door behind me.

Lindsey was sobbing and pounding on the door, begging me to let her in. That was the last thing I wanted to do. It was all her damn fault that I was in this mess. Parading around here with her titties wiggling and her ass shaking. What the hell was I supposed to do?

Those thoughts raced through my mind for a time as I paced the floor. Not my fault. I was lonely. I was old. I'm probably going senile. That's not even me on that recording.

"Fuck!" I screamed, and smashed my fist into the wall, sending pictures flying from their hooks and crashing onto the floor. Lindsey screamed when she heard the noise, crying for me to let her in.

I got up, eventually, having tried and failed to put the blame on everybody except where it rightly belonged. With me. Unlocking the door, I opened it slowly and saw Lindsey on the hallway floor, still sobbing quietly, still naked.

"I'm sorry Grandpa," she whimpered, her eyes red and puffy, and her face so filled with hurt that words can't describe it.

Nodding, I reached down and helped her up.

"All my fault, honey," I said, wrapping my arms around her.

"No, it isn't Grandpa," Lindsey said softly. "I was stupid to get us into this mess, and I'll do whatever I have to in order to get us out of it."

I led Lindsey over to the bed, and we slid under the sheet and held each other until the morning sun started to peek through the blinds.


Chapter Three: Before Brad.

I didn't lay on a hand on Lindsey the next day, which was an event in itself. I was still mad at her, but I also remembered the stupid things I had done and said when I was young. Still and all, that was then and this was now, and now was an uncomfortable place to be for me.

What had I said, I wondered, while that phone was sitting there? I racked my brain but could only remember snippets of what went on. That had been quite a few orgasms ago, and my mind isn't what it used to be.

Lindsey had spoken to me about Brad, to sort of give me an idea of what he was like. He was older than Lindsey by 2 years, and was going to be a junior in college next year. Lindsey claimed he was really cute and smart too, and while I didn't give a rat's ass what he looked like, I was more than a little concerned with his intelligence level.

I suspected that he was going to try and extort money from me, and frankly, if a few hundred bucks would make him disappear forever it would be a small price to pay. There was always the chance that the kid might lean on me as a source for future income as well.

The following day, I went alone to the mall in search of some sort of protection for myself. I ended up in an electronics store, where I tried to explain what I was looking for without making it as sinister as it seemed.

"No, I don't want a cell phone or a two year agreement or anything like that," I explained to the clerk, who was busy trying to sell me everything under the sun. "I just want a simple little device that I could record my voice on."

I explained that I was a contractor who liked to walk through my construction sites and makes notes on things that I needed done or wanted changed, and my handwriting was so bad that I couldn't read it.

He ended up reluctantly selling me a little voice activated audio recorder that he claimed would hold 32 hours of conversation and could clip onto my belt just like a cell phone. Good enough for what I needed, I thought, which was insurance in case this kid tried to really put the squeeze on me.


Chapter Four: Brad.

"He's here," Lindsey said glumly as she looked out the window.

Not exactly the imposing figure I had created in my mind, Brad walked across my lawn from his piece-of-shit ten year old Toyota which he parked in front of the house.

Probably about the same height as Lindsey's 5'8" or so, and almost as skinny, with a goofy smile and long dirty blonde hair. Looked like he belonged on a surfboard or a skateboard, and as Lindsey went to the door to let him in, I tried to visualize how many pieces I could break him into.

"Lindsey baby!" Brad yelped as he came into my house, and I noted with pleasure that Lindsey turned her face as he grabbed her and kissed her, his efforts landing on her cheek instead of her lips.

"And you must be Mr. Watson," he said as he turned towards me, shifting his gym bag and offering his free hand. "Pleased to meet you sir."

I left the hand out there for a few seconds before giving him a brief and very firm handshake that made him grin and wince at the same time.

We went out to the kitchen table and sat down, nervously looking at each other while my blood pressure began to rise. Brad kept grinning that goofy grin as he reached into his gym bag and pulled out a bottle of Jack Daniels.

"Let's have a drink to celebrate!" Brad announced as he cracked open the bottle, and I got up and got a couple of glasses and brought them back to the table.

