tagIncest/TabooGrandpa and Molly Pt. 07

Grandpa and Molly Pt. 07


This is the 7th installment of the sexual relationship that evolved between 61 year old Ed and his darling little 18 year old granddaughter Molly. If such a theme offends you, please do not read any further.

Molly's friend Angie, a fellow 18 year old who shared none of Molly's traits either physically or socially, had come to visit for a couple of days. The first night she managed to arouse and satisfy Ed in ways he had only thought about previously.

Now it's Tuesday night. Bingo night. Grandma Ethel's favorite night of the week, which had become Grandpa Ed's favorite as well, for entirely different reasons. The night would change everyone's life, in a variety of ways.


Chapter 1. She's gone!

The moment had finally come, as Ethel closed the door behind her and waddled out to the car. I nervously walked to the kitchen to get a drink, and saw Molly peeking out the blinds as the car engine started.

"Excited Grandpa Ed?" Molly asked as I put my hand on her soft and smooth shoulder.

"Very much so honey," I answered, kissing the top of her head.

"I have to tell you something Grandpa," Molly said. "But first I want to ask you something. The stuff that I'm going to do with Angie - does that bother you? Do you think I'm being gross or anything like that?"

"No honey," I said while Ethel backed out of the driveway and my heart raced faster. "You're a beautiful woman, and I think that it's wonderful that you are able to enjoy girls as much as you do boys. It's much safer that way too."

"I'm glad you said that," Molly said. "Because I would die if you thought I was a pig or something."

"I told you that you're very special last night, and I meant it."

"I know, I just like to hear it I guess," Molly said softly.

"Now what was it you wanted to tell me?"

"Remember when we first started messin' around, and I told you about all the boys I did it with and junk like that?" Molly asked me.

"Of course I remember," I assured Molly. "That never bothered me either, if that's what you're concerned about."

"No, that's not it," Molly said. "I lied about it."

"About what, honey?"

"Almost everything," Molly said with fear in her eyes. "I've been with boys - you know, like sucked their dicks and jerked them off and stuff, but I never... did it with any of them."

"You were a virgin?" I gasped incredulously.

"Yes, I lied about doing it with other boys so you wouldn't feel weird about us being together," Molly said. "I always tell Angie those stories so she doesn't think I'm square or anything, but I never did it with any boy before you. I was saving myself for someone special."

"Oh Molly, my baby," I said as I hugged her tightly and my voice choked up.

"Are you mad at me for lying?" Molly asked.

"No Molly, of course not," I assured her. "I could never be mad at you. You've made me come alive since you arrived. Before you came, I was a dead man walking, with no reason for existing. A hollow shell of a man. Now I love life, and even though what we do is wrong, I can't help it. That's how much I love you."

We hugged and kissed for a long time before finally breaking apart, and Molly wiped the tears from her cheeks with the backs of her hands.

"I feel better now Grandpa Ed," Molly said. "We're gonna have a good time, and I'm gonna make you really happy."

"I'll bet you will," I told her as we headed upstairs, and the sound of the shower running meant that we weren't keeping Angie waiting.

"Didn't mean to be a baby downstairs," Molly said. "Guess I'm just insecure, and I know that I'm not much to look at compared to Angie. Hard to believe I'm a month older than her, huh Grandpa? Did you like her boobies? Aren't they something?"

"Yes, she's very shapely," I said. "Remember what I told you last night."

"I know, but she's so well developed - like she's a real woman," Molly said. "Me, I'm just a..."

"Real woman too," I said in finishing her sentence for her. "You're every bit the woman she is, and even more so to me, Molly. Don't be put off over superficial things. Always remember that I'd walk through a herd of Angies to get to you."

Chapter 2. Angie's out of the shower.

A minute after the shower turned off we heard the bathroom door open and Angie padded down the hall and into Molly's bedroom where Molly and I were sitting.

"Thought you two would be naked already," Angie said as she stood in the doorway stark naked and dripping wet, holding a towel in her hand and smiling.

Angie in broad daylight was even more impressive a sight that she had been the night before. Those huge breasts seemed larger than ever, completely commanding your attention, large crimson aureolas capped with thick stubby nipples that were already taut.

"Would you like it if I dried off Angie?" Molly asked me, and I nodded silent agreement as Molly took the towel from Angie and began drying her back.

