tagIncest/TabooGrandpa Initiates Granddaughter Ch. 4

Grandpa Initiates Granddaughter Ch. 4


John sat at the scarred oak table drinking his morning coffee and reading the paper, his empty breakfast plate pushed out in front of him. Smears of drying egg yolk on the white china bore testimony to his choice of nourishment. In the distance, he heard the chicken house door slam, and the cackling of the hens told him that his wife was gathering eggs. Light footsteps caught his attention, and he glanced up to see his granddaughter, Carissa, walking softly into the kitchen, her bare feet hardly making a sound on the old linoleum.

"Morning Grandpa," she said sweetly, and John's breath caught in his throat. Thank God her grandma wasn't in here to see her like that. She was always getting on Carissa for not wearing a robe, and she would have been really upset today. She walked toward the fridge, opened the door, and then stood there, apparently trying to decide what she wanted. Her body was barely covered by an old t-shirt of his that she liked to wear for pajamas. The thin material clearly showed her puffy, pink nipples, and the length barely covered her perfect ass. In fact, when she leaned over to get out the pitcher of orange juice, he could clearly see her pussy hair peeking from between her thighs. He realized his cock was hard, just as it had been almost constantly since her arrival from college last week.

"Morning, baby girl" he finally responded, and watched intently as she filled a glass with juice, took a drink, and then walked to him, straddling his lap and planting a hot kiss on his mouth. He kissed her back hungrily, kneading her ass and pulling her against his hardness.

"You're lucky Grandma wasn't in here," John told Carissa. "But I'm sure glad I get to see you like this. You're looking especially fetching this morning." And he thought to himself again just how beautiful she was. Her sleep-mussed hair and lips swollen from his kisses reminded him of a center-fold. He'd waited so long for her to grow up, and he'd groomed her all these years. Taught her to feel comfortable with her body, and with nudity, both hers and his. Taught her to love him, and especially to love being touched by him. And most of all, he never let her feel ashamed or embarrassed about what they did. Part of what made him want her so much was the naive innocence that surrounded her like a veil. Her honesty and openness drove him wild, and her sweet obedience nearly pushed him over the edge. She was turning into everything he'd ever dreamed of.

"Where is grandma?" she questioned as she rubbed her naked pussy against the hardness inside his jeans.

"She's taking care of the chickens. You'd better get some clothes on. She'll be in here anytime," he encouraged. And just then her Grandma's footsteps sounded on the back porch. Carissa quickly scurried to her room, and heard Grandpa laugh teasingly.

"I'll teach him to laugh at me," Carissa thought happily. She loved to tease her Grandpa, and she knew how much her pajamas had excited him. She'd felt his hard cock inside his soft denim work jeans, and had rubbed herself against him, leaving a wet spot on the front of his pants. "I wonder what he'll say if Grandma notices that?" she thought to herself. She quickly pulled on a short denim skirt and thin pink t-shirt, then slipped into her sandles and headed back to the kitchen. Grandma was washing the eggs, while Grandpa had another cup of coffee. His eyes widened when he saw Carissa. Grandma looked up, and her eyes widened also.

"Carissa, honey," grandma began, "you really have to start wearing a bra. Your breasts are much too big to go without. And besides, that shirt is nearly see-through."

"Okay, Grandma," Carissa conceded, "I just thought that here on the farm it wouldn't matter. After all, it's just you and grandpa."

"Well, that's true, Carissa" grandma acknowledged, "I guess as long as it's just us, you can go without. I know it's much more comfortable." And with that, she returned to her chores. Carissa sat down at the table next to her Grandpa and picked up a piece of toast, spreading it thinly with grape jelly. She leaned back, eating slowly and watching him stare openly at her full tits. She slid her chair back and lifted her skirt, showing him her bare pussy. He nearly gasped, and Carissa knew his cock was hard and jerking, like it always did when he was really excited. She gave him a knowing smile.

"So Grandpa, what are you doing today?" she asked with genuine interest.

"I have to fix some fence in the east pasture, then I'll go to town for feed. I might do some baling later this afternoon if the alfalfa's ready."

They both looked up as Grandma picked up her tub and headed for the back door. "I'll be in the garden," she offered as she walked out the door.

As soon as she was out of site, Carissa was on John's lap again, this time with her skirt up around her waist. He grabbed her to him, humping against her bare crotch, his tongue tasting her mouth. He pushed her back enough to pull her shirt up, then lifted her and sucked greedily at her firm tits, making her puffy nipples contract into tight pink buds. She whimpered softly.

"Are you ready for Grandpa's cock today, baby girl? I think you're asking for it. I think it's what you need to feel good." He talked to her, his voice hoarse with need as he squeezed her firm bottom tighter against his erection. His fingers found the crack of her ass, and a finger slipped between the cheeks, finding her tiny puckered anus and rubbing it gently. She moaned louder and pulled his mouth to her nipples, begging for more sucking. He knew it would be a while before his wife came back in, and he was so horny, he almost didn't care if they got caught. She wouldn't like it, but he really didn't think she'd say much. Appearances were everything to her, and she would never cause a scandal by leaving her husband, and she certainly wouldn't tell anyone she caught him fucking their granddaughter.

John lifted Carissa up onto the table edge, then stood and unfastened his jeans, releasing his engorged cock. He took hold of his thick stem, and began firmly rubbing the head of it up and down between Carissa's wet and swollen cunt lips. She was nearly frantic with need, and he pushed her down onto the table. She pulled her legs up and back, spreading her pussy wide for him, and the dazed arousal in her eyes was almost more than he could take. He had to take a deep breath and remind himself that it was her first time, that he had to go slow. All he wanted was to bury his cock inside her to the hilt, then fuck her fast and hard.

He poised his cock at her opening, and she was pushing against him. He worked the head of his hugely swollen penis into her tight cunt, then held it there, letting her stretch and get used to the feel of having a cock in her. He played with her nipples and clit, then began to gently work the end of his dick in and out, gradually increasing the amount of penetration. After a few minutes, he reached her hymen. He stopped and held himself there, continuing to stimulate her breasts and clit.

"Oh God, Grandpa," she whimpered, "that feels so good. Why did you tell me it would hurt? It just feels so good. Please keep fucking me," she begged.

"Your such a good baby girl, Carissa," he told her. "Move your hips and take as much of Grandpa's cock as you can. You feel so hot and tight. Grandpa loves you so much, baby." His words and his hands drove her over the edge, and as her cunt spasmed in climax, he pushed his cock past her barrier and after only a few strokes he orgasmed inside granddaughter's no-longer virgin pussy. He kept his cock inside her, enjoying the feeling of her tightness around his softening prick. He kissed and cuddled her, telling her how special she was, and how much he loved her. When he finally pulled out, he sat down and licked her clean, sucking his cum and her juices from the tight sweet hole where he'd taken his pleasure. His tongue quickly brought her to another orgasm, and after she'd settled down he helped her adjust her clothes. She followed him out to his truck, and they headed to the east pasture. There was fence that needed fixing.

Neither one of them saw the gray haired face peering in the kitchen window. Nor did either of them see the older woman, the grandma and the wife, with her hand in her panties frantically rubbing her own cunt, bringing on her own orgasm, as she watched her husband fuck her granddaughter.

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