"None for you, Mr. Watson?" Brad asked as he poured shots into the rocks glasses.

"Lindsey's not old enough to drink," I informed him. "I assume you are though."

"Yes I am, sir," Brad said. "Lindsey's had a few before though, right babe?"

"Not here," I informed him, taking the drink and downing it without blinking.

"Wow!" Brad said, pouring another shot for me before going back to his. "Thirsty, I guess. Well, we wouldn't want to corrupt Lindsey now, would we?"

"Can we get to the point of your visit?" I asked curtly.

I was giving this little twerp the meanest glare I could manage, but he seemed pretty much unfazed by it. He shrugged as he sipped his drink before reaching into his bag and pulling out his phone.

"Ah yes - a little entertainment should liven up this party," Brad said as he fiddled with some buttons on the thing. "Now imagine how crushed I was when my girlfriend - the love of my life, breaks the news to me that she was being unfaithful."

"I'm not your girlfriend, Brad Kormann!" Lindsey said defiantly, tears trickling down her reddened cheeks.

"You were when you were doing this."

Lindsey's voice came out loudly and clearly from Brad's device.

"I'm so glad that I got to experience what a real man is like. Your cock is so big - it's way bigger than that stupid Brad's is!"

"Ouch - That wasn't nice," Brad interrupted, stopping the replay. "You really know how to hurt a guy. That wasn't enough though," he added, continuing the recording.

"So thick too. I wish I could take more of it in my mouth. I want you to cum on my face again."

"Honey, I don't think I can again so soon."

My voice. There would be no denying that.

"I'll bet you can. Maybe you'll like this."


That was me again, groaning and moaning like some porno movie.

"Suck them hard honey. Oh man, I love it when you suck my nuts."

Good grief. I sounded like the most vile creature on earth.

"I knew you'd get it up again!"

Lindsey, apparently done with tickling her tonsils with my testicles, was moving onward.

"But I'm not hard yet, not real hard."

"Here Grandpa. Get on the bed - on your hands and knees."

There was a rustling and creaking which was me getting onto the bed as Lindsey directed.

"When Brad can't get hard - and that's a lot of the time, I would have to do this to him."

Silence for a brief second, which was broken by my guttural groaning complete with expletives.

"Do you love me, Grandpa? No matter what?"

"Oh god... yes honey of course, honey, Please don't stop!"

"I love you too, Grandpa. Brad usually makes me do this to him, but for you - I really want to do this."

"Oh Lindsey... feels so good... that's it! Lick my asshole! I'm gonna cum baby."

I closed my eyes while Lindsey sobbed in her chair. That was my voice, but I couldn't believe what I was saying. I didn't even remember spouting that filth, but there was the evidence.

There was the grand finale, when I came all over Lindsey's face, and Lindsey's choking sounds as she tried to gobble my load, but then it mercifully ended.

Brad, for his part, sat stoically until it played out, and then calmly hit the switch to stop the torture. We sat for a minute listening to Lindsey cry, and then Brad picked up his device and stood up.

"Let's take a walk, Mr. Watson," he said, getting up and moving toward the screen door that led to the back of the house.


Chapter Five: A chat with Brad.

I patted Lindsey on the shoulder as I followed Brad out the back, letting the screen slam behind me as I checked to make sure the recorder was still hooked onto my hip. It took a while to get used to it, but I had made up my mind to record every word we exchanged. Might come in handy in case things got out of hand, I figured.

"Gee, this is quite a spread you have back here!" Brad exclaimed, waving his arm at the vast open space in the back of my house. "Is this all yours?"

"Only back a little bit behind the barn," I explained. "The valley and the pond are county land, and the railroad owns the tracks. Why, do you figure on becoming a partner of mine?"

"No sir," Brad said as we reached the slope that looked out to the county land. "I think you have me all wrong."

"I'm all ears."

"That shit you did with Lindsey - hell, I don't care about that," he explained. "Lindsey was just somebody to pass the time with, you know what I'm saying?"

"You mean that you don't care about her?"

