tagIncest/TabooGrandpa and Molly Pt. 04

Grandpa and Molly Pt. 04


This is the fourth installment of a fictional relationship between 61 year old Ed, and his 18 year old granddaughter Molly.

The last episode found Molly and Ed consumating their relationship, and providing Ed with the first sex he had experienced in many years.

The evening had not quenched Ed's desire for his nubile granddaughter, but instead had only fanned the flames. It's Monday, and it's late, and the only one stirring in the house is Ed.


Chapter 1. Sleep won't come.

It was Monday night as I stared at the green numbers on the clock radio, and I couldn't sleep. Again. 11:59 read the clock visible over his wife Ethel's plump shoulder, 11:59 and holding. How long was a minute allowed to last anyway, I wondered?

Finally - mercifully, the clock blinked and 11:59 became 12:00 and it was no longer Monday. Tuesday had started, and none too soon as far as I was concerned. My cock twitched nervously in my pajamas, almost as if it had learned to tell time and realized what day it was, and what Tuesday meant, and I let my mind take me back in time.

Tuesday was bingo night, and while my wife Ethel went out and played bingo with the other village idiots, I had the opportunity to play a little game of my own with Molly. A game that I thought I would never get to play with another woman again.

How good was it? When I finally managed to cram my cock into Molly's sweet and impossibly tight pussy, it was like I was born again. Never before had I experienced such a feeling, and now that I had enjoyed fucking Molly, I wanted to do it again.

The week now just passed had been torture for me while I had to be around Molly so much. I stared at Molly as she read, as she ate and as she did the dishes. I gawked openly the night last week when we were all watching television in the living room and Ethel had fallen asleep.

As the old crow snored away, I stared at Molly curled up in the chair in the corner, and when she saw me looking at her, she lifted a leg up over the arm of the chair. I looked up under the robe she was wearing, and as Molly lifted it up I could see that she was naked underneath, and that beautiful pussy was staring right back at me, the soft dusting of light brown hair twinkling and glistening.

I motioned for Molly to go out to the kitchen, and I tiptoed out and waited for her. It seemed like forever until she joined me, and when she came out with a mischievious grin on her face, I grabbed her and kissed her hard as I pressed her back into the refrigerator, my tongue finding hers as my cock surged.

"Grandpa Ed, easy," Molly said softly as my hand went into her robe and found her pussy, my finger probing into the moistness. "My pussy is still sore from the other night."

"I want you so bad," I rasped into her ear as my heart began to race.

"I know Grandpa," Molly said as she pulled my finger out of her. "I want you too, but I'm really sore down there."

"You're all I think about," I said as I looked into those doe-like brown eyes.

"I know you do Grandpa," Molly said, and I let out a loud involuntary gasp as Molly's hand reached down and rubbed the bulge in my trousers which was snaking down my thigh. "It's just that you're so very big and my pussy is so tight, that it really hurt."

"I'm sorry Molly," I groaned as my erection throbbed under Molly's stroking. "I tried to be gentle."

"It wasn't your fault Grandpa Ed," Molly said. "I'm just not used to anything that big inside me."

"Please... can't we..."

"I'm sorry, I just hope it will stop hurting before next Tuesday night," Molly said, and I groaned at the prospect of not only waiting until then, but the chance that we might night be able to do it at all.

"What about - the other way?" I asked.

"You mean like this, with my hand?" Molly said as she ran her hand harder on my bulge.


"You mean with my mouth?" Molly asked coyly, running her tongue over her lips seductively.

"No," I groaned. "Remember when you showed me the other."

"What other?"

"You know, when you bent over and... you know," I said pleadingly.

"Say it Grandpa Ed," Molly demanded. "Tell me what you mean!"

"Your asshole!" I hissed. "Let me fuck you in the ass."

"Grandpa!" Molly gasped. "I could never do that with you. Imagine what your big cock would do to my little bottom. My friend Angie, now she's another story. I told you she would do that. She'd have to come visit me though."

"Fine - call her," I muttered.

"She's one of the kids I was sent here to get away from," Molly said. "You'll have to talk to Grandma."

"I will," I pleaded, now pushing myself into Molly's hand. "Please!"

"Okay Grandpa," Molly said as she reached down and pulled my zipper down, snaking her hand down inside my boxers and yanking on my cock hard.

