tagIncest/TabooGrandpa and Molly Pt. 06

Grandpa and Molly Pt. 06


This is the 6th installment of this fictional story of the sexual exploits between Ed, a 61 year old grandfather, and his precious 18 year old granddaughter Molly. If this subject matter offends you, please do not read any further

Grandpa and Molly have been going at it fast and furious whenever Grandma Ethel was not around. Monday afternoon Molly's friend Angie had arrived to visit for a couple of days, she being one of the bad influences Molly had been sent there to get away from. Molly had warned Grandpa Ed that Angie was wild, but last chapter's bathroom meeting was only a hint regarding Angie's ways. Bingo night was fast approaching...


Chapter 1. Thinking about the possibilities.

Dinner with the four of us had been a bit of an awkward affair that Monday evening, with Angie's brashness making Ethel cringe on several occasions. This made me chuckle, very quietly of course, because I had a feeling that Angie was being on her best behavior as it was.

The bathroom adventure was still very much on my mind, as I was still quite aroused from the few seconds Angie had been gobbling my pecker. As for those breasts, well let's just say that having felt them through that bulky military shirt, I wanted to see them in the worst way, so I spent the dinner and much of the rest of the evening trying to make them out through Angie's shapeless blouse.

Molly and Angie had retired to Molly's room, where they closed the door behind themselves, leaving them to do... whatever they wanted to do with each other. The image of my little Molly being fondled and groped by this aggressive girl and being forced to submit to whatever deviate acts Angie demanded, made my cock as hard as steel the entire night.

Going off to bed, I slowed at the closed door of Molly's room, listening for whatever was going on in there. The room was dark, I noted as I looked at the space below the bottom of the door. The room was silent as well; no moaning, no groaning and no conversation. What were they doing? My mind worked on the possible scenarios as I went down the hall.

Chapter 2. "Even a pervert like you..."

I thought I had waited long enough, but my timing must have been off, because when I got to bed Ethel was still awake. I undressed in the darkness as I heard her fretting and tossing in bed, and when I slipped under the sheet, Ethel was ready and waiting.

"Dear Lord! What is tarnation is wrong with that girl's parents?" Ethel declared in an angry hiss.

"Whose parents?" I said in a wear voice.

"That Angela's parents!" Ethel snapped. "Dear Lord, the girl has no manners, no couth! No wonder Molly isn't supposed to be around her. You should have seen the way she paraded in here the afternoon. Even a old pervert like you would have been appalled!"

"What do you mean?" I asked, not needing to feign ignorance this time, because I had no clue as to what the hell she was talking about.

"This Angela - well, the first thing is she's always calling me Grandma. And you Grandpa!"

"Really?" I asked. "Hadn't noticed," I lied.

"And what a sight she was when she came charging in here!" Ethel continued as if I hadn't said anything. "She's a skinny little thing, but all bosom! She was wearing a skimpy little tank top that hardly hid anything, and you could see right through the thing anyway. No shame at all!"

"She seemed dressed okay to me when I got here," I noted.

"That's because I insisted she go put some clothes on!" Ethel said proudly. "I told her that we didn't go around here parading naked in front of each other. Imagine the idea of it!"

"Naked?" I said faux-sleepily, with my erection in full bloom as I envisioned the sight.

"Might as well have been," Ethel snorted. "Never seen bosoms that size on a young girl before in my life, and they were flopping around for all to see. She has tattoos too, on her arms and goodness knows where else."

"You should have asked her about other tattoos," I mused and then got a little brave with the sarcasm. "Maybe tomorrow you can check her for lumps too and find out."

"Don't care much what happens to that little hussy," Ethel said. "It's just that it's not lady-like to go around flaunting yourself like that."

"Let's see... Molly's breasts were too small and this girl's are too big," I commented. "What have you become, Goldilocks or something? They're just kids even if they are eighteen. Let them be."

I was kicking myself for missing Angie's entrance, and was stuck with a raging hard-on and my imagination, as I hoped Ethel would tire of this conversation and go to sleep, which she did eventually, but not before firing off a final salvo.

"Shouldn't go to bingo tomorrow night," Ethel muttered. "I ought to stay home and keep an eye on things around here," Ethel offered. "Goodness knows what you'll allow to go on."

"Suit yourself," I answered, and her veiled threat barely registered with me. Although Ethel staying home would be an unmitigated disaster, it would never happen, because the old biddy would miss my funeral if it happened on a Tuesday night.

Hell, one time there was a fire in the kitchen of the bingo hall and they practically had to drag the murder of crows out of the hall, so desperate were they to hover over their bingo cards no matter what.

Ethel would go to bingo alright, and I would get to see for myself just how disgusting this Angie could be.

Chapter 3. A couple hours later.

The sound of the toilet flushing woke me up, but I had been sleeping so lightly that it could hardly be called sleep at all. I rolled quietly out of bed and exited the bedroom as quietly as I could to attend to business of my own in that room.

