Grandpa: After Molly Ch. 07


The Rooter thanked me, and as they got in the car I stopped Erin and gave her the little recorder that I had left in my pants.

"If you ever get pissed off at Brad, or want to get a rise out of your man, play him one of the earlier recordings," I suggested. "Not while he's driving, though."

Erin looked at the little device and nodded, slipping it into her pocket and waving goodbye. Whether or not she would ever listen to it, I didn't and would never know, but the thought of The Rooter hearing about Brad's love for him and his ensuing reaction would give me giggles for a long time to come.

Going back in the house after they finally left, I rejoined Lindsey, who had taken a shower and was back on the bed, her back still wet and glistening while she rested on her tummy.

"Everything okay?" she asked.

"Yes," I said. "They are out of your life forever, especially Brad."

"Good," Lindsey said.

"Are you okay?" I asked. "That man? Did he hurt you much?"

"He was so big, and when he was inside of me it felt like a corkscrew," Lindsey said. "It hurt me a lot at first, but I'm okay now. See?"

Raising her hips, she assumed the same position that she had earlier taken. Everything looked beautiful and seemed normal.

"If you want to," Lindsey suddenly said. "I can. I want you to."

Lindsey held her cheeks apart, and I found myeslf dropping my trousers and climbing behind her while my cock got a little stiffer.

"You're the best, Grandpa," Lindsey said. "Your cock is the one I want. Please?"

I greased the opening, and then lathered myself up before pushing my semi-turgid member at her puckered ring. I wasn't hard enough to enter, until Lindsey turned her head.

"Tomorrow," Lindsey said. "Can we go to that dirty book store? That man - remember him? The big black man that watched us?"

"Yes," I said, grunting as my cock got hard at the thought of that adventure of ours. "Do you want to fuck him?"

"Yes," Lindsey moaned as my greased tool forced its way in. "He said he had a big cock too. I want him - both of you at the same time."



The rest of the summer went by quickly. Too quickly for me, but we made the most of it. We went back to the book store as Lindsey had requested, but waited until a few days later, which gave me time to recover, and Lindsey got what she wanted there.

Then it was over, and as the leaves began to fall, I braced myself for a long, cold winter. A winter without sex, and I was already missing Lindsey. Molly... anybody. I was so hooked on sex now that I felt half my age. I had run out of eligible granddaughters, however, and Lindsey and Molly had college to think about.

Around Columbus Day I found myself in the local groecery, behind which we had screwed in broad daylight. The same cashier was on duty when I brought a six-pack and some snacks to the register.

"Hello Amanda," I said cheerfully, reading her name on the badge she wore over her big tit. I knew her name but always looked at her chest for fun.

"Hi, Mr. Watson. How have you been?"

"Okay I guess."

"Heard you had a big party a while back,' she mentioned. "How come you didn't invite me? That big crazy guy wanted me to come with him but I had to work."

The Rooter, I thought. Amanda was who Erin had been jealous of.

"Well, it wan't the type of party I would invite a sweet and innocent thing like you to," I said.

"I'm sweet," Amanda said as she looked around the deserted store. "Innocent, I ain't."


"Haven't seen your girlfriend around lately," she said. "The one with all the freckles?"

"She's back at college," I said, and then threw out a tidbit I thought might get her attention. "She wasn't my girlfriend though. She's my granddaughter."

The look on Amanda's face was priceless, and she dropped the cheese that she was trying to ring up as she contemplated what I had said.

"The redhead with the little titties and the freckles?" she asked as I nodded. "The one I saw you fucking out back behind the dumpster?"

"Afraid so," I told her. "Offended by that?"

"No way in hell, Mr. Watson," Amanda whispered as her eyes looked for the butcher. "Jealous is more like it. My Grandpa smells like moth balls and still gives me toys for Christmas."

"Too bad," I mused aloud while I stared at her breasts. "You seem to have outgrown toys."

"The toy you were driving that girl crazy with is - that's more my speed," Amanda declared. "I've gotten myself off a couple of times remembering that big thing of yours and wishing it was in me. If you ever have a free night or anything..."

"All my nights are free," I informed the girl. "I'm alone every night these days. I just sit and watch TV."

"I get off at six," Amanda said.

"You know where I live, don't you?" I asked, and after she nodded I smiled.

"Should I get another six-pack?" I asked.

"I'm not old enough to drink," Amanda said. "Old enough for everything else though."

"See you later then, I guess," I said, walking out the door to the customer parking lot which was deserted except for my car.

I tossed the bag onto the front seat and hopped in and backed out of my space. Amanda came out of the store and for a minute I was afraid she was going to back out, but that wasn't the case.

Instead, after looking up and down the empty country road, and then behind her to make sure the butcher was still back in the meat department, she walked over to the car and lifted her blouse for a brief second as if to give me a preview of coming attractions.

"I was hoping that you were coming out to invite me back behind the dumpster," I said.

"Can't really call you Mr. Watson later, can I? Not with what I plan on doing to you," Amanda said as she enjoyed my reaction to seeing that glimpse of her full, round breasts. "What's you first name?"

"First name is Ed, but you know what I'd like you to do? Call me Grandpa," I suggested.

Amanda nodded before running back into the store, giving me a chance to enjoy the view of her full bottom, before I drove home to count the minutes until she got there.


Thanks for reading, and once again I thank you for your patience and understanding.

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