tagIncest/TabooGrandpa: After Molly Ch. 07

Grandpa: After Molly Ch. 07


Because of computer and health problems, the final chapter has been a long time coming, and for that I apologize to anyone left waiting. Thanks for your understanding. None of this will make any sense without knowing the rest of the story. The previous 6 chapters can be found by clicking on MisterReason above.


This is the final chapter of this story; a tale in which Ed Watson had begun by seducing his red-haired granddaughter Lindsey - or was that the other way around?

Regardless, they had begun an adventure that took them from nightly romps in the sack, to episodes in the booth of an adult bookstore, to sex behind dumpsters of grocery stores, and now to this.


Chapter One: Party time.

Brad kept Lindsey away from me all morning, and I had to figure that it was by design. They left the house early the next morning, and when they came back, they had a car following them into the driveway that three other people hopped out of.

They were Brad's age, and the two guys looked like they spent a lot of time landing on their heads after falling off skateboards. The girl was loud and brassy, with a tank top that had "Quit looking at my tits" printed on the front.

I could see why people would look, because she had quite a pair on her, but I suppose that if you wore something that covered them up a little more, that might not be so much an issue.

"Hey Grandpa!" Brad chirped merrily, causing me to grit my teeth. "These are some of my friends. This is Erin, with the lungs. Chuck is the tall dude, and hiding behind everybody is Little Larry."

I nodded at them all, and Erin wiggled her tongue at me when she passed me. They all trudged into my house like they owned it, with Lindsey trailing the pack. Brad made sure that Lindsey didn't stop to talk to me, and herded her right past me.

In the house, they were even more loud and obnoxious than outside, although the kid they called Little Larry at least had some manners, and tried to converse with me.

"So, like it must be neat to having you for a grandfather," Larry said. "Brad said that you're a really good guy. Really cool about stuff."

"I don't know about that," I answered, trying to keep an eye on Lindsey.

"Your girlfriend is really pretty," he continued, referring to Lindsey. "It must be cool to be able to have a girl that young at your age, and likes to party like she does."

"I suppose," I said, trying to remember what lies I was supposed to tell for Brad's story to work. Even pretending to be Brad's grandfather was painful.

"Hey Pops!!" Erin said as she sidled up to me. "Heard a lot about you."

"Oh-oh!" The tall kid said. "I think Erin's getting the party started, Brad. She's coming on to your grandfather."

"Hope the Rooter doesn't show up," Larry opined.

"Fuck the Rooter!" Erin snapped. "Me and the Rooter ain't no one's business but our own. He does what he wants, and so do I."

"Now as I was saying," Erin said, returning her attention to me. "Brad says you've got a big one. I find that hard to believe, seeing how he's hung like a mouse, so it must not be in the genes."

Tall Chuck found that hilarious, and Brad gave them both the finger, while Lindsey stood in the opposite corner, looking terrified.

Erin leaned on me, her tits hanging out of the tank top, and put her arm around me.

"Don't pay any attention to the message on the shirt, Pops. That's just to keep the kids away. I like older guys. I know you like them young. Do you like me?"

Erin smiled as I felt her hand slide down to my crotch, and her smile turned to shock when her hand sound what was snaking down the inside of my trousers.

"Motherfucker!" she yelled while she ran her hand down the length of my tool, groping through the fabric. "This thing isn't even angry and it's as big as the Rooter's!"

"Nobody is bigger than the Rooter's is!" the tall, loud and goofy Chuck proclaimed.

"Why don't we get this big boy out and give him some fresh air?" Erin suggested, but when I stopped her from pulling down my zipper, she made a face.

"What's the matter, Grandpa?" Erin asked, joining the crowd in calling me by that title. "Your girlfriend doesn't look like the jealous type. Besides, she's going to be taking on the whole herd here soon anyway."

My granddaughter Lindsey, having been made my "girlfriend" in her part of this deranged scenario of Brad's, was standing in the corner looking petrified. When Erin asked her if she minded what she was doing, she shrugged her shoulders.

"She doesn't care," Brad announced, deciding for her. "I don't know what The Rooter's going to think about it though."

"Fuck him," Erin said, suddenly going down to her knees and undoing my belt. "He's still down at that store trying to pick up that cashier, so I want some too."

I had backed up against the wall of the kitchen, and when my pants came down, I put up minimal defense when my boxers followed.