Angie smiled at me and ran her hands through her short jet black hair, glistening and wet and even more black than seemed possible. Those skinny arms with the tattoed biceps raised high, as if to showcase her brazen animal-like sexuality, and to signal that all was there for the taking.

Molly giggled as she rubbed the towel under Angie's arms, drying and fluffing up the thick tufts of hair that filled the deep crevices with a denseness and a volume which seemed impossible for a woman, or man.

"Angie's got real hairy armpits, doesn't she Grandpa Ed?" Molly said. "Want my Grandpa to shave yours Angie?"

"No, I like mine the way they are," Angie said. "What do you think Grandpa?"

I nodded and swallowed with difficulty, my erection now throbbing in my pants.

"Grandpa shaved mine a couple of times, and it was a lot of fun, wasn't it Grandpa Ed?" Molly declared. "Now I'm letting mine grow again, see Ang?"

"Alright, you go girl!" Angie cackled as Molly lifted her own arms to show her friend the little wisps of fur barely visible even after a few weeks.

Molly went back to drying Angie, working on her breasts with the towel. Angie lifted the huge torpedo-like boobs to allow Molly to dry underneath them, before Molly brought the towel down and rubbed it through the thick mat of hair that surrounded her pussy.

"Mmmm - that's it babe. That's nice," Angie said as she spread her thighs apart. "Let me get your clothes off now."

Molly raised her arms to allow Angie to pull her blouse over her head, and now Molly was naked to the waist. Angie was a couple of inches taller than Molly, and when they hugged, Angie's massive tits crushed against Molly's little buds.

I had to turn away, because I thought I was about to cum just from watching, and fought back the urge with all my might.

"What's the matter Grandpa?" Molly asked as she looked over at me.

"Nothing honey," I choked out. "You two look very nice together."

"Grandpa wants to get naked too," Angie said as she pulled off Molly's panties, leaving me the only one with a stitch of clothing on. "Let's make him feel comfortable too, okay Molly?"

I stood up as the two girls came over to me, and Angie began unbuttoning my shirt while Molly reached up and kissed my neck. The shirt came off and Angie ran her hands through the thisck coating of grey hair that covered my chest, tweaking the nipples roughly. Molly seemed to be watching Angie and mimicking her actions, so now they were both sucking on my nipples.

"Oooooh!" I moaned reflexively as they bit and and chewed on my nubs, and then a shiver ran all through my body as Angie chewed her way up my shoulder and neck, and even lifted my arm to nibble my armpit, with Molly parroting her actions and my knees almost ready to give out.

Angie dropped to her knees and unbuckled my belt, and my pants fell to the floor, leaving me with my boxers and socks.

"Look at what we did to Grandpa, Molly," Angie said, running her hand over the bulge in my shorts. Shorts that had a massive stain that covered the whole front of them, or so it seemed. "Grandpa looks like he popped a load in his drawers already."

With Molly on one hip and Angie on the other, the snap on my boxers came undone, and the shorts were worked down. My cock came free and sprang around wildly, the vein that ran down the center of the shaft never more prominent, the crown beet red and taut.

"Omigod!" I groaned as I looked down and saw Molly and Angie began licking the sides of the shaft, starting from the shaved base and running along the length of it to the ridge of the crown, before sliding back down to the base.

Again and again they repeated the slow licking, and my cock was jumping and twitching with each slide of their tongues. I put my hands to the tops of their heads, running my hands through their hair as I watched this fantasy come true.

"Look at the cum ooze out of your Grandpa's cock," Angie said. "Let's clean it up."

With that their tongues slid along the crown and met at the tip. I watched as the two girls dabbed and licked at the tender opening of my cock, while dueling with each other's tongues at the same time.

Stringy ropes of cum were stretched off and lapped up by the girls, and more kept oozing out to replace it. Angie's hand went to my balls, milking and kneading the sack as if to coax more out, or to make me cum altogether.

Cum. I wanted to cum, but I also wanted to hold off on that as long as I could, because there were so many things I wanted to do. So many places I wanted to cum. The vein that ran down the top of my shaft seemed to be throbbing as the tongues ran along each side of it.

I grabbed the two teens by the hair and gave a gentle upward tug, and they responded by getting up.

"Can't decide what to do first, can you Grandpa?" Angie said as if reading my mind. "I wnat to watch you fuck Molly with that big thing, and I want you to fuck me too. Molly wants to tell you something too, I think. Unless she's chickened out."