"Arrrghhhh!" I groaned as I felt my cock jerk in Molly's hand as I ejaculated in my pants, and it was as good as I could have hoped for, standing in the kitchen sweating like a pig while the cum oozed out of me and down my leg.

Molly pulled her hand out of my pants and held it up, showing me a stringy strand of my cum on the back of her fingers. Molly smiled and licked the cum off her hand before winking at me and heading out of the kitchen.

"Where did everybody go?" I heard Ethel ask Molly, having apparently arose from her nap.

"In the kitchen, Grandma," I heard Molly say. "Helping Grandpa. I don't think he feels good."

"What the world is wrong with him now?" I heard the droning voice say in an increasing volume that could only mean she was coming out to the kitchen.

I hastily zipped up my fly just in time, as Ethel barged out to investigate, seeing me leaning against the cabinets.

"What's wrong with you?" Ethel said. "You look horrible. You coming down with something?"

"Maybe," I said, realizing that I must look like that.

"Lord, don't tell me you're going to be needing diapers now!" Ethel said in disgust while gesturing at my crotch, and when I looked down I saw the massive wet stain that reached almost down to my knee.

"Going to bed," I muttured as I staggered past her and out of the room. "I'm sick."

"Well, just make sure you clean yourself off before you get into my bed!"

Chapter 2. Still awake.

12:33 read the clock now, and while my trip down recent memory lane had been enjoyable, it had not sent me off to dreamland as I had hoped. Instead, I had an erection that seemed to be pulsating under the sheet and in no hurry to go away.

I rolled off of the bed and padded out of our bedroom and down the hall to Molly's room. The door was closed as was usual, and I found myself reaching for the doorknob and slowly opening the door.

There was a little night light on, and I could see Molly sleeping, the sheet pulled up to her neck. A considerate grandfather would have tiptoed out of the room and gone back to bed. Well, a considerate grandfather wouldn't have been in the room to begin with, I thought, much less been thinking of perverted things he could do to her.

I pulled the sheet down as subtly as I could, and Molly was naked underneath. My eyes devoured the sight of my little slut, now looking so innocent as she slept. I wanted to wake her, but decided against it, so instead I coaxed my pajamas down and reached over to her night table, finding her bottle of baby oil.

Squeezing out a handful, I rubbed it on my erection and began sliding my clenched hand up and down the shaft while I stared at Molly. She was on her back, and as my eyes devoured the sight of her little nipples. I tried to decide which I liked better; Molly sitting up with her perky little cones a perfect mouthful, or laying on her back, with all evidence of her breasts gone.

I thought I liked this better, as it gave her a real androgynous look that I found erotic looking, aand while my fist pumped harder I pictured what it looked like when Molly's friend Angie was with her; touching her, sucking on those little buds, parting those tender thighs and tasting her treasure.

Had to work on Ethel tomorrow about letting Molly invite this Angie up for a week, I thought while I neared orgasm. What a sight that would be - seeing this girl and Molly going down on each other.

My orgasm erupted, and I quickly reached down with my other hand and tried to catch the cum as it squirted out, while stifling my grunts of pleasure as best I could. I stood there for a minute with my shriveling cock in one hand and a pool of cum in the other, before pulling my pajamas back up and leaving the room.

In the bathroom, I looked in disgust at my hand which was full of my seed, and held it under the faucet until it all went down the drain. Much more fun to unload it into Molly's pussy, I thought, and thought about other places I could leave it as I went back to my own bed.

Chapter 3. Tuesday night tragedy.

Ethel left and I raced up the stairs to see Molly, but instead of Molly laying on her back waiting for me, she was dressed and reading as I charged in.

"What's the matter honey?" I asked Molly, who put down the book and smiled.

"I'm sorry Grandpa, but my pussy is still sore," Molly said making a face.

"Are you sure?" I whined.

"It even hurt when I put my finger inside of me last night," Molly said. "You know, after you came in and jerked off while you looked at me."

"You were awake?" I said chagrined.

"I'm a light sleeper, and I think that the squishing noise your hand made when you pumped your cock woke me up," Molly said impishly. "It made me all excited listening to you, so I had to get myself off after you left. Don't be sad Grandpa Ed. We can still do other stuff."

"I guess," I said, ashamed to be sounding like a pouting little brat.

"Don't be sad Grandpa," Molly said as she swung off the bed. "We can still do other stuff."

Molly reached up and undid my trousers and yanked down my boxers, and her eager hands grabbed my flaccid dick and began pulling on it hard.

