Grandpa: After Molly Ch. 07


How hairy she was down there, I thought while my cock stirred despite everything. I was very familiar with the wide V of thick, flaming orange hair that covered her delta, but in this position one could clearly see the way the hair continued to grow down below her pussy, and right up to her fur-ringed anus. The same opening that I had been tempted by in the past, and was soon to be used by this behemoth beside me.

"OH!" Lindsey moaned, as Erin put a couple of fingers inside of her pussy, and the boys cackled with glee at the sight and sound.

"Suck my nuts, baby!" Chuck said as he climbed onto the bed, straddling Lindsey's face with his crotch while facing down toward Erin. "Work them balls good for me while I watch this."

Chuck's hairy sac dropped down onto Lindsey's face, and I could see her tongue dutifully working over the guy's nuts while Erin continued to finger her, adding another finger to the two she had in her already.

"Fucking Chuck's the only one of the three with a man's cock on him," The Rooter said. "I hear from Brad that you got a big one too. That right?"

"I suppose," I mused, too busy watching Lindsey writhe on the bed while Chuck's scrotum scrubbed her face, his erection springing in the air in front of him. Cum was already oozing out of him as he bounced happily on her face, cheering Erin on loudly.

"That's a hairy asshole your girl has on her," The Rooter grunted. "You didn't tag that thing yet?"

"No," I mumbled while watching Erin put another finger in Lindsey's pussy, leaving only the thumb out.

"I'm gonna," The Rooter grunted. "Think she'll like this?"

I glanced over at this Rooter guy, and he nodded downward. My eyes followed, and when I looked down, the guy had dropped his boxer shorts and was stepping out of them. I thought I had seen everything, but I was wrong.

The Rooter had an outrageously large cock on him, but that was only part of the story. The brown, thickly veined shaft was no thicker than mine, but it curved crazily to the right, pointing directly at me even though he was looking straight ahead.

He guffawed when he saw the expression on my face, and proceeded to reach down and peel back the foreskin to expose the head of this monster. The glans was a garish pink in hue, starkly contrasting with the dark tan hue of the cock it topped, and the head looked to be the size of a small apple.

Lindsey's yelp brought our attention back to her, and when I saw Erin, I could understand why. Erin's arm was working vigorously, and her hand - well, her hand was too. In and out of that tender opening. Her whole fist.

The guys were all hollering, almost like this was some kind of sporting event, as Erin fisted Lindsey. Lindsey was thrashing and screaming as the boys held her down, and Chuck wisely raised his genitals out of Lindsey's reach, because she was going bonkers.

A second later, Lindsey let out something like it came out of a horror movie as her body moved like a bucking bronco. Erin let out a yelp of her own, as fluid spurted out of Lindsey from around her hand, and when she removed her hand she got drenched by an even larger spray.

"Damn!" Erin yelped as she moved her hand back and rubbed Lindsey's pussy tenderly.

Lindsey was having a seizure of some sort, as her body was spasming and vibrating wildly for a good minute afterward, until she finally went limp. At that point, the guys erupted again after having been silenced by the amazing display, cackling madly at the entire scene. Erin's blouse was soaked, and I noticed that some had gotten on my pants as well.

"Your girl is really something," Erin said as she joined us. "I see you met my man, The Rooter."

"Yes," I said.

"Grandpa's is just as big as yours, babe," Erin said. "Except his is straight."

"That's why they call me The Rooter," he crowed. "And how the fuck do you know how big his stuff is?"

"I have my ways," Erin said with a twinkle in her eye. "And no, I didn't fuck him like you did that cashier down at the store."

"I didn't fuck her," he said. "I am gonna fuck that, though."

"Why don't you just do her regular?" Erin asked, almost becoming Lindsey's advocate. "Her pussy is tight enough."

"I don't do sloppy seconds - or thirds or fourths," The Rooter said smugly. "These guys want the pussy. I want the ass. You see that ass, baby?"

"See it?" Erin asked incredulously. "I had my finger in it. She's really tight back there."

"All the better," he claimed, before turning to his merry band of fornicators. "You guys better start fucking so we can get to Ozzfest!"


Chapter Five: It begins.

Like trained seals, his three minions sprang into action while Erin watched along with us. Chuck decided that he was going to be first, and climbed on top of Lindsey, who was limp and nearly lifeless. She woke up a little when Chuck put his cock inside of her and began pounding away.

