tagIncest/TabooGrandpa Initiates Granddaughter Ch. 6

Grandpa Initiates Granddaughter Ch. 6


Carissa crept down the dark hallway, making her way back to her bedroom after going down to the kitchen for a drink of water. Her short pink nightgown swirled softly around her thighs as she neared her bedroom door. She stepped carefully, trying to miss the squeaky floorboard that would announce her presence. Her parents were sleeping in the guest room, having arrived for a visit earlier that afternoon. As she walked quietly past their half-open door, she heard a rustling sound from within, and glanced into the room. The brightness of a full moon illuminated it. She stopped short, taken aback at first, and then very curious about what she saw. Daddy was kneeling on the bed behind her mother, who was on her hands and knees, naked bottom pressed against him. She watched in fascination as his hard, glistening cock plunged in and out of her mother. He held her hips firmly, working her wet pussy with rapid strokes. Carissa heard her mother moan softly, and saw her full breasts jerking under her body in rhythm with his fucking.

Carissa stood, mesmerized at the sight of her parent's hot sex. She felt liquid warmth gathering in her pussy, and shifted on her feet, her thighs pressing together, putting delicious pressure on her swelling pussy lips. Suddenly, daddy pulled his cock out and Carissa heard him tell her mother to turn around. She complied, and took his thick cock into her mouth, licking and sucking the sticky wetness, tasting her own cunt on him. He leaned down and began to fondle her breasts while she sucked. His big fingers pinched and tugged at her sensitive nipples, eliciting more groans from her, and even more enthusiastic sucking. Just when Carissa knew he must be nearly to cum, he pulled away from his wife again, telling her to turn back around. He reached to the bedside table and picked up a bottle of lotion. Carissa watched as he squeezed some onto his palm, and then dipped his fingers in to it. Her mother had resumed her previous position, on hands and knees, her shapely ass toward her husband. He began to rub the slippery lotion into her ass, pushing his fingers inside her tight hole, first one, then two, and finally three fingers.

"Oh my god," she heard her mother say, "my god, that's too much. Please…"

He seemed to listen to her, and took his fingers out, slipping them down between her legs, rubbing her wet cunt. She arched her back, spread her knees further apart, and groaned loudly. "Do you need to cum, you hot bitch?" her Dad asked. Carissa couldn't believe he talked to Mom that way! But his words nearly brought a moan to her own lips. Her hand slipped down, lightly caressing her naked pussy lips under the short hem of her nightie.

"Oh yes… please let me cum, honey," her mother begged.

"You can cum after you take my cock up your tight ass. How's that babe?" He said, his voice gruff with passion. She only whimpered in return, and Carissa wondered if she really didn't want to have her ass fucked, or if her actions were meant to further excite her husband. She herself sometimes acted a certain way because she knew if would make grandpa hotter for her. She watched as her Daddy grabbed his cock in one had, and Momma's hip in the other, and began to press his swollen cock head against her tight ass hole. His cock looked so huge to Carissa. She couldn't believe it would fit into that tight hole. She reached behind and began working her sticky-wet finger into her own ass, wanting to know how her mom felt. She saw the head of his cock push through, and he began to slowly press in to momma, in and out, a little deeper each time. Her mother groaned with each inward thrust. When he was fully inside her, he stopped, just letting her tight bottom stretch to accommodate his size. He reached beneath her, and began caressing her pussy. Carissa could see his finger circling her clit, rubbing her wetness. Carissa imagined she could smell the musky heat of their sex. When Carissa heard her mom began to whimper in pleasure, Daddy began fucking her ass with deep even strokes, all the while continuing his gentle massaging of her swollen clit.

Carissa leaned against the doorframe, careful to remain hidden, yet easily able to watch her parents. She worked her finger in and out of her ass for several minutes, and then began stroking her hot, wet pussy. Her other hand found its way to her breasts, rubbing her puffy nipples into hardness. She jumped, and nearly screamed, when she felt a warm hand slide around her waist.

"It's only me," Grandpa whispered. She felt his hands cup her breasts, and he peeked over her shoulder, watching her parents fucking on the bed. His hard cock pressed against her ass as they stood watching the other couple. Grandpa's fingers replaced her own in her hot cunt, and he kissed her neck and shoulder while he teased her breasts and pussy. She leaned back against him, giving herself up to the experience.

"Mmm baby," he whispered, "this is unbelievably hot. Imagine that big hard cock fucking you. Would you like that sweetie?" Carissa could only nod, as a huge hot orgasm racked her body. She turned and buried her face in Grandpa's shoulder, trying to smother her cry of passion. He watched over his shoulder as his daughter got her tight ass filled with cum, and her own orgasm slammed through her. She collapsed on the bed, her husband on top of her, his cock still buried in her ass.

Grandpa carried Carissa back to her room, gently laid her on the bed, and pushed her nightgown up above her breasts. He lowered his pajama bottoms, releasing his engorged cock, and then pushed her legs up and wide apart, opening her hot, wet cunt to his view. He moaned softly as he leaned forward, pushing his hardness inside her, feeling her heat and moisture envelop his cock. He fucked her slowly, whispering to her.