"Holy shit!" Erin shouted, grabbing my flaccid cock and pulling on it, stretching it to the limit several times as she looked up at me. "You're bigger than John fucking Holmes."

Brad's two friends came over to watch, and while they shook their heads and muttered to each other, Brad stood there beaming like he was my agent or something. However distracting and annoying he was, when my cock slid into Erin's mouth, I forgot all about him.

The wise-asses stopped talking and stood there watching, and I knew that my own deviance had sunk to new levels when I started to enjoy the attention. My cock began to stiffen almost immediately, and as it grew, Erin really got enthusiastic about it.

Erin was a foul-mouthed and abrasive slut, but there was no doubt about one thing. The girl could suck cock. She moved her mouth further down my shaft with every bob of her head, looking up at me with a twinkle in her eyes as I watched.

"She's deep-throating that salami!" Little Larry proclaimed, and suddenly Lindsey was at my side, her arm around me watching Erin go down on me.

"Almost," Erin choked, her mouth coming off of me long enough to catch her breath, and she looked at my swollen tool while pumping it in her fist. "Not quite."

Erin went back to work, and even though she couldn't manage the last inch or two, it wasn't for lack of trying.

"Is it good for you Grandpa?" Lindsey whispered into my ear, and I reached around her and gave her a hug.

"Yes, honey," I admitted.

"Wish I could do it that good," she lamented.

"Watch and learn, baby," I advised her. "Why don't you go down and get a better look. Maybe play with my balls a little."

Lindsey nodded and knelt down next to Erin. Erin noticed the redhead's arrival and was kind enough to offer my cock to her. Lindsey shook her head, but when Erin said something to her, she nodded and began licking the one side of the mushroom head. Erin then began to lick the other side, and as they gave my glans a sort of human car wash, the guys roared.

"Like a frigging porn movie!" Chuck said. "I'll bet Larry feels like jerking off like he always does."

"It is hot," Little Larry admitted as the other two laughed.

Lindsey backed away and let Erin go back and showcase her deep throating skills, but I felt her familiar hand snake down between my legs and grab hold of my nut sack. She knew that I loved having my balls churned roughly, and when she did just that, I knew that I wasn't going to last much longer.

"He's gonna cum - aren't you Grandpa?" Brad yelped, and while I didn't answer him, I guess it must have shown on my face as well as the sweat that was pouring off me.

"Take it out and cum all over Erin's face! Like in the movies!" Little Larry yelped, his hand busily massaging the lump in his pants as he watched with mouth open.

Erin gave him the finger but didn't miss as stroke, and didn't have any intention of me doing that. Instead, she ignored my warning and took my load without blinking, my cock spurting wildly under Erin's oral and Lindsey's manual affection.

"You swallow it, Erin?" Chuck said as my cock got drained.

Erin stood up and opened wide, showing her friends that she had a mouthful of cum still there. Grabbing Lindsey, she pulled the startled girl toward her and kissed her. By the look of shock in Lindsey's bulging eyes, Erin's tongue had found the way into Lindsey's mouth.

Surprisingly, after the initial shock, I watched Lindsey's eyes close and not only accept Erin's kiss, but begin to return the affection.

"Damn," Chuck gasped, the only other sound in the room besides faint noises caused by the girls swapping my cum back and forth between them.


Chapter Two: Meet The Rooter.

"The Rooter would have loved to have watched that," Brad said, and not knowing the dynamics of the group I had no idea whether he was kidding or not.

"Well Brad - you little pussy - why don't you tell him about it when he gets here?" Erin suggested.

"Not me!" Brad declared, giving everyone a chuckle.

"I loved it," Chuck announced. "You're fucking amazing, Grandpa."

"Yeah," Little Larry said, and I happened to glance down as he spoke, wondering if he was still playing with himself.

He wasn't, but when I saw the big wet stain on the front of his shorts, I knew why. Assuming that he was already the whipping boy of the group, I said nothing, but Brad happened to notice it and announced for all to see that Little Larry had popped his nut.

"Couldn't help it," he said while shrugging his shoulders and blushing. "It was hot."

"Sorry I gave you head, Grandpa," Erin said softly as I pulled up my pants and got myself together.

"I'm not," I told her. "It was really good."

"I meant that I wished we had fucked instead," Erin said. "He wouldn't mind me sucking your cock, but Rooter wouldn't have liked it if we did it."