"She's fucking tight!" Chuck said. "Even after just getting fisted she's tight as hell."

"I can't wait," Little Larry said, slowly stroking his dick as he waited.

"She ain't gonna even feel yours after Chuck gets done with her!" Brad declared.

This sparked yet another little argument between the two of them, and they even stuck their puny peckers next to each other to determine who was bigger as they debated their sexual prowess.

"Neither one of you win," Erin declared, making me chuckle. "Ain't enough brains or dick between the two of you to get me off."

"I'd like to try, though," Brad said brazenly, but withered under The Rooter's glare and went back to watching Chuck hump Lindsey.

"You gonna cum, baby?" Chuck asked.

Lindsey had seemed dead to the world a few minutes ago, but now had sprung back to life and had her legs wrapped around Chuck's hairy ass while he energetically moved in and out of her.

"HA!" Chuck yelled out, and I watched as Lindsey had an orgasm, albeit a much milder one than before.

Lindsey's orgasm apparently triggered Chuck to cum, and after he mooed and stopped thrusting, he slowly climbed off of her.

"Hey, did you cum in her?" Little Larry asked. "I thought we were gonna pull out like they do in the movies."

"Did I cum in her?" Chuck said, motioning for him to look between Lindsey's spread thighs. "Take a fucking look."

Chuck came over to The Rooter and they exchanged high-fives or something similar before stepping back to admire the semen drooling out of Lindsey's pussy.

"Your girl is alright," Chuck said. "Didn't think she was much to look at in the beginning, but she grows on you. She's cute. Good fuck too."

I resisted the urge to reach out and strangle him, instead focusing on the sight of Little Larry climbing on top of the bed. His meek little body reminded me of Brad, but he was far less obnoxious than Lindsey's ex, and had an innocence about him that was the exact opposite from Brad. He even introduced himself to Lindsey as he moved between her legs and slipped his dick in her.

Little Larry must have had a reputation of being quick on the draw, so to speak, but he fared better on this occasion. While Brad heckled him, he kept plugging away for a few minutes, until he could take no more.

"I'm cumming!" Little Larry announced, and as if to prove it, pulled his dick out of Lindsey and shot his seed all over her bush and tummy.

"Thanks a lot for making a mess, asshole," Brad sneered, while Little Larry ignored him and crawled up to the head of the bed and kissed Lindsey on the cheek and thanked her.

Lindsey looked at Brad with contempt in her eyes, but Brad ignored her and made his case to The Rooter.

"Rooter - can I do her in the ass? You know, prime her up for you?" Brad sniveled.

"Let's ask the cum catcher here," The Rooter said, and moved around to the side of the bed.

This was obviously the first time that Lindsey had seen The Rooter naked, and if I thought she seemed terrified before - well, I hadn't seen anything yet.

"Mind if Brad pokes you in the ass first?" he asked in a voice that was as soothing as his ever got.

Lindsey's eyes bulged in her head like a female version of Marty Feldman as she got her first glimpse of his erection. From her angle, it must have looked like the twisted stump of a tree, and when he started pulling on it lazily and exposed the gigantic head, her mouth formed a silent scream.

"Give it a kiss baby," The Rooter told Lindsay, as he knelt on the bed and tried to bring his curved tool to her face. "Don't be afraid of The Rooter. Rooter's gonna take your sweet ass to places you never even dreamed about."

We watched Lindsey try to get her mouth around the pink bulb before just licking the tip and the stringy rope of pre-cum that followed, her eyes still in a state of shock.

"That's enough lovin' baby," The Rooter announced, getting off the bed while his assistant/girlfriend came to his side and lathered his erection with lubricant until it glistened. "Say goodbye to my little friend, because this is the last time you'll be seeing him."

"Roll her over," The Rooter proclaimed, and Little Larry and Chuck turned a petrified Lindsey onto her stomach and then propped her up on her knees.

"Listen," The Rooter said as he grabbed Brad by the arm and pulled him close. "I ain't gonna tell you twice. You cum in her ass, or even dribble in it, and I'll fucking kill you. Got it?"

Brad nodded nervously, taking the abuse while probably relishing the way The Rooter's cock brushed against his thigh, and climbed onto the bed. Erin was busy sticking her oiled finger into Lindsey's upraised bottom, and the yelps that Lindsey made made me shudder as to what was to follow.

"Ain't you getting any, Grandpa?" The Rooter asked, becoming the latest to call me that. "Or are you just getting off on watching? Looks like you dig it."