"I like it when it starts out soft and I get to make it big and hard," Molly said. "It makes me feel like I really did something. Let's get you undressed so you can relax.

I did as I was told, and after I got naked I climbed in bed on my back, and Molly's hands were wrapped around my member in a matter of seconds.

"I got an idea," Molly said. "Would you let me do something to you?"


"It's like something you've done to me."

"In that case, go right ahead," I offered, wondering how bad that could be.

Chapter 4. Molly turns the tables.

When Molly returned to the bedroom, she had a package of disposable razors and shaving room, along with a little bowl of water. I smiled as Molly set them on the night table and began taking her clothes off.

"I almost forgot that I hadn't shaved you yet," I said and I began to get up off the bed.

"No Grandpa, you stay right where you are," Molly said."I'm going to shave you!"


"Grandpa Ed, you're a hairy bear and I love you, but I want to shave some of the hair around the base of your dick. Won't that be fun?"

"Gee Molly, I don't know about this," I said with concern in my voice.

"C'mon Grandpa, I wanna do it," Molly said. "You have got a lotta hair on the bottom of your dick too, and think shaving it would make it look even bigger than it does now."

"Well, be careful," I said, not at all ceratin about this but wanting to keep Molly happy.

I watched Molly wet the area around my member, which was limp as a noodle by now, and enjoyed the soothing coolness of the shaving cream as she lathered up the entire area. Molly reached down and grabbed the bulb of my penis and stretched it up high.

"It would easier if you had a boner Grandpa," Molly commented, and as I felt the blade glide along the underside of my tool and felt the surge go through my genitals, I knew that would be taking place really soon.

"Wow!" Molly said as she dunked the razor in the water. "Look at all the hair you had down there, and you're hard now too!"

I got even harder as Molly yanked my member from side to side as she shaved me. When I felt the razor begin to go over my balls, I wondered where this would end.

"Need a new razor," Molly said as she unwrapped a fresh one.

"You are leaving a little, aren't you?" I asked.

"Sure Grandpa," Molly said. "Now get up on all fours so I can finish here."

As usual I did what Molly asked, and felt Molly shave the underside of my scrotum very delicately, and then spread my butt crack open and swiped the razor down each side of the crevice before announcing she was done.

"See how cool you look now Grandpa Ed," Molly declared as she shoved a hand held mirror at me.

When I looked down, I had to admit I was shocked. The base of my instrument was pink and smooth as were my balls. The difference in appearance was quite disturbing, as my cock now stuck way out without being partly hidden by my wild silver bush.

"It looks beautiful!" Molly said as she grabbed my cock and stroked it, admiring the smoothness around it.

"Please make me cum," I asked Molly, as my balls were aching and needed release.

"First you have to shave me!"

"Fine!" I said as I jumped up and let Molly take my place while I dug through the bag for a freah razor.

"Not my armpits, Grandpa Ed," Molly said abruptly, and stopped me as I was getting ready to lather her underarms. "I think I'm going to let my pits get hairy for awhile."

"Well, what do you want me to do?" I asked confused, and as I looked at the fuzzy hollows under Molly's arms, realized that for her to become anything resembling hairy would take quite a long time and some doing, seeing as you could easily count the number of little hairs with no problem.

"I want you to shave my pussy!" Molly announced.

"Really?" I asked, looking down at that sparse wisp of ash brown hair that grew around her opening. I was quite fond of that petite bush, and admired the silky softness of the down on my cheeks when I would go down on her.

"Yeah, I'd like you to do that," Molly said.

I nodded and applied a little foam to the soft fur that grew around Molly's pussy and then asked her to swing her legs over my shoulders so I could get a closer look at what I was doing.

I tenderly slid the razor down the outer edges of her little bush and worked toward her labia, pulling the tiny lips up so that I could smooth the entire area. Sweat was rolling down my face as I did some intimate gardening, and I let my thumb apply pressure around Molly's clit every chance I could.


"What's wrong honey?" I said as I kept playing around the area despite it being as smooth as silk, lifting her buttocks up and inspecting the hairless area between her pussy and her anus.

Molly's anus. It kept drawing me to it like a magnet, even though I had never had any interest in that area before now. So vulnerable looking it was, the tiny puckered ring a ruddy beige hue. I let my tongue slide down the lips of Molly's pussy and below, into the sensitive area between the two orifices.