Strange customs of these young folks, I thought, while Lindsey gave me a nervous smile.

"Did you like it when she kissed you?" I asked Lindsey, remembering how she seemed to have an aversion to that sort of thing.

"It was kinda fun," Lindsey admitted. "I hope you like it. What they're going to do to me, I mean."

I gave her a confused look, wondering where she got the idea that watching these boys have their way with her was something I wanted, but Brad came running over and separated us just before I had the chance to find out.

"Let's get the room set up," Brad said as he led Lindsey away from me. "The Rooter will be here any minute."

The room Brad was planning to use for the debauchery was not Lindsey's room, but my own bedroom. When I began to protest, Brad shot me a look and I bit my tongue. I even helped them move things around, although that was more a case of not wanting our furniture destroyed.

When Brad's decorating was finished, my king size bed was in the middle of the room, with everything else shoved to the perimeter. I wondered what my late wife Ethel would have thought about seeing the room like this, and even though I was not in a good mood by this point, that thought made me chuckle a little. What would have upset her more, I wondered? The furniture moved out of place, or the fact that sex was going to happen in the room?

"Okay everybody," Brad said, apparently taking over as a perverted master of ceremonies. "The Rooter will be here any minute."

"As soon as he gets done fucking that cashier," Chuck announced, and to that Erin shot him the finger once again.

"Well, you guys have all met my Grandpa's girlfriend here," Brad continued, waving at Lindsey, who stood in the corner nervously watching the guy that was actually her boyfriend prepare to offer her up to these guys like a piece of meat.

"Too bad that a couple of guys couldn't have made it here," Brad lamented. "They're going to meet us at Ozzfest instead, but there should be enough dicks here to make Lindsey happy."

They chuckled at that, and if they had bothered to really look at Lindsey they would have seen that she was so scared the last place she wanted to be was here, and even this little pack of people was too many to suit her.

Brad was starting to make a major speech when the doorbell rang, about a dozen times in five seconds. That was followed by somebody trying to open the screen door, which may have gotten locked accidentally by somebody.

Before anybody could make a move out of the bedroom, I heard the door get forced open, and that was followed by somebody stomping up the stairs cursing like a lunatic, swearing at anything and everything. The main word in his vocabulary seemed to be fucking, along with the addition of mother to the word.

"The Rooter!" all of the boys chirped at once, and while I had just gotten an audio introduction to the guy, I still wasn't prepared for what stormed into my bedroom.

"Fucking mother fucking car!" the guy known as The Rooter ranted, looking around at the six of us standing in the room, and when he came in, the spacious room got a lot smaller.

That was how I met The Rooter.


Chapter Three: The Rooter.

Some people make an impression on you the moment you lay eyes on them. That was certainly the case here. The Rooter, whose real name was Rudy Tolliver or something like that according to his biggest fan Brad, was quite a sight.

He reminded me of one of those wrestlers from the past. The Wild Samoan or something like that. At about 6'3" or so, he was around my height but very burly. His hair made him look even bigger, as his frizzy mane stood straight up like Don King.

He was of indeterminate ethic origin; almost as if the United Nations had cooked him up out of their collective DNA. Polynesian, Hawaiian, African, Mexican and who knows what else. A big flat nose and a surly look added up to one scary looking dude, and his agitated entrance did nothing to made me relax either.

"Fucking piece of shit dies out on me, and none of you fuckers stuck around for me!" he ranted, throwing a 30 pack of Milwaukee's Best at Brad and nearly knocking him over in the process. "You fuckers don't deserve any party favors!"

The group eagerly tore into the case of beer, and when I was offered one, I took it, cringing while everybody opened up the beers and watching them erupt from the rough handling.

This pleased The Rooter, who guffawed at the sight of beer splashing all over the place, and while I was not all that choked up about it, I bit my tongue and counted the minutes until this would be over.

"Not much of a party here," The Rooter proclaimed. "Everybody got their fucking clothes on."

"Waiting for you, Rooter," Brad said. "Didn't want you to miss anything."

Chuck and Larry made quiet little smooching noises at hearing Brad's sucking up to his hero, but The Rooter didn't hear, as he was heading toward me.

"You Brad's Grandpa?" he snorted, sticking out a beefy hand.