"This is fine," I said, embarrassed at the way my erection was tenting my trousers.

"Gives me the creeps - you standing here naked while the rest of us are bare-assed. You don't have a camera going here, do you?"

I shook my head, chuckling at the thought of wanting to capture these memories forever, but the guy wasn't pleased at that. Apparently he thought I was going to try and pull some kind of extortion game on him, and I had to admit he proved smarter than I had been.

"Take off your clothes, Grandpa."

The tone of his voice made it clear that he wasn't joking, and so I slowly complied with his directions, not wanting to prolong this any longer than necessary. When my boxers came down, exposing my cock in full bloom, he even let out a low whistle of approval.

"Son of a freaking bitch!" he exclaimed when my cock bobbed out in front of me. "That's some hunk of meat there, man!"

"Told ya!" Erin said, licking her lips and winking at me when he wasn't looking.

A sharp yelp once again got my attention, as Brad had apparently stuck his dick into Lindsey's ass and was moving his hips back and forth very slowly.

"Remember what I said!" The Rooter cautioned Brad while moving around to watch, and as he nodded in agreement I felt Erin's hand come around my backside.

"Fun to watch, huh?" Erin asked, her finger sliding between my butt cheeks, and with a quick jab, I felt her slip her digit into my ass.

"Imagine what my man is going to do to your girl's ass," she whispered. "One thing though - once he gets started, don't try to stop him. It might not be as bad as it looks though. Then again, it might be worse."

"Have you done it with him - you know - back there?" I asked softly.

"Are you out of your fucking mind?" Erin giggled as she worked her finger inside of me, causing my erection to spring up and down. "I'm crazy, but not that crazy. The Rooter - he does love ass."


Chapter Six: He does love ass.

Brad poked Lindsey's butt with his dick for far too long to suit me, and while I found myself hoping he would cum and face The Rooter's wrath, he didn't. Opting to pull out, he climbed off of the bed and made way for his hero.

"This is gonna be so fucking good," The Rooter announced as he spread Lindsey's legs apart further still while he waved his cock near Lindsey's ass and probing the tender ring with a finger. "Never done as one as hairy as this one. Really tight too."

Lindsay cried out as he put a second finger inside of her, and everybody laughed - except me. I was far too noble for that, I thought to myself. Not too noble that my erection flagged in the least either.

The Rooter straddled Lindsey's right leg as he put the crown of his tool up to the fur-ringed ring. A tool - now that was an apt description - and it suddenly dawned on me how he got his nicknamed. Not for any football achievements, but for his cock, which was about to make like some kind of human auger inside of my granddaughter.

But not quite yet. He couldn't get it in her. Not for lack of trying, but after he skinned his tool back, he struggled to get the head of his monstrous organ into the opening. No matter how hard he pushed - no dice.

Too bad, I thought to myself. Time to go now, guys. Wishful thinking on my part. He simply had Erin come up and lubricate Lindsey some more. One finger - two fingers - three fingers. Greased to the hilt, her three fingers started working their way inside of her a little easier, while Erin told her to relax. When she thought the time was right, she pulled her fingers out and The Rooter moved in quickly.

The sound I heard next was the single most chilling noise I had ever heard. It was a combination of the two of them, with the wild-man bellowing as the bulb of his cock finally forced its way inside of her, and Lindsey's howl.

Lindsey's eyes rolled back in her head, and the whites of her eyeballs was matched by the shade of her fingers which grabbed at the bedding in a kind of death grip. Her face was crimson, with every vein and muscle in her neck bulging wildly.

"FUCK YEAH!" The Rooter yelled as he impaled her with more of his cock, his hips churning like early Elvis in an effort to get more of him inside of her as well as to deliver the ultimate effect of his member.

The rest of us stood around the bed in stunned silence for the longest time. It was like watching some sort of weird ritual, with Brad jerking off wildly next to me as he stood closest to Lindsey's face.

"Bet you wish that was you," I hissed into his ear.

My intention was to degrade him, but I guess my words acted quite the opposite, because seconds later cum spat out of his dick and all over Lindsey's face and hair.


Chapter Seven: Enough.

Nothing else having gone right, I shut my mouth and looked at Lindsey being screwed by this monster. They were both sweating like pigs - hell, I was too. He was getting about half of it into Lindsey, whose screams had turned into whimpers while The Rooter looked like he was riding a mechanical bull.

