Grandpa: After Molly Ch. 06


"So you plan on having these guys come in here and use Lindsey?"

"Pretty much just like I used her," Brad said coldly. "Just like another man did too, the way I see it."

"What do you expect me to do while this goes on?"

"Watch us work her out. Join in. Fuck, that would be even better, Grandpa! You filling in the holes along with the rest of us would be crazy! And you don't have to worry about what they will think. I didn't tell them you're Lindsey's grandfather. I told them you were my grandfather. Man, they think I'm crazy as hell anyway, especially after they met my mom."

"Some family you've got," I muttered.

"All families have their skeletons in the closets, don't they Grandpa?"

"Then what?" I asked in resignation.

"We leave. I never see Lindsey again. You never see me or any of the other guys again, and you and Lindsey can fuck happily ever after. I don't care. Hell, you can have my cellphone too. It's like a dinosaur anyway."

"What about Lindsey?" I asked. "Doesn't she have a say in this? She's not going to agree to doing all this."

"Are you kidding?" Brad said with a laugh. "She'll do anything you ask her to, haven't you figured that out yet? Hell, she was rimming me the same night we met. Tell her to do something and she does it. Ask my mom."

"The acorn didn't fall far from the tree, I guess. You probably wouldn't care for it getting around that your mother is the way she is," I mentioned, hoping that I had something I could use on him.

"Shit, my mother is the biggest pig on the planet and my father is the biggest asshole. Print up flyers with that on it, and I'll provide the pictures to go along with them," Brad spat. "Nice try though, Grandpa."

"Relax and enjoy it," Brad continued, finally letting go of my hand that I had on his shoulder. "I'll explain it all to Lindsey myself, so you won't have to be involved in that part of it. We're going to have a great time. All of us."

"One thing," I said before we headed back inside. "I'm going along with this. Not only for my own sake, but for Lindsey. Me, I'm an old bastard who's lived his life, and I'd just as soon string myself up in the barn that have her be embarrassed by anybody else finding out about us."

"I dig what you're saying," Brad said.

"What I'm saying," I said semi-mockingly, "is that Lindsey is not going to come to any harm during any of this. If I think for one minute that she's being hurt and wants it to stop, it will stop. Understood?"


Chapter Six: Preparation.

Brad took Lindsey for a ride after our conversation, and they were gone for a couple of hours. When they returned, they had a pizza with them that they had bought at the Village Pizzeria and a six-pack that they had bought at the Quik-E-Mart.

I picked at a slice of pizza and drained a beer, but I was too nervous to eat much. Lindsey's eyes were red, indicating that she had spent much of the time with Brad crying, and Brad seemd determined to keep us apart as much as possible.

"I'm sorry about all this, Grandpa," Lindsey said when Brad went to take a leak. "I'll do everything you and Brad want me to though. After he's gone we'll be together again and this will be over forever."

I didn't know what we would be doing that was of my own volition, but Brad's return prevented me from elaborating, so I went to take a shower while they finished eating.

A threesome, I thought to myself as I showered. Not exactly the same kind of threesome that I had enjoyed with Molly and her friend Angie, and I liked the male to female ratio a whole lot better in that coupling. Another guy? That was a whole different ballgame.

The more I thought about it, the more I thought back to the adult bookstore, and Reggie watching Lindsey while we screwed in the booth. It certainly hadn't bothered me that he was peeking through the curtain while Lindsey sucked my cock either.

Quite the opposite, as I had replayed that scene in my mind often since that day, and I had fantasized about different possible endings to that adventure as well. It was insane to think that I might have missed my true calling at my age; that of a porn actor, but the fact of the matter was that I liked having Reggie at the bookstore watching me, and the thought that Amanda at the Quik-E-Mart had been there when I was screwing Lindsey had thrilled me as well.

After I had dried myself off, I put on my robe and slippers and headed out to the kitchen. Lindsey was tidying up the table and gave me a nervous smile when she saw me, and I returned it as I headed for the Chivas Regal, figuring I could use a shot of courage for this.