"She's all right, but it's not like I'm in love with her or anything. I mean, she ain't much to look at. Ain't got much of a body, and those tits of hers are pretty sad."

"Listen," I said, putting my hand on his shoulder. "I'm trying to keep from losing my temper, but you're talking about a girl that I love, so if you want to keep this somewhat civil, I suggest you tone down the bullshit."

"Hey, no offense Grandpa," Brad said defensively. "I'm sure young pussy like Lindsey must look good to you at your age, but facts are facts."

"So why don't you just come out with what you want?" I snapped. "You came a long way to blackmail me, so just hit me with what you're looking for. You're checking out my house like you think I have a lot of money or something, but that ain't necessarily so."

"Whoa!" Brad said, throwing up his hands defensively. "Blackmail is illegal. That's not my scene man. No way! Hell, I'm going to be lawyer someday."

"Why am I not surprised at that?"

"Good one, Grandpa."

"You can stop calling me Grandpa too, while you're at it," I added.

"No, I like it way it sounds, so I'm going to keep calling you Grandpa," Brad said calmly. "I'm sure that you prefer it coming from Lindsey, as in, Oh Grandpa, your cock is so big! Cum all over my face."

"You know, this is pretty wide-open country out here," I said, pinching his bony shoulder a bit. "It's not like the city. Out here, if somebody had an accident, it might take a long time to find their body."

"You know, I thought about that, so I wrote down the address of where I was headed. Just in case something were to happen to me. An accident, or some unforseen event, you know?"

Brad's hand came up to the one I had resting on his shoulder, and rubbed it softly.

"You have me all wrong, Grandpa," Brad said, focusing his baby blues on me. "I'm so much like you it's not funny. Man, I'm kinky too. I'm really open-minded about things, if you know what I mean."

"Explain what you want."

"I just want to have fun. You know, get off a few times. Have some good times."

"Where do I come in?" I asked. "What part of the fun do I factor in, and what about that recording?"

"In 48 hours, I'll be history as far as you're concerned, if you just go along with the program."

"What program?"

"I have this all planned out," Brad said excitedly. "Tonight, the three of us are going to have a party. You and me and Lindsey."

"What kind of party?"

"The kind you've been having with her since she got here. You ever been in a threesome, Grandpa? Man, we could really show her some shit. We could DP her and rock her world."

"DP? No, I don't get it?"

"Both of us doing her at the same time," Brad explained. "Lindsey says you've got a big cock. Of course, she hasn't seen that many of them, I know that much, but I know a big one when I see it."

"The three of us in bed together?"

"It'll be wild, Grandpa," Brad continued. "I was her first, you know that? I really was too. You could tell because she was like a stuck pig when I popped her cherry. Know what I mean?"

"I don't want to hear about that," I said, trying to block out what he was saying. "The first time should be special."

"It was, man. She was so desperate to get fucked it wasn't funny, and she couldn't get anybody to do her before she met me, I guess. I picked her up one night at a party. Imagine a girl that's still a virgin at 18 these days!"

"There's nothing wrong with that," I protested.

"Whatever. She liked it, and for me, she was somebody to do. Somebody to kill some time with. A beard, you know?"

"So, tonight the three of us are in bed. Then you leave?"

"Tomorrow, a few of my buds are coming here. We're going to go to a concert out in Buffalo. You heard of Ozzfest? Man, that's going to be one crazy time. You know Ozzy, right?"


"Yeah, Grandpa!" Brad said. "Ozzy Osborne. He used to be in Black Sabbath."

"Good grief, he must be as old as I am," I said, recalling the name of the group that was popular when I was in my twenties.

"He's cool though, just like you are," Brad said. "I mean, fucking your own granddaughter? That is so kinky and cool. Hope I'm still fucking when I'm as old as you. I got myself off listening to you two, if you know what I'm saying?"

"Where do your friends come in on this?"

"Before we go to the concert, we're gonna have a party here. With Lindsey."

"What kind of party?"

"You know what kind, Grandpa. Don't worry. It won't be anybody Lindsey knows. She's heard me talk about one guy we call The Rooter, but they're all college friends of mine that don't live anywhere near her."

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