"Carissa, think how hot it would be to fuck your Daddy. How good it would feel to have his huge cock inside your pussy. Wouldn't you like that baby?" He continued. "I want you to seduce him, honey. Make him want to fuck you. Tease him until he can think of nothing else but burying his cock inside you."

The Next Day

Carissa awoke the next morning aroused all over again. Pictures of her daddy fucking mom had filled her dreams. God, all she could think of was that huge hard cock pumping her mom's pussy and ass. I need that so much, Carissa thought. Her fingers found her wet pussy, and she quickly brought herself to orgasm thinking of Daddy's cock.

She waited till she heard mom go downstairs, then peeked out of her door to see where her dad was. She could see him in the bedroom, lying on the bed in his robe, reading the paper. She picked up her towel, wrapped it around her naked body, and stepped into the hallway heading for the bathroom. The small blue towel barely covered her voluptuous body. Her breasts bulged out above the terry cloth, and if she leaned over even slightly her ass and pussy showed. As she walked by his room, she called out to him.

"Good morning, Daddy. Did you sleep well?"

"Sure did honey," he replied, looking at her in the skimpy towel. Carissa walked into the room, and went to him, sitting on the edge of the bed, her legs crossed demurely. Still, she noticed him looking at the shadowy juncture of her thighs, barely covered by the towel. She leaned over to hug him, and her left breast sprang free of its confinement.

"Geez," she said, pretending embarrassment, "This towel just isn't' big enough to hold me in. She laughed, as she loosened the towel and covered her breast again, being sure to give him a look at her other breast in the process.

"I'm glad it was just you, Daddy." She confessed, "It's nothing you haven't seen before, even though maybe not for a few years." She laughed again, and then proceeded to give him the hug she'd set out to give in the beginning. She leaned in to him, resting her full breasts against his chest. Snuggling against him. She felt the towel pull up as she put her arms around him, and she knew that her pussy was exposed now. She moved over just enough so he could see her bare cunt. She felt him lift his head slightly, and knew he was getting a better look. She opened her legs slightly, showing him her full, swollen pussy lips covered lightly with blonde hair.

"Mmmm Daddy," she whispered, "I'm so glad you're here. I really missed you."

"I missed you too, baby," he replied. "The house is so quiet without you."

Carissa softly kissed him on the lips, just long enough, but not so long that he was uncomfortable.

"Thank you Daddy." She whispered, intimately. "I'm glad you miss me. Have I changed, Daddy?" She continued. "Have I grown? Did you notice that my breasts are bigger now? They've gone up two bra sizes since I left home." He looked at her chest as she sat up on the bed. Her breasts were big, firm, and round, and she knew they looked good.

"See Daddy," she announced, as she lowered the towel, her breasts bared for his eyes. "Don't you think they're bigger?"

"God, honey," he said hoarsely. "God." He could just stare at her. His eyes were glued to her large, puffy nipples, her beautifully shaped breasts.

"Feel how big they are, Daddy." She directed him, then picked up his hand and placed it over her right breast. He jerked his hand away, but then, as if by its own volition, it slowly returned, lifting, cupping, and squeezing her heavy tit, memorizing the feel and shape of it.

"Oh yes, baby" he said, mesmerized by watching his hand fondling his daughter's tit. "God, yes… they have grown so much. They're beautiful."

"Thank you Daddy. Do you like the way they feel?" She teased him with her naughty words, felt his cock growing against her left side as she leaned against him.

"Yes honey. They feel wonderful. So full and heavy, firm, silky soft." He unconsciously pressed his cock against her; it's aching fullness instinctively seeking that which caused it.

"Your hands feel so good on me, Daddy" Carissa confessed in a small voice. "Oh, please, Daddy, pinch my nipples, make them hard."

Her request brought him to his senses, and he jerked his hand away.

"God, Carissa. This is wrong. We can't do this, honey. Please, get out of here. Forget this happened."

"Well, okay Daddy." She re plied sadly, "I'll try to forget it if you can. But I don't see why it's wrong. We both liked it, both thought it felt good. Why is that wrong Daddy? We love each other. We both want it." As she turned to the door she finished by saying, "I'll try to forget it if you do, but I know it won't be easy." She dropped her towel as she walked out the door, and crossed the hall to the bathroom. She could feel his eyes on her back, watching her delectable young ass as she walked away from him.

After her shower, Carissa returned to her room to dress, and her Dad was nowhere in sight. She'd left her clothes laid out on her bed, and quickly slipped into her dress and sandals. The dress she'd chosen for the day was a short cotton one, pink, sleeveless, and with a scooped neckline. She didn't wear panties or a bra. Grandpa liked her better without. She stood in front of her dressing table mirror to apply her makeup and style her hair. She liked the way her dress showed off her long, tanned legs. It reached just to the top of her thighs. It used to be a little longer, but grandma had helped her hem it. She said Carissa had such nice legs she should show them off. Carissa noted how her bare breasts looked under the thin material of her dress. Her puffy nipples were clearly outlined beneath the fabric. She liked the way her full tits jiggled when she walked, and she knew Grandpa liked it too. For those reasons she rarely wore a bra now.