Chapter Seven: Just the three of us.

We went into my bedroom, figuring that we would need the extra space so that I would make as little contact as possible with Brad. Brad made himself as home, undressing Lindsey and instructing her to do the same to him.

Brad was a skinny kid, and his hairless chest was scrawy but his stomach was flat. He was looking at me watch him getting undressed by Lindsey. For her part, she was doing it with a startling lack of emotion, and Brad had to ease her down when it was time for his boxer shorts to come off.

He seemed very proud of his body, smiling as she pulled off his briefs, and while I wouldn't have minded having his flat stomach, I saw nothing to be envious of. His cock was just a tiny little tube that dangled under a modest tuft of hair. Lindsey had not been kidding when she had commented on his size, and while I was no authority, I could see her point.

Brad pulled her head toward his dick, and after she glanced back at me, Lindsey began sucking on it. It grew in length and girth, and as it got erect it curled upwards, even if it ended up to be the size of my thumb.

"That's it babe, suck it good," Brad said, caressing her wavy red hair as he leaned into Lindsey, who was sucking the entire length with no problem.

The sight of Lindsey going down on Brad was having an effect on me, so that when Brad told Lindsey to pay some attention to her grandfather, it was not completely limp.

"Motherfucker!" Brad exclaimed as Lindsey opened my robe, and I allowed it to fall off my shoulders. "Look at the size of that thing! You're hung like a horse, Grandpa."

I ignored the hand he put on my shoulder as Lindsey proudly grabbed my tool and brought it to her mouth, giving Brad a look of disdain as she began licking and sucking on the crown. I became hard almost immediately, and as my cock sprang to attention, Brad moved closer to me.

"Here Lindsey, suck us both together," he innsrtucted, leaning over so our tools were touching.

I avoided the contact, but had to be amused at the way we looked next to each other, no matter how juvenile it felt. We didn't even look like we were of the same species when Brad's pale member waved near mine.

Lindsey had all she could do to get me in her mouth, but she started going back and forth between the two of us in order to keep Brad quiet. It struck me as weird that Brad seemed to enjoy watching Lindsey sucking on the head of my cock more than when she went right down to the nuts on him.

That must be some feeling, I thought to myself, while Lindsey's mouth took all of him in. To have your whole cock inside a girl's mouth wasn't something I'd ever experienced. Hell, I couldn't even get Ethel to put her mouth near it most of the time.

"Fuck her, Grandpa," Brad said, pulling Lindsey's mouth off of him roughly. "I want to see you split the bitch wide open."

The look I gave him was meant to wither him, but he shrugged it off with a half hearted apology.

"That's the last time I'm going to hear that word come out of you," I admonished him.

"It's okay, Grandpa," Lindsey said. "I don't care what she says. Ignore him. I want you to make love to me."

Lindsey fell back onto the bed and spread her thighs wide, running her hand through her dense bush, which seemed to be sparkling. When my hand went down there I felt how wet she was already, and Lindsey told me she was ready for me.

Under Brad's watchful eye, I climbed between Lindsey's parted thighs with my cock in hand. I rubbed it up and down her pussy lips a couple of times before easing myself into her. We had done this so many times, and while Lindsey had become accustomed to my size, she was still a tight fit, especially at first.

"Oh Grandpa!" Lindsey yelped as I continued to work myself into her. "You're so fucking good!"

This was for Brad's benefit. That much I was certain of, and she was thrashing around a lot more too, even though she was a very active and vocal girl in the sack normally anyway. If she was trying to make me feel good, she was succeeding. Making Brad jealous; now that wasn't working at all.

"Holy shit!" Brad exclaimed as he watched my cock disappear into Lindsey's flaming bush. "You like that, don't you Lindsey? You like that big cock in your pussy, don't you?"

Lindsey said nothing to him, but continued to yelp and flail her arms around as I slid myself in and out of her.