"I haven't chickened out," Molly said defiantly, and then looked over at me with those soft doe-like eyes. "I want you to put your dick in my bottom tonight."

My heart skipped a beat as I looked at Molly, who returned my gaze with a mixture of excitement and fear. That tiny little orifice; so virginal and vulnerable looking, and the object of my dreams for so many nights, was to be mine.

"Later for that," Angie announced, having become the director of sorts. "First I gotta see you two fuck!"

Chapter 3. Angie sets the table.

Angie pushed Molly down on the bed and ran her hand over her smooth mound while she looked back at me.

"Ooooh! She's wet already," Angie said before lowering her face into Molly's tender moist opening and began to lap her loudly.

Molly's face was telling me everything I need to know about how it felt, as her eyes rolled back in her head under Angie's tongue. My hand idly stroked my cock slowly, as if it needed to be kept any more interested.

"Fuck her!" Angie said as she rolled out from between Molly's legs to make room for me.

I climbed onto the bed and crawled between Molly's soft thighs. Looking down, I saw the smooth glistening mound dripping with Angie's saliva, and as I took the head of my cock and ran it up and down the opening, I heard Angie groan.

Angie was kneeling on the bed next to us with her legs spread wide. Her one hand was squeezing her breast while her other hand was furiously working between her legs, her fingers burrowing into her bush as she watched us.

"In... Put it in!!!" Angie said, and as I slipped the bulbous head of my cock into Molly, along with Molly's gasp I heard Angie wail.

My attention was diverted by Angie's howling, and I watched incredulously as fluid squirted out from around her hand as she frigged herself wildly, her entire body shaking.

I had to turn away so that I didn't lose it myself, but the sight of my little Molly's face contorting as I impaled her sweet pussy was equally arousing, so I closed my eyes while I began slowly stroking myself in and out of Molly.

"Fuck!" Angie said as she regained a bit of her composure. "That looks so fucking hot! How's that feel baby?"

"Big," Molly squeaked as I began to increase the tempo of my thrusts.

"Put it all the way in," Angie said. "Split that pussy in two."

I was working a little more into Molly with every stroke, but didn't want to hurt her, so I kept on going the way that I knew Molly liked it. Angie grabbed Molly's hand and pulled it up between her legs and into her dripping bush.

"You know what I want," Angie said, and Molly apparently did, because the next thing I knew Molly had scrunched up her little hand and was sliding the whole thing in and out of Angie's cunt.

Molly came after a few minutes of this, and after she did, Angie announced that she wanted her turn.

"Give it to me like you did last night, Grandpa. Fast and hard."

Molly rolled over as I extracted myself from her, and helped me put my cock into Angie's pussy. Her pussy was not nearly as tight as Molly's, and as I slid into her, Angie howled.

"All of it Grandpa!" Angie screamed. "I want all of that fat cock in me."

Angie was an attractive and exotic looking girl, but she had a way about her that got on my nerves occassionally, so when she said that to me, I decided to give her what she asked for.

I slammed myself into her all the way in, right down to my nuts. When I felt the head of my cock slam into the back wall of her pussy, Angie let out a scream that was so feral and bloodcurdling that a shiver ran down my spine.

"AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!" Angie screamed as her entire body lurched backwards, almost slamming her skull into the headboard as it did.

She kept screaming as I rammed myself into her as hard as I could, again and again. My body protested, my back ached and my shoulders made me wince, but I was beyond caring. I thrust into her like a man possessed, with a savageness that surprised all three of us.

Angie came hard, her pussy clenching down on my cock hard as she did, but that didn't stop me from continuing. Sweat was flying off of me as I fucked Angie, while Molly looked at me with a smile and her face and and her hands pinching her little titties.

I wasn't even trying not to cum any longer, but I just couldn't for some reason. Even looking at Molly pinching her nipples, a sight that usually sent me over the edge, did not work. Finally, Angie's upper torso lifted up of the bed like she was possessed, with her face twisted and tortured. Her pussy clamped down on me a couple of times weakly until her shoulders fell back on the bed, eyes rolling back in her head.

"Holy shit," Angie moaned slowly, the defiant and sassy attitude somehow missing from her by this point.

"Want it in your ass now, Angie?" I asked her as I extracted my cock from her.

"Later..." Angie said weakly.

"Me Grandpa," Molly said. "Why don't you get on your back and let me ride you? You look like you could use a rest."