As my kidneys did their usual reluctant thing before emptying themselves, I wondered which one of them had been in here a minute earlier, doing a little tinkling of their own. The memory of Molly holding my cock while I went made my loins surge, and so I wrapped it up as fast as I could before flushing.

After doing a quick wash and dry of the hands I opened the bathroom door and headed back to bed. Something made me turn around to the other end of the hall, and when I looked back I saw her.

"Hi Grandpa Ed," the voice whispered.

Half hidden around the corner peeked a face, and the outline of what appeared to be a very naked body. Angie.

"Wanna play with me?" Angie whispered, and then disappeared from view, and I heard her footsteps going down the stairs.

I followed, and when I got down the stairs there she was again, peeking around the kitchen entrance before ducking away. I followed her into the kitchen where I caught sight of her again, now opening the door to the cellar and fumbling for the light before clicking it on.

"You're getting warm Grandpa Ed," Angie teased, and she went down the cellar stairs with me in hot pursuit, the tiny glimpses of her naked backside providing all the incentive necessary.

When I got down to the cellar, which is a typical dirt floor room that was used to store canning goods and produce back in the days when this was an more of an actual farm and I was more of an actual farmer, and now mostly contained odds and ends and junk, I saw her. She would have been hard to miss.

Chapter 4. Breaking my cherry.

Angie stood over to the east side of the cellar, in one of the less cluttered areas of the room, right behind the bare light bulb which provided a limited degree of illumination to that space. Angie was naked, and not only was she making no effort to hide it, she was doing everything she could to display it. And what a display it was.

Angie was holding the beam above her head with both hands, smirking as I walked over to her, and chuckling when she saw my pajamas straining to conceal my erection. She looked less eerie without the ghoulish eye shadow and make-up, but I barely noticed her face.

I stopped about four feet from Angie, frozen in either shock or awe as I took in the view. Angie was a very slender girl indeed, even more so than Molly. I figured I could reach around and encircle her skinny biceps with my thumb and forefinger, noticing that Angie had tattoos of chains around each of those biceps doing that very same thing.

Traveling downward, my eyes took in the sight of the thick tufts of coal black hair that filled the hollows of Angie's armpits, and the sight not only did not revolt me, but instead aroused me even more.

Below that were Angie's pride and joy, those breasts that Molly and Ethel had described already to me, but words could not do them justice. Angie's gigantic breasts stood out like footballs, and their size was accentuated further by the fact that they were attached to such a slender torso. Another thing they didn't make today like they used to was 18 year old girls, I must admit.

I lurched forward as if in a daze, my hands reaching and grabbing for those torpedo-like breasts, and they were as incredibly firm as they looked, and despite their massive size showed not a trace of sagging. Her fat, taut nipples dug into my palms as I hefted the huge globes, and Angie twisted and turned as if she was attached to the beam above her.

"Ooooh Grandpa," Angie groaned. "Like my big tits?"

"Yes," I grunted as I continued to knead them roughly.

"Want to taste something Grandpa?" Angie asked. "Kiss me and see if you can guess what I ate?"

I leaned forward and kissed her on the lips, and her full lips met mine while her tongue dueled with mine, and I inhaled the arousing fragrance that Angie's face reeked of.

"Molly," I said as our kiss ended.

"That's right Grandpa," Angie smirked. "Bet you know what part of Molly it was too, don't you?"

"Her cunt," I said in a zombie-like voice. "Your mouth tastes like Molly's cunt."

"Right you are Grandpa," Angie said. "You did a nice job shaving that little pussy too, Grandpa Ed. Why don't you get those pajamas off so I can see you now."

I pulled my pajama top off me, smashing my hand on the ceiling but feeling no pain, and then stepped out of my pajama bottoms. My erection sprang up and down like a diving board as I stood there naked with Angie.

"Mmmmm... not bad for a old timer," Angie said as her eyes took in the sight of my 61 year old body which, while not bad for my age, was still 61 years old. "That cock is everything Molly said it was. Damn! I like your hairy chest too, Grandpa. Little hair doesn't scare me off. Matter-of-fact, it turns me on. How about you Grandpa? You seem to like it, or do you want to shave me too?"

I saw my hands slide over Angie's breasts like they belonged to someone else, and my fingers slid through the dense, coarse hair under her arms, which caused Angie to let out a little gasp as I did.

My eyes traveled down between Angie's legs, and although it was tough to see in the dim light and shadows, they was no hiding the fact that Angie had a thick and wild bush of hair around her pussy, and my hand found that fur equally dense and coarse to the touch.

"Like 'em hairy, huh Grandpa? Got some around my asshole too. Molly said you never fucked anybody in the ass before, that right?" Angie asked, and I nodded silently.

"I got it ready for you when I heard you go to the can," Angie said. "Glad it was you in there instead of your wife. Can't believe she won't take that beautiful piece of meat in that big ass of hers."