"Wish that was you?" a voice whispered into my ear. Erin's.

"No," I said.

"She's into it now," Erin said, her hand reaching around from behind me and grabbing my cock. "Just like you are. Look at her."

She was right. Lindsey wasn't fighting it, she was absorbing it. All of it. The pain and the pleasure, and I was too. Erin's fist moved up and down the length of my cock, and even though I tried to fight the feeling, it came anyway.

Erin was hugging me from behind, and I could feel her breasts pressing against me as she jerked me off. Her oiled fist held me tightly as it pumped it as if it were her own, and this went unnoticed by the others, who were watching and playing with themselves.

I felt that familiar tingle rise up from inside of me and I groaned and looked down helplessly as my cum belched out all over the side of Lindsey's sweat-stained face. It went unnoticed by everyone, because everybody's eyes were on The Rooter, who was thrusting into Lindsey's ass with a savageness that was frightening.

With a loud bellow, he suddenly pulled out of Lindsey, and as he put his cock on the crevice of her ass, volleys of cum spurted out of it wildly. I had to step back as a half dozen blasts of his seed sprayed all over Lindsey, even reaching the headboard.

If that wasn't enough, he then reached down and grabbed his cock in his fist and started pumping it hard, and that got another series of spurts raining all over the place. A couple of final violent tugs later, The Rooter let out a gutteral groan and finally let go of himself and proudly surveyed the masterpiece he had created.

"Damn," Chuck said in a hushed tone, and that pretty much summed it up for me.

Lindsey remained in the same position, with her ass up in the air and her face on the mattress. Her eyes were open but glazed, as if she was in a coma of some kind, and she appeared unable to move. That was how I felt, just staring at her while everybody else opened up more beers and talked.

"Thanks mister," Little Larry said, shaking my limp hand. "Your girlfriend is really neat."

I nodded while everybody started getting their clothes on, and Erin came up to me and stuck a piece of paper in my hand. I held it numbly, still staring at my poor Lindsey, unsure of what I should do.

Her butt was still in the air, and when I walked around I saw that her anus was still open - so wide that it appeared you could have dropped a golf ball inside of it.

I went to get a towel or something to clean Lindsey up with, and I suddenly realized that everybody was going. Brad came up to me and handed his phone to me.

"A deal's a deal," he said. "Bet that now it is over you're glad it happened."

"Go fuck yourself," I told him.

"Whatever," he said, before turning back for a parting shot.

"I wonder who came harder at the end - me wishing it was my ass, or you watching Lindsey getting her ass ripped up."

He was right, unfortunately. I had proved to be no better than the rest of them.

I went and got a washcloth and soaked it with warm water, and brought it back with a towel. The mess was disgusting. Lindsey was dripping with semen, and it was no telling how many guys had popped their loads on her while watching the show, not to mention The Rooter's inhuman blasts. I was too "occupied" myself at the time to notice much else.

I tried not to think about this as I wiped Lindsey's freckled back as best I could. Avoiding her anus, which had contracted somewhat, I cleaned her back as best I could. Her hair and face she would have to do herself in the shower.

"Grandpa?" Lindsey said softly.

"Yes, honey."

"Did you like it?"

"Did I like it?" I asked.

"I was really scared but after a while I started to like it," Lindsey said, easing her body down to the mattress at last.

"You did?"

"Yeah. It made it even better when I knew that you wanted you watch them do stuff to me."

"What do you mean?" I asked, confused as hell.

"Brad told me how much you wanted to watch all those boys do crazy stuff to me," Lindsey explained.

I got up from beside Lindsey and left the room, pissed as could be. If that little shit was in front of me, I would have killed him. Putting this all off on me? I wondered if he was still outside, and raced to the window.

Brad's shitbox was gone, but The Rooter and Erin were standing by a sorry looking ancient Volkswagen, looking under the hood. Seeing them, I ran into the bedroom and threw my pants on. Lindsey asked me what was wrong but I assured her everything was fine and went outside.

"Fucking piece of shit," The Rooter declared.

"Get in and try to start it," I told him, and when he did, I popped the air filter and held the butterfly open allowing the engine to catch. Showing Erin what I did, she gave me a kiss.

"The note?" Erin asked. "I meant that. Give me a call."

I had left the note on the dresser - a note that I later saw had her address and phone number on it, with the touching "Want your cock inside me some time," added as encouragement.

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