"Can't believe you shaved her pits, Grandpa," Brad said as he held her arm down onto the mattress and explored her smooth underarm, which Lindsey must have just done herself. "She had the hairiest pits I ever saw."

I tried to block out his voice and not look at her playing with Lindsey's titties, but that was easier said than done. It didn't seem to bother Lindsey, who was on the virge of orgasm, when she came, she was even louder and more spastic than usual, again for Brad benefit I'm sure, but the way her pussy seized my cock made it clear that she had cum.

"Get on your back, Grandpa," Brad directed, and while I resented being told what to do, I welcomed the rest that my knees and back would get, so I climbed off of Lindsey and let her mount me.

"You make me cum so good, Grandpa," Lindsey whispered after she put me inside her and leaned forward, apparently also at Brad's direction.

"That looks unreal," Brad commented, watching Lindsey grind on me. "Lean forward, Linz. I want to get in there too."

Brad straddled my legs, pushing Lindsey even further up toward the headboard, while he tried to do something back there. I thought that he was going to put his dick in Lindsey's ass, because there was a lot of fumbling around going on. Lindsey gave me a look that indicated she was confused as well.

"Oh man!" Brad exclaimed, and I felt something weird on the underside of my cock.

It took me a minute to figure out what the hell he was doing, but when I felt something rubbing against me, I started to protest. I was drowned out by Brad moaning, and as soon as it had started it had stopped.

"How's you like that, Lindsey?" Brad said excitedly, climbing off the bed and standing beside us. "All those years you couldn't get anybody in your pussy, and now you get two at once! Man, you must have really stretched her out, Grandpa!"

I thought that this punk calling me Grandpa was revolting enough, but after realizing that the jerk had been inside Lindsey at the same time I was, I was really put off. So much so, that I lost a good deal of my erection. I was able to stay inside of her, but barely.

"Let me suck you off, Grandpa," Lindsey said, coming to my rescue when she realized what was happening.

My shame was tempered by the fact that it had never happened before, but there was a reason for it. After Lindsey began sucking on the head of my cock, while working on the shaft with her hands, I regained my hardness.

"Suck that cock!" Brad shouted out, acting as a cheerleader while he paced alongside the bed, pulling on his pecker as he did. "C'mon babe, go down on that bad boy!"

I focused on the sight of Lindsey's lips sliding up and down my crown, ignoring the sight and sound of the punk as best I could. I ran my fingers through her wavy red hair while her freckled hands twisted and stroked my tool, and eventually I erupted into her mouth, my cum sliding back down the shaft as it oozed out from around her lips.

"Here's some more for you, babe!" Brad's voice announced, as he grabbed Lindsey's scalp, pulling her mouth off my cock just in time.

Brad yanked Lindsey's face toward his re-energized pecker just in time for her to get spurted on with his erupting dick. Nice to be young and able to recover so fast, I thought to myself as I watched the punk rub his dripping dick on her cheeks before releasing the grip he had on her hair.

After a minute, I rolled off of the bed and padded off to the bathroom, leaving the two alone. When I came back to my bedroom, Lindsey was on her way out, with Brad right behind her. I stepped to the side to let them pass, and went over to my shirt, where the voice recorder had been resting nearby.

Nothing much worth recording so far, I thought to myself as I looked at the device that seemed to be a waste of money, before setting it on the dresser. At least this was almost over, as tomorrow Brad would be history.

I looked for my pajamas, wanting to get a good night's sleep before tomorrow, but stopped when I heard a tapping at the door. Opening it quickly, I did not see Lindsey, as I had expected, but instead found Brad, who smiled as he looked at my shocked face.

"Let's talk for a second," Brad said, moving past me and entering the room without waiting for an invitation.

"Make it a fast second," I advised him, all of a sudden feeling as naked as I, in fact, was. Two naked guys in a room did nothing for me besides making me uncomfortable, but it didn't faze Brad in the least.

"That waasn't so bad - the three of us together just now, was it Grandpa?"