That was the understatement of the year, I thought to myself as I fell onto my back. I was exhausted, and most of all I wanted to cum. Molly climbed over and straddled me, holding my cock gingerly in her hand.

I hardly recognized my trusty weapon, as it was almost purple in color in Molly's pale hand. How long had I been fucking? Time seemed to be something incomprehensible. Molly's clock was blinking 12:00 incessantly, a reminder of the brief power outage of earlier in the day.

Now Molly was sliding down onto my cock, her tight pussy a familiar feel as she slowly rocked her hips to a beat only she could hear. She had about half of me in her as she danced on my tool, smiling down at me as I watched.

"You can cum if you want to," Molly said.

"Man, you have some kind of control," Angie said with a degree of respect in her voice, something I couldn't recognize coming from her.

Fact was that I wanted to cum, but had fought the sensation for so long that I was having trouble getting there. Still hard as a rock though, and as long as it felt good I was not going to complain.

Chapter 4. The grand finale.

Molly rode me for quite a while, and Angie regained a little bit of her bravado and energy by climbing up and straddling my face. Her thick bush surrounded my cheeks as I slid my tongue inside her slightly musty and slippery cunt.

I tongued away at Angie, and after a while I heard Molly start to whimper as she began rocking on my cock harder. Her pussy clenched down on me hard as she came and then I felt her climb off me, followed by Angie.

"I know what will get you off Grandpa," Angie said as she looked at my crimson cock with the purple head so taut it looked ready to burst. "You gotta nail that ass."

I looked at Molly, who was looking at my cock, biting her lower lip. When she looked back at me she nodded tersely.

"You don't have to baby," I said

"She wants it," Angie said, but I wanted to hear it from Molly.

"Yes Grandpa."

"I'll prep her for you," Angie said as she reached over for the bottle of baby oil.

I climbed off the bed as Molly got on all fours, with that pale woman-child body looking so vulnerable and innocent, even more so than normal. Angie squirted some oil in her hand and had Molly spread her cheeks. That puckered pinkish/tan ring was now fully exposed, and Angie wasted no time in penerating the tender opening with her lubricated index finger.

"Ow!" Molly yelped.

"Be gentle," I told Angie, who extracted her digit and then looked over at my throbbing cock as if to say, if you think I'm hurting her now...

Angie went back to working her finger in and out of Molly's anus, and Molly began to rock in rhythm with the penetration of the digit. Angie looked over at me and winked, and then suddenly pulled her finger out and, spreading Molly's ass cheeks open, buried her face between her buttocks.

"Ooooohhhh!!!" Molly squealed as Angie's tongue burrowed into her ass, her head wiggling around as she licked and thrust around inside her.

"All yours," Angie finally said as she pulled up from Molly, and I nodded as I climbed behind her.

I put the tip of my crown against the opening and made a couple of timid thrusts, making every effort to not hurt Molly. Molly began pushing herself back into me, trying to force it into her.

"I want it Grandpa," Molly said. "Don't worry, it won't hurt bad."

I grabbed the shaft of my cock and pushed hard. The head of my cock worked inside her gradually, and I tried to take the thought of the damage I might be doing to my little princess out of my head.

When the ridge around the head of me finally got inside her ass with a pop, I lurched a little bit forward. Molly was screaming, and it sounded like she was crying and so I pulled myself out of her.

"It's okay Grandpa," Molly whimpered. "Put it back it in!"

I looked back down at Molly's ass and saw that her little puckered opening had become so wide that you could have dropped a golf ball in it. My cock slid back in much easier this time, and soon I was doing it at last. Fucking my granddaughter in the ass.

I kept my fist wrapped around the shaft of my cock so I didn't get carried away. Tight... so impossibly tight Molly's ass was. Hot too. Molly was yelling for me to fuck her harder, and Angie was reaching down and squeezing my nuts, pulling and yanking on them wildly.

It was all a blur the next few minutes, and what I remember is more of a series of images in my head.

Molly was screaming at me, but I don't remember if she was screaming at me to stop or don't stop.

I looked over at the mirror and saw our glistening bodies crashing together, with me crouched over her like a praying mantis ready to devour my prey.

Angie was screaming too, and then she went down behind me to the foot of the bed.

Now Angie's finger was sliding inside MY ass, wiggling around... searching for a special spot which she eventually found.

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