"I hope Daddy likes it as much as Grandpa does." Carissa said to herself in the mirror, a naughty grin on her face. She looked into her parent's room as she walked down the hallway, and she noticed something white lying on the floor slightly under their bed. She entered the room, realizing it was her panties from the day before, which she left on her dresser when she undressed the previous night. "How did these get in here?" She thought. As she leaned over and picked them up, her hand touched cold, sticky wetness. She lifted them to her nose, inhaled, and knew instantly the moisture was semen, Daddy's semen. It had to be. "My god," she thought, "Daddy came in my panties!" Tentatively, her pink tongue touched the crotch of the panties, needing to taste her daddy, herself, the two of them together. The musky sweetness on her taste buds caused her pussy to swell, get wet, her nipples to harden. She pushed the wet fabric into her mouth, sucking the sex taste, savoring it, while her fingers lifted her dress and touched her cunt. She traced the outline of her swollen pussy lips, feeling the hot wetness seeping out of her slit. She was lost, her senses hot, wild, attuned to her own need.

Somehow, a sound penetrated her arousal, and she turned to see her Daddy standing in the doorway. His eyes were dark, passionate, and intense with need. Carissa noticed immediately that his cock was hard, pushing against the front of his jeans. She pulled the panties from her mouth.

"Mmm Daddy," she said softly, "You came in my panties, didn't you?"

He turned abruptly and walked away, and Carissa's heart fell. She knew he wanted her. Why was he doing this? Tears came to her eyes as she walked from the room. When she passed the bathroom the door was shut, and she heard the shower running. It had to be Daddy. She knew no one else was upstairs. Quietly, she opened the door and peeked in. His clothes were piled on the floor near the vanity, and the room was getting steamy. She could see him through the clear shower door, rivulets of water coursing down his naked body. He leaned against the shower wall, bracing himself with one hand, while the other firmly stroked his huge erection. Carissa watched, mesmerized by how hot and sexy her Daddy was. She stepped into the room, pulling the door shut behind her, and pressing the lock. With both hands, she lifted her dress over her head and felt the warm steamy heat caress her body. She stepped toward the shower, but her Daddy was so intent on his pleasure, his eyes closed, hand stroking his hardness, that he didn't know she was there.

It wasn't until she opened the shower door, that he saw her. She stood still, letting his eyes take in her nakedness.

"Is this what you're thinking about, Daddy?" she asked in a sultry voice. His eyes, filled with the same heat and passion she'd seen twice before, took in her nakedness, feasted on her firm breasts and bare pussy. "Rub your cock for me Daddy." she directed, "Show me how hard you can cum." He was so intensely aroused now, after having touched her breasts, seen her naked, that his hand resumed its grasp around his engorged penis, and began pumping up and down, firmly, faster and faster. "That's the way Daddy," she encouraged him, "rub your cock for your baby girl." She stepped toward him, into the shower, close enough that his cock nearly touched her belly, and then stopped. With his eyes on her, Carissa reached down and began stroking her pussy, holding her swollen lips open with one hand while the other circled her sensitive clit. "God, Daddy," she whispered, "you're going to make me cum, showing me your hard cock that way." She continued her teasing words, watching his arousal grow to a frenzy. "Cum on me Daddy" she instructed him." Cum on your baby girl." Her words released a torrent of pent up need, and he groaned loudly as his cock spurted hot streams of cum again and again, streaking her breasts and belly with his seed. The sight of her Daddy's hot orgasm triggered Carissa's own, and she leaned into him, her arm circling his neck as she exploded in a huge orgasm, her knees shaking, unable to support her, she hung on him. His arms went around her waist, holding her up while she came and came.

Carissa could feel his hot sticky cum between their bodies, and began rubbing her tits against him as her orgasm subsided. His cock was still hard, pressing into her belly as she moved against him.

She slid down his slippery wet body, and kneeling in front of him, took his heavy, swollen cock into her mouth. He groaned loudly and grasped her head, holding her tightly as she began sucking. His cock quickly grew to it full length and thickness again, and Carissa picked up a bar of soap and began lathering his thighs and ass while she sucked. Then, using her soapy finger, she rubbed his sensitive asshole.

"Oh god, baby," he moaned. "This is so incredibly hot!" Her finger pressed against his anal opening, then pushed inside, stretching his tightness. She kept sucking strongly while she worked her finger into him, then moved it in and out in a fucking motion. He groaned again, loudly this time, and Carissa hoped the running water drowned out the sound of his voice. He began to fuck her mouth in rhythm with the strokes of her finger in his ass, harder and faster, until his hugely swollen cock exploded in her mouth, and spurt after spurt of cum hit the back of her throat. She swallowed again and again, wanting to take in every drop, and he came and came. Slowly, as his orgasm subsided, he slid down onto his knees in front of her and held her tightly.

"Carissa, baby," he said, "thank you, that was so special." And he kissed her softly, tasting his cum in her mouth, then held her, hugging her and telling her he loved her. His hands roamed her naked wet body freely now, gently caressing her back, her ass, then her breasts and pussy, and Carissa knew she would be Daddy's special girl from now on.

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