"I'm not your Grandpa, and as far as I'm concerned, I'll be happy when you are out of my life, like you promised."

"I will be, after tomorrow," Brad said, and his attitude made me grab my robe and holdd it in front of me. "Tomorrow is a long way off though. You sure you want to put Lindsey through it?"

"I didn't realize that I had a choice."

"Poor Lindsey's gonna get more dick in a matter of a couple of hours than she's had her entire life. Don't know how many guys are going to be here. Some of them saw what Lindsey looks like and are passing on the gang bang and instead just meeting us at the concert. They like women that look more like - you know - women."

"Lindsey's as beautiful a woman as you'll ever know, and way more than you deserve," I spat out, just waiting for the kid to push me too far.

"Well, we'll see how she makes out," Brad said. "The Rooter - now he's going to really do a number on her."

"Who is this Rooter that you keep talking about?" I asked him. "Seems like you're a big fan of him or something."

"He's something else," Brad said, shaking his head in awe. "We've done some stuff like this together. You know, banging broads that I find for him? He's like a wild man. Like somebody just escaped from the jungle. Built like a tank, and just about as smart. Wait until you see him!"

"This guy goes to college with you?" I wondered aloud.

"He plays football, so he doesn't really have to go to class. All he wants to do is fuck. Like he says - I love ass! Gotta have ass! Crazy, huh? What he's going to do to Lindsey's tail is scary to even think about."

"Then why are you letting this happen?"

"Love to watch him in action. Now this can all be called off, but that's up to you."

"Okay," I said. "It's off."

"Not that easy, Grandpa, but almost as easy, and you won't have to do a thing."

"I'm listening."

"Like I told you this afternoon," Brad explained. "Lindsey's like a beard. You know, she's just there for show. For cover."

"Covering what?"

"I told you I was a very open minded guy. I really don't have many limits or barriers in my life. I like girls. Don't get me wrong, but if I had a choice between being with Lindsey or being with a guy like Rudy - he's The Rooter - it would be no contest."


"When he's tearing up Lindsey's ass tomorrow, I'll be wishing it was me instead of her."

"You mean to say that you've got the hots for this guy?"

"You catch on slow, Grandpa. I thought it was kind of obvious the kind of man I am."

"Well, why don't you tell this cave man you want to roll in the hay with him?" I suggested while my skin began to crawl.

"He'd fucking kill me, that's why!" Brad declared. "He's not very... tolerant of a lot of things."

"So what do you want me to do?" I snapped. "Talk him into cuddling up with you?"

"You still don't get it?" Brad said, putting his hand on my shoulder. "When I first saw you I couldn't believe it. You looked a lot like this guy that did me the first time. Expect for down there, I mean. Not many men look like that.

"You really turn me on, Grandpa," Brad continued as I stood there in shock. "When I saw your cock in Lindsey, I had to - you know. It felt so fantastic when I rubbed my cock next to yours, that I couldn't help it and came right away. Didn't you like it too, when I did that? That shitty head that Lindsey gave you? Man, I could give you head like you wouldn't believe, and I'd take you all the way up my ass and beg for more! Let me spend the night with you, and I'll call everything off."

Now it was my turn to put my hand on his shoulder and to tell him how I really felt.

"Be happy that you got off cheap," I spat at the kid after I tossed him out into the hall, my fingerprints still embedded in his bicep. "Avoid me until this is over, or else I swear I'll kill you, you fruit!"

"Have it your way, Grandpa," Brad said, rubbing the back of his head which I had accidently thrown into the wall. "Rooter's gonna split Lindsey's ass open like you won't believe, but first, I'm gonna get me some of that tail right now."

Brad turned and fled into Lindsey's room, where I heard him latch the door behind him. Afterward, I heard the sounds of slapping flesh and Lindsey's whimpering as her bed creaked loudly, until I could stand it no longer and went into my own bedroom, closing my ears as best I could.


Next, the seventh and final chapter of his story. Lindsey's party.

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