"Grandpa Ed, did you finish shaving me?" Molly asked.

"Uh - yes Molly," I answered, coming out of the trance I had been in, and Molly swung her legs back around and grabbed the mirror to inspect herself.

"Oh wow!" Molly said gleefully. "My pussy looks so neat, doesn't it Grandpa Ed?"

"It always looked beautiful to me Molly," I said truthfully, although the sight of the bald mound was not unappealing at all.

"Oh gee! You're just saying that because you're my grandfather," Molly said.

My head went down to check my work, and my tongue dipped into the slick opening, while the soft and smooth feeling of the hairless mound on my cheeks made my cock tingle.

"Can we?" I asked hopefully, thinking perhaps that my groping and licking had made her horny enough to let me put in her. "I won't put it all the way inside of you, honey."

I stood up, and as Molly looked at my cock swaying in front of me, as swollen and crimson as it ever could be, I could see the fear in here eyes.

"Next week, okay Grandpa?" Molly said, and it struck me that the shaving around it certainly didn't help in the decision. "We can do other stuff. Here, climb up between my legs."

I did what Molly asked as she put a pillow under her buttocks and I knelt between her upraised thighs, and I idly began running the head of my tool up and down the channel.

"Ooooh Grandpa," Molly cooed. "That feels nice."

Molly reached down and spread her hairless pussy open, allowing me to rub the crown of my dick around her clitoris, and she began wiggling her hips as I did.

"Oh!" I moaned as I looked down and saw my cock head teasing and probing just inside Molly's little opening. The feeling was very pleasant, but the urge to just slip it in was still there, and I fought it as best I could.

"Harder Grandpa! Rub your dick around there harder!" Molly urged, and my hand began shaking my cock faster along her pussy, as fast as I could do it, swirling the tip around and around her exposed clit as Molly's hands stretched it as wide as she could.

I looked down at Molly's hips twitching... shaking... trying to get off, and her face was beet red and every muscle and vein in her neck was bulging as she cried out... "CUMMING!"

My eyes happened to be looking down between Molly's legs, watching the crown of my dick abuse her tender clit as if it were a little punching bag when I saw it. A little spurt of fluid gushing out of Molly, splashing over my cock as Molly's entire body made a series of convulsions.

Helpless, I felt my cock erupt, belching thick spurts of cum all over Molly. Spraying over her freshly shaved mound, up onto her tummy and then blending with her own fluids inside her pussy. I pulled savagely on my cock, urging a few last jets of seed into the sloppy crevice, and watched the fluid trickle through Molly's pussy and between her legs, down to the bedding below.

"Oh Grandpa, that was so wonderful!" Molly practically screamed her my face and she reached up and hugged me. "I could feel you shooting your load into my pussy when I was cumming!"

"It was wonderful sweetie," I answered, and it had been. We had managed to have fun despite everything, and Molly promised that next week would be even better.

"Next week we can make love again," Molly promised, and as long as we were careful we could do it a lot.

Being careful when my cock was clamped inside that vice-like pussy was easier said than done, I feared, but I had to try.

Chapter 5. Night dreams.

Later that week, I had a dream. This dream was about Molly, but that was nothing new, since she dominated my thoughts virtually every waking hour as well.

This dream had Molly and I making love, and as I thrust inside of her, she asked me to please stop, as it was hurting her. I told her I would, but only if she let me finish in her ass. She cried and told me that it would hurt even more there, but I wouldn't listen.

I threw Molly on her stomach, and forced my lubricated cock inside that tender opening. I pushed as I hard as I could, despite Molly crying and pleading for me to stop, until the crown of my cock ripped inside of her, and I sank my weapon into her all the way. Molly was crying - screaming - begging me to stop.

But I could not, or I would not stop, and I thrust myself into her ass with a savageness that was almost inhuman. I felt her tender insides tearing under my relentless onslaught, but I was beyond caring, and after I orgasmed into her rectum I pulled myself out and looked down indifferently at the damage I had inflicted on that helpless girl.

I jumped upright in bed like a shot, and looked around to get my bearings. I was in my bedroom, with my wife, and my pajama bottoms were loaded with what appeared to be a copious amount of cum.

Was it real? Had I sleepwalked or something? I bounded out of bed, tears running down my cheeks and headed for Molly's room. I opened the door with a lurch, and must have made quite an entrance because Molly's head came up off the pillow, where she had been sleeping soundly.

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