I stuck mine out too, having always been of the philosophy that when someone offers - hell, even a dog will shake hands. When he put it in a vise-like grip I gave it back to him as best I could, and that seemed to please him a little. Not that I was looking for his respect or anything, but there was no point in getting this wild-man pissed off for no reason.

"Where's the pussy we gonna tear up?" The Rooter bellowed, looking around the room, and Lindsey had somehow managed to hide pretty well all things considered.

Cowering in the corner, she looked like she was terrified at the mere sight of this guy, and when he saw her, I thought she was going to pass out.

"Hey baby, don't be shy!" The Rooter said, his voice sounding like a normal person's yell. "Look at all them fucking freckles! Get comfortable baby. Let me see what she looks like."

Lindsey stood frozen in the corner, and Erin went over and got her, herding her in the center of the room next to the bed.

"Strip her down, Erin," The Rooter said. "Warm her up for us."

Erin went over to Lindsey and led her over next to the bed, standing behind her as she whispered in my granddaughter's ear, and as she did her hands were coming around her.

"Oh yeah!" Little Larry yelped as Erin's hands began kneading Lindsey's breasts through the blouse.

Then Erin's was lifting Lindsey's blouse over her head and revealing her banana tits. The size and shape of her tits were made fun of by Chuck, who was working his way to the top of my personal shit list, but Rooter shut him up before I got the chance.

Erin was tugging down Lindsey's jeans next, and when Lindsey's hands came up to cover her breasts, Brad yanked them down.

"That's one hairy pussy," Little Larry exclaimed as Lindsey's vast burnt-orange bush came into view, and even I gasped when I saw Erin rake her fingers through the thick jungle of hair.

"Not wet enough yet," Erin informed the crowd. "Give her something to suck on for a second."

Brad, Chuck and Little Larry started dropping their pants as Erin came over to me and asked me for some kind of lubricant.

"It'll be better for her this way," Erin said to me in a hushed tone as I handed her the Vaseline.

The Rooter stood and watched as the other three boys surrounded a kneeling Lindsey, wiggling their dicks in her face. Lindsey began sucking on Chuck's cock, while Brad and Little Larry waited and compared the sizes of their dicks.

Brad had finally found somebody with a dick as small as his was, and when Chuck pulled out of Lindsey's mouth he persuaded Little Larry to stick his dick in along with his. Lindsey managed to suck the two dicks at the same time, looking at me for some sign of approval.

"You ain't no fag, are you Grandpa?" The Rooter asked me.

"Hardly," I informed him, and he seemed to be happy about that as he began stripping down.

He was far more terrifying without clothes, as I determined quickly when I glanced out of the corner of my eye at him. His chest and shoulders were massive, and he sported several tattoos as well, both professionally done and what seemed to be home-made. There was a noticeable scar on the back of his shoulder as well that appeared to be the result of a knife wound.

That wasn't bad enough, I thought to myself when he dropped his jeans. Now naked except for a pair of cotton boxer briefs which hugged his body tightly, I cringed when I saw what seemed to be a snake that made an obscene bulge all the way over to his hip.

I noticed Brad was paying as much attention to The Rooter as he was to his own dick getting sucked, almost salivating at the wild man waiting his turn. Lindsey was going around the entire circle of boys, sucking each of the dicks that waved before her.

"Oh gee!" Little Larry yelled out, and I saw Lindsey recoil a little when he apparently came in her mouth, but she quickly recovered and finished him off.

"Fucking Larry cums if the breeze blows," Chuck explained to all. "I'm saving my load for that pussy. Gonna spank that thing bad."

"Get her on the bed," Erin instructed the boys. "Gotta prep her first."


Chapter Four: It's time.

They put Lindsey on her back, spreadeagled helplessly as Chuck and Little Larry held her arms down by the posts, and Brad held her left ankle down at the foot of the bed.

Why was I letting this happen, and why wasn't Lindsey putting up much of a fight? She looked scared enough, but made no real struggle as Erin covered her own hand with lubricant.

Lindsey looked so beautiful to me, even in this position. Her slender, freckled arms stretched tautly above her, with each muscle and tendon rippling with stress. Her starkly pale armpits, just a few days ago overflowing with thick red hair, were now smooth as a baby butt, and the deep hollows glistened with perspiration.

In this position her breasts were barely visible buds, but her fat puffy nipples still rose up proudly. Below, her pussy was fully exposed, and the way that Brad and Erin were spreading her legs apart, there were no secrets left.

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