Angie looked around and walked over to an old chair that was covered with junk. Was, was the proper term, because Angie tossed the stuff on the floor and hopped on the dusty old chair, kneeling with her ass in the air and her face in the musty decaying fabric.

"Hard and fast pops," Angie said as I moved behind her and put my hands on her little ass cheeks and spread them further.

Angie had a tattoo of an eagle or something on her lower back, I noticed while sliding my cock around the crack of her ass, feeling it all slick and lubricated, and even in the dim light I could see the hair that grew so abundantly around her pussy extended all the way up to her asshole, which the head of my cock soon found.

"I want it all Grandpa," Angie said before grunting loudly as my crown of my cock entered her.

The shaft of my cock was in my fist and clenched in a death grip as I pushed myself into Angie. After I got the ridge of the head past her relaxed opening, it was a tight but welcoming slide inside Angie's ass, almost all the way in.

"Aw fuck, that's good!" Angie spat out as my cock filled her rectum. "Hard!"

"Keep quiet!" I hissed angrily, because even though we were down in the cellar, I wasn't sure how far the noise would carry in the quiet house.

I began slowly sliding in and out of Angie's ass, and the warmth of her cavity was amazing to me, as was her ability to not only take me into her, but to thrust back at me every time I slid in. My thrusts became harder, and Angie grunted each time I rammed into her.

My hands on Angie's hips, I held her little ass cheeks apart as I humped her, towering over her lithe frame like a praying mantis. I wanted so much to reach down and grab those colossal tits of hers again, but the position I was in was so comfortable and easy to pound into Angie, that I fought the urge and kept pumping.

The cool dirt floor was making the soles of my feet the only part of me not sweating, and sliding my hands up Angie's back found her skin slick as well. Should have put a brighter bulb in down here, I thought to myself, because I would have loved getting a better look at what we were doing.

My balls were swinging wildly as I moved, and Angie's hand reached up from between her legs and grabbed the sack, twisting and pulling my scrotum. I heard Angie start to whimper a little, and her voice was muffled as she came, her ass clamping down on my cock in a series of convulsions.

"Shoot your load in me Grandpa Ed," Angie said in a voice filled with considerably less bravado than earlier.

With my nuts being practically wrung dry by Angie's hand, it was no problem to comply, and I felt Angie's body quiver with each spurt of seed that shot into her ass, my knees buckling with the force of my orgasm.

Standing over Angie with my spent cock still in her, I felt her ass muscles begin to try and squeeze me out of her, and I let her do it, ever so slowly. I pulled myself out and watched Angie get out of what had to be an incredibly awkward and uncomfortable position and get to her feet.

"Mmmm... you like me Grandpa Ed?" Angie said as she reached up and hugged me, those breasts making it none too easy as task. "You liked taking me in the ass, didn't you?"

"Yes," I said.

"Better get some sleep Grandpa Ed," Angie said softly while kissing my neck. "Got a big night ahead of you. I want you to do it to Molly like that too."

"No," I answered. "She doesn't want to."

"She wants to alright, Grandpa," Angie said. "Trust me," she said as I pulled my pajamas back on.

With that, Angie walked around me and headed back up the stairs, with me trudging slowly behind her. Not so slowly that I missed the sight of Angie's backside up the stairs in front of me. Those skinny legs, and that pert little bottom; the one I had just had my cock in, disappeared around the corner and out of sight.

What a difference betwen front and back, I thought to myself as I got up to the kitchen and turned the cellar light off. The sight from the rear was that of a petite teenager, and the front view was that of an incredibly well developed woman.

I went up the stairs with considerably less enthusiasm than I had gone down them, and saw Angie duck into the bathroom when I got up there. I waited down at the end of the hall as Angie did her thing.

The door to Molly's room was ajar, and when I peeked in I saw Molly standing by her bed, naked.

"Hi Grandpa," Molly said in a soft and sad voice, and I felt a rush of guilt as I whispered hello to her. Almost as if I had been cheating on her.

I stepped inside the room and went up to Molly, and she had a brave little smile on her face that was as transparent as could be. I wrapped my arms around her and gave her a hug.

"Was it good, Grandpa Ed?" Molly asked in a hesitating voice.

"Yes Molly, it was," I answered truthfully, but as her body tensed a little in reaction I continued. "Not nearly as good as when I'm with you, my baby."

"Really?" Molly's shaky whisper asked.

"Really," I answered while I moved my hands to her breasts and gently caressed the perky little buds. "Please don't say anything to hurt Angie's feelings, but you're much sexier than she is. I like her, but I love you. You're my little dream girl, don't you know that?"

Molly nodded and smiled a real smile this time, and a tiny tear trickled down her cheek that I kissed away before very reluctantly taking my hands from her tiny cones.

"Goodnight Grandpa Ed," Molly said as I left the room. "I love you too."


Thanks for reading and commenting. I appreciate your feedback and support.

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